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Disconnected family members are one of the biggest stumbling blocks to genealogy research. This can happen for several reasons, including divorce, remarriage or adoption. Sometimes family members don't even know about the other people. Other times, they know some of the facts, but the records are misleading or incomplete.

This section of the site lists children who were bound out to families in the Broome County area. This is to aid researchers find children who seem to drop out of family genealogies. WORK IN PROGRESS

If you know of such a situation, please e-mail me with specifics and I will add it to this section.

Iva L. YARNES/STANDISH   --     Iva L. Yarnes, daughter of Marion D. & Rosa M. (Utter) Yarnes was farmed out to live with Charles D. & Lucinda (Yarnes) Standish, (her Uncle & Aunt). Lorinda was Marion's sister, and Iva was farmed out to her at a very young age.

According to an article in the Whitney Point Reporter dated 25 Jun. 1897, Mrs. Marion Yarns is suffering with black erysipelas and bright's disease. Her recovery is thought doubtful. Their little twin girl was being cared for at that time by Mrs. Leforest Brown.

Iva was 5 days shy of being 3 months old at the time of the article. It makes no mention of who was caring for her twin brother Ivan, or her older sister Jessie who was 5 years old.

Rosa had two more childern a daughter Bessie born in 1901 and a son George born in 1907. Rosa died in 1938.

On Iva's marriage license she is listed as Iva Yarnes Standish, daughter of Charles and Lucinda (Yarnes) Standish. Iva was 21 when she married.

In talking with Iva's daughters, they said that she has a crippled left hand, and that Iva told them it was because of Lucinda twisting her arm around behind her.

[email protected]   Denise Utter       April 30, 2000

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