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From "The Pictou Book" by
George MacLaren, 1954


Editor(s) & Publisher
Colonial Patriot Dec. 7, 1827 W. Milne  
Pictou Observer May 11, 1831 Rev. K.J. MacKenzie (Ed.) 
W. Gossip (Pub.)
Juvenile Entertainer Aug. 6, 1832 W. Milne  
Pictou Bee May 27, 1835 J. Dawson  
Mechanic and Farmer May 23, 1838 J. Stiles  
Presbyterian Banner May 28, 1842 Stiles and Fraser  
Eastern Chronicle Oct. 4, 1843 Geldert and Patterson Formed upon merging The Mechanic and Farmer and the  Presbyterian Banner 
Eastern Chronicle  1847-1860 Geldert and Patterson  
Eastern Chronicle 1847-1860 E. M. McDonald  
Eastern Chronicle 1860-1865 J. D. McDonald  
Eastern Chronicle 1866 McConnell and Alley (Pub.) Moved to New Glasgow
Colonial Standard Nov. 2, 1858 S. H. Holmes  
Colonial Phrenological Journal and Repository of Science, Literature and General Intelligence May, 1860 A. B. Parker (Ed.)  
The Pioneer, River John Oct. 10, 1878 J. D.Gauld   
Plain Dealer May 13, 1880 S. M. McKenzie and W. D. Stewart New Glasgow
The Trades and Labour Journal  May, 1882   Moved to Stellarton from Springhill
Pictou News Aug., 1882 C. D. McDonald (Ed.) and W. Harris(Pub.)   
Monthly Record of the Church of Scotland in N.S., N.B. and Adjoining Provinces About 1882 Rev P. Melville, (Ed.) and G.W. Baillie (Pub.)  
Enterprise Aug. 6, 1888   Edited in New Glasgow, Edited in Pictou
The Reporter, New Glasgow July 21, 1891 J.W. Murray (Pub.)  
The Globe, New Glasgow 1892   Lasted Two Weeks
Pictou Advocate Dec., 1893  J. D. McDonald (Ed.)  
Westville Press Dec. 20, 1894    
Free Lance, Westville 1895 R. A. McDonald  
Westville News Feb. 11, 1897 J. D. McDonald Amalgamated with Free Lance
New Glasgow Commercial News Aug. 4, 1898    
Pictou Canadian 1900 R. S. Hamilton  
New Glasgow Times July 10, 1903   Weekly published in Westville
New Glasgow News 1912 J. W. H. Sutherland  
Stellarton Star 1911 N. Cameron  

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