Provincial Politicians from Pictou, Nova Scotia
Members of the Legislature
From Pictou County

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  From the book "History of the County of Pictou",
by Rev. George Patterson, D.D., 1877

Members of Nova Scotia House of Assembly
1840 to 1843 County: John Holmes and Henry Blackadar
Township: Henry Hatton
1843 to 1847 County: John Holmes and George R. Young
Township: George Smith, elected in 1843, but unseated in 1844, when Henry Blackadar elected for remainder of term.
1847 to 1851 County: George R. Young and Andrew Robertson
Township: Henry Blackadar
1851 to 1855 County: John Holmes and Robert Murray
Township: Martin I. Wilkins
1855 to 1859 County: George McKenzie and A.C. McDonald
Township: Martin I. Wilkins
1859 to 1863 Eastern District: George McKenzie and A.C. McDonald
Western do: A.C. McDonald and R.P. Grant 
1863 to 1867 Eastern District: James McDonald And James Fraser
Western do: Alexander McKay and Donald Fraser
Members of Legislative Council Hons. George Smith, David Crichton, John Holmes
Under Confederation
  Members of House of Commons
1867 to 1872 James W. Carmichael
1872 to 1873 Robert Doull and James McDonald
1873 James W. Carmichael and John A. Dawson
1867 to 1876 Hon. John Holmes
1877 Hon. R. P. Grant
  House of Assembly
1867 to 1871 Dr. George Murray, R.S. Copeland, and M. I. Wilkins 
1871 Simon H. Holmes, Alexander McKay, and Hugh J. Cameron
  Legislative Council
1867 Hon. James Fraser

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