Index to Weymouth Deaths

Death Records, Weymouth, Massachusetts

Compiled by Denise Reynolds from death records for the town of Weymouth, Massachusetts with Nova Scotia connections. Because of its size, it has been broken down into five files.

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First File BOUCHER, Agnes M. (Boudreau) Wf. of Amedee DELORY, Cathrine E. - wife of Daniel
Second File DELORY, Elizabeth (Girroer) - wife of Andrew LEVANGIE, J. Joseph wf. Rachel MacInnis
Third File LEVANGIE, James E. MaCDONALD, Stanley A
Fourth File MacDONALD, Alice F (Thayer) widow of John PITTS, Mary E.
Fifth File PITTS, Mary E. Wf. of James H. Pitts WHITE,John W.
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First File
BOUCHER, Agnes M. (Boudreau) Wf. of Amedee BOUCHER, Amedee J. (Hus. of Agnes M. Boudreau)
BOUCHER, Emma L. (Cook) wf. of Henry P. BOUCHER, Henry P. Sr. wf. Emma L. Cook
BOUDREAU, Arthur Jeremiah BOUDREAU, Benjamin hus. of Sarah A. Sanford
BOUDREAU, Bertha (Gallant) Wf. of Leo B. BOUDREAU, Edmund M. -hus of Mary E. Curney
BOUDREAU, Ethel Lorretta (DeGuste) Wf. of James J. BOUDREAU, James (Husb. of Lottie Deloste)
BOUDREAU, Katherine Agnes (Graham) Wid. of Lawrence BOUDREAU, Leo B. Hus of Bertha A. Gallant
BOUDREAU, Mary (Bourque) Hus. Edward E. BOUDREAU, Miriam M. (Macausty) Wid of Percy
BOUDREAU, Ophelia M. (wf of Emede Boudreau) BOUDREAU, Percy Ambrose (Hus. of Miriam M. Macusty)
BOUDREAU, Thomas L., Hus of Francias Molineaux BOUDREAU, William E.-Hus. of Francis Gardner
D'ENTREMONT, Edmound J. Hus. of Edna F. Maillett D'ENTREMONT, Raymond J. - Hus. of Anne E. Cosgrove
DECOSTE, John Theodore hus of Muriel Everett DECOSTE, Joseph H. hus. of Jane Frazier
DECOSTE, Albert J. Hus. of Lillian G. Andrews DECOSTE, Alfred T. - hus. of Cathrine Young
DECOSTE, Alice DECOSTE, Alice (wife of David)
DECOSTE, Annie (McAskill) hus. Jeffrey W. DECOSTE, David - hus of Alice Connell
DECOSTE, Elmer T. (Hus. of M. Eileen Hurley) DECOSTE, Francis (Hus. of Marie McGuinnes)
DECOSTE, Francis H., Hus of Erna Vogt DECOSTE, Fred - hus. of Alice Buchey
DECOSTE, Geoffrey H., Jr, hus. of Evelyn Loud DECOSTE, Henry hus. of Mary E. Kessler
DECOSTE, Isabel H. DECOSTE, James Francis wf. Leona Paquette
DECOSTE, James W. DECOSTE, Jane F. Wf. of Joseph H.
DECOSTE, Lillian B. (Veno) wf of Thomas DECOSTE, Mary Eileen (Hurley) wf. of Elmer T.
DECOSTE, Mary J. (Pitts) Hus. Norman J. DECOSTE, Rita M. (Lisano) Wf. of John E.
DECOSTE, Rose K. (Courtney) Hus. William F. DECOSTE, Russell E. wf. Mary Owen
DECOSTE, Ruth Elizabeth DECOSTE, Thomas E. Wf. Cathrine V. Breen
DECOSTE, Thomas, hus. of Lillian Veno DELOREY, Edward 9wf. Sadie Pitts
DELOREY, Eliza DELOREY, Elizabeth
DELOREY, Elizabeth (Mathieson) Wf. of Frank E. DELOREY, Elizabeth A. (Levangie)- wife of Wm. A.
