The Dove Passenger List to NS, 1801
Passenger List for "The Dove"
Arrived in Pictou in 1801

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From "The Pictou Book" by
George MacLaren, 1954

Note: Ages of the children are in brackets, and 
spinster also refers to a woman who could work

a spinning wheel
From Kilmorach
Arch. Chisholm, farmer, Catherine Chisholm, spinster; 
Isobel; Ann; Cath. Chisholm (12) 
John McIntosh, farmer; Janet McIntosh, spinster; Flora (5); John (3);
an infant
Duncan Chisholm, farmer; Ann Chisholm, spinster; one infant
Thomas McDonald, farmer; Janet McDonald, spinster
Duncan Chisholm, farmer; Ann Chisholm, spinster
Donald McIntosh, farmer
Alex. McIntosh, farmer; Cath. McIntosh, spinster; Margaret McIntosh (14)
John Chisholm, farmer; Cath. Chisholm, spinster
Donald Chisholm, laborer; Colin Chisholm, laborer; Wm. Chisholm, laborer
Donald Cameron, tenant; Kath. Cameron, spinster; Marg. Cameron; 
Cath. Cameron, spinster; James Cameron (13); Hugh Cameron (11);
Isabel Cameron (7)
Alex. Fraser, farmer; Margaret Fraser, spinster; Mary Fraser (14); 
Margt. Fraser (9); Janet Fraser (7); Alex. Fraser (5); Robert Fraser (3)
Donald McLeod, tenant; Ann McLeod, spinster; Ann McLeod (10); 
Alex. McLeod (8); David McLeod (3) 
From Kiltarlity
James Cameron, laborer; Janet Cameron, spinster; James Cameron (6);
Donald Cameron (2)
Hugh Cameron, farmer; Ann Cameron, spinster; Mary Cameron (8); James Cameron (3) 
From Kilmorach
Alex. McLean, Laborer; Kathn. McLean, spinster
John Bethune, laborer
James Bethune, laborer
Kenth. Mcleod, laborer
Donald Fraser, laborer
From Knockbain
John Jach, laborer
From Kineardune
Alex Ross, laborer
From Ercless
Alex. Chisholm, laborer
From Kiltarlity
Alex. Fraser, laborer, Do. spouse, spinster; Robert Fraser (12)
From Kirkhill
Alex. Fraser, laborer
From Kilmorach
James McDonald, laborer
From Kiltarlity
Wm. Chisholm, laborer
From Kilmorach
John Chisholm, laborer
Wm. Chisholm, laborer
Donald MacDonald, laborer
From Kiltarlity
John Forbes, laborer
John MacDonald, laborer
From Kilmorach
Kath. Chisholm, spinster
James Chisholm, laborer
Rodk. Chisholm, laborer
James Forbes, laborer
Charles Forbes, laborer
From Arisaig
Ronald Macdonald, farmer; Kathn. Macdonald, spinster
Kathn. Gillis, spinster
Alex. Gillis, laborer
Jon. Macdonald (6); Janet Macdonald (3)
From Morar
Don Maclellan, tenant; Mary Maclellan, spinster; Marin Maclellan (7); Mart Maclellan (5); Patk. Maclellan (3); Alex. Maclellan (2)
From Moidart
Alex McLean, farmer; Morian McLean, spinster; a boy; an infant
Lauchlan McDonald, tenant; Cath. Mcdonell, spinster; a girland infant
John McDonald, farmer; Cath. McDonald, spinster; a girl (1)
John McDonald, laborer; Marian McDonald, spinster; Alex. McDonald (8);  an infant
Hugh McDonald, tenant; Ann (Mc)Donald, spinster; a boy (2 1/2)
John McDonald, farmer; Cath. McDonald, spinster; Peggy McDonald (1); Cath. McDonald (9); Janet McDonald (5 1/2); Mary McDonald (3 1/2)
From Badenouch
Angus Beaton, farmer; Isobel Beaton, spinster
Alex. Beaton, laborer
Angus Beaton, laborer
Marian Beaton, spinster
Ann Beaton, spinster
Ann Beaton, spinster
Archibald Beaton (14); John Beaton (12); Finlay Beaton (9); Margaret Beaton (7); Catherine Beaton (5)
From Arisaig
Archibald McFarlane, farmer
Dougald McFarlane, laborer
Peter McFarlane, laborer
John McFarlane, Laborer; Peggy McFarlane (12); Angus McFarlane (7)
Donald MacInnes, tenant; Cath. MacInnes, spinster
Angus McInnes, laborer
Duncan MacInnes (5); Jean MacInnes (7)
John MacIsaac, laborer; MacIsaac, his spouse, spinster
Angus McIsaac, laborer; Cath. McIsaac, spinster
Duncan McIsaac, laborer; Mary McIsaac, spinster
John Boyd, tenant; Cath. Boyd, spinster
Kate McPherson, spinster
Anne Boyd, spinster
Angus Boyd, laborer; John Boyd (7)
Hugh Boyd, laborer; Mary Boyd, spinster
Bell McFarlane (12)
Mary Boyd (4)
Alex. Boyd, laborer; Mary Boyd, spinster 
Cath. McDougald, spinster
John McDonald, tenant; Mary McDonald, spinster
Peggy McFarlane, spinster
From Locharigay
Donald McMillan, farmer; Marian McMillan, spinster
Angus McMillan, laborer
John McMillan, laborer
Angus Gillies, farmer; Ann Gillies, spinster; Ann Gillies; Janet Gillies; May Gillies
Donald Gillies, laborer; John Gillies (12)
From Strathgless
Kenneth Chisholm, laborer; Chisholm, his spouse, spinster; a child
From Knoydart
Donald Gillies, farmer; Ann Gillies, spinster; Alex. Gillies (3); Hugh Gillies (2)
From Lochaber
Mary McDonald, spinster 
From Kilmaroch
Mary Fraser, spinster, Fraser, her daughter
From Lochbroom
Finlay Cameron, laborer
From Glenelg
John McIntosh, farmer; Ann McIntosh, spinster
Mary McIntosh, spinster
Finlay McLellan, laborer
From Locharigay
John McMillan, laborer
John McMillan, laborer
Jean McMillan, spinster
Isobel McMillan, spinster
Mary McMillan, spinster
John McMillan, laborer; Martha McMillan, spinster; Marian McMillan, spinster
John McMillan, tenant; Alex. McMillan (12); Donald McMillan (12)
From Kinlochmorer
Ewan Cameron, farmer 
Donald Cameron, farmer
James Cameron, laborer
Rod Cameron, laborer
Eliza Cameron (14); Mary Cameron (4); Margaret Cameron (3); 
Christian Cameron (1 1/2)
From Morar
Angus Gillies, laborer; Mary Gillies, spinster
From Athol
Alex. Stewart, tenant; Margaret Stewart, spinster
From Calder
Alex. Urquhart, tenant
From Callader
Patrick Tulloch, tenant
From Kirkhill
Mrs. Mary Fraser, spinster; Jean Fraser, her daughter (8)

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