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   The holdings of the Tumut FHG are conveniently housed on open access
   shelves at the Tumut Shire Library, Wynyard Street Tumut. They are
   available during library hours - Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm; and
   Saturday 9 am to 12 noon. There is no charge to use these resources.

   The Library has a computer, microfilm reader & printer and microfiche
   reader. The Group also has research notes not available on open access.    We can cross-link families with others previously researched.

   Experienced volunteer Research Assistants are in attendance on
   Wednesdays and at other times by appointment. Our Research Assistants
   have a network of knowledgable local historians on various subjects and

   Mail Enquiries
   We welcome both Australian and Worldwide mail enquiries. All research is
   carried out by officers in a voluntary capacity and there is no hourly charge,
   however we ask for a donation to cover costs etc. The donation for an
   initial enquiry is a minimum of AU$20.00 within Australia and AU$30.00
   for overseas enquiries. If required, further research can be arranged
   by negotiation.

   To assist us, please provide the following information with your query.
   Please type "not known" where applicable.

          Your name, mailing address, phone number & E-mail address
          Name of ancestors in the area
          Information you already have about your ancestor
          Any other areas of interest, eg. buildings, businesses, etc

   If you consent to have your name and contact details passed on to others
   researchers searching your family, could you please advise us accordingly
   when when you make your enquiry.

   Research Charges
   Initial Research Requests carry a minimum charge of AU$20.00 within
   Australia and AU$30.00 for overseas enquiries. If required, further
   research can be arranged by negotiation.

   Cheques or Money Orders should be made payable to "The Tumut Family
   History Group Inc.". Please E-Mail us if you have any queries.

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Tumut Shire Library
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