DELOREY, Frank - hus. of Eliz. Mathieson DELOREY, J. Edwin Hus. of Madeline W. Weeks
DELOREY, John James DELOREY, Joseph Edward (Hus. of Anna Molloy)
DELOREY, Joseph H. -hus. of Eliz. C. Bleakney DELOREY, Joseph N. -Hus. of Mary J. Levangie
DELOREY, Joseph W. (wf. Mildred E. Everett) DELOREY, Lewis - hus. of
DELOREY, Lizzie - Wife of Michael DELOREY, Ralph Gorden
DELOREY, Robert R. DELOREY, Thomas
DELOREY, Thomas Micheal DELOREY, Walter J.
DELOREY, William - Hus of DELOREY, William A. (Hus. of Elizabeth Levangie)
DELOREY, William A. (Hus. of Elizabeth Rogers) DELORIA, Irene J. (Dwyer) - wf. of Clarence A.
DELORY, Abbie (DeCoste) wf of Simon DELORY, Alice
DELORY, Annie (Stanlake) wife of William DELORY, Cathrine (Delorey) - wife of Stephen
DELORY, Cathrine A. DELORY, Cathrine A. (Schofield) Wid. of Jos.
DELORY, Cathrine E. - wife of Daniel  
Second File
  DELORY, Elizabeth (Girroer) - wife of Andrew
DELORY, Joseph DELORY, Julia Marie
DELORY, Laura E. DELORY, Lucy Ellen
DELORY, Martha (Bennett) wf of Paul DELORY, Mary - wife of Joseph
DELORY, Mary J. (Girroir)-wife of Simon A. DELORY, Mary J. (LeVangie) hus. Joseph N.
DELORY, Mary P. - wife of Joseph N. DELORY, Matilda - Widow of unknown
DELORY, Michael - hus. of DELORY, Michael E.
DELORY, Philip - Hus. of DELORY, Samuel F.
DELORY, Sarah J. DELORY, Simon A. Hus. of Mary Girrior
DELORY, Simon hus. of Abbie DeCoste DELORY, Velma J.
DELORY, William H. Wid. of Annie Stanlake DELORY, William J.
DELORY,Alice A. DESLAURIER, Cora (Lavalle) wife of Arthur
DESLAURIERS, Robert F. DESLAURIES, Annie (Parrow) Wid. of William
DESLAURIES, Charles H. - wid. of DESLAURIES, Ellen G.
DESLAURIES, George F. DESLAURIES, Joseph H. wf. Helen R. Holbrook
DESLAURIES, Maria E. wife of Charles H. DESLAURIES, Philistine - hus. of Mary Delorey
DESLAURIES,Charles W, wf. Nellie G. O'Brien DEYOUNG, George Wf. Irene Barboza
DEYOUNG, Sikke - hus of Tjitske DeYoung DEYOUNG, Ethel Alice (Dolan) Wid. of Rein
DEYOUNG, Jean C. - hus. Albert L. DEYOUNG, Rein - wf. Ethel Dolan
DeCOSTE, DeCOSTE, Adeline (Delorey) wf. of Augustus
DeCOSTE, Arthur Gerald DeCOSTE, Augustus, Hus. of Adeline Delorey
DeCOSTE, Catherine - wf. of Benjamin DeCOSTE, William Jeffrey
DeCoste, Isadore hus. of Victoria (Boudreau) DeCoste, Victoria -Wife of Isidore
FERGUSON, Daniel S. Hus. of Margaret FERGUSON, Edwin A.
LANDREY, Arthur Bernard (hus. of Geraldine Buckley) LANDREY, Ellen (Fougere)- Wf. of Lawrence
LANDREY, Lawrence - Hus. of Ellen Fougere LANDREY, Mary Emma
LANDREY, Paul Francis - Hus. of Helen Thibodeau LANDRY, Anne wf. of John B.
LANDRY, Cathrine Mary (Barrett) Wid. of William F. LANDRY, Charles - hus. of Mary Comier
LANDRY, Edward S. - hus. of Helen E. Gorman LANDRY, Edward T. - Hus. of Ruth Bowman
LEBLANC, Euphrosine wife of Joseph LEVANGIE, Joseph Michael (Hus. of Francis DeCoste)
LEVANGIE, Joseph P. LEVANGIE, William E., Hus. of Edith M. Taylor
LEVANGIE, William G. (Hus. of Dorothy Emery) LEVANGIE, Alexander A. - Hus. of Etta Hayden
LEVANGIE, Catherine F. (Hannifan) Wf. of Francis B. LEVANGIE, Clifford A.
