The History of Nevada

The History of Nevada

Edited by Myron Angel
Published by Thompson & West

The book was originally published in 1881, and was reprinted once in 1958 and again in 1978(?).  Copies can be found for under $100 and it is available in many libraries. You can also borrow a copy through Inter-Library Loan, contact your nearest public or college library. I picked up a copy on one of the internet auction houses for $50.

Dr. Elliott, Professor of History at the University of Nevada, says The History of Nevada is "the most useful history of the State from earliest times to  . . . 1881."  For many years this was the definitive history of the state.  The author, Myron Angel, was editor of the Reese River Reveille for a number of years and spent a great deal of time in the Silver State before returning to California to write additional histories. One of the authors that provided input was Myron's cousin, Mahlon D. Fairchild.

The book, like so many others of this genre and era, was printed without an index.  This makes it difficult to find information on individuals and places without reading the entire volume page by page.  The University of Nevada Press began a bibliographical series and Volume 6 was an index to this important work.  It was published in 1966 and written by Dr. Helen J. Poulton.  While the information in its 148 pages is limited, it can provide a key or two and a starting point.  It can also tell you if it's worth while to make the effort to get your hands on a copy of the book.  Through an interesting set of circumstances, mostly luck, I ended up with a copy of this index.

Send me an email at and I will look up names and places. 

I have both the index and the book!

If you would like more information on Myron Angel and his brother, Eugene, visit The Angels.

Books by Myron Angel

History of Nevada,  Thompson & West, Oakland, CA (1881)
The History of Placer County,  Thompson & West, Oakland CA (1882)
History of San Luis Obispo County,  Thompson & West, Oakland, CA (1883)
La Piedra Pintada, The Painted Rock of California: A Legend.  Grafton Publishing, Los Angeles, CA  (1910)

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