MacGregor (Founder's) Cemetery, New Glasgow, Pictou County, Nova Scotia
Founders' Cemetery
(also called MacGregor Cemetery)

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Inscriptions  found on the stones in the Founders' Cemetery (also called MacGregor Cemetery)
in New Glasgow, Pictou County, Nova Scotia
Transcription courtesy of Victoria Fraser, October, 2000

..." the Founders Cemetery in New Glasgow, N.S., situated on a slight rise of land on the
east side of the East River at the head of the tide, (is) a beautiful site looking south up the river.

...   a good number of the men buried there fought that Canada might remain British, before
they attacked the forests to hew out homes for themselves and families."

       Mary E. Williams in a letter to the Editor of the News & Lance    May 15, 1958

1. Donald Fraser, Deacon
      who departed this life
       2nd day of April, 1825 aged 67,
       an old and respectable inhabitant

2. Alex'r McKay
        son of Angus McKay
        He was struck down in the full vigour of health and hope,
        by the blow of a horse;  and after lingering Five days in
        great agony, he died, we trust a Christian, 24th November 1849,
        aged 19 years and 7 months.

3. Christiana Grant
        wife of Roderick McKay
        who departed this life Jan. 30th, 1818
        Aged 63 years and 9 months
        a sincere christian.

4. Roderick McKay, Stellarton
        Died Nov. 22, 1829   Aged 83 yrs.

James McKay
         died March 4, 1825 aged 30 years
         Also his wife Hannah McKenzie
         Sept. 11th, 1870  aged 69 years

Their sons  Capt. John George
         died July 1840  aged 21 years
Capt. Roderick Patterson
         died Aug. 29, 1855  aged 34 years

5. In memory of Janet Auld
          of Whitburn Scotland  the beloved wife
          first of Rev. Peter Gordon of P.E. Island,
          afterward of Rev. James McGregor D.D. of this place.
          The guide of her youth she trusted until she peacefully
          slept in Jesus on the 10th day of July 1851,  aged 76 years.

6. Here lies the remains of Sarah McKay
           Daughter of William McKay  Esquire    consort of
           John McKay    Son of Alexander McKay
           She departed this life  20th  Novr  1812  age 37 yrs.
              (stone is broken, hard to read)

7. Here lies the body of Colin McKay
who departed this life in
Jan. 30th 1804  in the 74th
year of his age.
And his son
1772  - Colin -  1850
Both arrived Pictou  1773
on first trip of Brig. Hector.

8. In memory of Donald McKay
who departed this life
May 23rd, 1826  aged 76 years.

9. In memory of Christy Grant  wife of
Donald McKenzie who de-
             parted this life  the 27th Aug-
ust  1857  Aged 30 years.

10. In memory of  Murdoch  McKennie son
who departed this life the 1st day
of July  1850  in the 64th year
of his age.
His wife Barbara McKenzie
who departed this life the 1st
day of July 1850  in the 61st
year of her age.

11. Janet McPherson
Spouse to
James Chisholm
who departed this life
24th day of March 1809  (?)
Aged 51 years.

Also in memory of
James Chisholm
her husband who departed
 this life  May 19th, 1815   Aged .......
years.  An old and respected inhabitant.

12. Angus Chisholm
May 9th, 1829
Aged 41 years.
And his wife Margaret
May 16th  1871
Aged 84 years.

Also their daughter
Margaret  died March  the 18th  1840
Aged 11 years.

13. Here lie the remains of
daughter to John Forbes
Spouse to John Rankin of Merigomish
who departed this life
April 18th  1814  aged 22 years.

14. Here lies the body of
Margret  Fraser
Wife to
Alexander Mclean who
Died  .....................   Aged 50
........................... and
Alexander McLean
her husband who de-
parted this life  July the 2nd
1831  aged 84 years.

15. Here lieth inter'd the
Body of Margaret
daughter of Alexr & Ann Copland
who Departed this
life 23d of July 1793
Aged 2 years & 5 months.

16. This stone is erected in memory of
Donald  Campbell of  F  G
 who departed this life  August 24th  1809
Aged 52 years.

17.  In memory of Donald Fraser
died  May 31, 1839  age 33.

18. In memory
Margaret Douglas
Spouse of
Peter Fraser
Native of the Prish of Kilmorack, North Britain.
She departed this life on the 20th
Jan. 1830  aged 70.

19. In memory
Peter Fraser
A native of the Parish of
Kilmorack,  North Britain
Died  11th  February  1831
Aged  70 years.

20. H.  Fraser     S. McPherson
In memory of
Sophia McPherson
spouse to Hugh Fraser
East River  who departed
this life the 8th day of Oct.1800
aged 57 years.
And  Hugh Fraser sen. of the East River of Pictou
a Native of the Parish of
Kiltarlity   Inverness  shire
 N. B.  who departed this life
the 25th  July  1826  aged 85 years
he came to Pictou Sept.  1773 
settled on the East River   May 1774.

21. In memory of Katharine
daughter to Alxr Fraser sen.  middle River
and spouseto John Fraser  Esq.
McLelan's Brook
 whodeparted this life  Feb.10th  1823  aged 57  years.

