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Maud Griffin

"Tugboat Annie"..... This is what Maud Griffin was nicknamed on the waterways of Houston, Texas in the early 1900's. Born Maud Canniff in Minnesota, she lived most her life in Texas. She became the first licensed female boat pilot in the state of Texas! And she was near 50 years old when she did it!

She initially began by cooking on her husband's dredge. In 1921, Maud passed her exam and became the only licensed female ship pilot at the time! (Ref: Houston Chronicle, Feb. 18, 1971, Section 3, Page 23.) Well, why not? She was already the cook, why couldn't she be the Captain? That's exactly what she did! Maud was employed as Captain of the New Brunswick. Maud, George Griffin (her husband) and one other man operated the New Brunswick tugboat based at San Jacinto in Houston. She was well known and respected on the Houston waterways and was nicknamed "Tugboat Annie" AND "The Lady Pilot". She continued after her husband died in 1924, then retired in 1932. (Ref: The Houston Post, Parade Magazine, Oct. 17, 1948, Page H5.) Maud Griffin died in 1971 at the age of 91.

Who'd ever think that back in the early 1900's, when you said, "Aye Captain!", you'd be speaking to a LADY!

George & Maud Griffin

George & Maud Griffin
Aboard the New Brunswick

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