The 330th Bomb Group 330th Bomb Group



B-29's of the 459th Bombardment Squadron

K-51 through K-67

K-51 SN: 44-69741 "City of Columbus" aka "Ten Under Parr"

Lead Crew with 26 missions. Photograph taken on August 15, 1945 TOP: In Pilot's seat: 1LT Guy Shine (P) MIDDLE: Holding up left side of poster: 1LT Harold Cowley (FE); right side: SGT Frank Halas (LG) BOTTOM: Left to Right: SGT Norman Fosler (TG); SGT Carl Normann (CFC); 1LT John Schafer (B); MAJ John Parr (AC); SGT Norman Perren (kneeling/ Radio Op.); SGT Harry Hardy (RG) The last two men are as yet unidentified. Guy Shine thought that possibly the last man on the end was SGT George Thornton, Ground Crew chief. Perhaps someone out there can help identify them.

City of Columbus. Notice the unique paint job on the nose gear doors. Each squadron of the 330th had their own designation of these doors. This is typical of the 459th. The 457th had a circle with an arrow and the 458th had an ouline around the doors.

Here is another great one of K-51 coming in for a landing after a LONG mission.

Here is a good formation shot of K-51, K-57 and K-53 over the Empire and heading into Yokohama.

and dropping IE's over target. Photo taken, May 29th 1945. *Note smoke already coming up from target. On that date the target would have been Yokohama.

Here is a close-up of the same shot above.

And here is K-51 "Ten Under Parr" safely nestled in her bed for the night! (Note on the underside the wing in the upper right hand corner is "POW SUPPLIES". 1LT Guy Shine (P) received his A/C rating in late August and flew K-51 on his first Command Mission with Parr as his Co-Pilot. Thankfully Shine's first mission as an A/C was a supply drop.

Thanks to Guy Shines son, Carl, for these GREAT PHOTOS of K-51 in action!

K-52 SN: 42-93964 and 44-61618 "City of Rock Island" aka "Babies Buggy"

A/C was MAJ William C. Wilson and Crew Chief was TSGT Bobbie J. Hudson. Here is a shot of the 2nd aircraft of the 330th to bear the K-52. As told by 1LT William B. Hauke (P), "another crew flew our aircraft for a mission and they got it (42-93964) shot up so bad they had to put it down on Iwo Jima and it got stripped for parts and the rest was dumped in the ocean" they then received a brand new replacement aircraft (44-61618).

Here is a good shot of the Ground Crew and a Navy guy on the end. Maybe a SeaBee? Photo Credit goes to Joe Wszolek of the 557th CBMU (Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit). They supported the units on Guam.

K-53 SN: 44-69786 "City of reno" aka "Here to Stay"

as commanded by A/C, MAJ Charles Tibbs and maintained by Crew Chief, SSGT Turney Cornwell. Here she is with additional elements of the 459th over the empire.

Here she is again, this time, being prepped prior to a mission. Notice the cowling over the lower aft turret is missing and there are men on the upper forward turret as well.

In all her glory heading for a target.

K-54 SN: 44-69774 "City of Paterson" aka "Keohane's Kulprits"

After their mission to Kofu MAJ Lawrence Keohane and his GroundCrew (along with some others) inspect damage to the No. 3 engine. Aside from a feathered prop, no other damage seems apparent. From L to R: 1LT Richard Marsh (FE), MAJ Lawrence Keohane (A/C), COL Elbert Reynolds (BG CO), MSGT James Horst (Crew Chief), LTCOL Carl Walter (BG OO) and 1LT Fred West (P). On stand working on cowling are: CPL William Hayden (Acft Engine Mech), SSFT Wilbur Nelson, Jr (Prop Mech) and SGT Harry Guthrie (Elec Mech Spec)

K-55 SN: 42-65370 "City of Miami Beach" aka "Ole Smoker II"

1LT Richard P. Cox (A/C) sits on strip at Iwo Jima. This apparently was taken after a mission to Kawanishi on 11 May 1945. K-55 escorted back a wounded K-11 to Iwo. Here she sits awaiting her trip back to N. Field.

Those are the Ground crewmen, SSGT Lewis DiRisio, CPL John Rosati, unkown, and SGT Arthur Cowan, Jr. standing next to their aircraft.

K-56 SN: 42-65363 "City of akron" aka "Lady Jane"

A/C was CAP Robert Strong and Crew Chief was SSGT Leonard Olsen they worked together to cap out the War with an impressive 30 missions! Wow!

