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      Dutchtown Cemetery,      
      Windsor, NY
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Location: Off Dutchtown Road in the Town of Windsor in a pasture near the Susquehanna River.

Nathaniel Jerome English 1784 - after the 1865 state census His grave marker is missing
Elizabeth Wife of Nathaniel English Died May 3, 1849 age 63 (Maiden name was Brewer)
Julia Ann Wife of Thomas Whitney Died April 17, 1850 Age 37 years 11 days (Maiden name was English)
(Unknown) Carter, Esq. Died March 15, 184? Age unreadable
William A. Carter Died March 25, 1837 Age unreadable
Mary E. Daughter of H. and M. Carter     Further information unreadable

There are 6 fieldstone grave markers with no names or dates

Note: One of the unmarked graves may be that of Sarah Merriman , the second wife of Nathaniel English. Sarah died about 1881 and is said to be buried in that cemetery. The late Paul L. Hoosier furnished this information about Sarah Merriman for an English family genealogy done in the 1970ís.

This information on the cemetery was compiled by Town Historian Helen Osborne and Village Historian Charles English.

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