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The banner for "Notable Women Ancestors" was created by my good friend, Barb Johnson who surprised me by sneaking over to my genealogy site and swiping every photo she could find of my very own female ancestors.

These women were the inspiration for the creation of "Notable Women Ancestors" in the first place, so I'm extremely pleased to be able to include them now as part of the NWA logo.

The women who appear in the banner and their relationship to me are:

1. Adelaide (Bonneprise) Behling (1863-1947)

  • Great Grandmother
2. Mary (Williamson) Hiney (1820-1910)
  • 2nd Great Grandmother
3. Lucretia Melvina (Mosher) Waite (1835-1909)
  • 2nd Great Grandmother
4. Edith Lusetta (Waite) Delaney (1875-1967)
  • Great Grandmother
5. Dorothy Chloe (Williams) Behling (1915-1990)
  • Mother
6. Eliza Mabel ("Doll") (Bryant) Hiney (1865-1930)
  • Great Grandmother
7. Emma Eliza (Matthews) Delaney (1843-1909)
  • 2nd Great Grandmother
8. Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson (1591-1643)
  • 10th Great Grandmother
9. Chloe (Leaming) Bryant (1836-1912)
  • 2nd Great Grandmother
10. Charlotte (Lemke) Behling (1831-1921)
  • 2nd Great Grandmother
11. Laura May (Delaney) Behling (1895-1984)
  • Paternal Grandmother
12. Lydia (Bell) Williams (1865-1938)
  • Great Grandmother
13. Mercy Cady (Curtis) Matthews (1800-1889)
  • 3rd Great Grandmother
14. Minnie Lucretia (Hiney) Williams (1886-1982)
  • Maternal Grandmother
15. Lady Godiva (ca. 1010-1067)
  • 31st great grandmother

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