Ayer Family



Hugh Moore Ayer was the first Ayer to settle in Kings County Nova Scotia. It is thought that he went to the United States before coming to Nova Scotia. On March 10 1827 Rev George E.W. Morris married Hugh Moore Ayer, widower, and Margaret Pettis,widow. On December 19 1855 Dr Ayer died at Harbourville Kings County and was buried in the Bluff Cometary just east of Harbourville on the Russia Road.(Dr Ayerís grave was a victim to erosion and no longer exists.) His widow died in Parrsboro on April 17 1873 at the age of 77. Hugh Moore Ayer had two sons : Cullen and Andrew.

In 1979 I had correspondence from Douglas Ayer, Delaware who stated:"In Harbourville I found the grave of Dr H.M. Ayer who died 19 Dec 1855 ,aged 71 years."He had also talked to Stewart Ayer. Douglas Ayer knew of a Hugh Moore Ayer in the States who appeared to be our Dr Ayer and could trace the lineage to 1600. The problem was proving the link. Neither of us was able to do this so that information is not included here.(2002)

Research into the origins of Dr Ayer is difficult. Cullen Ayer lived in Harbourville Kings County and Andrew Ayer on the Parrsboro Shore Cumberland County.The descendants of Andrew Ayer only seem to know that the first Ayer was a doctor from the United States. The descendants of Cullen Ayer knew Dr Ayerís name and added a twist to the puzzle. The story was handed down through the generations that Hugh Moore Ayer was born Horace MacKinnon in Glasgow Scotland and that he changed his name to Ayer when he left for North America. The story goes that he was fond of drink and this may have caused family differences. Marguerite Ayer told me this and I have no reason to doubt her sincerely although I have been unable to prove itís authenticity. Mrs Ayer said that after a couple of generations a minister told them about the name change. Nevertheless the family decided to keep the name Ayer. There was once a Dr MacKinnon in Berwick ,Kings County who explained to Fred Ayer that they were second cousins. With all due respect to Marguerite Ayer (widow of Fred Ayer) I have to say that anything else she told me proved factual so I have to put some credence in this statement. The census for Parrsboro for 1836 list a Hugh Moore Ayer as a farmer. Kings County census for 1851 list a Doct Hugh Moore Ayer. Undeniably he had a flare for names.

In the last fall of 1979 Marguerite Ayer placed a monument for Dr Ayer in the Burlington Cemetery. The inscription reads: Ayer

Dr Horace MacKinnon

Born in Glasgow Scotland


Hugh Moore Ayer was born about 1784 ( it is believed that birth place was Glasgow Scotland) and died in Harbourville Kings County Nova Scotia on December 19 1855. On March 10 1827 he married Margaret Pettis, a widow and he was listed on the wedding certificate as a widower. Margaret Pettis was born Margaret Jane Willigar at Dilgent River Cumberland County in 1793. Her father ,Michael Nicholas Willigar was born in 1730 at Glauberg,Stolerg-Gedern, Hessen-Nassau,Germany. Her mother was born Margaret Jane Forrest at Diligent River in 1765. Her grandparents were:Johann Conrad Volcker who was born in Germany in 1708 and married to Johanna Marie. Apparently somewhere along the way Volcker became Willigar. Margaretís motherís parents were:David and Roseanna ,born in United Kingdom. She had two brothers: John born 1788 and died March 23 1874 and Peter born 1801 and died May 17 1873. Prior to her Marriage to Dr Ayer Margaret was married to William Pettis who was born at Diligent River 1789. William Pettis was born at Black Rock Cumberland County in 1816 and Mary Ann Pettis was born there April 8 1823. Sons of Dr Ayer and Margaret are Andrew and Cullen.

Submitter note:I believe the headstone inscription was :"Dr. H.M. Ayer, died 19 December 1855 ,age 71 years". Also in the cemetery were stones for: Abigail ,wife of Joseph C. Ayer,died 12 May 1863,age 24 years;Mary Jane daugther ofDavid P. and Alice Chute,died 2 Apriol 1851,age 1 year,8 months,4 days. I believe Alice,the wife of David Chute was a daugther of Joseph Spicer. There is a headstone in the Burlington cemetery for Dr. Ayer but it was placed there a few years ago by Maurguerite Ayer,widow of Fred Ayer who was a grandson of Dr Ayer. Mr Ayer told me that only a few people were buried in the Bear Brook cemetery because it was to difficult to excavate. The bank gave away to erosion and eventually Dr Ayers grave was gone and that children had pushed the headstone over the bluff.


Cullen Ayer was born in 1837 and died on March 9 1894. He was married three times. Abilgail Spicer was his first wife. Abilgail was born in 1839 and died May 12 1863. On October 23 1868 Cullen married Harriet Durland at Cornwallis. The marriage certificate states that: Cullen was 28 years old ,widowed and a carpenter. It gives his birthplace as Parrsboro and his place of residence as Cornwallis. Cullenís parents are listed as Hugh M. Ayer and Margaret Ayer. Harriet Durland was 22 years old ,listed as a spinster and residing at Wilmot. The brideís parents are listed on the certificate as : Alexander and Ammaret Durland. The witnesses were: William Parker and Stewart Parker. The clergyman was James Parker of the Baptist church. Harriet died September 21 1886. Culleníd third marriage was to Kate Sweany who was born in 1849and died March 20 1920. Cullenís children were:Margaret Alice Ayer born November 9 1862 and died December 8 1858,Willaim H.born August 11 1869 and died July 15 1898,James A. born November 17 1871 and died September 1 1892; Fred Otis born 1874 and died October 17 1944 and Loretta May born September 27 1877 and died 1895.


Margaret Alice Ayer was born November 9 1862,died December 8 1858. She was a daughter of Cullen Ayer and Abigail Spicer. She married Arthur Ray. Arthur Thomas Ray was a building contractor. After the birth of their first child they moved to Malden Mass. Their children were:Eva Ray who died in 1972 in Manchester, Flora Ray died young, Nettie Ray and Nelson Ray . Nelson Ray worked on a railroad. He was killed in car accident .He and his wife had only one son Arthur Ray.Margaret Ayer Ray is buried in Malden Mass. William H. was born 1869


Fred Otis Ayer was born on May 9 1874 and was the son of Cullen and Harriet Ayer.In his early years he went to sea and for a time worked with his father in the ship building industry. On November 18 1930 Fred Ayer married Marguerite Fisher. The marriage was solemnized by Rev. John Hockin. They had one daughter who married Hubert Kelly and after his death in 1980 she married Harold Moody. For several years the Ayerís operated a store and post office in Harbourville,Kings County. On October 17 1944 Fred Ayer died and was buried in the Burlington Cemetery.


