Here are some of the places to worship in Halifax County. Feel free to let us know of any others you feel should be added, regardless of denomination. You may write to me at

Anglican Churches
Cathedral Church of All Saints 5732 College Street, Halifax NS, B3H 1X3  1910-Present  
Saint George
Saint George (Canada's Digital Collections)
2222 Brunswick Street, Halifax NS, B3K 2Z3  1800-Present  
Little Dutch Church Brunswick Street, Halifax, NS 1754 Click
St. Margaret of Scotland 3751 Robie Street, Halifax NS N/A  
Saint Mark's 5522 Russell Street, Halifax NS, B3K 1X2  1866-Present Click
Saint Luke's N/A  N/A-1905  
Saint Matthias 6131 Chebucto Road, Halifax, NS B3L 1K6  N/A  
Saint Paul's 1749 Argyle Street, Halifax NS, B3J 3K4  1749-Present  
Saint Philip's Corner of Bayers Road and Connaught Ave, Halifax NS N/A  
Trinity Church 5435 Cogswell Street, Halifax, NS B3J 1R1 N/A  
Saint John's 3415 Dutch Village Road, Halifax NS, B3N 3S7  1839-Present  
Saint James 2668 Dutch Village Road, Halifax, NS B3L 4E4  1857- Present  
Saint Barnabas Ecum Secum, Nova Scotia (in Guysbourgh County) N/A  
Saint Paul's Ecum Secum West, Nova Scotia N/A  
Saint John's Necum Teuch N/A  
Saint Thomas Musquodoboit Harbour N/A  
Saint James Head of Jeddore N/A  
Saint George's Ostrea Lake N/A  
Saint James Port Dufferin N/A  
Saint Mary's Harrington Cove N/A  
Saint Margaret's Sober Island N/A  
Saint Andrew's Watt Section N/A  
Saint Augustine's Beaver Harbour N/A  
Saint James Seaforth N/A  
Saint Barnarbas Head of Chezzetcook N/A  
Saint Mark's Porters Lake N/A  
Christ Church Lower East Chezzetcook N/A  
Saint Augustine's Lake Echo N/A  
Saint Stephen's Ship Harbour N/A  
Saint John's Oyster Pond N/A  
Saint Matthew's Owl's Head N/A  
Saint James Upper Lakeville N/A  
Holy Trinity Tangier N/A  
Saint James Spry Bay N/A  
Saint Andrew's Spry Harbour N/A  
Saint Thomas Mooseland N/A  
Saint Paul's Mushaboom N/A  
Saint Michael and All Angels Sheet Harbour N/A  
Saint Peter's Murphy Cove N/A  
Christ Church 61 Dundas Street, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4H5 1817 - Present  
Emmanuel Church 152 Windmill Road, Dartmouth NS N/A  
Church of the Holy Spirit 1 Regency Drive, Dartmouth NS, B2Y 1Z7 N/A  
Saint Andrew's 2 Circassion Drive, Cole Harbour NS 1794 - Present  
Holy Trinity Church 30 Alfred Street, Dartmouth NS N/A  
Saint Alban's 343 Pleasant Street, Dartmouth NS N/A  
Saint John's (Westphal) 1215 Main Street, Cole Harbour NS N/A  
Saint Luke's 11 Veteran's Avenue, Dartmouth, NS B2W 2Y3 N/A  
Saint Peter's Eastern Passage N/A  
Christ Church Cow Bay N/A  
Saint Andrew's 8 Locks Road, Port Wallis N/A  
Emmanuel Church 322 Herring Cove Road, Halifax, NS, B3R 1V4 N/A  
Saint Augustine's 116 Purcell's Cove Road, Halifax, NS B3P 1B4 N/A  
Saint Paul's French Village N/A  
Saint Margaret's Tantallon N/A  
Saint James Boutilier Point N/A  
Saint George's Head of Saint Margaret's Bay N/A  
Saint Peter's Hackett's Cove N/A  
Saint John's Peggy's Cove N/A  
Saint James West Dover N/A  
Saint Andrew's Indian Harbour N/A  
Saint Nicholas 608 Hammonds Plains Road, Hammonds Plains, NS, B4B 1P5 N/A  
Saint Peter's Birch Cove, NS B3M 2C9 N/A  
Saint Timothy's 2320 Prospect Road, Hatchet Lake, NS B3T 1S9 N/A  
Saint Paul's 180 Sandy Cove Road, Terence Bay, NS N/A  