22. In memory of Jannet
daughter to Walter Murray   Merigomish
and spouse to John Fraser
Esq.  McLelan's Brook
who departed this life
Feb. 7th  1792  aged 17 

23. In memory
John Fraser  Esq.
McLennan's Brook
July  31st  1850
aged  84 years.

24. In memory of George R.
son of James & Elizabeth MacGregor
who died  Aug. 27th  1860
Aged  18 years
All who knew him  loved & respected him
Some there were who sorrowed that they should
see his face no more
He died in the faith of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

25. In memory of
The Rev. James MacGregor  D.D.
First Minister of Pictou County
Whose praise is in the Gospel
Throughout all the churches
Born at Comrie  Perthshire  Scotland
December  1759
Ordained at Galsgow  31st  May  1786
Arrived at Pictou  July  1786
Died at East River  3rd  March  1830

In memory of
Janet Auld
of Whitburn, Scotland
The beloved wife
First of
Rev . Peter Gordon
of P.E. Island
Afterwards of
Rev. James MacGregor  D.D.
She peacefully slept in Jesus
on the 10th July  1851
Aged  76 years.

In memory of
Ann,  daughter to
Roderick MacKay   and spouse to
James MacGregor
First  Minister of Pictou
Died  6th  Nov. 1810
Bu Bhean Phosda Tlath i
Bu  Mhathair Bha Caoin
Bha Creidimh Le Gradh Aic'
Us Gnath Nach Robh Faoin

A tombstone was first erected
by a number of those who cherished
a grateful remembrance of his
apostolic zeal and labours of love
And was renewed in 1864 
this monument was erected
by his descendants in 1903.

I  Cor.  XV - 10

26. Sacred to the memory of William McKay 1st
A native of the Parish of Kilmorack  N.B.
he emigrated to Pictou in 1773  and was Among
the first settlers in this districk
He for many Years discharged the duties of
magistrate and Died respected for his
firmness and integrity    aged 96 years.
Also to his wife Janet who departed this life
on the 28th Feb  1814  aged 78 years.
This memorial was erected by their son
Alexander McKay.

27. Beside this stone lies here entombed, waiting
the rsur-rection of the dead, the body of
Ann McGregor  wife of James McGregor  who died 
July 31  1838  aged 29 years.
Also the bodies of her three children ..........
James McGregor  who died  May 25th  1836  aged 8
years  Christiana McGregor who died Sep-tember  17th
1831  aged 10 months   and Sarah McGregor who died Octo-
ber  24th  1837  aged on year and one month.

28. In memory of Mary Robertson
spouse of George Fraser
who deprted this life
the 15th of October  1849  aged 36 years.

29. Sacred to the memory of
George Fraser
who departed this life the 22nd Novr  1851
aged  44 years.

30. In memory of Mary wife of James M'Intosh
born in the year of our Lord  1784  and departed
this life  Novr  21st  1809  aged 25 years.

31. In memory of Janet Horn  adopted by William Forbes
died  Aug  7th  1861  aged 55 years.
Sacred to the memory of William Forbes  a native
of Inverness-shire  Scotland;  died  May 21st  1854
aged 82 y'rs.  Also Mary McLauchlan,  wife of
William Forbes, died Sep. 15th  1841  aged 70 y'rs.

32. In memory of Marran Fraser  spouse to James Logan Mason
West River of Pictou  and daughter of John Fraser Esq.  McL.
Brook  who departed this life  24th  January  1828  aged 34
and one month.

33. Isabella Carmichael  spouse of Alexander Fraser
born at Fishers Grant  29 April  1785
died at New Glasgow  29 Sept.  1864

34. In memory of Alexander Fraser   Hugh's son
who departed this life the 5th day Oct'r  1829
aged 55 years and 5 months  Being the first
manchild born of European parents on the East
River of Pictou.

35. In memory of Margaret Fraser
a native of Inverness  shire  N.B.
Emigrated  to America  in 1804
who departed this life  Mar. the 26th  1831
aged 83 years.
Also their daughter Margaret McDonald  spouse to
Donald McDonald  a native of Inverness N.B.
Emigrated to America in 1832  who departed this life
5th Oct.  1834  aged 56 years.

36. In memory of Jane wife of John McLeland
who departed this life on 22nd of Jan. 1829
aged 83 years.  And also of John McLeland her husband
who departed this life on the 1st day of Sept.  1829
aged 94 years.  This Stone was erected by their son
Donald McLeland  out of filial respect.

37. In memory of Jessie McLean  who departed
this life  June 22nd  1865  in the 39 year of her age.
She lived respected and died .......................

38. Ann  -  spouse of Hugh McLean  who departed
this life  March 28th  1860  aged 39 years.
Hugh McLean  died  Dec. 10th  1859  aged  46
Mary Isabel McLean  died  Jan. 15th  1860  aged 12 years
David McLean  died April 5th  1860  aged 3 years.

