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Notable Women Ancestors

These awards belong to everyone who has contributed their stories to my web site - and to their "Notable Women Ancestors" as well. My heartfelt THANK YOU to all of them, and to everyone who has recognized and honored this site with an award.

Serena's Family Tree

Awarded March, 2003
Serena's Family Tree
I'm very proud of this award - thanks so much, Serena!


Family Tree Magazine Award

Awarded June 20, 2001

Thank you very much
Family Tree Magazine
for the very nice and
completely unexpected award! Award

Awarded April 29, 2001

for the unexpected award!


Study Web

Thank you, Study Web!
Awarded February, 2001
Hurst Heritage

Awarded January 21, 2001
Thank you, Hurst Heritage
for such a nice award!


Family Tree Magazine Award

Awarded April 29, 2000

Thank you so much, Family Tree Magazine!

Ancestry Family History Favorite Award

Awarded October, 1999
Wow! What a great surprise and honor!
Thank you so much, Ancestry!


AOL Genealogy Forum

Awarded August, 1999
AOL Genealogy Forum
Deeply honored to be the
first recipient of this award
from my GF collegues.
Thank you all!


Green Iceberg Award

Awarded July, 1998
From a long-time NWA Contributor & Friend
Thanks, Mariah & House Midgard!


Pick of the Day

Awarded July 15, 1998
What a nice honor!
Thank you, Stephanie & Planet Amazon!


Eliki Award
"For Outstanding Achievement
and Extraordinary Commitment
to History, Family, Culture
and Women's Studies"

Thank You, Eliki

Charlotte's Web Page Genealogy Award of Excellence

Awarded June, 1998
Charlotte's Web Page
A Journey Through Time

Thank you so much, Charlotte!


Marks Hickman's Award

Awarded March, 1998
Mark Ellsworth Hickman's Genealogy Pages
Thanks so much, Mark for this unexpected award!


Passage in Time Award

Notable Women's First Award From
A Passage In Time
Thank you, Sherry!
Genealogy is My Hobby Award

Awarded July, 1997
Genealogy is My Hobby
Thanks, Pam!


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