Roman Catholic Churches
Church Name Address Parish Dates Picture
Saint Ignatius 5 Bedford Street, Bedford NS, B4A 1W5 N/A  
Blessed Faustina Kowalska Polish Mission 29 Farrell Street, Dartmouth NS, B3A 4B2 N/A  
Communaute Catholique Francophone d'Halifax-Dartmouth P.O. Box 2820 201 av. du Portage, Dartmouth N.E., B2W 4R4 N/A  
Immaculate Conception 337 Pleasant Street, Dartmouth NS, B2Y 3S4 N/A  
Pope John XXIII 35 Colby Drive, Dartmouth NS, B2V 1N7 1973- Present  
Saint Anthony's 29 Farrell Street, Dartmouth NS, B3A 4B2 N/A  
Saint Clement's 16 Gaston Road, Dartmouth NS, B2Y 3W1 N/A  
Saint Paul's 199 Windmill Road, Dartmouth NS, B3A 1G1 N/A  
Saint Peter's 10 Maple Street, Dartmouth NS, B2Y 2X3  1829- Present  
Saint Thomas More 1 Kuhn Drive, Dartmouth NS, B2X 1R1 N/A  
Saint Vincent de Paul 320 Flying Cloud Drive, Dartmouth NS, B2W 4V8 N/A  
Saint Genevieve's Site 13 Bow 11 RR#1 East Chezzetcook NS, B0J 1N0 N/A  
Saint Thomas Mission East Dover- c/o Our Lady of Mount Carmel- Prospect  1887-Present  
Saint Denis RR #2 Tangier, East Ship Harbour NS, B0J 3H0 N/A  
Saint Andrew's P.O Box 160, 540 Shore Road, Eastern Passage NS, B3G 1M5 N/A  
Saint Bernard's 253 Highway #2, Enfield NS, B2T 1C9  1862-Present  
Saint Rose of Lima 9 Jamieson Ave., Fall River NS, B2T 1E5  1884-Present  
Saint Margaret of Scotland Mission Glen Margaret N/A  
Canadian Martyrs 5900 Inglis Street, Halifax NS, B3H 1K8 N/A  
Our Lady of Perpetual Help 2 Melody Dr., Halifax NS, B3M 1P7  1947-Present  
Saint Agnes 6903 Mumford Road, Halifax NS, B3L 2H4 N/A  
Saint Catherine of Siena 6466 Bayers Road, Halifax NS, B3L 2B1 N/A  
Saint John the Baptist 26 Purcell's Cove Rd., Halifax NS., B3N 1R4 N/A  
Saint Joseph 5455 Russell Street, Halifax NS, B3K 1W8 N/A Click
Saint Lawrence 3473 Dutch Ville Rd., Halifax NS,  B3N 2S8 N/A  
Saint Mary's Basilica 1508 Barrington Street, Halifax NS, B3J 1Z3  1784-Present  
Saint Michael's 14 St. Michael's Ave., Halifax NS, B3P 1M5 N/A  
Saint Patrick's 2267 Brunswick Street, Halifax NS, B3K 2Y9 N/A Click
Saint Pius X 167 Coronation Ave., Halifax NS, B3N 2N2  1967- Present  
Saint Stephen's 6032 Normandy Dr., Halifax NS, B3K 2S9 N/A Click
Saint Theresa's 6351 North Street, Halifax NS, B3L 1P7 N/A  
Saint Thomas Aquinas 1725 Oxford St., Halifax NS, B3H 3Z7 N/A  
Saint James Mission 1274 Hammonds Plains Rd., Hammonds Plains NS., B4B 1P6 N/A  
Saint Christopher's Mission Hatchet Lake N/A  
Saint Paul's 151 Hebridean Dr., Herring Cove NS., B3V 1H4 N/A  
Saint Peter's Ketch Harbour N/A  
Saint Anne's Mission Lake Echo N/A  
Sacred Heart P.O. Box 117, 1714 St. Margaret's Bay Rd., Lakeside, NS, B3T 1M6 N/A  
Saint Elizabeth Seton 125 Metropolitan Ave., Lower Sackville NS, B4C 3H3 N/A  
Saint John Vianney 4 Beaverbank Rd., Lower Sackville NS, B4E 1G3 N/A  
Saint Philip Neri Mission Musquodoboit Harbour N/A  
Saint Anne's Mission Portuguese Cove N/A  
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Prospect  1794-Present   
Saint Michael's Misson Quoddy N/A  
Saint Joseph's Mission 3709 Prospect Rd., Shad Bay NS, B3T 2B4  see: Prospect  
Saint Peter's 43 St. Peter's Loop, Sheet Harbour NS, B0J 3B0 N/A  
Saint Martin's Mission Tangier N/A  
Star of the Sea 1842 Lower Prospect Rd., Terence Bay NS, B3T 1Y6 N/A  
Saint Anselm's Box 4 RR#2, Head Chezzetcook NS, B0J 1N0 N/A  
Saint Anne's DeBay Cove 1949-197?  
Holy Cross Middle Musquodoboit N/A  