39. Hugh McLean  died  15th  May  1850  aged 55
Also Mrs. Hugh McLean  his wife  died 24th day of
September  1867    aged  76  years.

40. David McLean  son of Alex McLean
died  27 Nov.  1834  aged 23 years.

41. John Robertson  died  June 19th  1818
aged  93 years.
wife Margaret MacKay  died Jan. 18, 1823
age  95  years.

42. Mary Robertson  daughter of James Robertson
died March 26, 1809  age 11 years.

43. Margaret Fraser  died  18th  Dec.  1792  aged
44 years
Thomas Fraser Senior  her husband  died  Jan.
1813  aged 61 yrs.

44. John Fraser  died  July 19,  1845  aged 41
Also his spouse  Jannet Grant  died  Dec.  23rd
1868  age  62 (?)

45. Donald Fraser  elder  died  July 21st  1821
aged  53  yrs & 8 mos.
His wife  Margaret Fraser  1776 - 1854

 46. Sophia Mckinzie  spouse to Roderick
Mckinzie of Cariboo
Daughter to John Fraser  Elder  F.G.  who died
Feby  26  1809
age  21 years.

47. Donald Fraser of McLellan's Brook, Elder
in James' Church
died  March 9th, 1849  aged 77 yrs.
His wife  Margaret Fraser  died  Aug.
12th  1862  aged 85 years
Edwin M. Fraser  died  Feb. 18th  1865  aged 63
Donald Fraser  died  Jan. 2, 1803  aged 13 yrs &
9 months
Sons of Donald & Margaret

48. James Carmichael
son of Isaac & Hannah Matheson
died Sept. 19th  1853 aged 3 months & 9 days

49. John Cameron died Jan. 9th 1841
aged 60 years 
His wife Ann McKenzie
died July 9th 1862 aged 78 years

 50. Donald Cameron
died Sept. 30th 1837 age 24 years. 

51. Margaret Sophia 
daughter of James & Christian Carmichael 
died 6th Nov. 1829 aged 3 yrs & 8 mos. 

52. James Carmichael
born at Fisher's Grant 29th Jan'y 1788 
died at New Glasgow 1st June 1860 aged 72 years. 

53. Christian wife of James Carmichael Esq. 
died 14th May 1856 aged 66 years. 

54. James Carmichael Senior 
died 16th March 1836 aged 82 years. 
Native of Scotland parish of Morit(?) shire of Banff 
Emigrated to America 1778 and settled in Pictou 1785. 
His spouse Ann Carmichael died 3rd Sept. 1830 age 82 yrs 
native of Morayshire Scotland She lived a pious and
Christian life and departed in perfect peace. 

William Carmichael son of James Carmichael 
died Jan'y 31st 1814 aged 22

55. Isabella daughter of James & Christian Carmichael
died Dec. 9th 1816 aged 3 months 

Jane McKay Carmichael
died Nov. 7th 1821 aged 2 months 

56. Margaret Fraser spouse of Simon Fraser
died Feb 18th 1825 aged 38 years. 

57. Simon Fraser 
native of Stratcharick Inverness-shire N.B. 
Emigrated to America 1803 
died May 29th 1821 age 50 years.

58. Alexander Duff 
a native of Perth Shire N.B. died Jan. 9 1838 age 66 years 
His spouse Isabella died Sept. 21st 1839 age 63 years 

59. Peter Duff 
son of Alexander 
died 25th Dec. 1840 age 36 years 

60. John infant son of Jonathan & Agnes Wier
died Sept. 5th 1853 age 16 months 
Also daughter Mary Ann died Aug. 20, 1856 age 2 yrs & 5 mos. 

61. Allan Wier 
born Dec. 1793 died Aug. 1880 
his wife Elizabeth Ferguson born 1784 died 1842 
Mathew Wier July 1826 - July 1843 
Anne Wier Oct. 11, 1835 - June 1851 

62. Jane Ann Walker
died June 13th 1837 aged 2 years 
Joseph William Walker
died 9th Oct. 1842 aged 18 months 
John Walker
died 9th Aug. 1866 age 71 years 
Also on the 15th Margaret Fraser relict of the
said John Walker aged 70 years. 

63. Elizabeth 
daughter of John & Margaret Walker
died July 22nd 1829 aged 10 years 5 months & 17 days 

64. John F. Walker
died at San Francisco 25th Nov. 1863 in his 37th year 

65. Donald McKinzie died
31st December 1851 age 65 years 

66. Jennet spouse of Donald McKenzie
died May 14, 1859 age 52 years 

67. Jennet (?) McKenzie
died Sept. 19, 1863 age 21 years 

68. John D. Dempster
died Oct. 2, 1849 age 54 years 
His wife Agness Cameron 

69. Wallace son of Donald & Martha Chisholm
died Dec. A.D. 1843 age 15 months 11 days 

70. S.F. Johnston Chisholm
born April 20th 1862 died Oct. 24, 1877 

71. William McDonald
Merchant Native of Urquhart Inverness Shire
Scotland died 7th August 1851 aged 76 years 
His spouse Ann McDonald
died 19th Febr'y 1848 age 57 years.

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