Lost Souls - Springer Hospital Overview

Broome County Lost Souls
Springer Hospital Overview

Disconnected family members are one of the biggest stumbling blocks to genealogy research. This can happen for several reasons, including divorce, remarriage or adoption. Sometimes family members don't even know about the other people. Other times, they know some of the facts, but the records are misleading or incomplete.

Springer Hospital was located at 16 Evelyn Street in Johnson City. Children born in this hospital were often adopted out in private adoptions. The earliest such verified adoption occurred in 1933, but even earlier ones have been presented for confirmation. One was as early as 1917.   WORK IN PROGRESS

Michele Smith   has a database of Springer Hospital information.

If you know of such a situation, please email e-mail Michele   with specifics. I will add it to this section after it has been verified as a "Springer Hospital" situation.

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