The Ninth (9th) New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, "Hawkins Zouaves"


This site is dedicated to the Widows and Orphans, the Bereaved Parents, and the Relatives of the Brave Heroes who fell in the Ranks of the Ninth New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Hawkins Zouaves, to them this record is inscribed.

    This website was established in July of 2009 by a group of men and women who desired to preserve the memories of the men of this gallant regiment. The purpose of the site is to gathering and dispense information on the men and history of the "Hawkins' Zouaves," 9th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Not only covering the histoy of this gallant command during the American Civil War, but the entire history of the men and the command from its formation before the war as the New York Zouaves, then as a Volunteer Regiment in the Civil War, its reorganization as a regiment of the National Guard, and finally its activities as a Veteran's organization.

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While numerous other Regiments, an tens of thousands of others of our patriotic soldiers have covered themselves with glory, yet I may truly say that none have surpassed, in any quality of the soldier, the Ninth New York Volunteers…

Honorable Charles P. Kirkland of New York, May 1863

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