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Monaro District

Back to Cooma Celebrations Centenary, 1926 Centenary Celebrations Committee (Feb 1926)
Before We’re Forgotten - The Spirit Of The Snowy River Hayes, Mike (1999)
The Chinese Of Kiandra N.S.W Smith, Lindsay M (1997)
Cold Hard Cash. A study of Chinese ethnicity in archaeology at Kiandra N.S.W Smith, Lindsay M (September 1998)
Archaeological Investigations  At Kiandra, Kosciusko National Park) (i) Excavations At Kiandra Hotel and Mr. Marks’ Race Smith, L M and Smith, M A (1995)
Archaeological Investigations  At Kiandra, Kosciusko National Park (ii) Excavations at Chinese Emporia, Mining Races and Matthews’ Cottage Smith, L M and HefferNan, K J (1996)
The Drowning Of Old Adaminaby Stewart, Anita and Cossettini, Kathleen (Comp) (undated, abt 1999)
Earliest Monaro And Burragarang 1790 – 1840 Andrews, Alan E. J. (1998)
From Kilkeel To Cooma – Story of William and Esther Stewart of Monaro. The William and Esther Stewart Family History Group (2001).
Historic Kiandra Moye, D.G. (1959) Prepared from material collected by The Cooma – Monaro Historical Society 
Kiandra To Kosciusko Hueneke, Klaus (1987)
Old Currango Hill, Harry (1997)
The Perkins Papers Monaro District,  Items 1 - 9 Perkins, John Arthur (abt 1949). Compilation of articles about the Monaro District. (microfilm copy)
Pioneers of the Snowy Monaro prior 1850 Snowy Mountains Family History Group. (1998) Biographies of Early Pioneers
Yarrangobilly Village - A brief History Wren, Liz (Comp) for Kosciusko information project (1994)


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