Marguerite Ayer was a daughter of Henry and Caroline (Franklin) Fisher and was born in Somerset Kings County. Marguerite had two brothers Vernon and Harold. She died in Grand View Manor Berwick on October 25 1993 in her 88th year. Marguerite is buried in the Burlington Cemetery. She was the widow of Fred Ayer and had one daughter Joyce. She attended Mackís Business College Kentville graduating in 1945. For 18 years she was the post mistress in Harbourville retiring in 1947 and co-owned F.O. Ayer General Store Harbourville until 1954. Marguerite had a keen interest in genealogy.


Andrew Ayer was a son of Hugh Moore Ayer (1784-1855) and Margaret Willigar Pettis (1796-1873). He was born in 1828 and married Amelia Spicer ( April 2, 1850) a daughter of Joseph and Alice (Crossman) Spicer. Andrew died June 10 1886.Children of Andrew and Amelia are: Joseph Henry born February 29 ,1852-died April 12 1928;Andrew Harding born June 11 1852 -died March 19 1921;Emma Amelia born February 11 ,1854-died 1902;James E.. born April 6,1857-died 1939,Eudevilla born November 11 ,1862-died 1909;Jonathan born 1859-died about1965 at Wallace; Hugh Moore (Pete ) born July 19 1863,died 1951;Annar born 1864;Russell Hopewell born February 28 1866; Thomas Edwin born February 16 1867;Robert H. born June 1870,William Weldon born March 17 1872, Mary Etta born September 25 1874; and Roseanna Blanche born October 21 1875 - died May 23 1915. Andrew predeceased his wife and she later married Joe Wood. Andrew was a shipís carpenter.

In the deeds office in Kentville Kings County can be found a deed conveying land from Andrew Ayer to Charles Eaton . Reference : Book 24 Page380 and Book 14 page 487 records the same land being conveyed from Samuel Chute to Andrew Ayer. Mr Chute sold the land to Andrew Ayer for 10 shillings plus a mortgage and Charles Eaton purchased it for 32 pounds 15 shillings.


Amelia Spicer who married Andrew Ayer on April 2 1850 was the daughter of Joseph and Alice ( Crossman) Spicer. She was born in 1828. Joseph Spicer was a son of Lieutenant Robert Spicer born 1748 in England ,died Advocate January 19 1810 and Lady Priscilla Chomondelay born Wales 1745 and died at Advocate March 20 1820.As the story goes the young Robert Spicer was a coachman for the Chomondelay family, he fell in love with Priscilla and when the Chomondelayís disapproved of a marriage the young couple eloped. Robert the 2nd Spicer was two years old when his parents left England. When the Spicerís arrived in Halifax they had two children. Robert and his wife rode on horseback to Windsor while two black slaves carried the children. From Windsor they sailed to their land grant at Spencerís Island near Advocate. Years later the Chomondelay family relented from their original disapproval and one of Priscillaís brothers sailed to North America with a dowery of furniture and gold .Ameliaís motherís family the Crossmans came from the colonies. It is believed that she was the daughter of Samuel and Alice Crossman of Falmouth.

Robert and Priscilla Spicerís family were: Robert, Priscilla ,James, John, Joseph and Jane.

Ameliaís siblings were: William C. Spicer born January 14 1819 ,died September 13 1912,married Susan Jane Ayer ;Abigail Spicer born July 27 1824,died December 22 1894, married William Greenough ,born December 31 1818,died May 8 1897 ;John Spicer ,born 1825 ,died November 30 1901 ; Rebecca Spicer ,born October 20 1827 , died June 9 1907, married James Parsons born 1815 ,died November 13 1877 ; Alice Spicer ,born July 14 1828 ,died January 22 1907 ,married David Pryor Chute , born 1820, died April 4 1896 ; Ellen Spicer married John Hatfield ; Joseph Spicer ,born May 1 1829 ,died 1921, married Amie Augusta Lank, born 1839,died 1889 ; Robert Spicer ,born 1836,married Mary Jane Davis , born 1831 ; Samuel Spicer, born 1838 , married Theresa Ryer,born 1846 ; Hannah Spicer ; James S. Spicer , born December 16 1845 ,died 1926 , married Ellen Perry ,born June 29 1846 ,died 1928 ; Prudence Spicer ,July 21 1846 ,died September 19 1907 ,married John Robertson ,born 1841 andAmanda Spicer.


Joseph was the son of Andrew and Amelia (Spicer) Ayer was born at Port Grevilleon February 29 1852 and died April 12 1928 . On September 2 1873 he married Elizabeth B. Parsons who was born at Douglastown, Chatham Parish NB on January 1 1849 and died at Port Greville NS on December 2 1929. Their family is as follows: Clementine Parsons, born Port Greville 1864,married Kelsey Francis ( born 1852 at Burlington Kings County) on December 20 1882 ; Quinton Ayer born Port Greville on March 24 1869 ,died May 5 1939 Calais Me.,married Mabel Cogswell born September 19 1872 ,died October 1958,Andrew Emmerson Ayer ,born December 16 1874; Andrew E. Ayer born January 1875,died at Port Greville on August 27 1875 ,age eight months of whooping cough ( Reference NS Archives-Reel # 348 ,page 116 #173);Warren William Ayer ,born at Parrsboro on October 7 1876, died May 2 1945,married(1) on June 29 1899 Hannah L. Weldon ,born 1878 at Stillwater Hants County NS ,married (2) on May 11 1908 Thersa Blenkhorn born October 7 1890 at Arlington Kings County NS, died February 25 1977 at Sackville NB ; Richard Wilson Ayer ,born March 12 1879 at Port Greville, died October 2 1944, married on July 3 1905 Ada Ethel Blenkhorn ,born at Port Greville on July 14 1884,died September 22 1960 ; Stewart Ayer ,born at Wards Brook on June 4 1883,died at Parrsboro on April 22 1974,married on January 9 1913 Lottie Bell Welch ,born Wards Brook on December 17 1892, died July 27 1973 and Bessie Howard Ayer ,born Wards Brook March 28 1886,died March 13 1971 at Plaster Rock NB ,married June 1904 Clifford H. Spicer ,born Spencerís Island August 4 1884,died 1969.


