Aurora Passenger Ship to Australia from NS, 1852
Departure of the Barque "Aurora" for Australia, 1852
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 From "The Pictou Book" by
George MacLaren, 1954

Partial Passenger List
The list is not complete as additional passengers boarded in Halifax.
The Aurora was bound for Port Philip, Victoria, Australia
James McKay Angus Campbell, wife and child Robert McDonald, wife and 5 children
W. Campbell Walter S. Fraser John Cambrage
Donald McLeod John McLeod Daniel McQuarrie
A. R. Noble J. C. Creelman Mrs. Gruber
Alex McKay, wife and child A. H. Wills Amelia Gruber
Simon Fraser Mrs. Brew and 2 children Sarah Gruber
George McLeod Charles Gordon Ann Gruber
James McKay Malcom Fraser Rosina Gruber
Alex McLeod Alex Douglas Henry Gruber
James McG. Fraser Malcolm McLeod Edward Gruber
Lauchlan McLean George Campbell Alex Morrison
John Hazard George Cambrage George Purves
John W. Kitchen Samuel Grammel Wm. C. Green
William Murry Walter Murphy James Smith
John Fraser G. Mickle & wife William Davison
A. McKay Mrs. Peterson, sister and 2 children James Benton
William Cantly Walter McDonald  
Mr. Kitchen has put on board a supply of pigs, sheep, poultry etc., for the
use of the passengers, besides an ample supply of provisions of all kinds. We have been shown the Bill of Fare, which we would like to publish for the satisfaction of those having friends on board, but we are unable to make room for it. The Aurora has an able crew, commanded by the careful and experienced Captain Ross, and everything, so far seems conductive to a comfortable and prosperous voyage.
Sept. 13

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