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Cumberland County
Church Records

Please note that this list includes only those Cumberland county churches of which PANS has copies. There are virtually no Baptist records, for example, among its holdings. I have also omitted those churches for which PANS holds only administrative records.

Published histories are available for many churches. While these usually just list founding members and clergy who have served over the years, they sometimes also include extracts from the vital statistics registers. I have noted below the churches for which published vital records are available.

Roman Catholic records created after 1909 are closed to researchers without permission from the church or the Diocese. For this reason, I have not bothered to enumerate those records below. PANS holds more recent records for Amherst (two churches), Joggins, Parrsborro, Pugwash, River Hebert, and Springhill. Some other twentieth-century records may have access restrictions as well -- I will note these where I am aware of them. Any comments or additions to this list are appreciated.

Note also that PANS does not participate in ILL; all these microfilms must be viewed on site. A few records may be available at other repositories; a very few Roman Catholic records area available through the LDS network of Family History Centres. In addition, other institutions have some material not available at PANS.

  • Advocate Harbour
    Advocate Pastoral Charge (United)
    Bapt. 1868-1985
    Marr. 1878-1984
    Bur.   1877-1988
    Notes: Mfm# 11166; Formerly Methodist; there are some gaps.

  • Amherst
    Christ Church Anglican
    Bapt. 1822-1965
    Marr. 1823-1945
    Bur.   1823-1947
    Notes: Mfm# 11169 - 11174

    Highland African Methodist Episcopal
    Bapt. 1966-1973
    Marr. 1966-1973
    Bur.   1966-1973
    Notes: Specific dates not given;[100th Anniversery] Souvenier Booklet, copy in PANS V/F v. 283, #10

    Immanuel United
    Bapt. 1912-1984
    Marr. 1912-1984
    Bur.   1912-1984
    Notes: Mfm# 11175 - 11177

    St. Charles Roman Catholic
    Bapt. 1888-1909
    Marr. 1888-1909
    Notes: Mfm# 11179; More recent records are closed to the public.

    Trinity-St. Stephen's United
    Bapt. 1840-1970
    Marr. 1888-1956
    Bur.   1908-1956
    Notes: Mfm# 11181; the records are not well organised.
    This collection includes both Methodist and Presbyterian records.
    An index to marriages (1826-1894) is available in MG 4 v. 364, #9

  • Beaubasin
    Acadian records: 1712-1748
    Notes: Mfm# 11227; there are some gaps

  • Joggins
    Church of the Holy Name Anglican
    Bapt. 1898-1976
    Marr. 1903-1976
    Bur.   1901-1976
    Notes: Mfm# 11589

    St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic
    Bapt. 1849-1909
    Marr. 1849-1909
    Bur.   1849-1909
    Notes: Mfm# 11590; More recent records are closed to the public.

  • Oxford
    All Souls Anglican
    Bapt. 1919-1991 (missing 1925-1958)
    Marr. 1958-1982
    Bur.   1955-1989
    Notes: There are significant gaps in all these records, other years have apparently been lost.
    W.H. Hunter History of All Souls Church, Oxford(1991); copy in PANS V/F v.373, #18

    Trinity United
    (Oxford Circuit) Bapt. 1883-1904
    Notes: Mfm# 11754; Formerly Victoria Methodist

  • Parrsborro
    St. Brigid's Roman Catholic
    Bapt. 1853-1909
    Marr. 1853-1876; 1906-1909
    Bur.   1853-1876
    Notes: Mfm# 11755; More recent records are closed to the public.

    St. George's Anglican
    Bapt. 1787-1972
    Marr. 1787-1971
    Bur.   1787-1966
    Notes: Mfm# 11757-11762; This film also includes the records of Port Greville Parish; There are some gaps in the records.

    Trinity United
    Bapt. 1858-1971
    Marr. 1854-1972
    Bur.   1813-1972
    Notes: Mfm# 11763-11766; This collection includes both Methodist and Presbyterian records.

  • Pugwash
    St. George's Anglican
    Bapt. 1849-1980
    Marr. 1874-1980
    Bur.   1847-1980
    Notes: Mfm# 11808; the film is of very poor quality and the records are not well organised.

