Notable Women Ancestors - Depostions Against Susanna Martin


The deposition of Robert Downer of Salisbury aged 52 years who testify and say, That several years ago Susanna Martin the then wife of George Martin being brought to Court for a witch, the said Downer having some words with her (she at the time attending Mrs. Light at Salisbury). This deponent among other things told her he believed that she was a witch by what was said or witnessed against her at which she seemed not well affected, said that a she devil would fetch him away shortly at which this deponent was not much moved, but at night as he lay in his bed in his own house alone there came at his window the likeness of a cat and by and by come up to his bed took fast hold of his throat and lay hard upon him a considerable while, and was like to throttle him. At length he minded what Susanna Martin had threatened him with the day before. He strove what he could and said avoid thou she devil in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost and then it let him go and slumped down upon the floor and went out at window again.

Sworn by Robert Downer June 30 1692.
Before Robt. Pike Assist.
Jurat in Curia


Mrs. Mary Andrews aged 40 years testify that she did hear the said Susanna Martin threaten or tell the said Robt Downer that a she devil would fetch him away shortly. She further saith that from some of her father's family she did hear that what the said Su Martin told them how said Downer was served that night that he was afflicted as abovesaid.

Sworn by Mrs. Mary Andrews June 30 1692.
Before Robt. Pike Assist.
Jurat in Curia


Moses Pike aged 26 years or more testify that he did hear Susanna Martin tell how Ro Downer was handled and as he remembers it was the next day after it was done at night.

Sworn by Moses Pike June 30 1692.
Before Robt. Pike Assist.
Jurat in Curia


The deposition of Tho. Putnam aged 40 years and ____ aged 38 years who testify and say that we have been conversant with the afflicted persons or the most of them, as namely Mary Walcott, Mercy Lewis, Eliz Hubbard, Abigail Williams, and Sarah Vibber, Ann Putnam Jun. and have often heard the aforementioned persons complain of Susanna Martin of Amesbury torturing them and we have seen the marks of several bites and pinch which they said Susanna martin did hurt them with and also on the 2 day of May 1692 being the day of the Examination of Susanna Martin the forenamed persons were most grievously tortured during the time of her examination for upon the glance of her eyes they were stricken down or almost choke and upon the motion of her finger we took notice they were afflicted and if she did but clench her hands or hold her head aside the afflicted persons aforementioned were most grievously tortured in like manner and several times since we have seen them tortured complain of Susanna Martin for hurting them.

Thomas Putnam


The Deposition of Sam Parris aged about 39 years and Nathaniel Ingersoll aged about fifty and eight years and also Tho. Putnam aged about forty years all of Salem, testifieth and saith that Abigail Williams, Mercy Lewis, Mary Walcott, Susanna Sheldon, and John Indian were much afflicted at the examination of Susanna Martin of Amesbury, widow, before the honored Magistrates the 2 May 1692, and that Goody Vibber (who before had not accused her) and some others of the afflicted then and there testified that there was a black man whispering in her ear and also that the said Vibber, Abigail Williams and Mary Walcott and John Indian could not come near said Martin, whereupon in all they were ordered by the magistrates to attempt it and their agonies and tortures they charged said Martin as the cause of and also we further saw that when the said Martin bit her lips they were bitten and when the afflicted were ordered to go towards her they were knocked down.

Jurat in Curia


The Testimony of Abigail Williams witnesseth and saith that she had several times seen, and been afflicted by the apparition of Susanna Martin Amesbury widow at and before the 2 May 1692.


The deposition of Ann Putnam Junr who testifieth and saith some time in April 1692 there appeared to me the Apparition of an old short woman that told me her name was Martin and that she came from Amesbury who did immediately afflict me, urging me to write in her book, but on the 2 May 1692 being the day of her examination Susanna Martin did most grievously afflict me during the time of her examination for when she did but look personally upon she would strike me down or almost choke and several times since the Apparition of Susanna Martin has most grievously afflicted me by pinching me and almost choking me urging me vehemently to write in her book. Also on the day of her Examination I saw the Apparition of Susanna Martin go and afflict the bodies of Mary Walcott, Mercy Lewis, Elizabeth Hubbard and Abigial Williams.

Susanna's Arrest, Trial and Witness Testimony

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