Passenger Ship Lulan to Pictou, NS, 1848
The Barque "Lulan"
Leaving for Pictou From Glasgow, Scotland, 17th Aug., 1848

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From "The Pictou Book" by
George MacLaren, 1954

Contributed by:  Sue Swiggum and The Chignecto Project, 1998
Ship: Lulan
Date: 17 August 1848 (Departure)/18 September 1848 (Arrival)
Departing: South Uist, Scotland, then Glasgow, Scotland
Arriving: Pictou, Nova Scotia
Master: George McKenzie
Ship Type: barque
Size: 472 tons

These settlers came from the island of South Uist in Scotland. The arrangements were to have been that they would be shipped free to Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island. They were first put on a steamer to the Clyde River, and then onto a ship bound for the United States. The mistake was discovered in time, and they were put off at Glasgow.
Finally, more than 150 of them were put on the Lulan. Thirty of the familes were miners coming over to work at Albion Mines (now Stellarton) for the General Mining Company. Small pox broke out; three died on the voyage over, and one died soon afterward in harbour. The people were taken off the ship at the quarantine ground. The cabin passengers and miners were separated from the rest. The small pox patients were put in hospital; the healthy were housed in sheds. Before September had ended, 90 of them had small pox. By the middle of November, 24 had died, about 5 were still ill, and 97 were declared "disease free" by the Board of Health.
Vessels were hired at public expense to take them to Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island, as the emigrants were penniless. Sir John Harvey requested Prince Edward Island to not make the emigrants pay the P.E.I head tax, but P.E.I. refused, and the Nova Scotia treasury had to cough up the money, about 100 pounds.
The joint owners of the ship were the captain, George McKenzie of New Glasgow, and James Carmichael.

George Cowie Catherine McLellan Peter McIntyre
John Ferguson Rory McLellan Gormal McIntyre
David Moses Donald McIntyre
Thomas Lowther Neil McPherson Ann McIntyre
William Burt Catherine McPherson Angus McIntyre
Jas. Neilson Donald McPherson John McIntyre
Andrew Neilson Samuel McPherson Peggy McIntyre
Wm. Grant Marion McPherson
Angus McPherson Ronald McDonald
George Prentice Fergus McPherson Donald McDonald
Jane Prentice Mary McDonald
  Duncan McIntyre Peggy McDonald
Peter Samson Mary McIntyre
Janet Samson Mary McIntyre Allan Black
Peter Samson Catherine McIntyre Margaret Black
Margaret Samson Anne McIntyre Duncan Black
Agnes Samson Neil McIntyre John Black
Jane Samson Effie McIntyre  
Robert Samson Donald McDonald
  James Neilson Catherine McDonald
Wm. Fleming Marion Neilson Mary McDonald
Elizabeth Fleming Mary Neilson Donald McDonald
Alexander Fleming John Neilson Angus McDonald
Jane Fleming Catherine Neilson Marion McDonald
Hugh Fleming Ann McDonald
Elizabeth Fleming Murdon McLeod Mary McDonald
Catherine McLeod Neil McDonald
Hugh Maxwell Margaret McLeod Donald McDonald
John Pollock Mary McLeod Christina McDonald
Colin McLuckie    
Wm. McCalloch Malcolm McDonald John McIntyre
John Fairlie Ann McDonald Catherine McIntyre
Robt. Sillars Ronald McDonald Mary McIntyre
John Gillies Donald McDonald Effie McIntyre
Ann Gillies Christina McDonald Mary McIntyre
Flora Gillies Mary McDonald Christena McIntyre
Margaret Gillies John McDonald Effie McIntyre
Christena Gillies Donald McIntyre
Catherine Gillies Donald McDonald  
Malcolm McLellan Anne Morison
Angus McPhee   Anne Morison
Marion McPhee Alex Gillies Mary Morison
Ronald McPhee Flora Gillies James Morison
Angus McPhee Allan Morison
Christena McPhee John Morrison  
Isabella Morrison Mary Morison
Hugh McLean Ann Morrison  
Jessie McLean Angus Morrison Neil McCormaig
Marion McLean   Mary McCormaig
Effie McLean Finlay McInnes Donald McCormaig
Catherine McLean Penny McInnes  
Donald McLean Donald McInnes John Clarkson
Mary McLean   Mrs. Clarkson
Finlay McLellan
Archibald McAuley Anne McLellan Cabin passengers
Catherine McAuley Penny McLellan James Carmichael
Effie McAuley   Jessy Carmichael
Donald McAuley Archibald McLeod Mrs. R. Grant
  Hector McLeod Mr. J. A. Dawson
Rory McLellan Marion McLeod Miss J. Dawson
Flora McLellan Christine McLeod Mr. Honeyman
Hugh McLellan Jessie McLeod Mr. Honeyman
Margaret McLellan John McLeod Mr. Faickny 
Mary McLellan Ewing McLeod Revised list cabin passengers add James Waddell 
Donald McLellan Mary McLeod  

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