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Local Genealogy and History      
A Centennial History of Stellarton M. Stephen Kirincich 1990 Scotia Design Publications
A Few Remains of the Rev. James MacGregor, D.D. Rev. George Patterson 1859 Joseph M. Wilson
A History of Merigomish Lee Mawdsley 1972 No Publisher Stated
A Lion in Thistle: A History of St. James' Anglican Church, Pictou, N.S. St. James Cathedral Choir 1979 Advocate Printing & Publishing
About New Glasgow James M. Cameron 1962 No Publisher Stated
About Pictonians James M. Cameron 1979 Lancelot Press
A'gleann Boideach (Beautiful Valley; Bridgeville) Women's Institute of N.S. 1967 No Publisher Stated
Along the Shore of Little Harbour, Pictou County, N.S. Marie Cullen 1984 No Publisher Stated
Avondale and its People, Two Parts Hazel G. Cameron 1974 No Publisher Stated
The Stories of Caribou Olive Pastor & Others 1992 Self published
Celebrating Our Heritage: The History of Westville Westville Heritage Group 1986 Casket Printing & Publishing Co.
Coal in Our Blood Judith Hoegg Ryan 1992 Formac Publishing Co. Ltd.
East River Sketches, Historical and Biographical Robert Grant 1895 No Publisher Stated
East River Worthies Robert Grant 1895 No Publisher Stated
Enduring Trust First Presbyterian Church, New Glasgow James M. Cameron 1986 Casket 
Gairloch, Pictou County, Nova Scotia Hawkins, MacKenzie, MacQuarrie 1977 John R. MacQuarrie
Highlights of the Past About McLellan's Book Community Alexander MacPherson 1973 No Publisher Stated
History & Stories of Springville, Pictou County, N.S..  Frank W. Calder 1992 Lancelot Press
History of Churchville, Pictou County, N.S. 1784-1984 Churchville Women's Institute 1984 No Publisher Stated
History of the County of Pictou Rev. George Patterson 1877 Dawson Brothers
History of the First United Church, Trenton, N.S. (including Presbyterian & Methodist churches 1890-1967) Not Stated 1967 No Publisher Stated
History of Stellarton Aubrey Dorrington 1976 No Publisher Stated
History of The Knox Presbyterian Church, Blue Mountain, Pictou County, N.S. (compiled by) Archibald W. MacIntosh 1968 No Publisher Stated
History of St. Luke's Presbyterian Church, Salt Springs, Pictou County, N.S. Frederick Pauley 1970 No Publisher Stated
Industrial History of the New Glasgow District  James M. Cameron 1960 Hector Publishing Company
John Patterson, The Founder of Pictou Town Frank H. Patterson 1955 Truro Printing & Publishing
Lansdowne (Battery Hill, Wilkins Grant, Upper New Lairg) Sketches John R. MacQuarrie 1975  
Life and Adventures of Detective Peter Owen Carroll Peter Owen Carroll 1924 No Publisher Stated
Meadowville, Then and Now Margaret MacConnell 1987 No Publisher Stated
More About New Glasgow James M. Cameron 1974 Kentville Publishing Company
New Glasgow Cadet Annual, Vol.1, No. 1 Fraser, McColl & Douglas 1917 No Publisher Stated
One Hundredth Anniversary, 1851-1951, Christ Church, Stellarton, N.S. Not Stated 1951 No Publisher Stated
One Hundred Twenty-Fifth Anniversary, Christ Church, Stellarton, N.S. Not Stated 1976 No Publisher Stated
Out of the Past: Vignettes of Historical Significance in Pictou County  Roland H. Sherwood 1954 Advocate Press
Pictonians at Home and Abroad Rev. J. P. MacPhie 1914 Pinkham Press
Pictonians in Arms James M. Cameron 1969 Published by author
Pictou County's History James M. Cameron 1972 Pictou Co. Historical Society
Pictou Island Ruthy Munro 1984 No Publisher Stated
Pictou Parade Roland H. Sherwood 1945 Tribune Press
Pictou Pioneers: A Story of the First 100 Years in the History of the Pictou Town  Roland Sherwood 1973 No Publisher Stated
Political Pictonians James M. Cameron 1967 No Publisher Stated
River John: Its Pastors and People George L. Grodon 1911 No Publisher Stated
Rob Macnab: A Story of Old Pictou Frank Baird 1923 Royal Print & Litho
Scotland Farewell: The People of the Hector Donald MacKay 1980 McGraw-Hill Ryerson
Ships and Seamen of New Glasgow, N.S. James M. Cameron 1959 Hector Publishing Co.
Still More About Pictonians James M. Cameron 1985 Lancelot Press
The Aberdeen Hospital, New Glasgow, N.S.: A History 1895-1988 George R. Douglas 1988 No Publisher Stated
The Birthplace of New Scotland: An Illustrated History of Pictou County, Canada's Cradle of Industry  Judith Hoegg Ryan 1995 Formac Publishing Co.
The History of Hopewell, Nova Scotia Janet C. Bain 1979 No Publisher Stated
The History of St. Columba Church, Hopewell, N.S., 1829-1970. Not Stated 1970 No Publisher  Stated
The Merchant of Marshy Hope James MacKay Grant 1977 Lancelot Press
The Pictou Book George MacLaren 1954 The Hector Publishing Co.
The Pictou County Census, 1871 Arranged by James F. Smith 1979-
Hector Center Trust
The Pictou Plantation 1767 Henry R. Beer 1967 No Publisher Stated
The Pioneers and Churches: The Pioneers and Families of Big Brook and West Branch, East River Rev. D. K. Ross 1957 Hector Publishing Co.
The R.J.s (River John) Past and Present: History and Recipes Not Stated No 
No Publisher Stated
The Scotsburn Congregation, Pictou County, N.S.:Its History, Professional Men, etc. Rev. John Murray 1925 News Publishing Co.
The Story of St. Columba Church, Hopewell, N.S. D.B. Tupper & D.K. Ross 1945 No Publisher Stated
Thorburn, 1872-1972: A History of Thorburn From its Days as the Vale Colliery to the Present Day  Not Stated 1972 No Publisher Stated
Town of New Glasgow: 100 Years of Progress Centennial Committee 1975 No Publisher Stated
Tram Cars in East Pictou James M. Cameron 1973 Kentville Publishing Co.
Trenton, The First 100 Years Don Cosh 1978 Not Stated
Yesteryears in Pictou County James M. Cameron 1994 Pictou County Historical Society
100 Years of the Municipality of Pictou County, 
N.S. 1879-1979
James M. Cameron 1979 Advocate Printing & Publishing
150 Years in the Life of the First Presbyterian Church (1786-1936) New Glasgow, Nova Scotia  McDougall, Cameron 1939 Presbyterian Publications
Other Books of Interest      
Nova Scotia Place Names Thomas J. Brown 1922 No Publisher Stated
Nova Scotia's Part in the Great War  M. Stuart Hunt, ed. 1920 N.S. Veteran Publishing Co.
Nineteenth Century Pictou County Furniture  Hector Center Trust 1977 No Publisher Stated

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