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Halifax

United Churches
Church Name Address Parish Dates
Bethany United Church 7171 Clinton Ave., Halifax NS, B3L 3Y8 N/A
Cole Harbour/Woodside United Church 1246 Cole Harbour Rd, Dartmouth NS, B2V 1N2  1825-Present 
Bedford United Church 1200 Bedford Highway, Bedford NS, B4A 1C3 N/A
Saint James United Church Goodwood N/A
Trinity United Church 1905 St. Margaret's Bay Rd., Timberlea NS, B3T 1B8 N/A
Forest Hills United Church 80 Chameau Cres, Dartmouth NS, B2W 6J1  1985-Present 
Grace United Church 70 King Street, Dartmouth NS, B2Y 4R3  1853-Present
Port Wallis United Church 263 Waverly Rd., Dartmouth NS N/A
Saint James United Church 15 Prince Albert Rd., Dartmouth NS B2Y 1L8  1827-Present 
Stairs Memorial United Church 44 Hester Street, Dartmouth NS, B3A 1K2 N/A
Woodlawn United Church 54 Woodlawn Rd., Dartmouth NS, B2W 2S1  1884?-Present 
Riverside United Church Box 130, Elmsdale NS, B0N 1?? N/A
Saint Andrew's-Saint Marks United Church 7628 Highway 3, Ingramport, NS N/A
Saint Luke's United Church 5374 Highway 3, Tantallon NS  1896-Present
William Black Memorial United Church 10507 Highway 333, Glen Margaret NS N/A
Brunswick Street United Church 2107 Brunswick Street, Halifax NS, B3K 2Y4  1782-Present
Edgewood United Church 3055 Connaught Ave., Halifax NS, B3L 3A7 N/A
Fairview United Church 3524 Dutch Village Rd., Halifax NS, B3N 2S1  1938-Present
Fort Massey United Church 5303 Tobin St., Halifax NS, B3H 1S3 N/A
Oxford Street United Church 2021 Oxford St., Halifax NS, B3L 2T3 N/A
Rockingham United Church 12 Flamingo Dr., Halifax NS, B3M 1S5 N/A
Saint Andrew's United Church 6306 Coburg Rd., Halifax NS, B3H 1Y9 1925-Present
Saint John United Church 6225 Willow Street, Halifax NS., B3L 1P1 N/A
Saint Matthews United Church 1479 Barrington St., Halifax NS, B3J 1Z2 1754-Present
Saint Paul's United Church 173 Old Sambro Rd., Halifax NS, B3R 2H6 N/A
United Memorial Church 5350 Young Street, Halifax NS, B3K 1Z4 N/A 
Knox United Church P.O. Box 210, Lower Sackville NS, B3L 2T3 N/A
Calvin United Church Lawrencetown N/A
Saint David's United Church 64 Beech Hill Dr., Lake Echo NS, B3E 1A6 N/A
Saint James United Church 3811 Old Sambro Rd., Sambro NS, B3V 1G2 N/A
Saint Andrew's United Church Moser River N/A
Pope's Harbour United Church Pope's Harbour N/A
Saint James United Church RR#1 Sheet Harbour NS, B0J 3B0 N/A
Saint James United Church Lochaber Mines/Malay Falls N/A
Saint John United Church,  3360 Highway #2, Fall River NS, B3T 1 J2 N/A
Higginsville United Church Higginsville N/A
Riverside United Church Centre Musquodoboit N/A
Middleton United Church Middle Musquodoboit N/A
Saint Andrew's United Church Elderbank N/A
Saint Paul's United Church Wyse's Corner N/A
Saint James United Church Meagher's Grant N/A