    St. Matthew's United
    Bapt. 1857-1940
    Marr. 1874-1941
    Bur.   1906-1941
    Notes: Mfm# 11809; there are gaps in the records; this reel also includes the Methodist/United circuit vital records 1865-1927.

  • Southampton
    United Circuit
    Bapt. 1883-1967
    Marr. 1883-1968
    Bur.   1883-1967
    Notes: Mfm# 11881; Formerly Methodist

  • Springhill
    All Saints Anglican
    Bapt. 1881-1961
    Marr. 1881-1962
    Bur.   1881-1962
    Notes: Mfm #11882

    St. Andrews Wesley United
    Bapt. 1874-1984
    Marr. 1877-1983
    Bur.   1876-1983
    Notes: Mfm# 11883 & 11884; Formerly Methodist; records after 1952 are closed to the public.

    St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic
    Bapt. 1897-1909
    Marr. 1897-1903
    Notes: Mfm# 11890; More recent records are closed to the public.

  • Wallace
    Marr. 1832-1926
    Notes: Mfm# 11976; A partial extraction is available online for download as

    Methodist Circuit
    Bapt. 1852-1927
    Marr. 1858-1926 [scattered]
    Bur.   1842, 1883
    Notes: Mfm# 11974-11977; possibly part of St. Matthew's records

  • Wentworth
    New Annan-Wentworth Pastoral Charge (United)
    Bapt. 1859-1963
    Marr. 1859-1970
    Bur.   1859-1968
    Notes: Mfm# 942 & 944; This collection includes the records of several Methodist and Presbyterian churches in both Colchester and Cumberland counties.

Related Records

While the following churches are technically outside of Cumberland county, the records often include people from communities just across the county line.

Colchester County

  • Economy
    Bapt. 1871-1963
    Marr. 1882-1962
    Bur.   1893-1964
    Notes: Mfm# 11351; Formerly Presbyterian; these records include other Colchester county congregations.

  • Great Village
    St. James United
    Bapt. 1876-1929
    Marr. 1901-1930
    Bur.   1901-1930
    Notes: Mfm# 11387; Formerly Presbyterian; these records include Acadia United in Londonderry.

  • Tatamagouche
    Sharon United
    Bapt. 1852-1930
    Marr. 1854-1932
    Bur.   1853-1931
    Notes: Mfm# 11927; Formerly Presbyterian; index available in PANS MG 4 v. 364, #3.

  • Truro
    Immaculate Concepetion Roman Catholic
    Bapt. 1873-1909
    Marr. 1873-1909
    Bur.   1873-1891
    Notes: Mfm# 11949 & 11950; Records before 1891 include Pugwash, River Philip, Springhill, and Wallace

    St. John's Anglican
    Bapt. 1824-1958
    Marr. 1827-1940
    Bur.   1844-1925
    Notes: Mfm# 11957-11961; These records contain a few entries for Westchester and other places in Cumberland county.

Westmorland County,
New Brunswick

  • Mount Whatley
    St. Mark's Anglican
    Bapt. 1823-1917
    Marr. 1790-1835
    Notes: Mfm# 12183; It is the oldest Anglican Church in New Brunswick.
    An extraction of entries involving Nova Scotia residents (1824-1971) is available in PANS MG 1 v. 1487, #3. Most parties are from Amherst and vicinity.

  • Sackville
    Bapt. 1800-1812
    Notes: Mfm# 14070; This film is part of the Loyalist Studies collection.

Baptist Records

PANS does not hold the records of any Baptist congregations in Cumberland county. The record book of Rev. William Hall (Mfm# 10274) contains a list of marriages performed around Sackville, New Brunswick ca. 1880-1890. These include a number of persons from Cumberland county; especially Amherst, Victoria, and Maccan.

The records of the First Baptist Church, Truro (Mfm# 11936) also have a few entries for people from Cumberland county, especially before 1950:

Marr. 1929-1980
Bur.   1945-1979

I have extracted the Death and Marriage notices from available issues of the Reflector (1897-1900), published by the First Baptist Church, Amherst.

Updates to this list would be greatly appreciated!