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Cumberland County
Church Records

While PANS holds the single largest collection of Cumberland County Church Records in the province, other institutions have some relevant records as well. Many of these records are not available at PANS.

If you are aware of something not listed here, please let me know! Brian Paul

  • Amherst
    Trinity St. Stephen Wesleyan Methodist
    Marr. 1826-1833
    Notes: Held by the North Cumberland Historical Society, Pugwash

  • Beaubasin
    Acadian records: 1679-1757
    National Archives of Canada: C-3201 (some gaps)
    Acadian records: 1712-1748
    National Archives of Canada: F-696; C-1207; PANS Mfm# 11227

  • Nappan
    Methodist Circuit
    Bapt. 1870-1898
    Marr. 1881 - 1898
    Notes: Held by the Maritime Conference Archives, Halifax

  • Nappan-Maccan
    United Circuit
    Bapt. 1898 - 1956
    Marr. 1898 - 1947
    Bur.   1912 - 1958
    Notes: Held by the Maritime Conference Archives, Halifax

  • Pugwash
    St. Matthew's United
    Bapt. 1857-1940
    Marr. 1874-1941
    Bur.   1906-1941
    Notes: Held by the North Cumberland Historical Society, Pugwash; PANS Mfm# 11809

  • River Phillip
    Bapt. 1855-1951
    Marr. 1855-1951
    Bur.   1855-1951
    Notes: Formerly Methodist; Held by the North Cumberland Historical Society, Pugwash

  • Wallace

    The North Cumberland Historical Society, Pugwash holds several sets of church vital records for the Wallace area. These include United, Methodist, and Presbyterian congregations for approximately the years 1831 to 1926. Most of this material is not available at PANS.


The only available published catalog to the Atlantic Baptist Historical Collection held at Acadia University dates from 1955. The staff there have kindly provided me with an updated list of records in the collection "that would probably contain genealogical information".

The collection includes:

CommunityYearsType of holdings
Advocate Harbour1839 - 1890
membership lists
(First Baptist Church)
1844 - present 
Amherst Shore1890 - 1907 
Diligent River1857 - 1923 
Five Islands and Economy1888 - 1912 
Little River1849 - 1945 
Acadia Mines UBC
1903 - 1926
membership lists
Parrsborro1891 - 1966
incl. historical sketch (1859-1959)
Pugwash1869 - 1921 
River Hebert1844 - 1991 
Sackville, N.B.1808 - 1883
membership lists
Springhill1883 - 1952
Admin. records
Wentworth1838 - 1973 
Westbrook1851 - 1968 
Westchester1818 - 1958
(written histories)

Church of the Nazarene

There once existed Nazarene congreations at Amherst, Oxford, and Springhill (est. 1921). The Amherst and Springhill Churches closed many years ago and a few records from those churches are available at the Canada Atlantic District Office in Moncton, New Brunswick. The Oxford Church "has been going for nearly 100 years" and any records are still held by that local Church.


The National Office of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada in Mississauga, Ontario, maintains an Archives Division but they do not hold any vital records. These are still retained by the local churches. There are currently active churches at Oxford and Parrsborro.

Presbyterian Church
in Canada

All records of genealogical value are retained by the local churches. It is not clear what happens to the records when a local church ceases to exist; the Presyterian Archives and Records Committee in Toronto hold no genealogical records for Cumberland county.

The following Presbyterian churches have been identified:

Currently Active
OxfordSt. James'
PugwashSt. John's
RiverviewSt. Andrew's
SpringhillSt. David's, est. 1875
WallaceSt. Matthew's
Now Closed
AmherstName Unknown, Closed ca. 1930


Roman Catholic

PANS has microfilm copies of all available Roman Catholic church records for Cumberland county. Neither the Halifax Archdiocese archives nor the local Parishes have any more pre-1910 records.

Salvation Army

Between 1886 and 1888, the Salvation Army established Corps in the Cumberland County towns of Amherst, Oxford (closed 1892), Parrsboro (closed 1956), and Springhill Mines. Unfortunately, no records of any genealogical value are available, other than lists of the local officers.
The George Scott Railton Heritage Centre in Toronto holds the Amherst Corps History Book (ca. 1925-1978) and a selection of photographs.

Universalist Unitarian

Despite the significant numbers of Universalists in Cumberland county during the nineteenth century, especially in the Minudie area, no original records have survived. There are, however, numerous secondary sources detailing the history of the church and the involvement of Amos Seaman.

Last Modified: April 30, 1999