LEVANGIE, David LEVANGIE, David J. - Hus. of Margaret Frazier
LEVANGIE, Edith Mae (Taylor) Wid. of William E. LEVANGIE, Elias A. (Hus. of Stella A. MacNeill)
LEVANGIE, Etta (Hayden) wf. of Alexander LEVANGIE, Fannie (Frazier) Hus. Alexander
LEVANGIE, Florence E. (Kelly) wf. of Stephen J. LEVANGIE, Geraldine (Mulready) Div. of Harold N.
LEVANGIE, Harriet L. LEVANGIE, Herbert W.
LEVANGIE, J. Joseph wf. Rachel MacInnis  
Third File
  LEVANGIE, James E.
LEVANGIE, Jennie I. (Bernhart) - wf of John T. LEVANGIE, Joseph A. (Cranson)wf. of Beulah C.
LEVANGIE, Martin P. (Hus. of Dorothy R. DeRosa) LEVANGIE, Mary - wid. of Thomas
LEVANGIE, Mary E. LEVANGIE, Olivette - Wife of Michael
LEVANGIE, Violet J. (Guild) wf of Albert J. LEVANGIE, Walter Leo Hus. of Alice M. Murphey
LEVANGIE, William S. Hus. of Margaret H. LeBLANC, Albert J.
LeBLANC, Anthony LeBLANC, Elmira Rose
LeBLANC, Robert Rudolph Hus. of Anne Drury LeBLANC, Sabina
Levangie, Margaret (DeCoste) Wid. of James Levangie, Margaret - wife of David
Levangie, Margaret L. Levangie, Margaret wf. of Patrick Levangie
Levangie, Mary (Hurley) - wife of Peter Levangie, Peter (hus. of Mary Hurley)
MACDONALD, A. Hugh wf. Hannah M. McHale MACDONALD, A. Hugh wf. Hannah M. McHale
MACDONALD, Anna A. (Belmore) Wf. of George V. Sr. MACDONALD, Anna G. (Dingwell) Wid. of Harold
MACDONALD, Anna G. (Dingwell) Wid. of Harold MACDONALD, Anna V. (Burns) wf. of Hector
MACDONALD, Anna Wife of John M. MACDONALD, Annabelle (MacDonald )(o.k.) Hus of Maylo G.
MACDONALD, Annabelle (MacDonald )(o.k.) Hus of Maylo G. MACDONALD, Anne Kathleen (Ellegood) Wf. of Joseph A.
MACDONALD, Anne Kathleen (Ellegood) Wf. of Joseph A. MACDONALD, Baby boy
MACDONALD, Baby boy MACDONALD, Hector hus. of Anna Burns
MCDONALD, Agnes G. (Flynn) John J. MCDONALD, John J. (Wid. of Catherine Lee)
MCDONALD, John J. Sr. - Hus. of Sara Pitts MCDONALD, Lillian Maria
MCDONALD, Sarah J. (Pitts),Hus. John J. Sr. MCDONALD, Alberta
MCDONALD, Anna MCDONALD, Bridget - wife of John
MCDONALD, Catherine (Walsh)- wife of Williams MCDONALD, Dorothy (Bagley) wid. of Edward T.
MCDONALD, Douglas G.A. (Hus. of Ruth Cumming) MCDONALD, Earl L. - Wf. sadie C. McRury
MCDONALD, Edgar H. (Husband of Helen C. Landry) MCDONALD, Edward T. (Hus-Dorothy Bagley)
MCDONALD, Elizabeth (Fletcher) Wid. of Francis MCDONALD, Elizabeth C. (Griffin) wid. of Francis X.
MCDONALD, Ellen - wife of James MCDONALD, Fred J. - hus. of Jennie Scott
MCDONALD, Jerome V. - Hus. (Wid. of Ruth L. Whiting) MCDONALD, Jerome V. - Hus. of Mary Counihan
MCDONALD, John F. Hus. of Katherine Connor MCDONALD, John J. Hus. of Agnes G. Flynn
MCDONALD, John J. Hus. of Lillian Allen MCDONALD, Joseph W - hus. of Rossella J. Donahue
MCDONALD, Jule - hus. of MCDONALD, Juliette M. (Thiboutot) Wf of John
MCDONALD, June A. (Vigneau) wid. of Robert C. MCDONALD, Lillian G.