Quinton Ayer, son of Joseph Henry Ayer and Elizabeth Bacon Parsons was born on March 26 1869 at Wards Brook, Nova Scotia. ( Reference: Cumberland County Birth Records.) Died at Calais Maine May 5 1939. In February 1896 he married Mabel Lucretia Cogswell who was born September 19 1872 in St. Andrewís ,New Brunswick, and died in Calais Maine, October 1958. All the five children of this marriage were born in Calais at 42 Church Street: Verna Victoria Ayer born May 24 1898,died August 24 1981 at St. Stephens NB, married Richard McClellan who died in 1951;Vera Evelyn Ayer born June 28 1899,died November 9 1992 in Austin Texas, married (1) Raymond William Slocomb June 12 ,1923 in Everett, Massachusetts, who died 1927 in Los Angeles,Californa, ( one son Raymond William Slocomb ,born Boston Mass, June 25 1925, died January 5 1945- WW 11 ,paratrooper, Battle of the Bulge),married (2) James Francis Bond( b. May 17 1877 at Philadelphia,Pa.)(d. December 11 1938 in Los Angeles) on August 26 1928 ; Glendon Richard Ayer born August 19 1902,died in Calais August 10 1996,married Olive Barnard March 16 1921,she died in Calais in January 1976;Brenton Stephen born November 12 1908,died February 24 2000 in Middleboro, Mass., married Ann Roberts born November 27 ,1908, died April 1992 at Middleboro,Mass., Byron Ira born September 23 1913 died September 1976 in Denver Colo., married Quirena ,born April 21 1915 in Italy (married in Italy) and Percy D. born February 25 ,1897 and died February 26 , 1897.


Glendon Richard Ayer was the son of Quinton and Mabel ( Cogswell) Ayer and was born at 42 Church Street Calais Maine on August 19 1902,died Calais Maine August 10 1996 On March 16 1921 he married Olive Barnard (born November 7 1905)(died January 1976) at her parents home on Chapel Street in Milltown Maine. Rev. S.H. Clarke of the Reformed Baptist Church performed the ceremony. Best man was Donald E. Claridge of Calais. At the time of their 50th wedding anniversary they had been living at 145 South Street ,Calais for 46 years. Their children were: Irma who married Ross Shelton (died after 1976) and a son Warren Bond. During his working life Glendon had several vocations :self employed in radio and television, postmaster in Milltown for seven years ,State Highway Planning Survey, Deputy Sheriff, security officer at the Georgia-Pacific Mill and a Fuller Brush salesman. Glendon lived a very active Masonic life having attained the 32nd degree and the Cross of Honor the highest honor to be conferred on a Master Mason.He was very active in Masonic and DeMolay work: he was a past Grand Senior Warden of the Grand lodge of Maine; charter member of the Maine Council of high Priesthood;Royal Arch Mariner ,Saint John NB; all of the Scottish Rite bodies of Bangor; Maine Consistory 32nd degree of Portland; Anah Temple Shrine A.A.O.N.M.S. of Bangor and others. Both Glendon and Olive were active in the Eastern Star. He was a Past Worthy Patron and she a Past Worthy Matron. From 1954-55 Olive served as Deputy District Grand Matron .


Warren Ayer son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Parsons) Ayer was born on October 7 1876 and died May 2 1945. His first marriage was on June 29 1899 to Hannah Weldon, born 1878 at Stillwater, Hants County, NS. Warrenís second marriage was on May 11 1908 to Thersa Blenkhorn, born on October 7 1890 at Arlington Kings County ,NS and died at Sackville NB February 25 1977. She was the daughter of Captain Jacob Noble Blenkhorn ,born at Peraux Kings County on April 14 1850 and died March 18 1944. Thersa Blenkhornís mother was Susan Emilne Brewster ,born May 31 1850 and died 1904.Jacob Blenkhornís parents were : David Blenhorn , born 1803 at Halls Harbour Kings County NS , died April 8 1860 and Ester Hazel ,born 1804 and died August 8 1890 . Ester Hazelís parents were John Hazel born before 1754 and Priscilla Spicer born 1777. Priscilla Spicersís parents were Robert Spicer ,born in England 1748 ,died at Advocate January 19 1810 and Priscilla Chomondelay ,born Wales 1745 ,died Advocate March 20 1820.Thersa Blenkhornís siblings were: Carrie, born 1875 , died 1960,married William Cahoon (1871-1948);Josephine "Josie",born March 27 1877,married on August 20 1902 Harvey Silas Lockhart, born at Blue Mountain Kings County NS 1872 ;Edna born 1880 , died at Canning Kings County NS November 28 1992,married on November 12 1906 Frank Kervin ,born at Arlington Kings County NS on November 10 1878, died 1962 (children- Alice ,Joseph ,Robert ,Howard and Nellie);Marjorie ,married Harold Parker (children-Leona Parker);Ada Ethel ,born July 14 1884 at Port Greville, died September 22 1960,on July 3 1905 married Richard Wilson Ayer;Ellsworth , born February 5 1888;Elliot and Bertha H. born 1892. Children of Warren and Thersa Ayer were: Pearl , born January 6 1928 ,married Myrell Triff ,born October 31 1924 ,died February 1999 ( children- James Noble ,born September 21 1954 , Dorothy Nora ,born October 25 1959 ; David John , born September 21 1961); Leslie ,born July 27 1924 ,married Edith MacLeod in 1952,born about August 1928 (children- Sherry ,born 1953 ,Nadine , born about 1956 ,Jean born about 1959 ,Perry , born January 7 1967 and Trudy , born about 1960);Frieda Waunita , born June 22 1922,died March 13 1984 ,married M. Edmund Waterlot ,died about 1986 ( children-Virginia Gail B. ,born January 19 1946,died December 2002 and Robert Douglas , born 1956);Hilda Gertrude , born July 30 1920 ,died December 7 1988 ,married M. Orwin McManaman ,born about 1917 ,died about 1963{ children- Leslie Joan ( Debbie) ,born January 23 1948 , married Ralph Esterbrooks (St John);Creighton Laurie ,born July 1949 ,died about 1992 ,married Carolyn Johnston [children-Tracey ,born 1970, married ______________ from Windsor NS and Lorie Ann ,born about January 1973, married Steven Pudsley};Viola May , born April 20 1918 ,died October 7 1919;Perry Hamilton , born August 2 1915 ,died February 5 1965 ,married Kathleen Peacock , daughter of John and Clissie J. (Allen) Peacock; Dorothy, born January 11 1914 ,married (1) Eric Hewitt, one son Douglas ( has one son Robert), married (2) Arthur Adams, born August 4 1911,Newport ,Shropshire, England , died Halifax NS August 4 2002 ; Henry Noble , born January 4 1911 ,died December 11 1981 ,married Mary Rita Oneill , ( children Viola Nora , born April 22 1940 ,died April 13 1945 [ was hit by a car , her father was in Europe-World War 11 and never saw her] and Pearl Elaine , born 1946 , died 1953) ; and Lillian Ethel , born May 26 1909 , died July 1982 ,married George Faith ,born about 1912 ,died about 1992 ( children- George Morgan ,born 1944 ,married Marian ________; MaryLou Warren , born 1941 ,married Lawrence Dransfield [ children -Kimberly and Barbara];and Linda ,born November 1946).Lillian was employed with Cumberland/Colchester Member of Parliament Percy Black for several years.