Presbyterian Churches of Halifax County

Church Name Address Parish Dates
Iona Box 2554, Dartmouth NS, B2W 4B7 N/A
Musquodoboit Harbour 4 Pinehill Rd., Dartmouth NS B3A 2E6 N/A
Saint Andrew's 216 School Street, Dartmouth NS B3A 2Y4 N/A
Calvin 331 Ashburn Ave,. Halifax NS B3L 2C3 N/A
Church of Saint David 1537 Brunswick Street, Halifax NS, B3J 2G1 N/A
Knox 5406 Roome St., Halifax NS B3K 5K7 N/A
First Sackville Box 273, Lower Sackville NS, B4C 2S9 N/A
Saint Giles Moser River NS, B0J 2K0 N/A
Sharon Presbyterian Dean N/A

Baptist Churches of Halifax County
Church Name Address Parish Dates Picture
Bayers Road United Baptist Church 7077 Bayers Rd., Halifax NS, B3L 2C5 N/A  
Bethel United Baptist Church 316 Windmill Rd., Dartmouth NS, B3A 1H4 N/A  
Birch Cove United Baptist Church 10 Donaldson Ave., Halifax NS, B3M 3B5 N/A  
Calvary United Baptist Church 91 Thornhill Dr., Halifax NS, B3R 2J4 N/A  
Cherry Brook United Baptist Church Cherry Brook Rd., Dartmouth NS, B2W 3Y5 N/A  
Cornwallis Street United Baptist Church 5457 Cornwallis St., Halifax NS, B3K 1B1 1832- Present Click
First Baptist Church at Dartmouth 100 Octerloney St., Dartmouth NS, B2Y 3Y3 N/A  
First Baptist Church 1300 Oxford St., Halifax NS, B3H 3Y8 1827-Present Click
Immanuel Baptist Church 82 Montague Rd., Dartmouth NS, B2N 2P3 N/A  
Mulgrave Park Baptist Church 5656 Sebastian St., Halifax NS, B3K 2R7 N/A Click
Regal Road United Baptist Church 6 Regal Rd., Dartmouth NS, B2W 427 N/A  
Steve's Road United Baptist Church 2 Steven's Road, Dartmouth NS, B2W 1P5 N/A  
Victoria Road United Baptist Church 36 Victoria Rd., Dartmouth NS, B2Y 2V9 N/A  
West End United Baptist Church 1986 Preston St., Halifax NS, B3H 3W2 1890-Present  
Bay Road Baptist Church Timberlea N/A  
Beechville Baptist Church Beechville N/A  
Bible Baptist Church 11 Aldergrove Dr. N/A  
Bedford United Baptist Church 38 Rocky Lake Drive, Bedford, NS 1888-Present  
Blaauw Mark & Rhoda Glenwood Ave., Dartmouth NS N/A  
Cobequid Road United Baptist Church 526 Cobequid Rd., Sackville NS N/A  
Cornerstone Baptist Church 133 Kearney Lake Rd., Halifax NS,  N/A  
Eastern Passage Baptist Church 385 Cowbay Rd., Dartmouth NS N/A  
Emmanuel Baptist Church Upper Hammonds Plains N/A  
East Preston United Baptist Church 224 Upper Partridge River Rd, Halifax N/A  
Faith United Baptist Church Sackville N/A  
Fall River Baptist Church Waverley N/A  
First United Baptist Church Hammonds Plains Rd., Bedford N/A  
Forest Hills Fellowship Baptist Church 915 Cole Harbour Rd., Halifax N/A  
Gospel Light Baptist Church Harrietsfield N/A  
Grace Baptist Church Dartmouth N/A  
Guysborough Baptist Church Goffs N/A  
Jeddore United Baptist Church West Jeddore N/A  
Lake Echo Fellowship Baptist Church 8 Peter Crt, Lake Echo N/A  
Living Hope Community Church Halifax N/A  
Lucasville United Baptist Church Lucasville Rd., Halifax N/A  
New Hope Baptist Church 11 Everette N/A  
New Life Baptist Church Prospect Rd N/A  
New Testament Baptist Church 20 Ashdale Ave., Halifax N/A  
Preston United Baptist Church 206 Upper Partridge River Rd., Dartmouth N/A  
Sackville Independent Baptist Church 114 Beaverbank Rd, Sackville N/A  
Sackville United Baptist Church 1240 Old Sackville Rd., Sackville N/A  
Saint Thomas Baptist Church North Preston N/A  
Sheffield Baptist Church 80 Lincoln Dr., Halifax N/A  
South End Baptist Church 60 Hastings Dr, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 2C6 N/A  
Temple Baptist Church 1000 Sackville Dr., Sackville N/A  
Timberlea United Baptist Church 31 Greenwood Ave., Timberlea N/A  

