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(on microfilm)
Adelong Mining Journal 9 Oct 1858 – 28 Sep 1860
Adelong Argus 3 Jan 1899 – 19 Dec 1905
Adelong and Tumut Express 6 Apr 1900 – 24 Dec 1954
Alpine Pioneer (photocopies of surviving issues) 24 Aug 1860 – 28 Dec 1860. Incomplete run.
Gundagai Times 18 Jan 1868 – 29 Dec 1905
Gundagai Independant 7 Sep 1898 – 23 Dec 1920
Tumut Advocate 7 Jan 1908 – 29 Sep 1925
Tumut and Adelong Times (incorporating the Wynyard Times) 20 Nov 1860 – 1867; 1 Jan 1899 – 28 June 2002

The Tumut and Adelong newspapers worked in conjunction with each other, coming out on different days of the week.  All newspapers for the time span should be consulted as although they sometimes all carried a story, at times only one of them did.  It should also be noted that if a report states “further particulars or full obituary in next issue”, it does not necessarily mean the next issue of the same paper.  The other paper should be searched, as that would be the next issue !

There are NO surviving newspapers for the period 1868 to 1898.  Part of that time is covered by the Gundagai Times newspaper after the proprietor of the Tumut and Adelong Times removed his press to Gundagai and set up in business there.  Other newspapers started up in Tumut and Adelong, but unfortunately none of them have surviving copies before 1899.  If items of interest are being sought in this period, then the Perkins Papers should be consulted to see if the news items was picked up by one of the other papers (eg. Yass Courier; The Town and Country Journal etc.). Alternatively, search one of these papers for a few weeks after the date required.


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