Ebenezer Cemetery, Mount Thom, Pictou County, Nova Scotia
Ebenezer Cemetery,
Mount Thom

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Transcribed by Skip Mason, NS, 1999
This small graveyard in Pictou County, Nova Scotia appears to be a private site since it is untended and is a portion of a hay field. 
The site  is on Route 104 just past Saltsprings going west at the foot of Mount Thom. There are only nine headstones in the graveyard. Note that the table rows do not correspond to a separate gravestone.

There was an Ebenezer Church associated with this cemetery. The church was started in 1845 (Free Church) by 20 families. It was located next to the remaining cemetery and was demolished in 1976 as covered in the " Evening News of 25 Sept. 1976 "
- Courtesy Jack Isnor

Daniel Maxwell 
Died Dec 13  1879   Aged 19 yrs
Jessie wife of John Maxwell  (son) 
Died Aug 21 1878
Aged 57 yrs
Jane Maxwell 
Died Feb 29  1884 
Aged 20 yrs  11 months
Duncan Maxwell 
A native of Loch Broom Scotland
Born on the 20th of July A.D. 1810 
Emigrated to Nova Scotia in A.D. 1838
Departed this life on 20 of April  1869
Margaret  wife of John Williams 
Died Feb 14 1881  Aged 34 yrs
Daughter Margaret 
Died  Nov 9  1880  Aged  3 months
John S. Peacock 
Died in Houlton  Maine  June 2 1889  Age 35 years
His wife 
Isa B. Maxwell 
Died Sept 17  1897  Age 52 yrs
William Dunbar Maxwell
Native of Durnfries Shire Scotland 
who died Oct 6  1852  Age 63 yrs
Jane McCallum
A Native of Argyle  Scotland
Died ? 2  1851  Age 62 yrs
Nancy Fraser 
wife of Duncan Maxwell
Died Dec 16 1890  age 76 yrs
David R. Proudfoot 
Died June 19  1903  Age 61
Mary Ann 
Died  Mar 29  1887   Aged 9 years and 5 months
Orville A. 
Died  Mar 23  1887   Aged 6 yrear and 9 months
Children of David and Grace Proudfoot
Orville F. 
Died Feb 20  1890  Age 4 yrs
James Proudfoot 
Died  Oct 5  1860
Jane Proudfoot 
Died  Feb 26  1817  Age 19 yrs
Daughter of James and Vara Proudfoot
Thomas Proudfoot 
Died  May 9  1877  Age 42 yrs
Mary Reid 
Died  Aug 18  1881   Age 80 yrs

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