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This story is about Margaret DEVANE, 1758-1826, dau. of Thomas DEVANE, Jr., and Mary LARKINS. Margaret later married William KING and they had among their children, William Rufus KING, 13th Vice President of the United States under Franklin Pierce. The story takes place in Sampson County, North Carolina. Note that Miss Bessie's account of Margaret's age in the story is probably inaccurate.

From the reminiscences of Bessie Hogan Williams, written in longhand in 1917. She died in 1925.

When Corn Wallace came through North Carolina Margaret deVane was just 16 -- They raised Silk. She run out on the long back galerry to take in the Silk hanks which had been dyed to weave some dresses -- She was so busy gathering them up throwing them across her laft Arme -- She never looked up. When she heard a Horse galoping in the Yard-- said she thought it was some of the farm hands coming in a head of the rain untill some one sprung off on the end of the galerry -- Then she looked up to see a British offiser dress all in Red -- standing before her -- She screamed, letting all the hanks of silk thread drop on the floore. He bowed saying, Pray don't be frightened. I will not harm you. I am Col. Caningham of England, one of Lord Cornwalaces staff -- Her mother, hearing the scream, came in a run, saying what is the trouble Margaret -- She, seeing the offiser with all the dignaty and grace came forward - Saying what is it you wish Sir -- He like a gentleman as he was took off his cap making a most Coatly bow -- saying I have been sent by my General to look out a suitable place for his Headquarters -- I think this House will just suit -- Who own it --'My husband Mr. DeVane -- But he is not at home this eve' -- Her husband and only son was with Washingtons Army -- Well Madam - If you all will act right and behave your selves like Ladies -- Ill see that you will be treated as Ladies -- But if you try to cause us any trouble you will see what trouble really is -- She bowed her head saying I will try quietly to submit with the best grace I can. She use to tell her desendants that Politeness and Cortasey were the best Wepons a woman can use -- for if she became rude and insulting - she would get it all returned to with double intress -- They staid their 2 weeks and all that time she and her daughter were treated with the greates respect --

And that's how it comes to be that all of the DeVane women are gracious and courteous, on the outside anyway.


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