The Ellen, Arriving in Pictou, NS in 1848
Passenger List for "The Ellen"
Arriving in Pictou in 1848

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 Source: George Maclaren, The Pictou Book,
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Hector Publishing, 1954, pp 108-109.

Ship: Ellen
Date: 22 May 1848 (departure)
Departing: Loch Laxford, Scotland
Arriving: Pictou
Ship Master: Dugald McLachlan
Ship Type: barque
Size: 380 tons

The ship was chartered by the Duke of Sutherland in order to help clear tenants from his lands in West Scotland. The passage of 39 days brought them to Pictou at the end of June. Immediately upon their arrival they were welcomed to Canada with a tax - a head tax. Two families took a boat to Prince Edward Island, where tax officials wanted them to pay a head tax a second time. Their luggage was seized when the beleagured people refused. Finally after correspondence between the Duke of Sutherland, customs officials and various others, the PEI authorities were given a cut of what had been collected at Pictou from them.

This annotation appears on the list:

"Margaret Morrison having failed to appear after the ship was cleared out the following parties are now substituted in their stead viz: Mrs Ann Sutherland, 80; Fairly McKay, 24; Ann MacKay (sic), 18; Jean McKay, 26.

I Dugald McLachlan do declare that the above is a true statement of the passengers on board the Ellen from Loch Laxford.

Declared before me this 30th June 1848, signed William J. Johnson, Sub. Coll. H.M. Customs"

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on 03/03/98
Donald Kerr John McLeod Mary McKenzie
Sarah Kerr Ann McLeod
William Kerr Isabella McLeod Donald McLeod
John Kerr Jean McLeod Betty McLeod
Flora Kerr Barbara McLeod Hugh McLeod
Cathie Kerr Christy McLeod
  Donald McLeod Ann McLeod
Hugh McIntosh Margaret McLeod Donald McLeod 
Barbara McIntosh Colin McLeod Johan McLeod
Elizabeth McIntosh Simon McLeod Hugh McLeod
  Thos. McLeod Lucy McLeod
John Bethune Janet McLeod Robertina McLeod
Ann Bethune   David McLeod
Meran Bethune George McIntsoh Betty McLeod
Barbara Bethune Janet McIntosh  
John Bethune Donald McLeod
Ann Bethune Donald McKenzie Mary McLeod
Johan Bethune Ann McIntosh George McLeod
  Robina McIntosh Mary McLeod
Angus Mckay Donaldina McIntosh
Elizt. Mckay Cina McIntosh George McLeod
Barbara McKay Roderick McIntosh Nancy McLeod
William McKay Hughina McIntosh Margt. McLeod
Georgina McKay
Margaret McKay John McKay Neil McLeod
Jess McKay Catharine McLeod
W. Meran McLeod Georgina McKay  
James McKay
Ann McKay Hugh McKenzie Bessie McKay
Elizt. McKay Betty McKenzie
Margt. Adam Hecato McKenzie  William Gunn
Donald McKenzie Christy Gunn
Murdo Morrison Angus McKenzie Donald Gunn
Elizt. Morrison Margt. McKenzie
Ann Morrison   McKenzie Gunn
Alex. Morrison Benjamin Gunn Meran Gunn
John Morrison Flora Gunn John Gunn
Donald Morrison Donald Gunn Mary Gunn
    Jane Gunn
William McKay Fingal Morrison Donald Gunn
Janet Mckay   Robert Gunn
Catharine McKay Hector Falconer Angus Gunn
Neilina McKay Mary Falconer William Gunn
Roderick McKay Flora Falconer
Murdo McKay Catharine Falconer Jane Lamond
Alexander Falconer Merran Lamond
Donald McKay Hughina Falconer  
Jean McKay Mary Falconer John Matheson
Maria McKay James Falconer Johan Matheson
Elspet McKay Johan Falconer William Matheson
Georgina McKay Peter Falconer John Matheson
Diana McKay Patrick Matheson
  Kathel Kerr Kenneth Matheson
Roderick McKay Ann Kerr
Barbara McKay John Kerr Elspet Matheson
George Kerr Robert Matheson
Donald McKenzie Bell Kerr  
Mary McKenzie William Kerr David McKay 
(cabin passenger)
Alex McKenzie Barbara Kerr Dond. Morrison
Donald McKenzie Cathrine McKay (wife)
Murdoch McKenzie Ann Sutherland Peter Morrison
Henry McKenzie Fairly McKay
John McKenzie Jean McKay  
Mary McKenzie
Flora McKenzie    

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