Richard Wilson Ayer was the son of Joseph Henry and Elizabeth (Parsons) Ayer. He was born at Port Greville on March 12 1879,died at Port Greville on October2 1944,on July 3 1905 he married Ada Ethel Blenkhorn (sister to Thersa Blenkhorn who married Warren Ayer),she was born on July 14 1884 at Port Greville and died September 22 1960. Their children were:Bertha ,born 1905 ;Susan Evangeline, born November 20 1906 ,died 1960 , married Hamilton Chester Morris, who was born at Hantsport, Hants County, NS on August 28 1903 and died October 17 1984 [ their children were: Barbara Isabelle ,born April 25 1925 at Wards Brook ,married Carl Peach of Mount Denson ,Hants County NS (their children-Clavia Elaine) ;Claude Hamilton Morris , born February 15 1927 at Wards Brook, on December 9 1928 married Mary Veronica Gonzalez of Balymena Northern Ireland (their children- Clifford Hamilton, born April 4 1950; Consuela Louise , born January 22 1952 ;Anne Marie , born January 22 1955 ; Elizabeth Margaret ,born January 27 1957 , Joseph Richard ,born September 24 1962 }; Betty Lou ,born February 26 1932 ,married Captain Kenneth Alvin Crooke ,born 1920 ,died January 1991( their children- Debra Lynn,born 1952 and Cyndy Lane ,born 1955);Edgar Melville Culton , born at Port Greville in 1912,died at Truro March 14 1993,married Violet June Hollingsworth, born in 1916 at Camden Colchester County NS, died August 22 2000 [their children-Gordon H. ,born about 1938 ,died at Moncton NB May 14 2000,married Joan Neil about1961 ( their children- Catherine, married David Brennan, Steven and Mark) ,Donald, died 2000] ;Mary Bernice born at Wards Brook 1914 ,died at Parrsboro December 5 1985 ,married Trueman McCully ,born at Fox River 1909 ,died at Wards Brook , March 1 1980 (their children- Shirley ,married Ronald Roesch-Trenton Ontario and John W.); Marjorie Sylvia ,born at Port Greville 1917 ,died at Amherst NS September 21 1999,married Gordon DíOrsey, born Fraserville October 29 1892 ,died 1965 ;Donald T. ,born 1921 and Harold Theodore Ayer ,born at Port Greville in 1925 ,died at Dartmouth March 29 1980,married on June 3 1943,Marion Isabel Austin, born Springhill 1925 and died at Dartmouth March 10 1980.


Stewart Ayer was a son of Joseph Henry and Elizabeth (Parsons) Ayer. He was born at wards Brook on June 4 1883 ,died at Parrsboro on April 22 1974,married Lottie Bell Welch on January 9 1913,she was born at Wards Brook on December 17 1892 and died there on July 27 1973. Lotte Welch was the daughter of Joshua Welch, born September 7 1854 at Port Greville ,died there July 28 1927 and Emilne Knowlton, born at Fraserville on December 8 1862 and died at Wolfville March 5 1938. Joshua Welchís parents were David Henry Wech , born June 12 1825 at Wallace, died July 25 1866 at Ratchford River and Jane Hazel ,born at Parrsboro July 2 1833 ,died March 13 1899. Jane Hazelís parents were Joshua Hazel, born July 10 1806 ,died October 11 1868 and Mary Jane Morris , born 1806 at Advocate and died January 9 1881. Joshua Hazelís parents were John Hazel ,born before1754 and Priscilla Spicer ,born about 1777 in America. Priscilla Spicerís parents were Robert Spicer , born in England in 1748, died in Advocate January 19 1810 and Priscilla Chomondelay, born Wales 1745 , died March 20 1820.Among Lotteís siblings was Senator Frank Welch. Stewart and lotte had one child Jesse Fraulen , born May 11 1913 ,died November 4 2001 ,married H. Lee McCully , son of CaptainAndrew Ewan McCully ,killed September 29 1926 and Emma May Crossman ,born May 5 1886,died December 10 1938. Andrew Spicer was the son of Frederick Lemuel Emmerson McCully ,born September 16 1853 ,died December 3 1946 and Emma Amelia Ayer born February 11 1854 and died 1902.


