Colchester County, Nova Scotia

Located in a Blueberry barren; approximately mile off the Lynn Mountain Road and about 3 miles from the main road [Old Highway] Truro – Parrsboro.

Compiled in June 1982 by William T. Hill

LEWIS, John [ no dates] Wife, Jane [DOYLE] 1829 – 1909

LEWIS, David A., died Jan.11,______, age_7 years [age 73 in 1871 census?- stone badly worn and broken] Wife, Eleanor [DOYLE], d. 7 Nov._____. [broken stone – age 69 in 1871 census] Marker stones – E.L. and D. A. L.

EAGLES, Rosanna, died 25 Dec.1872, in her 19th year [marker – R. E.]

The following were said to be buried here: [no other data]

LEWIS, Silas [s/o John and Jane (DOYLE)

LEWIS, ______, a d/o Emma

WEBB, ______, a d/o Sandy


In a nearby field known as the "Seven Acre Field" is a small unmarked plot, within whose remains rest the following:

LEWIS, Mrs. Charles A.[nee Rhoda EAGLES] and her son, Gordon.

In still another location and unmarked:

LEWIS, Joseph

LEWIS, _____ [ a daughter of Joseph, whose name was either Rachel or Sophrone) and her baby.

I was informed that other private unmarked graves have been found in this area of Lynn Mountain. Some died of scarlet fever and were quickly buried to avoid contamination.


Prepared for the web by Ruth Davison