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Disconnected family members are one of the biggest stumbling blocks to genealogy research. This can happen for several reasons, including divorce, remarriage or adoption. Sometimes family members don't even know about the other people. Other times, they know some of the facts, but the records are misleading or incomplete.

This section of the site lists children who were adopted out through the Springer Hospital private adoptions. This is to aid researchers find children who seem to drop out of family genealogies. WORK IN PROGRESS

Michele Smith   is co ordinating this project. If you know of such a situation, please e-mail her with specifics and, after confirmation, it will be added it to this section.

As of December, 1999, we have had our first family reunification. Michele's mother has been in contact with her birth family!!!

12/16/33   Day, Alice   June James [email protected]
12/14/35 Bailey, baby     JoAnn Blakeslee [email protected]
5/24/38 Fuller, Marjorie Jane Fuller, Ina Helen   Sharon Dietzway [email protected]
8/11/39 Murray, baby Murray, Margureite   Lillian Tavelli [email protected]
9/17/39   Lindley, Claire   Glenn David Goundrey [email protected]
1/29/43 Jones, Donald Jones, Elna Louise   Constantnine, Cathy [email protected]
12/31/43 Fay, Janice Lee Fay, Allie Francis   Joy Rogers [email protected]
12/2/44       Ken Thoms [email protected]
5/23/45 Benjamin, baby Benjamin, Helen Sechrist, Alson Sharon Garrett [email protected]
6/8/45 Cookson, Sandra Lee Cookson, Elaine   Helen Tallman [email protected]
11/17/46   Wheaton, Francis Wheaton, Lee Margaret Wilson [email protected]
12/9/46 Johnson, Bill = Roxie Bowers (widow) searching   has birthsister named Ruth?   [email protected]
3/17/48 Loomis-Hoyle, Patricia Trays-Hoyle, Ella Jessie   Null, April [email protected]
8/20/48 Jones, Dorothy Lousie Watson-Jones, Pearl or 8/24/48 Vera May Bourssa-Maytas [email protected]
9/6/49 Belle, Patricia Ann     Sally Van Osdell [email protected]
4/12/50 Desmond, Ann Marie     Christene Gregory [email protected]
3/21/51 Bowers, Wilma Elaine     Sharon Baumgardner [email protected]
4/5/51 Sullivan, Marian     Julie Gal [email protected]
2/13/54 Geoffrey, Mary Geoffrey, Mabel Geoffrey, Chas. Debra Glaser [email protected]
4/12/56 Heath, Baby Heath, Carolyn   Elizabeth Zito [email protected]
11/5/56 Murphy, Diane L. Murphy, Adelide   Deana [email protected]

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