Bessie Howard Ayer was a daughter of Joseph Henry and Elizabeth (Parsons) Ayer.She was born at Wards Brook on March 28 1886 ,died at Plaster Rock NB on March 13 1971. In June 1904 she married Clifford Spicer , born at Spencerís Island August 4 1884 and died 1969.Clifford Spicer was a grand nephew of Amelia Spicer ,wife of Andrew Ayer. Their children were : Beatrice born 1906 ; Clifford born June 7 1922 ,died May 4 2002 in Plaster Rock NB ,married Betty Carmichael ( children - Michael and Jonathan) , Elizabeth born October 29 1923 and Stewart " Kem".


Russell Ayer was a son of Andrew and Amelia (Spicer) Ayer ,born February 28 1868,died before 1915, married Harriet Barteaux (August 23 1893 in Cumberland County). She was a daughter of Daniel and Annie Barteaux and was born 1863. Their children were Glenn married Thelma (children- Margaret and Glen)and Albert Cleveland , born Advocate Harbour March 17 1895 ,died at Boston MA on December 6 1964.,married (1) Edith McKown Perkins on February 15 1914 in Bath Maine,daughter of Bert and Rosetta (Scully) Perkins,she was born January 5 1897 in Southport ME and died September 16 1972 Boston MA, married (2) Alice Connolly Farley in 1945. [ children "married (1)"- Millicent Estelle, born May 29 1915,Bath Maine ,died December 26 1978,Jacksonville FL.,married Delta Alton Hobbs ( born in Texas) ( children- Pamela Jean ,born March 23 1949 ,Chelsea MA); Shirley Ruth , born October 17 1917 at Bath ME ,died July 28 1973,New Jersey, married (1) Vincent Ryan in 1945 ( children-Margaret ,born July 21 1937 ,Boston MA ,died August 21 1964and Margaret (?) , born July 21 1938 ,died August 24 1964),married (2) Robert Gurney 1950( children Robert Gurney);Harriet May ,born August 02 1918,Bath Maine married (1) Ralph LeFabre, August 28 1937 ( children- Edith May ,born May 21 1938 ,Raoul , born March 5 1941,Joel ,born November 15 1946 and Betty)married (2) John Arnold on July 21 1951 in New York (children- John ,born January 20 1956 and Michelle ,born September 3 1957);Myrna Louise , born August 27 1920 at Boston, died July 15 1998 at Boston MA ,Married (1) Mark Mahoney ( children-Mark ,born May 30 1943) married (2) Frank Wiley , born August 7 1920 ,died May 14 1964 ( children- Linda ,born July 26 1947 , married (1) Kenneth Lerouque, married (2) Stan Laroque,September 1967 ,married (3) Russell Hesseltine, Lynn ,born November 28 1948 , married Ralph Eugene Richmond ,on January 14 1967 ,born June 6 1944,Rosemary ,born January 3 1950 and Frank ,born July 1 1959 , died August 24 1989) ; Albert Russell ,born May 9 1922 at Boston MA ,died December 22 1996 at Weymouth MA , married (1) Marie Sorenson ( children- William Russell , born January 31 1950 ,Thomas Edward ,born January 31 1951,Doreen ,born April 0 1954 and Stephen , born September 14 1960), married (2) Mary Bert ,May 1978);Marguerite Hope ,born May 30 1923 ,Boston MA ,died March 3 1999 at Weymouth MA married Omar Grant Simmonds on July 4 1941 in Boston MA ,son of Albert Simmonds and Leona Porter , he was born September 28 1920 in Boston MA ,died May 16 1980 in Weymouth MA (children - Vincent Edward ,born December 6 1942, Boston MA ,Marguerite Nancy , born December 23 1943 ,died April 30 1997,Paul Ralph ,born July 30 1945 ,Pauline ,born July 30 1945 at Boston MA ,died July 30 1945 at Boston MA ,Audrey ,born 1947,died 1947,Boston MA, Omar ,born January 1 1950 , Jean Annie ,born January 25 1952 ,Boston MA ,Shirley Leona, born October 26 1955 ,Boston MA and Dorothy Barbara ,born August 10 1960);Ester ,born October 29 1925 ,died November 1990 in Maine ,married (1) William Thibeau on January 15 1944 ,married (2) __________ Curling on September 3 1957 ,married (3) Robert Gurney 1975( child of Ester Ayer ,Stephen Wentzell, born December 7 1963),( children of Ester Ayer and William Thibeau- William Joseph , born June 26 1946 ,Carol Marie ,born December 23 1948 ,Beverly Ann ,born February 11 1950 ,Roger Francis ,born February 28 1951 ,Diane ,born March 22 1953, and Janette Ruth ,born July 5 1955),( child of Ester Ayer and _________ Curling- Betty Jean,born August 25 1957 ,married Tom Rollins);and Arlene Delores ,born November 2888 1928 in Boston MA ,married (1) _____________ Thomas, married (2) Richard John Anderson on August 16 1958,married (3) William Thomas on May 21 1949, married (4) Delta Alton Hobbs 1980,he was born in Texas, ( child of Arlene Ayer and ____________ Thomas- James, child of Arlene and Richard Anderson- bornNovember 27 1959;children of Arlene Ayer and William Thomas -Judith ,born November 28 1951 and James Robert ,born August 17 1953).]


Hugh Moore Ayer (Pete) was a son of Andrew and Amelia (Spicer). He was born July 19 1863 and died in 1951. He married Reachelan Bennett ,born November 5 1859 and died in 1915. The children of Pete and Reachelan were: Annie Bertha ,born March 24 1886 ,died November 24 1960 ,married (1) Maynard Clarence Hatfield on October 28 1907 ,he was born at in 1884 at Port Greville in 1908 ( one child),married (2) William McWhirter ; Sarah L.(Sadie) ,born September 3 1891 at Wards Brook , died at Parrsboro January 20 1961, one child before marriage ( Vera L. born about 1914 and died December 16 1996 . Vera Married Albert Henwood.),married Harris Dowe , born at Diligent River about 1903 and died about 1979 at Springhill ;Percy born 1812 ,died 1916,married Mildred Hatfield Mary V. born 1884 ,died 1917.


Robert H. Ayer was the son of Andrew and Amelia (Spicer) Ayer. He was born at Port Greville in 1870. On November 7 1892 he married Ida Blenkhorn who was born at Port Greville in 1873 ,the daughter of Enoch Blenkhorn ,born February 18 1839 and died 1920 ,and Sarah Emmilne Ward ,born October 10 1844 and died March 18 1925.