Buddhist Churches of Halifax County

Church Name Address Parish Dates
Atlantic Chan Buddhist Association 2145 Windsor St., Halifax NS N/A
Karma Dzong Buddhist Church Shambhala Centre 1084 Tower Rd, Halifax NS N/A

Pentecostal Churches of Halifax County

Church Name Address Parish Dates
Alive Christian Church 28 Willett St., Halifax N/A/
Alliance Holy Fellowship Halifax N/A
Apostolic Church in Canada 385 Cladwell Rd., Dartmouth N/A
Christianview City Church 276 Herring Cove Rd., Halifax N/A
Dartmouth Evangel Pentecostal Church 1412 Cole Harbour Rd, Dartmouth N/A
Emmaniel Christian Fellowship 120 Sherwood, Dartmouth N/A
Faith Tabernacle 6225 Summit, Halifax N/A
Marine Dr. Pentecostal Church Head of Jeddore N/A
Rock Church 222 Sackville Dr., Sackville N/A
Sackville Pentecostal Assembly 3000 Stokil Dr., Sackville N/A
SonLife Community Church 260 Wyse Rd., Dartmouth N/A
United Pentecostal Church Upper Sackville N/A
United Pentecostal Church 20 Gesner, Halifax N/A
United Pentecostal Church of Dartmouth 211 Main, Dartmouth N/A

