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North Field 1999. Now home to Andersen AFB. In 1945, it was home to the 314th Bomb Wing and looked more like this...

Thanks to Gen.Earl Johnson for the above photo!

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Map of the Northern half of Guam, 1944.

Siteplan of North Field as of August 1945. North Field traces its roots back to a tent on Pati Point in 1944 during the early days of World War II. There, four men of the 854th Airfield Construction Battalion "Spearheaders", stood at a drafting table, drawing lines on a blueprint. Those lines would define the runways, taxiways and parking aprons that would later become home of the 314th BW. (Base map courtesty of "Impact Magazine" 11/45)

View from the SW looking NW. Photo taken in May 1945. Must have been taken while mission was over Japan. There are lot of empty hardstands

Enlarged view of 330th Area. Upon closer inspection 33 aircraft are accounted for. That would mean about 20 are out on a mission this day.

Aerial view looking SW. (The cliff would be just past the bottom of the photo) Photo taken in July 1945. The 330th area is on the right hand side.

Here is the opposite view, looking NE nearly 60 years later in 2005. 330th area is on the left hand side.., less developed than the old 29th and 19th Group areas. Which now comprise most of the modern Anderson AFB.

Here is a GREAT view out of the nose of one of the 330th's own as she begins to roll down the North Runway. The "Dip" before the run up to the "Cliff" was also an added benefit that the other B-29'ers on Tinian and Saipan had the unfortunate luck of not having. Guam was the premier B-29 base. Those are the 39th BG's ships on the right hand side and more 330th on the left.

A flight of B-29's from the 314th BW lining up for North Field.

How about living like this in the tropics? (thanks to the 39BG Pete Weiler for the Photo!)

Home Sweet home. The beginning of the 330th living quarters.

Same basic view, but now with Officer Quonset Huts.

This is what the enlisted men's huts looked like.They were pre-fabricated and put together on site. This is Barrack's 9 of the 457th BS. Thanks to Kristine, who is Hubert Homan, Jr's daughter. Hubert was a Radar Mechanic with the 457th and helped build these in mid July of 1945. They were not much, but as he remarked, he was happy to move into one before the rains came.

330th's Officer's Club from the outside..,

.. and from the inside. Sure is nice to see everyone smiling. I bet that was a rare occasion during War time. That is CAP Ray B. Smisek (A/C of K-29) on the far lower right. Just to the right of the clown on the table (1LT Anthony Ruggeri Rad Ob on K-28) is CAP Al Escalante (B of K-29). Right of Al is 1LT William D. Caldwell (B of K-28) and to the R of Bill is 1LT Glenn F. Jensen (P of K-28). There is one more familiar face and that is of CAP Frederic Rice (A/C of K-33). He is just right of Ruggeri's knee holding the glass.That is about all I can spot now. Any body recoginze anyone else, just let me know!

Here is Jack Rodin (N) of K-32 on the right and a hometown (NYC) chum, Dave Fanshel. They are in front of the "Pair-A-Dice Inn". That was the name of Crew 815's comfy Quansot Hut. Dave was over from Iwo visiting for the day. According to Jack Rodin, they built it by midnite requisitions, "meaning we stole what we could from wherever we could. We found the wooden foundation in place and we added the metal siding. Then we added the inside wallboards. Then we bent up the corners of the metal siding and placed 50 gallon drums to catch the water from the daily rain. THEN WE APPROPRIATED THE INSULATION AND STUFFED IT INSIDE THE WALLS. We had to fly missions as well."

(Special thanks to Jack Rodin for this photo and lots of much needed information and support)

Chow time! Group of 330th's best outside of mess tent.

Oh, was that food better with your feet soaking in mud and water!

Beer and french fries anyone? 2nd from the left, John Nylander (part of the Ground Crew for K-3) & 3rd from left, Rudolph Eskra (Crew Chief for K-4)

(photo courtesy of Al Devuono)

The Main Mess Hall

A few men of the 458th looking over the latest news on the Bulletin Board.

Here, a 330th ship gets a once over prior to her next mission.

Here are Smisek (A/C) (L) and Woolson (P), both of K-29, looking over the latest posted orders. This was taken in July 1945.

Even time to play a little "Ball". Who was the losing team with no shirts on? #9 is Donald R. Olson (Rad Ob on K-37), with Harold E. Cowley (FE on K-51) behind him. Jack Rodin (N on K-32) is flying with the ball and Donald R. Freeman (A/C on K-9) is just behind him and #15 is Robert A. Roast (P on K-41)

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