William Ayer, born on March 17 1872 was a son of Andrew and Amelia (Spicer) Ayer. William married Hattie Louise Armstrong. Their children were: Arthur, married Cory____________ ; Brenton ,born 1905 at Bath Maine,died 1984 ;Violet ; Hattie; Leo ;Walter Howard, born December 9 ,1899 ,died September 24 1962 ,married Nora Mary Fortin ; Augusta Amelia ,born November 24 1895 , married Asa Morrison and Emma , born at Bath Maine married Alex Robertson.


Walter Ayer was a son of William and Hattie ( Armstrong) Ayer. Walter was born on December 9 1899 at Parrsboro NS and died September 24 1962 at Randolph Maine. For most of his working life he was a shipyard worker. At his death was employed at Bath iron Works, Bath ME. He married Nora Mary (Fortin) Foster who was born December 3 1899 at South Gardiner Maine died July 23 1994. Their children were James Edward born December 26 1924 at bath Maine : Catherine Phyllis born May 10 1926 at Gardiner Maine, married Robert Pierson died November 25 1989;Howard Andrew born May 23 1931 at Gardiner Maine; Richard William born at Gardiner Maine August 12 1932 died January 17 1996;Joyce Louise born February 10 1934 at Gardiner Maine, married Alfred Nelson, died June 12 1967; and Lois Joan born February 10 1934 at Gardiner Maine , married Richard DeVercelly.


James Ayer was a son of Walter and Nora ( Foster) Ayer. James was born born on December 26 1924 at Bath Maine. At age 19 he was a combat veteran of WW11 serving with the Us Navy 8th Amphibious Force aboard USS LST 656.He married Arobine Morgan who was born February 24 1927 at Augusta Maine. In 1952 he graduated from the University of Maine with a MS in Chemical Engineering. Biographical listings: "Whoís Who in Atoms", Edition 1969,"American Men of Science",Edition 1971,"Whoís Who in the Midwest",Edition 1972.Registered Professional Engineer(by examination) State of Illinois February 9 1965. Most of his working life spent as a Senior Scientist/Engineer with Argonne National Laboratory, the Us Atomic Energy Commission and US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. James and Arobine had two children: Breton Edward born April 11 1955 at Tuscaloosa Alabama and Reneeí NMN born May 23 1958 Joliet Illinois.


Brenton is the only son of James and Arobine Ayer. Brenton was born on April 11 1955 at Tuscaloosa Alabama. He was awarded an Associate in Arts Degree from Frederick Community College Frederick Maryland in 1975. He was granted a two year athletic (cross country and track and field) scholarship by Lewis University, Romeoville Illinois and graduated with honors with a BS in Public Administration in 1977. In 1992 he was graduated from Frostburg State University Frostburg Maryland with a MBA. Most of his professional career was spent as Chief of Staff and Financial Officer to several members of the US House of Representatives . During that time he became certified as a college level track and field coach at Hood College Maryland thus embarking on a second career. Brenton married Mary Catherine Keegan born March 23 1957 at Washington DC . They had three children: Brendan James born November 28 1989 at Washington DC , Alexander Richard born November 18 1991 at Washington DC , and Brigid Louise born December 1 1992 at Washington DC.


Renee the only daughter of James and Arobine Ayer was born on May 23 1958 at Joliet Illinois. She earned an Associate in Arts Degree from Frederick Community College Frederick Maryland in 1978 and a BS in Journalism from the University of Maryland College Park Maryland in 1980. Most of her professional career was spent as a self-employed contract writer in public relations for firms in nano-technology. Renee married Tim Stouffer born August 27 1955. They had no children.


Roseanna Ayer was a daughter of Andrew and Amelia (Spicer) Ayer, She was born on October 12 1875 at Port Greville, died May 23 1915 . In 1890 she married Perley McClelland ,born July 8 1868 and died in 1936. Perley McClelland was a son of Adam McClelland born in Scotland on October 28 1831 and Maria Hazel born about 1832 ( married October 23 1866).Perley had a brother Avason born May 8 1869.Maria Hazel had a previous marriage to Robert Knowlton. Mariaís parents were Joshua Hazel born July 10 1806, died October 11 1868 and Mary Jane Morris born at Advocate Harbour , died January 9 1881. Joshua Hazelís parents were John Hazel born before 1754 and Priscilla Spicer , daughter of Robert Spicer born in England 1748,died Advocate January 19 1810 and Priscilla Chomondelay, born Wales 1745 ,died Advocate March 20 1820.The children of Roseanna and Perley McClelland were: William H. Born 1894,died 1984 ,married Mary Mills born 1900,in Scotland ,died 1978[children- Forest Hill ,married Josephine Margaret Follette in 1942 ( children-Tammy Ruth ,married Steven William Benjamin 1987 ;Keith ,married Clarabelle Morris); Gordon; Frances;Garnet Leon, married Vera Beryl Boyce ( children- Helen , married Eric McCully)];Thomas , born 1895 ; Harley ,born 1899 ;Lillian ,married (1) Leroy Corny ,married (2) Harry Ells ( children- Jules, born 1929 ,died 1989);Margaret , born 1906 ,died 1996 ,married (1) Colby Ayer in 1921 ,( children- Wyman ,Cecelia ,Rose), married(2) Harold Arenburg ;Annabella married (1) Otto L. Crossman ( children -Geraldine B. ,born 1931 ,died 1983 ,married Lamont Morris ,born 1926 ,died 1980 ;Ida , married Pat David Canning ,born 1922 , died 1988;Culton , married Ruby Dowe),married (2) John Hamilton);Charles R. ,born 1909 ,died 1967,married (1)( children - Muriel, married Denzil McLellan ;Olive , married Davis Strutz ;Caroline ,married John Strutz ; Lewguine; Orland ),married (2)Muriel Helena Chrisholm ( children- Rena Marie ,married Ralph Arbuckle; Logan ;George and Richard , married Verna V. Ayer ,born 1898 ,died 1981).


Thomas Ayer was a son of Andrew and Amelia (Spicer) Ayer. Thomas was born in 1866. He married on May 7 1889 Eudilla ( Della ?) Livingstone who was born at Advocate Harbour ,a daughter of Thomas and Roseanna Livingstone.


