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Mittie Cobb

Mittie Olivia Stephens was born 19 June 1868 at Whitesboro, Texas, daughter of George Wesley Stephens and Mary Catherine (Sarver). She married Rufus R. Cobb at Jim Town, Indian Territory, 30 January 1887. They first made their home with Rufus family in Texas. Crossing the Red River into Indian Territory the next October, the wagon that Mittie was riding on became mired in the sand and was going down. Mittie, six-months pregnant, was rescued from the mired wagon, but precious belongings of her deceased mother were lost, stained and ruined by the red mud.

Rufus and Mittie made their home near Ardmore, Indian Territory, until October 1892. Rufus filed a claim in the opening of Cheyenne and Arapaho lands April 19, 1892. He was gone from home for several weeks at this time, with his father-in-law and two brothers-in-law, leaving Mittie alone with the children and a hired hand during these weeks. When he returned home after the required duties of homesteading, Mittie was walking the floor with a teething baby girl in the middle of the night.

Rufus and Mittie's new homestead was at Gyp, in northwest Custer County. Few settlers were around, especially women. The family settled in Arapaho for a time running a livery stable and cafe house, while keeping up the homestead at Gyp. After they built a house and store at Gyp in 1894 Mittie was at the store to receive the first weekly delivery of mail from horse-back postal rider.

Her obituary in Arapaho, Oklahoma BEE, April 1943, reports that Mittie was a member of the Methodist Church. She joined the church when 12 years of age at Gainesville, Texas, and held responsible positions with the church and Sunday Schools over the years. She served as superintendent, and at different times taught all the grades in the Sunday School. She served as secretary of the County Sunday School Association for 12 years, and active member of the W.C.T.U. in the pioneer days and in every way gave aid and encouragement to her church and for the community.

Mittie's funeral was preached by a grandson, Rev. Lawrence Cobb, then of Oklahoma City.

Mittie kept journals and told her pioneer stories to her daughters and shared them with great-grandchildren. She had twelve children, nine survived her.

A remarkable woman. Pictured with family.

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