Other Churches and Places of Worship
in Halifax County
Church Name Address Parish Dates
All Nations Christain Reformed Churchs 2535 Robie Street Halifax, NS N/A
Bedford Community Church (Weslyan) 1480 Bedford Highway Bedford, NS N/A
Bethany Gospel Chapel 14 Bruce Street Dartmouth, NS N/A
Fairview Citadel Corps (Salvation Army) 50 Gesner Street Halifax, NS B3N 2Y3 N/A
Grace Lutheran Church 120 Avondale Road Cole Harbour, NS B2V 1H6 N/A
Halifax Citadel Corps (Salvation Army) 1327 Barrington Street Halifax, NS B3J 1Z1 1885-Present
John Osborne Church (Society of Friends)  5 Blinkbonnie Terrace Dartmouth, NS B2Y 2V9 N/A
Lutheran Church of Our Savior 255 Portland Street Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1S8 N/A
Lutheran Church of the Resurrection 2096 Windsor Street Halifax, NS B3K 5B1 N/A
Salvation Army Dartmouth Corps 171 Pleasant Street  Dartmouth, NS B2Y 3P8 1887-Present
Spryfield Citadel Corps (Salvation Army) 7 Circle Drive Halifax, NS B3P 1J6 N/A
St. Vladimir's Orthodox Church (Eastern Orthodox Church) 6234 Lawrence Street Halifax, NS N/A
United Memorial Church 5350 Young Street Halifax, NS B3K 1Z4 N/A
Universalist-Unitarian Church 5500 Inglis Street Halifax, NS 1840-Present
Wyndholme Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 46 Wyndholme Avenue Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1T7 
Colby Drive Bible Chapel 131 Colby Dr., Dartmouth 1981-Present
Fall River Community Bible Chapel 4580 Highway 2, Fall River N/A
Grace Chapel (Bible) 13495 Peggys Cove Rd N/A
Northbrook Bible Chapel 225 Victoria Rd., Dartmouth N/A
Christadelphian Ecclesia Bedford N/A
Convoy Ave. Church of Christ 48 Convoy Ave,. Halifax N/A
Halifax Chirstian Church 51 Farnham Gate Rd., Halifax N/A
Hammonds Plains Christian Church 2001 Hammonds Plains Rd., Bedford N/A
Church fo Jesus Christ- Halifax Temple 22 Cumberland Dr., Dartmouth N/A
Church of Jesue Christ of Latter-Dat Saints 202 Brownlow Ave., Dartmouth N/A
First Congregational Church 1871 Seldon, Halifax N/A
Good Shepherd Congregational Church 3621 Lawrencetown Rd, Dartmouth N/A
Full Gospel Church (Evangelical) 6405 North St., Halifax N/A
Hindu Temple- Vendanta Ashram Society 6421 Cork, Halifax N/A
Baron De Hirsh Congregation (Jewish) 1480 Oxford St., Halifax 1890-Present
Shaar Shalom Synagogue (Conservative) (Jewish) 1981 Oxford St. Halifax 1953-Present
Halifax Chinese Christian Church 1018 Barrington Street, Halifax N/A
The Agora 2730 Fuller Terrace, Halifax N/A

Churches No Longer Around Halifax County
Church Address Parish Dates Reason Pictures
Robie Street Methodist Church Robie Street N/A Unknown Click
Disciple of Christ Church Corner of North Street and Maynard 1920 - ? Private Home (2003) Click
St. Stephen's Chapel of Ease Corner of Robie Street and Coburg Street. N/A Unknown Click*
St. Luke's Anglican Church Morris Street (University Ave.) ?1864-1905 Burned down in December 1905. Replaced with All Saints Cathedral Click
Salem Chapel Argyle Street 1845-? Currently Under Scotia Square. was originally Baptist, but became Congregationalist in 1847.  
Oxford Street Methodist Church Corner of Oxford and Quinpool Road ?1890's-1920 Burnt down in fire on 1 February 1920. Click
Lady Huntingdon's Meeting Place     Currently under what is now Scotia Square  
Marchinton's Hall Argyle Street near Bell's Lane 1786-abt. 1825 Converted into Apartments.
Currently Under Scotia Square
Burton's Church (Baptist) corner of Barrington and Buckingham Streets. 1832- uknown after 1838 Site currently under Scotia Square  
Poplar Grove Presbyterian Poplar Grove 1843-1884 Congregation moved to churchon North Park Street. Currently under Scotia Square  
Chalmers Barrington Street 1849-1905 Became the Gaiety Theatre after 1905. Currently under Scotia Square.  
Trinity Free Church Jacob Street ?-1907 Congregation moved to Harrison Chapel on Brunswick Street. Became Movie House. Currently sits under Scotia Square.  
Zoar Chapel Argyle Street 1792-1834 Used for Commercial purposes from 1866 on. Currently Under Scotia Square.  
Hurd's Lane Building 19 Starr Street abt 1866- 1917 Originally Universalist. Then Free Baptist and became first Jewish Synagogue in Halifax in 1890. Destroyed in Halifax Explosion  
Granville Street Baptist Church Granville Street 1827/28- Congregation became First Baptist Church currently on Oxford Street.  

All Pictures in the Picture Column were taken by Nathaniel Smith and Katherine McPherson
*taken from Images of Canada: Halifax South End by James Cornall - pg. 45. original available at NSARM.

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