Rev. McRae Marriages, East Branch East River, Pictou County, NS
Marriages For East Branch, East River, 1827-1844
by Rev. John McRae
Pictou County, Nova Scotia GenWeb
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From the book
The Pioneers and Churches...
by Rev. Daniel Keith Ross, 1954

James CAMPBELL and Catherine KENNEDY, East River  Jan. 24, 1828
Duncan GRANT and Janet MacDONALD, East River  Feb. 7, 1828
James WILSON and Margaret ROSS, East River  Feb. 14, 1828
John CAMPBELL, West Branch, and Mary MacDONALD,  East Branch  Feb. 21, 1828
Duncan MacDONALD and Janet MacGREGOR, Blanchard  Road  March 13, 1828
William MacDONALD and Mary MacDONALD, East Branch  East River  March 20, 1828
Finlay MacMILLAN, Irish Mountain, and Isabel MacLEAN,  Big Brook  March 27, 1828
John THOMPSON and Margery MacDONALD, East  Branch East River Nov. 27, 1828
John MacDONALD and Ann MacDONALD, East Branch East River  Feb. 5, 1829
John SUTHERLAND and Isabel MacDONALD, East Branch  East River  March 12, 1829
Robert FRASER, Middle River, and Helen MacDONALD,  East Branch  March 19, 1829
John CAMPBELL, Blue Mountain, and Mary MacKINNON,  East Branch  April 23, 1829
John CUMMING, Blanchard Road, and Jane FRASER,  West Branch  Sept. 24, 1829
Laren McLAREN, Blue Mountain, and Elizabeth MacDONALD, East Branch Dec. 17, 1829
John CAMPBELL and Isabel MacDONALD, East Branch  Dec. 22, 1829
John DUNBAR and Emily MacDONALD, East Branch  Dec. 29, 1829
James CAMERON, Irish Mountain, and Helen MacKENZIE,West River  March 18, 1830
Angus MacPHERSON, Sutherland's River & Janet MacKINNON, East Br.  Dec. 7, 1830
Donald MacMILLAN & Janet MATHESON, McLellan's Mtn (East Branch)  Dec. 9, 1830
Donald MacKENZIE and Elspet McINTOSH, East Branch  East River  Jan. 27, 1831
Donald MacDONALD, 9-Mile Road, & Ann MacDOUGALL, Blanchard Rd Feb. 3, 1831
Robert GRANT and Catherine MacKENZIE, East Branch  East River  Feb. 10, 1831
Donald MacKAY, Barney's River, and Christy SUTHERLAND, South Mtn  March 2, 1831
Alex MacDONALD, Big Brook, and Mary DUFF, Churchville  Jan. 19, 1832
Alex MacDONALD, East Branch, and Mary MacDONALD, West Branch  Dec. 27, 1831
William MacINTOSH and Margaret FRASER, East Branch East River  Feb. 14, 1832
John SUTHERLAND and Jane MacLEOD, Sutherland's Mountain  Dec. 11, 1832
David MacDONALD, St. Mary's River, and Christy CUMMING, East River  Dec. 13, 1832
William MacDONALD and Mary MacLEAN, Irish Mtn.  Jan. 3, 1833
Alex MacDONALD and Margaret MacDONALD, East Branch  Jan. 24, 1833
John MacKENZIE, River John, and Margaret SUTHERLAND, South Mtn  Feb. 1, 1833
John McDONALD and Catherine FRASER, East River  March 29, 1833
Hugh MacKENZIE and Margaret MacDONALD, East Branch  April 16, 1833
William SUTHERLAND and Jane STEWART, West Branch  April 16, 1833
Duncan MacINTOSH, East Branch, and Anne GRANT,  West Branch  Dec. 31, 1833
James MacPHERSON and  -------- McINNIS, East Branch  Dec. 31, 1833
William CAMERON and Mary HOLMES, East Branch  East River  July 9, 1834
James FRASER, East Branch, and Christy WILSON,  Little Harbor Aug. 1, 1834
Donald MacDONALD, East Br. E. R., & Margaret McLEAN, McLennans Mtn Nov. 11, 1834
John McINTOSH, Irish Mountain, and Mary McKENZIE,  Grant's Lake  Feb. 9, 1835
Alex FRASER and Catherine RANKIN, East Branch  East River  March. 12, 1835
James McPHEE and Anne McKINNON, East Branch  East River  March 31, 1835
Duncan MacDONALD, East Br. E. R., & Isabel MacDONALD, West Br. E.R. April 23, 1835
Kenneth CHISHOLM, Blue Mtn, and Elspet McINTOSH, East Branch E. R. Sept. 28, 1835
Andrew THOMPSON and Margaret FRASER, East Branch East River  Nov. 5, 1835
James ROSS and Ann CUMMING, East Branch East River  Nov. 15, 1836
Finlay MacKENZIE, East Branch, and Mary MUNRO, Blue Mountain  Dec. 29, 1836
