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The Society's aim is to assist with family history research. To that aim we have books, fiche, CDs, magazines etc stored at Springwood Library (in the same area as BMCC's genealogical materials). We have guest speakers, workshop meetings, library volunteers, outings to places of relevance, an annual seminar and attend local days including Australia Day and Springwood Foundation Day. Further, we also develop and publish resources of value to family historians ... the funds so raised finance our ongoing purchases of resources.


Due to the COVID-19 emergency, all BMCC Libraries are partially closed with restrictions in place and so our volunteers are unable to be on duty until social distancing and home isolations have ceased. In the interim, research enquiries can be submitted by post and email to our contact addresses.

The Society of Australian Genealogists have a number of webinars available. Bookings must be made a minimum of two days prior to the event and there is a cost for viewing.

Society of Australian Genealogists

Here is the latest update from the Society of Australian Genealogists (SAG) for information of upcoming events for members of SAG and non-members. This update is available in pdf format from this site in Adobe Reader (pdf) format and will open in a new page.


General Meetings are resuming however, whilst the COVID-19 restrictions are in place will be be meeting at the Presbyterian Church Hall, Hawkesbury Road, Winmalee Visitors are always welcome.




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