K-57 SN: 42-69766 "City of BURBANK" aka "OLD SOLDIER'S HOME"Lost on 5 June 1945 mission to Kobe

An enemy fighter was spotted near formation. One B-29 (K-57) broke formation and seemed out of control. Two (2) chutes were seen opening at about 14,000 feet. At times K-57 seemed to be partially under control. During this time there were three (3) additional enemy fighters on his tail. An additional six (6) chutes were seen opening at 5,000 feet. After that K-57 leveled out at about 1,500 feet and then nosed down to crash in a dry river bed where it exploded upon impact. (The preceding remarks were that of 2LT W. A. Cameron, the Bombardier of K-9 who witnessed it)

MACR # 14602

2LT. Reed (N) was murdered on June 5, and Lieutenant Schiltz (A/C) was killed at Sandayama Military Cemetary in Osaka on 15 August-after the war was OVER!

This was not the normal crew for this aircraft. The normal crew was the Heid Crew. This was Schlitz's first time flying this particular aircraft.

The names Grunigen, Chatham, Boulay, Rich & Collins appear on a memorial in the Shinkoji Temple in Kobe.

Here is the only known photograph of Schiltz's ill-fated aircraft. This was taken on one of her three missions.

K-58 SN: 44-69801 "City of Medford" aka "Lightening Lady" Crew 917

Photo taken by SSGT Harvey Landsman(now Landis) RO on 1LT Wesley Smith's crew.

K-59 SN: 44-69857 "City of MIAMI BEACH" aka "OLE SMOKER" Lost 12 April 1945

This plane was assigned to A/C Richard Cox. A/C James Lawrence, normally assigned to (K-55) took this aircraft on its first mission to the Hodogaya Chemical Plant, located just north of Koriyama City, on 12 Apr 1945. On the return leg of a successful mission the aircraft ran out of fuel and had to ditch. Four crewmembers perished in the incident. The remaining awaited rescue.

MACR # 14238

MIA Crewlist: 1LT James F. Lawrence (A/C), 1LT Clyde L. Wood (P), 2LT Robert F.Schnieder (Rad Ob) FO Leo H. Richards (LG)

Since this aircraft only flew on one mission, this photo was taken on 12 April 1945. Still has the original 'Ole Smoker' art of the original crew.

K-59 (#2) SN: 44-69911 "City of Richmond" aka "VIVACIOUS LADY ". Crew 911 A/C CAP Laurence Scruggs Jr. and Crew Chief, SSGT Alfred D. Williams.

Here is a great shot of the artwork created by the Crew Chief Alfred Williams.(photo courtesy fo his son Michael)

Here is a great shot (wish it was clearer) of "City of Richmond" side in flight. Notice the "yellowed" tail. I know it is a B&W photo, but trust me it is a yellow "K". (thanks to Michael Williams and his father again for this great photo)

K-60 SN: 42-93961 "City of ABERDEEN, WA". No photos, just yet. This was known as a "Lucky Plane". A 314th BW record of 30 missions, no aborts, no secondary targets, no casualties and 5 fighters downed.
K-61 SN: 42-94059 "City of Farmington" aka "Lonesome Polecat"

According to the Bombardier's Daughter (Julie Mangold), her father, Paul Rietz, is the one responsible for naming their plane the Lonesome Polecat. "He told the story of how that came about. It was already named the City of Farmington, but when they left for Guam, they of course stopped and landed in Hawaii on the way over. They of course had to use a bucket somewhere in the plane as a urinal. Evidently no one emptied the bucket before their overnight stay in Hawaii, and when they went out to get in the plane the next morning, the odor was pretty strong. Paul said it smelled as bad as a Lonesome Polecat, and the name stuck."

K-62 SN: 42-93912 "City of Glendale" aka "MOTLEY CREW"

1LT John Stoddard (A/C)

Poor quality photo, but K-62 none the less, here she is.

K-63 SN: 44-69897 "City of Laramie" Lost on 24 April 1945, 1LT Herbert R. Williams (A/C)
K-63 (#2) SN: 42-94047 "City of Jamestown" aka "Throbbing Monster "
K-64 SN: 42-94040 "City of Rochester" aka "Feather Merchants" 1LT Morimer Stevenson, Jr. as A/C and SSGT Richard Bowers as Crew Chief. Not sure who that is hanging out of the Pilot's window.

That is SSGT Lewis DiRisio up there working on the forward turret. (thanks to his son, James, for these photos)

K-65 SN: 42-94071 "City of Gainsville" aka "Feather Merchants"

1LT Travis L. Budlong (A/C)

K-66 SN: 42-24917 "City of Rochester"

The 330th's Weather Ship!

K-67 SN: 42-63539 "city of Spangler, PA" aka "INFANT OF PRAGUE"

This aircraft flew 18 missions without even a scratch. The A/C, Flanagan, states that their 8th mission was flown in a different aircraft and they were "clobbered" by flak over Nagoya. Two engines out, bomb-bay doors unable to close, only basic instruments, no guns, gas tanks leaking gas into bomb-bay and on fire, two flat tires and he was still able to get her safely on Iwo Jima. According to Flanagan, he and the CFC Earhart received the Silver Star for this mission.



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