John BEATTIE, Pictou, and Margaret GRANT, Irish Mtn  Nov. 23, 1837
Mr. FRASER, McLellan's Mtn, and Ann McDONALD, East Branch E. R. Dec. 20, 1837
Alex CAMERON and Margaret MacDONALD, East Branch East River  Oct  5, 1838
John MacDONALD and Isabel MacKINNON, East Branch  East River  Dec. 13, 1838
John MacMILLAN, Irish Mtn, and Sara FRASER,  East. Branch East River  Dec. 20, 1838
Roderick MacKINNON and Christy MacLEAN, East  Branch East River  Feb. 26, 1839
Alex MacINTOSH and Margaret FRASER, East Branch East River  Oct. 3, 1839
Donald MURRAY, Middle River and Catherine MacKAY, East Branch E. R. March 24, 1840
Duncan MacDONALD and Gracie MacDONALD, East  Branch East River  April 26, 1840
Alex FRASER, East Branch, and Jessie MUNRO,  West Branch East River  April 30, 1840
William FRASER, East Branch, and Margaret McARTHUR, Wilkin's Grant  May 2, 1840
Donald MACDONALD, McLellan's Mtn, and Mary MacINNIS, East Branch  Aug. 20, 1840
William MacDONALD, East Branch, and Ann MARSHALL, Middle River  Sept. 9, 1841
Alex MacDONALD and Janet MacDONALD, East Branch East River  Oct. 7, 1841
William FRASER, McLellan's Mtn, and Margaret ROSS of Rock, East River  Oct. 21, 1841
John McLACHLAN and Eliza DELANEY, East Branch East River  Oct. 27, 1841
Mr. CAMERON, East River St. Mary's, & Isabel GRANT, Caramony, E. R.  Nov. 30, 1841
Mr. FRASER of MacLellan's Mtn, & Margaret CUMMING, East Br. E. R.  Jan. 20, 1842
William FRASER and Eliza CAMPBELL, East Branch East River  April 21, 1842
Donald MacINTOSH and Livinia MacKENZIE, East River  Sept. 28, 1842
Peter CAMPBELL and Betsy KENNEDY, East Branch East River  Nov. 29, 1842
James HOLMES and -------- FRASER, East Branch East River  Dec. 28, 1842
John MacDONALD and Grace THOMPSON, East Branch East River  Dec. 29, 1842
Hugh DUNBAR, West Branch, and Catherine CAMPBELL, East River  Dec. 29, 1842
William MacINTOSH and Ann MacKENZIE, East River  Feb. 16, 1843
John MacLEAN, Irish Mountain, and Ann MacARTHUR, Middle River  March 2, 1843
Duncan CRUIKSHANKS and Mary MacDONALD, East Branch  Dec. 14, 1843
George CAMPBELL, Roger's Hill, and Janet MacDONALD, East River  Feb. 8, 1844
Thomas McLEAN, Irish Mountain, and Ann FRASER Feb. 29, 1844
James MacDONALD, East Br. E. R., & Janet FRASER, West Branch E. R. May 2, 1844
Additional Marriages Noted  
Donald McKAY, E. B. and Ann CAMERON, W.B.,  Nov. 27, 1817
Thomas FRASER, W.B. and Mary GRANT, E.B.,  April 2, 1818.
John IRVINE, W.B. and Mary CHISHOLM, E.R.,  April 9, 1818
John McARTHUR, W.B. and Mary KENNEDY, E.B.,  March 10, 1819
Alex McDONALD, E.B. and Isabella MacKENZIE, W.B,  Oct. 25, 1821
Alex GRANT, E.B. and Ann McLEAN (daughter of Charles McLEAN), Big Brook W. B.,  Dec. 18, 1821
Finlay MacMILLAN, E.B. and Isabella MacLEAN, Big Brook, daughter of Charles MacLean March 27, 1828
Hugh DUNBAR, W.B. and Catherine CAMPBELL, St. Paul's 1842
Duncan MacINTOSH, E.B. and Annie GRANT, W.B. December, 1833
Duncan MacDONALD, E.B. and Isabella MacDONALD, W.B. 1835
Alex FRASER, E.R. and Jessie MUNRO, W.B.
John McDONALD (Mohr) W.B. and Margaret MacMILLAN, E.B. Dec. 14, 1824
James MacDONALD, "Kerrogare" and Janet FRASER, W.B. 1844
Rev. Wm. MacMILLAN, E.B. and Jane CAMERON, W.B., daughter of Alex Cameron at West Branch Lake. 
(Rev. Wm. MacMillan was a son of Finlay MacMillan and Isabella McLean of Big Brook, and  therefore a second generation which came to West Branch for a wife.)
Alex MacDONALD of Big Brook, married Mary DUFF of Churchville.
Murdock MacLEAN, W.B., married Jane McKAY of E.R
Samuel CAMERON, E.B., married Margaret MURRAY, Middle River.
Wm. FRASER, E.B., married Margaret McARTHUR, Wilkin's Grant, Middle River.
William MacDONALD, E.B., to Ann MASHALL, Middle River.
John McLEAN, Irish Mountain, to Ann McARTHUR, Glengarry

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