The Sydney

Dead Persons Society  


At their meeting at ARV in June 2017 the members who were present concluded that the Sydney DPS had run its course and therefore there would be no more meetings.


The inaugural meeting of the Dead Persons Society was convened by John Snelson (a then Member of the Council of the Society of Australian Genealogists) and Phil Young (operator of the Custom Built BBS, later Ancestors Online), and held in Sydney on Saturday 27 August 1994 at the premises of SAG at Rumsey Hall, 24 Kent Street, Sydney.

Subsequently John Graham took over the running of the group and he initiated the indexing of death notices in the Daily Telegraph and Sydney Morning Herald. This grew to become the Ryerson Index ( which is arguably the high point of the organisation.

Later the running was taken over by Peter Kettle and meetings were also held at the Anglican Retirement Villages in Castle Hill. The meetings at SAG were discontinued in early 2006 but continued at ARV until 2017


The Sydney DPS Mailing List

The DPS operated a mailing list using the ROOTSWEB enable many more people to participate in DPS discussions. Although the DPS no longer meets the mailing list remains functional. To subscribe, send a message to with the word "subscribe" without the quotes in the subject and the body of the email with no additional text. To post a message to the DPS mailing list: Click Here. (Note: Rootsweb requires you to be a subscriber to post to any of their lists, including this one.)  

Some members established their own home pages on the web (generally, but not exclusively, genealogically-related), and you are welcome to visit them.

Some Useful Links

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A Useful Download

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