MCDONALD, Lousia Eda MCDONALD, Margaret - Wid. of Joseph
MCDONALD, Mary Wife of Jerome V. MCDONALD, Rosella J. (Donahoe) Wf. of Joseph
MCDONALD, Willie Leslie MCDONALD,Francis P. (hus. of Elizabeth Fletcher)
MCDONALD,Lewis D. Wf. Mary L. Waite MCDONALD,Lillian M. (Allen) wf of John J.
MaCDONALD, Annie (Rooney) wf. of Hyacinth V. MaCDONALD, Annie wf. of Alexander
MaCDONALD, Arthur F. - Hus. of Delvina LeClair MaCDONALD, Arthur J. - wf.
MaCDONALD, Hyacinth V. hus. of Annie (Rooney) MaCDONALD, Sarah (Hall) wf. of Ronald
MaCDONALD, Sarah (Lawton) - wf. of Alexander MaCDONALD, Sarah J. (-----) -Wife of John R.
MaCDONALD, Stanley A.  
Fourth File
  MacDONALD, Alice F (Thayer) widow of John
MacDONALD, Allan J. - Wf. Jessie McDonald MacDONALD, Alton Stanley (Hus. of Mary A. Walters)
MacDONALD, Andrew - Margaret J. Cole MacDONALD, Arabella (MacKenzie) Wid. of Fredrick
MacDONALD, John P. Hus. of Alice F (Thayer) McDONALD, Margaret (O'Brien) Wf. of John
McDONALD, Margaret L. (Moran) Hus. Jerome J. McDONALD, Margaret R. (Watson) Wid. of Thomas J.
McDONALD, Maria C. (Harrison) wife of John McDONALD, Marion G. (Riley) wf. of Thomas F.
McDONALD, Mary (O'Rielly) wid. of John McDONALD, Mary Julia (Connelly) wf. of Thomas
McDONALD, Minnie McDONALD, Minnie (Hendrickson) wf. of Wm.
McDONALD, Noreine wf. of Frank McDONALD, Ruth Ida
McDONALD, Christine Wife of John McDONALD, Claire wife of Charles S.
McDONALD, Clarence Leslie McDONALD, Daniel C. Hus. of
McDONALD, Elsie McDONALD, Ethel Stafford
McDONALD, Gladys M. (Hus. Robert G.) McDONALD, James Lawrence
McDONALD, John - Wid. of McDONALD, John Edward Hus. of Barbra McGrath
McDONALD, Mary A. - Wf. of John J. McDONALD, Mary E. - wife of Joseph W.
McDONALD, Mary E. Wid. of John A. McDONALD, Rodney M. Hus. of Nellie Morey
McDONALD, Ronald Francis, hus. of McDONALD, Rose C. (Beary) wid. of John E.
McDONALD, Ruth (Cumming) wf of Douglas G. A. McDONALD, Walter a. hus of Gladys C. Atwood
PELLERAN, David - widow of PELLERAN, Maria - wife of David
PELLERIN, Zecilla PELRINE, Joseph Hus. of Helen L. Heath
PELRINE, Joseph Thomas Hus. of Geraldine Wilmont PELRINE, Laurence W. Hus. of Maryline D. Bond
PEROW, Sophia Alice PERRO, Annastatia (Boudreau) wife of Cyril
PETIPAS, Mary Simpson Hus. Desira PETIPAS, William A. hus. of Minnie Landry
PETTIPAS, Herbert wf. Mary Garufo PETTIPAS, John W. Hus. of Alice Dempster
PITTAPAS, Mary A. (Myette) Wf. of Charles J. PITTS, Dorothy E. (Nelson) wf. of Joseph L.
PITTS, Eugene Hus. of Mary Donavan PITTS, John H. - hus. of Mary A. Gilbride
PITTS, Joseph L. - hus. of Mary Crean Pitts PITTS, Agnes wife of Joseph E. Pitts
PITTS, Annie Kathleen (Thompson) wf. of Lawrence M. PITTS, Baby Girl
PITTS, Charles B. hus. of Margaret L. Dadeau PITTS, Charles B. hus. of Margaret L. Dadeau
PITTS, Charles J. Hus. of Mary Myatt PITTS, Delia J.
PITTS, Emily Gladys PITTS, Francis A.
PITTS, Francis R. Hus. of Martha J. McDonald PITTS, George E. (Hus. of Gladys Carlson)
PITTS, Infant Male PITTS, James H.