Harding Ayer was a son of Andrew and Amelia (Spicer)Ayer ,born June 12 1852 in Western Cornwallis ,Kings County and died March 19 1921. On September 1 1874 he married Harriet Cecilia Rector ,born May 27 1850 at Port Greville and died aft. 1921.Their children were: Ada ,born December 16 1875,died 1921;Grace Nellie born October 25 1877 at Port Greville; Colby Jewells born January 13 1879 at Port Greville, died at Parrsboro August 2 1959; Amelia Sophronia born March 15 1881 at Port Greville ,died at Amherst NS December 25 1965 ;Nora, born March 25 1884 , died 1921 ; Harding , born 1885 ,died 1887 ; Joseph ,born 1886,died 1887 ; Mary Cook , born December 8 1890 at Wards Brook and Alice born July 4 1893 and died 1921. By trade Harding Ayer a shipís carpenter.


Cecilia Rector married Harding Ayer son of Andrew and Amelia (Spicer) Ayer.She was born at Port Greville on May 27 1850 and died aft 1921. Her lineage is as follows: George Rector was born in Germany in 1752 and died at Halfway River February 22 1842. On March 21 1791 he married Mary Sparks (born December 19 1776) at St Georges Anglican Church Parrsboro. Mary Sparks was the daughter of Robert and Joanna Sparks. George and Mary rector had a son Robert ,born abt 1795 at Lakelands NS ,died April22 1892. On October 17 1819 Robert married Mary Ann Gow at Lakelands NS, daughter of James and Mary Gow. Mary Ann was born in 1803 at Wallace and died at Lakelands June 16 1876. Robert and Mary Ann had a son Robert (aka Rhuben) who was born September 1 1821 and died at Diligent River on April 22 1892. On January 27 1847 he married Mary Jane Dow (born June 14 1818 and died May 9 1861)who was a daughter of William Dow and Mary Lamb. On October 17 1861 Robert married Sarah Ann Dow (born abt 1827) at the Wesleyan Mission House Parrsboro. Sarah Ann was the daughter of William and Mary Dow,a sister to Robertís first wife. Robert and Mary Jane had a daughter Harriet Cecilia (Mrs Harding Ayer). Ceciliaís siblings were: Mary Alvira ,born at Diligent River in 1848 and died 1922 at Apple River; Ann Jane born August 21 1851 born at Dilgent River ;Rebecca Coleman born August 21 1851; Rosanna Rosemund born July 17 1853, John Wesley born at Parrsboro abt 1855; James Edward born at Parrsboro June 24 1857 ; Sarah Alice born at Parrsboro November 20 1856 ,died April 2 1923 ; Robert Lemuel born July 12 1859,died at Apple River July 3 1941 and Walter Delbert born April 1 1860 and died at Debert Colchester County 1951.The children of Robert and Sarah were: Udovilla born 1863; Joseph Walter born 1866 at Diligent River; Ellen born abt 1867 at Minude and died January 9 1878 ; Hannah Elizabeth born abt 1870 at Diligent River, died January 9 1878; and Samuel H. born June 27 1872 at Diligent River.


Grace Nellie Ayer daughter of Harding and Cecilia Ayer was born October 25 1877 and married Edson Yorke (born April 26 1875) son of Charles and Caroline Amelia (Delaney) Yorke. Charles Yorke was a descendant of Fones Yorke whose ancestors came from England. He was a member of the House of Assembly for Falmouth NS. The children of Edson and Caroline were: Elsie ,born _________,died before 1999,married M. Ernest Norton ;Davida who married M. Fraser ; Beatrice who died in infancy ; Alfred ; Nell ,born June 23 1899 ; Clara ,born August 26 1900,married Varley Quinn ;Lena ,born abt 1906,died April 30 2000,married George Erb and Nita , born abt 1914 and died October 27 1987,married Ray Sargent.


Colby Ayer was born January 13 1879 and died August 2 1959. He was the son of Harding and Cecilia Rector Ayer. He married Sarah Jane (Sadie) Yorke ,born at Diligent River on March 31 1896,daughter of Charles Yorke and Caroline Amelia Delaney. Sadie was a sister to Edson Yorke who married Colbyís sister Grace. The marriage was recorded in Cumberland County on December 22 1896. Children of this marriage were : Hattie Laurena, born at Diligent River on September 17 1897 ,died September 16 1973 in St John NB;marriage (1) Albert Joseph Berry, marriage (2) William McKelvie; Lloyd born March 1899 at Wards Brook, died at Port Greville October 19 1979,married Katherine Tibbetts ,born at Wards Brook 1901,died Parrsboro April 30 1977;Flossie,married Thomas Deachman December 24 1937 and Roy who married Dorothy ______________. Marriage (2) after the death of Sadie Colby married Margaret McClelland who was the daughter of Perley and Roseanna Blanche( Ayer) McClelland (daughter of Andrew and Amelia Ayer). The children of this marriage are: Wyman, born January 20 1920,married Mabel Henwood; Rose, married Gregory Pritchard and Cecilia, born 1925,married James Chambers, born 1917 ,died June 16 1993 (buried Bapist Cemetery Parrsboro). During the period of more or less 1933-1937 Colby built scows at Moose River for the Lincoln Pulp Company. His last project for this company was a tug boat called the Joe White after one of the companyís foremen. In 1943 Colby built a house for Silas Henwood and in 1945 one for his son Wyman ,both a Halfway River. He died on August 2 1959,at Parrsboro, after a long battle with cancer.

