84th Regiment and Other Land Grantees, Pictou County, NS
List of Grantees of the 84th
Regiment on East Branch & Others on West Branch, ER

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  From the book "History of the County of Pictou",
Rev. George Patterson, D.D.
Written in 1877

On the East Side of the River
Donald Cameron 150 With his brothers, Finlay and Samuel, afterward mentioned,were natives of the parish of Urquhart. Served 8 years and 4 months. His son, Duncan, long the elder, was a drummer boy in the regiment, having served two years, and being fiftenn years if age at his discharge.
Alexander Cameron 100  
Robert Clark 100  
Finlay Cameron 400 Enlisted in Canada with the view of joining his friends in Nova Scotia. Returned thither to bring his family at the peace. Was drowned shortly after his arrival, along with John Chisholm at the Narrows. 
Samuel Cameron, jr.  100  
James Fraser (Big) 350 A native of Strathglass. Settled where his grandson Donald, lives, a little below St. Pauls. 
Peter Grant   The first elder in this settlement.
James McDonald   Long the Elder; said to have been the strongest man in his regiment. Removed to the London district of Ontario. Hon. James McDonald his grandson. 
Hugh McDonald 100  
On the West Side of the River
James Fraser, 2nd 100 Usually known as Culloden; farthest-up settler on that side. His descendants there still. Rev. James W. Fraser descended from him. 
Duncan McDonald 100  
John McDonald 250 Brother of James.
Samuel Cameron 300 Brother of Donald and Finlay, already mentioned.
John Chisholm, Sen. 300 A Roman Catholic from Strathglass; drowned with F. Cameron, as mentioned; father of Mrs. John McKenzie, Sen., West River
John Chisholm, Jun. 200 Son of the last.
John McDonald, 2nd. 250  
List of Grantees at West Branch and Other Places on the East River, 18th December, 1797
William Fraser 350 acres From Inverness, land situated at Big Brook, now owned by his grandchildren.
John McKay 300  
John Robertson 450 At Churchville.
Wm. Robertson 200 Son of the last, also near Churchville.
John Fraser 300 From Inverness, Springville, now occupied by Holmes and others.
Thos. Fraser 200 From Inverness. An elder and noted for piety. His lot was at the head of the West Branch.
Thos. McKenzie 100 Settled near Fish Pools.
David McLean 500 A seargent in the army, or as some say, a petty officer in the navy. Was captured by the Spaniards, and afterward exchanged as a prisoner. He was a better scholar than usually found among the settlers, was a surveyor, a magistrate,an elder in the church, and a leading man in this section of the county.
Alex. Cameron 300  
Hector McLean 400 From Inverness. Land still occupied by his descendants.
John Forbes 400 From Inverness. Land on East River Branch.
Alex. McLean 500 Brother of Hector. Land opposite Stellarton, part of it is still occupied by his descendants.
Thos. Fraser, jr. 100  
Jas. McLellan 500 From Inverness. Land above the Fish Pools, on the opposite of the river, occupied by his descendants.
Donald Chisholm 350 From Strathglass, originally a Catholic, but became a Presbyterian. St. Columbas Church built on part of his farm..
Robt. Dunbar 450 Three brothers from Inverness. All we believe in the 
Alex. Dunbar 200 84th. Their land still occupied by their
Wm. Dunbar 300 descendants.
James Cameron 300 Of the 84th. Land still occupied by his descendants.
John McDougall 250 In the registrar's book,"J.M. Douglass."
John Chisholm 300  
Donald Chisholm, jr. 400 From Inverness. Land occupied by his grandsons.
Robert Clark 150 Of the 84th, but moved away. Land now occupied by Mr. Thomas Fraser. 
Donald Shaw 300 From Inverness. Land occupied by his grandsons.
Alexander McIntosh 500 From Inverness. His land now partly occupied by Hopewell Village. 
John McLellan 100 From Inverness. Land occupied by D.H. McLean and James Fraser.
The most of those marked as from Inverness were from the parish of Urquhart, in that county, and served in the 84th. In the record of the grant, dated 1st April, 1793, there are the additional names of Colin Robinson, William Robinson, William McKenzie, William Robertson, heirs of John Forbes, Hugh Dunoon, and Thomas Fraser, but Hector McLean's is omitted.

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