Marriages West Branch, E.River, Pictou County, NS
Marriages For West Branch, East River, 1827-1844
by Rev. John McRae
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From the book
The Pioneers and Churches...
by Rev. Daniel Keith Ross, 1954

Minister of the Kirk - Church from 1827-1844

John CAMPBELL, West Branch and Mary MacDONALD, East Branch  March 21, 1828
Finlay MacMILLAN, Irish Mountain and Isabel MacLEAN, Big Brook  March 27, 1828
John CAMERON and Margaret MacLEAN of West Branch  Feb. 11, 1829 
Rev. John McRAE and Julia C. MacDOUGALL of P.E.I .  July 10, 1829 
Donald MacKENZIE and Ann MUNRO of West Branch  Feb. 18, 1829
Alexander MacINTOSH and Margaret FRASER of West Branch  May 20, 1831
Alexander DUNBAR and Janet HOOD of West Branch  Aug. 2, 1831 
Alexander FRASER and Janet GRAY of West Branch  Nov. 15, 1831
Kenneth ROSS and Catherine McDONALD, Middle River  Dec. 17, 1831
Alexander MacDONALD, Big Brook, and Mary DUFF, Churchville Jan. 19, 1832
Kenneth MacLEAN, Big Brook and Margaret DOUGLAS, Middle River Feb. 23, 1832
Hugh CAMERON and Elizabeth MacINTOSH, West Branch  July 31, 1832
William CAMERON and Jane CAMERON of West Branch July 31, 1832 
Alexander MacLEOD, Middle River and Mary MacMILLAN  Nov. 29, 1832 
William GRAY and Jerusha MacLEAN, of West Branch  Feb. 7, 1833 
Donald DOUGLAS, Concord, and Janet MacLEAN, Big Brook  Feb. 7, 1833
Thomas MacDONALD (Deacon), Big Brook & Annie FRASER, West Branch March 8, 1833
Hugh FRASER (Red), West Branch and Mary FRASER, West River  April 16, 1833
Alex NICHOLSON, Middle River and Mary MacDONALD, Marsh Dec. 5, 1833
Duncan MacINTOSH, East Branch, and Annie GRANT, West Branch  Dec. 31, 1833
Angus McBAIN, Middle River and Christy MacKAY, Hardwood Hill Feb. 13, 1834
William MacKENZIE, West Branch, and Isabel McTAVISH July 3, 1834
Peter GRANT, Middle River, and. Mary HENDERSON, Middle River  Jan. 1, 1835 
Alex McBAIN, Middle River, and Grace MacKENZIE, West River  April 2, 1835
William S. JOLLEY, West Branch, and Elizabeth FALCONER, West Branch  July 2, 1835
John MacLEAN, West Branch, and Margaret MacKAY,  Middle River  July 16, 1835
William GRANT, Middle River, and Betsy MacKAY, Middle River  Dec. 27, 1835
Simon FRASER, West Branch, and Betsy SHAW, West Branch  Dec. 29, 1835
Angus CHISHOLM, West Branch, and Christy ROSS,  New Glasgow  March 3, 1836 
Murdo MacLEAN, West Branch, and Jane MacKAY,  East River  Nov. 19, 1836
William MacDONALD, West Branch, and Margaret MUNRO, West Branch  Nov. 21, 1836
Donald MacLEAN (Big), West Branch, and Jessie MacKAY, Roger's Hill  Dec. 1, 1836
William FRASER, West Branch, and Isabel GRAY, West Branch  Oct. 26, 1837
John URQUHART, West Br., & Madelina MacDONALD,  MacLellan's Mtn  June 16, 1838 
John MacINTOSH, West Branch, and Catherine MacDONALD Jan. 31, 1839
Donald CAMPBELL, West Branch, and Jane MacLEAN, Big Brook  Feb. 8, 1839
Alexander MacDONALD, West Branch, and Marion FRASER, West Branch July  31, 1839
William MacINTOSH, Middle River, & Anna MacDONALD,  Marsh, W. B. March 14, 1839
Hugh MacDONALD, West Branch, and Marion CAMERON, St. Mary's  Aug. 22, 1839 
Neil MATHESON, Middle River, and Isabel MacINTOSH,  Middle River  Oct. 31, 1839
Hugh MacARTHUR, Middle River, and Marion MacKAY,  Middle River  Dec. 18, 1839
Alexander DUNBAR, West Branch, and Catherine GRAY, West Branch  Jan. 30, 1840 
Hugh MacLEOD, West Branch, and Janet MacDONALD, West Branch  Jan. 30, 1840 
Alexander FRASER, East Branch, and Jessie MUNRO, West Branch  April 30, 1840
Gregor MacLEAN, Big Brook, and Jane DOUGLAS, Concord  Jan. 20 1841
Donald MacKAY, West Branch, and Elspet MacLEOD, New Lairg  March 25, 1841
Francis SMITH, West Branch, and Isabel MacKAY, West Branch  Dec. 13, 1841
Charles FRASER, West Branch, and Christy CAMERON Feb. 24, 1842
Donald McBAIN, Big Pond, and Mrs. Jane FRASER, Big Brook  Sept. 27, 1842
Alex MacGREGOR, Pictou, and Isabel MacDONALD, West Branch  Feb. 23, 1843
George MacKAY, Fox Brook, and Ann CAMPBELL, Fox Brook  March 2, 1843
William SINNES, Fox Brook, and Alexandrina MURRAY, Fox Brook  May 5, 1843
John DUNBAR, West Branch, and Jessie GRANT, West Branch  May 30, 1843 
Thomas MacDONALD (Deacon), Glengarry, & Mary MacLEOD,Landsdowne Jan. 11, 1844
Angus MacLEOD, New Lairg, and Isabel MUNRO, Millbrook  March 14, 1844 
James MacDONALD, East Branch East River, & Janet FRASER, West Branch  May 2, 1844 
Alexander ROSS, Glengarry, and Betsy GUNN, West Branch  June 6, 1844

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