AMELIA SOPHRONIA AYER RECTORAmelia Sophronia Ayer was a daughter of Harding and Cecilia Ayer. She born at Port Greville on March 15 1881 and died at Amherst NS on December 25 1965. On February 11 1899 she married John Wesley "Wes" Rector, born in New Salem on February 14 1878 and died at Amherst on December 21 1952. John Wesley Rector was the son of John Wesley Rector ,born about 1855 at Parrsboro, married Sarah Demills Lunn on November 8 1876,born at New Salem about 1857, the daughter of James Lunn and Sarah McCullough (McCully). John Wesley senior was the son of Robert Rector, born September 1 1821,,married on January 27 1847 Mary Jane Dowe daughter of William and Mary (Lamb) Dowe. She was born June 1 1818 at Diligent River and died May 9 1868. Robert was the son of Robert Rector, born about 1795 at Lakelands, died April 22 1892 ,married on October 17 1818 at Lakelands Mary Ann Gow daughter of James and Mary Gow. She was born at Wallace NS 1803 and died at Lakelands June 16 1876. Robert Rector senior was born in Germany abt 1752 and died at Halfway River February 22 1842. On March 21 1791 he married Mary Sparks at St George Anglican Church Parrsboro. She was born December 1776 and was the daughter of Robert and Joanna Sparks. The children of Wes and Amelia Rector are: Sarah Cecilia (Sadie),born November 30 1899 ,died January 1980,married ____________ Murphy; Anthony Dimoc ,born October 9 1901,died November 22 1965 ; Mary Demille ,born September 29 1907 ;Ruby Victoria ,born August 1912 at New Salem ,March 22 2001 at Advocate ; Thelma born April 11 1909 at New Salem , ; Evangeline born January 5 1915 at New Salem, died at Truro Hospital October 24 2001; Myrna Madeline born new Salem July 1916 , died Amherst March 23 1997 ,Hazel Beatrice born July 1918 ,died February 1979 , married Herbert McCully and Freeland Emerie, born June 1919, married Roxy Myrtle Rector ,born February 28 1899.


Mary Cooke Ayer was the daughter of Harding and Cecilia (Rector) Ayer. Cooke was the name of the mid wife when Mary was born. Mary was born at Wards Brook on December 8 1891, died May 3 1952. On February 15 1911 Mary married William Dean Scott, (b on February 15 1911. William Scott was born on March 9 1872 and died May 3 1935. Their children were: Stella May Scott, born June 3 1911 ,died 1922 in Lornevale; James Harding Scott ,born May 6 1913 ,died May 19 1979 at Wawa Ontario; Robert Dean Scott ,born June 19 1915,alive in 2003 ; Lloyd Herbert Scott born September 10 1917 ,died October 2 1988 at Wawa Ontario ;Hattie Cecelia Scott Simpson , born April 19 1919, living 2003 ; Frank Stewart Scott , born August 19 1921 ,died March 28 1989 at Truro NS ;Lena Ardell Scott Rushton ,born December 17 1923 ,died July 15 1959 at Truro ; Florence Irene Scott Pringle ,born June 10 1926 ,living in 2003 ;and Grace Amelia Scott McCully ,bborn September 3 1928 ,living in 2003.


Univella Ayer was the daughter of Andrew and Amelia Ayer. She was born November 11 1862 and died about 1909. On April 4 1884 she married George Crossman son of John (born about 1815) and Martha (born about 1816) Crossman. George Crossman was born August 10 1861 and his siblings were: Elizabeth, Alexander ,John, Elmira, Ada, Rebecca and Samuel. The children of George and Univella were: Emma May--- born May 5 1886 ,Harry born February 1 1888 ,Budd born February 8 1890 ,Matte born December 15 1891 ,Lottie born October 4 1893 and Nellie born May 20 1897.


Emma May Crossman was the daughter of George and Eudevilla (Ayer) Crossman. She was born on May 5 1886 (died December 10 1938)and on May 17 1908 married Captain Andrew Ewan McCully who was born at Port Greville on March 12 1885 and killed on September 29 1926. Their children were: Harry Lee ,born December 21 1908,died March 2 1980,married Jessie Faulein Ayer on May 11 1913;George Ervin ,born at Wards Brook 1912,died August 8 1989,married Myrtle Louise Patterson on September 12 1942[- children - Carolyn Marie,born February 7 1944 ,Jean Annette born December 7 1946];RoseAnn Blanche born 1914; Hilton born October 29 1923,married on August 10 1957 Lyda Margaret Burke /McCully ( born July 26 1936) [children- Peter Hilton, born September 14 1958,married Barbara Bowser on October 27 1979 ,Lynne Ruth, born February 5 1960,Andrew Jon Burke,born June 29 1963 ,Heather Maureen , born June 17 1966 and Jennifer Robyn Ayer born June 16 1969] and Andrew Jackson born December 6 1926,married Irma Joyce A.T. Zavits on August 10 1957[children- Michael Andrew ,born July 22 1952 ,Laurie Mae ,born September 28 1954 ,Theresa Marie ,born September 1 1960 and Andrew John born February 8 1964.]


Harry S. Crossman was born February 1 1888 at East Brookville,the son of George and Eudevilla (Ayer) Crossman. He died at home at Port Greville on May 2 1949. His children were: Alma Jean, married Alexander Evanson; Winnifred Marion ,married Harris Elmer Langille; Edith and Marshall.


James Edward Ayer was born in 1857,the son of Andrew and Amelia Ayer,he died October 31 1939 . On April 2 1878 James Edward married Theodosia Brigette FultonPhinney(born 1861 and died July 26 1916). She was the daughter of Silas and Ann Phinney.. Theodosiaís siblings were: Cynthia Ann ,Henry ,Melissa ,Isaac Gordon ,Allison ,Lucy ,Robert James and Nathaniel. The children of James Edward and Theodosia were: James Everette Howe, born March 28 1898,died May 27,1986 at Liverpool NS, married Marjorie A.B. Sheppard, (daughter of William J. and Fanny {Brookes} Sheppard) born about 1898 ,died February 5 1983;Andy St Clair ,born October 9 1899,died New Hampshire December 1986, married Ethel Parker, born October 30 1899,died New Hampshire November 1986 ; Violet Robina , born February 23 1894 , died about 1975 ,married Walter Porter on October 8 1919 and Evangeline , born March 28 ,1879 ,died June 10 1949 ,married Henry Lunn ( born 1891 and died February 13 1981) on January 26 1915.


Violet Robina Ayer Porter was the daughter of James Edward and Theodosia (Phinney) Ayer. She was born February 23 1894 and died about 1975. On October 8 1919 she married Walter Porter . Children of Walter and Violet Porter are: Lois, married Herbert Coolen,Pearl ,married Ted Crouchman and William Lesie James ,died September 3 1949.

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