PITTS, James H. - hus. of Mary McDonald PITTS, James M. - hus. of Mary Dohrety
PITTS, Jeremiah PITTS, Jeremiah E. - hus. of Agnes McDonald
PITTS, John A. PITTS, John F. hus of C.N.B.L.
PITTS, John H. hus.of Sarah Gerrior PITTS, John H.hus. of Annie J. Veno
PITTS, Josephine M. (Dawson) Wid. of William H. PITTS, Lawence W.
PITTS, Lawrence M.- Wid. of A. Kathleen Thompson PITTS, Margaret L. (wife of Charles B.)
PITTS, Martha Jane wf. of Francis PITTS, Mary A. (MacDonald) Wid. of Jeremiah E.
PITTS, Mary E.  
Fifth File
  PITTS, Mary E. Wf. of James H. Pitts
PITTS, Mrs. PITTS, Olga L. (Salvetti) wife of Charles B.
PITTS, Sarah J (Gerrior) wf. of John H. PITTS, William A.
VENO, Annie VENO, Annie B. (Wife of Samual T. )
VENO, Benjamin F. Hus. of Eliza DeCoste VENO, Cathrine D. (O'Conner) Wid. of Raymond J.
VENO, Christina - wid. of Edward VENO, Daniel
VENO, Edmund Drake VENO, Horace R.
VENO, James W. VENO, Joseph
VENO, Lester B. - hus. of E. Evelyn Ashton VENO, Mary Hazel
VENO, Mary M. (Duke) Wife of Matthew Veno VENO, Mathew J. hus. of Mary Duke
VENO, Raymond Hus. of Catherine O'Connor VENO, Samuel T. (wife Annie Blanche Nichols)
VENO, Susan - wife of William VENO, Walter F.
VENO, William Harold VENO, William John (Hus. of Maude M.Poulin)
WHITE, Fredrick J. Hus. of Anna E. McIver WHITE, Harvey E.
WHITE, Helen V. WHITE, Henry Edmond
WHITE, Henry G. Hus. of Myrtle M C Linkletter WHITE, James Hus,. of Mary L. LaBrecque
WHITE, John C. (Wf. Mary Perro) WHITE, John Francis
WHITE, Joseph W. hus. of Doroty E. Diekmeyer WHITE, Mary L. (Abit) wid. of
WHITE, Minnie L. WHITE, Nathan A. hus. of Annie McAfee
WHITE, Paul - Wid. of WHITE, Peter C. Hus. of
WHITE, Peter J. WHITE, Ann E. (Paon) wf. of Robert M.
WHITE, Annie L. (Hus. Nathan A.) WHITE, Benjamin B. - hus. of Mary DeCoste
WHITE, Charles Edmund (hus. of Mildred L. Damon) WHITE, Cyrus Sherburn
WHITE, Danitelle (LeBlanc) Wid. of George WHITE, Edmund P.- hus of Sarah E. Lynch
WHITE, Edward Louis WHITE, Emily - Wife of
WHITE, Emily A. (Castine) wf of Albert WHITE, Eva A.
WHITE, Eva Louisa WHITE, Frank A.
WHITE, Fredrick (Hus. of Cora S. Ross) WHITE, George A. Wf. Mary E. Pitts
WHITE, George N. WHITE, George Walter
WHITE, Hannah L WHITE, John B. Hus. of Margaret E. Dauphne
WHITE, Julia M. WHITE, Leonard Joseph hus. of Marguerite V. Barthel
WHITE, Lucy A. Hus. Simon L. WHITE, Margaret (Perrow) wf. of Walter J.
WHITE, Margaret E (Dauphinee) Wid. of John B. WHITE, Margaret Julia - hus. George W.
WHITE, Maria (Harbell) - Wid of George S. WHITE, Mary (Perro) Wife of John
WHITE, Mary E. Pitts (Wf.of George) WHITE, Mary J. - wife of Benjamin
WHITE, Mary M. (Leonard) Wf. of Irving F. WHITE, Nellie
WHITE, Raymond R. Hus. of Frances V. Sevey WHITE, Robert M. (hus. of Ann Paon)
WHITE, Rodolph R. WHITE, Sadie G.
WHITE, Sarah - Wife of Henry L. WHITE, Simon L.
WHITE, Wallace L. WHITE, Walter - hus. of Mabel Hayden
WHITE, John W.