Marriages at Barneys River, Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Marriages at Barneys River
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1812-1883 MARRIAGES

Transcribed 1991 by Marsha MacKay from NSARM Microfilm MG4 NO. 8A

Note that missing dates in the transcription are
missing or unrecorded in the original records.

William McKENZIE, Sarah McDONALD, February 8, 1847, Barney's River
Archibald McPHERSON, Christina McKAY, February 8, 1849, Barney's River
Simon OULTON, Janet McDONALD, May 7, 1850, Marshy Hope
Donald SUTHERLAND, Christy McKAY, March 4,1852, Barney's River
Duncan McDONALD, Jean McDONALD, May 27, 1854, Marshy Hope
John CONN, Elizabeth SIMPSON, December 14, 1854, Barney's River
Nathanial HAMILTON, Mary Ann CRAIGIE, April 5, 1855
Duncan McDIARMID, Catherine STEWART, May 11, 1855
Malcolm ROSS, Catherine SUTHERLAND, May 11, 1855
Joseph IRVING, Mary BAILLIE (note, s/b BAYLISS), August 2, 1855
Alexander SUTHERLAND, Ann ROSS, September 4, 1855
Dugald GRANT, Sarah MANNING, Deptember 26, 1855
Peter GRANT, Catherine McLEOD, November 22, 1855
William McDOUGALL, Elizabeth IRVING, December 20, 1855
Donald STEWART, Mary TRACY, December 27, 1855
Angus McDIARMID, Mary MORRISON, March 27, 1856
Duncan McLAUGHLIN, Christina FRASER, April 2, 1856
Thomas HENDERSON, Ann McLEOD, March 26, 1857
Alpine McMILLAN of South River, Sophie HUNTER, April 14, 1857
Donald ROSS of Marsh, Elizabeth SUTHERLAND, May 8, 1858
Peter STEWART, Rebecca HENDERSON, September 10, 1858
John JOHNSON a blacksmith, Margaret FERGUSSON, January 26, 1859
John FRASER, Flora ROSS, January 27, 1859
Donald ROBERTSON, Catherine ROSS, January 26, 1860
John Thomas SINCLAIR of Goshen, Euphemia McKEEN, January 31, 1860
Daniel MUNRO of Antigonish, Elizabeth Helen MURRAY, March 13, 1860
James KAVANAGH (CAVANAGH), Isabella STALKER, April 12, 1860
Norman McLEAN, Mary McDONALD, November 1, 1860, Marshy Hope
George SUTHERLAND, Margaret HUNTER, November 20, 1860, at bride's home.
Archibald McDIARMID, Barbara BANNERMAN, December 6, 1860
John DEWAR, Janet ROBERTSON, December 19, 1860, at Alexander ROBERTSON's home
Alexander McDONALD, Cecilia STEWART, July 26, 1861, Marshy Hope
John STEWART, Christy McDONALD, December 17, 1861, at John McDONALD's home
Hugh GASTON, Sarah DUNN, June 12, 1862, at the MANNINGs' home.
Donald CAMERON, Catherine McDIARMID, July 22, 1862, Piedmont
Charles ROBERTSON, Mary Barbara CUNNINGHAM, September 17, 1862
Henry GERMAN, Anne REID, January 13,1863, at the GERMAN's home
Kenneth CAMERON, Jannet ROSS, January 27, 1863, at Hugh ROSS's home in Piedmont
Hugh IRVING, Catherine SMITH, July 21, 1863, at Francis McKENZIE's home
John DOCHARTY, Catherine STEWART, October 27, 1863, at Alexander STEWART's home
Hugh POLSON, Margaret SUTHERLAND, April 19, 1864, at widow SUTHERLAND's home
James McDONALD a deacon, Isabella DEWAR, July 13, 1864, Barney's River
Michael O'NEIL, Elizabeth MURRAY, September 15, 1864
Donald BANNERMAN, Christy ROSS, December 22, 1864, Barney's River
John ROBERTSON, Anne CUNNINGHAM, March 2, 1865, at Cunningham Mills
John Robert OULTON, Margaret BRUCE, March 15, 1865, at George Bruce's home
Charles William OULTON, Janet McDONALD, June 15, 1865, at widow McDONALD's home
John McCARA, Margaret Helen McDIARMID, Novermber 9, 1865, Piedmont
George McDONALD, Elizabeth GORDON, November 28, 1865, Piedmont
Alexander STEWART, Isabella REID, January 25, 1866, at Laggan House (?someone's home?)
James FRASER, Catherine ROSS, March 29, 1866, Rossfield
Robert BANNERMAN, Margaret ROBERTSON, August 2, 1866, Pleasant Valley, Barney's River
James W. RYAN, Catherine HAGGART, December 27, 1866, Piedmont
Peter CAVANAGH, Sophia ROSS, January 10, 1867, Forbes Lake
Simon B. BANNERMAN, Isabella McKAY, July 20, 1878.

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