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The Society has accumulated significant resources over the years, by purchase and by gift from members. They are on open access in the Family History section at Springwood Library. As these are all reference books, they may not be borrowed from the library. Access to all reference material is available whether or not a Society Library volunteer is on duty or not, hence whenever the Library is open to the public, Society reference materials are available for perusal.

Over the past few years, the Society Reference materials have undergone significant reorganisation and are now found in the Library according to a new classification. This organisation is based on that used by the Society of Australian Genealogists (SAG). Thus, all cemetery transcripts for each continent are grouped together, as are pioneer registers etc.

This listing of Society resources is purely to ascertain whether or not the Society does indeed possess a certain reference item or not, and does not indicate its location on the shelves.

Books are grouped according to their main content:

Administration, Almanacs, Archives - some basic facts, Indexes, Newspapers

Births Deaths Marriages, Cemetery Registers

Census & Population, Computers, Convicts, Land Records

General Reading, Guides, Government Dept Records, Photography

Australian Regional Studies

Family Histories, Pioneer Registers

International - general, English Counties


Shipping, Specialist Books




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