Passenger List of The Lady Gray, 1841, Pictou NS
The Lady Gray ,
Arrived in Pictou July 16, 1841

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Source: George Maclaren, The Pictou Book, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia,
Hector Publishing, 1954, pp 104-105.
Contributed by Sue Swiggum for The Chignecto Project 
on 03/02/98
Ship: Lady Gray
Date: 16 July 1841 (Arrival)
Departing: Cromarty, Scotland
Arriving: Pictou/Quebec
Ship Master: William Grey
Ship Type: Brig

The ship had on it between 240 and 250 passengers in all, bound for Pictou and Quebec. It arrived at Pictou 16 July 1841 with typhus on board. Because there was no hospital in Pictou, the passengers were removed to shore and presumably quarantined, while the ship was cleaned. By 23 September 184, 26 of the passengers had caught the typus and 6 of them died. They were buried in the graveyard at Cariboo Beaches. Doctor Martin, health officer of the port, seems to have also caught the typhus and died. 

Originally 75 of the passengers were to have disembarked at Pictou with the remainder of the 240ish going on to Quebec. However, 135 of them couldn't be persuaded to get back on the ship, given what they had gone through and given that they rather liked what they saw of Pictou. The passenger list provided is drawn up from a list of those who signed a protest against their treatment during the voyage. It totals 44 men, who as heads of household, presumably signed for their families.

John F. Simpson Wm. McDonald
James Allen Donald Sutherland
John Ross Hugh Ross
John Campbell Angus McLean
Hector Holm, jr. Donald Bannerman
Donald Gordon John Murray
James Ross Wm. Chisholm
Donald Ross Colin McDonald
John McKay James McPherson
Hugh Fraser Hugh Beaton
Duncan McDonald Robert Lillie
John Bannerman (weaver) George McKay
Alex. McDonald John Sutherland
Rob't Ferguson Wm. Bannerman
Donald McKenzie Wm. Gunn (tailor)
Donald McLean Hugh Murray
Hugh McKay Alex. Taylor
Hugh Ross Angus McLeod
John McLellan Hector Holm Sr.
Alex. Sutherland Wm. Ross
Wm. McIntosh Alex Campbell
John Campbell  

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