Martin MacDonald ~ 1810 Land Petition

To His Excellency Sir George Provost Bar & Lieut Governor and Commander in Chief in and over His Majesty’s Province of Nova Scotia

The Petition of Martin MacDonald of the Gulf of Saint Laurence in behalf of his Sons, John, Angus, Ronald & Donald-
Humbly Sheweth
                That your Petitioner is now about the age of 55 years and came to this County about Twenty six years age being a native of the Shire of Inverness of and received land for himself - That he has now a wife and seven Sons and three Daughters - That on the Land so assigned to him he has cleared near Eighty Acres - That his Sons are of the following age John Twenty Eight years, Angus Twenty One years, Ronald Eighteen years, and Donald Fifteen years and are now desirous of obtaining Land for settling themselves - That your Petitioner was two years settled before any other person was settled beyween his Land and Antigonish - or Merigomish - That your Petitioner has been always ready to take the Oath of Allegiance and to conform in all things to his Majesty’s Instructions.

Knoydart 12th Nov 1810

        Your Petitioner therefore humbly Prays your Excellency to take the Case of himself and his Sons into your kind consideration and to direct that a Warrant of Survey fore which(?) Proportion of Land to each of them out of the ungranted Land round Antigonish or Tracardy or on the Gulf Shore where so over the Land can be found asto your Excellency shall soon noot(?) And you Petitioner as in Duty Pound will over Pray -

                                                             Mark      of
                                                                            Martin MacDonald

District of Pictou Co.

On the 12th day of November 1810 Personally appeared before me and one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the County of Halifax the above Martin MacDonald and being duly Sworn did Depose to the the truth of the facts stated

In the foregoing Petition and I respectfully beg leave to certify that I severely(?) believe the same to be true and that the said Martin MacDonald is a very Industrious man

                                                                                                                                                                Nich. P. Holding(?) J.P.

In committe 9th July 1811  The Surveyor Land replant (?) confirmed -
                                                                                (signed ?)

No. 1610
A Warrant Granted 4th Nov 1812 (signed ?)

His Excellency Sir George Prevost Bar

The Petition of Martin MacDonald in behalf of his sons -

Petitioner can be provided with Land in which for portion as may be thouied(?) Vont(?)-

himself --- 300 ---
John -------200
                G Morris
                     S. Per(?)

Re   27 Feb 1811


Nova Scotia Archives and Records Managment
Call Number:  RG 20 Series A (Mflim 157031)
Title:  Martin McDonald 1810
Date:  4 Aug 2010

From Peter MacDonald (Descendant of Martin MacDonald)