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Suzanne Rochet Michaux

Suzanne Rochet Micheaux was the youngest of the three daughters of Jean Rochet to be smuggled out of France and into Amsterdam, Holland following the Edict of Nantes in 1685. She, her two sisters, a cousin and her baby were trying to escape when the baby began to cry and the guards were alerted and found the young women. The three Rochet sisters were returned to their father, but the Church took a very hard stance on the daughter's education and Jean Rochet feared they would be removed from his home and sent to live with the nuns.

Before too long the two older daughters made successful escapes to Amsterdam, but fearing the climate was still too dangerous, they had left Suzanne behind. Before they left France, however, the sisters and their father had determined that they would send for Suzanne when they felt the time was right, but fearing the letter would fall in the wrong hands, they had worked out a code. They would tell their father that they thought "it would be perfectly fine to send the little nightcap which we had left behind."

Finally, the letter arrived. After several unsuccessful attempts to get Suzanne out of France, her father had her hidden in a large cask, or hogshead, which was entrusted to friendly sea-captain, who had the cask placed on board the ship. When the ship had sailed and they were safety past the guards, the cask was opened and Suzanne was lifted out of her narrow, dark, chamber and was brought to safety in Amsterdam. She is still known in the annuals of French Huguenot history as "Little Nightcap."

She married Abraham Micheaux on 13 Jul 1692 in the French Church in Amsterdam, Holland. On 20 August 1702 Suzanne Rochet Michaux became a member of the Huguenot Church of Treadneedle Street, London, England. She and her husband came to Henrico Co. VA where they had 10 children. She died 17 December 1744 in Henrico Co., Virginia where she is buried. Her courage and her ability to adapt to new situations was passed along to all her children. To this day her faith and courage are an inspiration. Suzanne Rochet was my 7th great grandmother.

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