Annapolis County Cemetery Listings, Surnames - XYZ

Annapolis County, Nova Scotia Cemetery Listings

Surnames - XYZ


Given Name



YarrigleAlbertBear River, Mt. Hope240  
YarrigleLottie GertrudeBear River, Mt. Hope377  
YarrigleMary JaneBear River, Mt. Hope240  
YarrigleMaudeBear River, Mt. Hope378  
YarrigleRoscoeBear River, Mt. Hope378 A
YarrigleWilliam AlbertBear River, Mt. Hope377 A
YenWilliam J.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery128 A
YorkAnnNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 687 A
YorkeCharles A.Clementsvale Cemetery338 A
YorkeCurtis M.Clementsvale Cemetery243
YorkeGeorge E.Clementsvale Cemetery243 A
YorkeHarriet A.Clementsvale Cemetery243
YorkeHoward GeorgeBear River, Mt. Hope370 A
YorkeLizzieNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 399 A
YorkeMary AgnesBear River, Mt. Hope370  
YorkeRalph C.Clementsvale Cemetery243
YorkeRhoda A.Bear River, Mt. Hope9  
YoungA MaynardSpringfield Cemetery 151
YoungA.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 39 A
YoungAbbie E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery612
YoungAbbie JaneMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery612
YoungAbigailGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery35 A
YoungAbramBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 21 A
YoungAbramBridgetown Riverside75
YoungAdriannaGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 20
YoungAlfredKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard204 A
YoungAlidaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery612
YoungAnnBellisle, Pioneer 10 A
YoungAnn E.Bellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 1
YoungAnnieMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery63 A
YoungAnnieParadise Cemetery244
YoungAnnie EthelMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery38 A
YoungAugustaUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 2
YoungBabyBridgetown Riverside131 A
YoungBernard L.Young's Cove Cemetery15 A
YoungBessie JaneGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 79
YoungCalvinBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 21
YoungCarrol RSpringfield Cemetery 144
YoungCatherineBridgetown Riverside133 A
YoungCatherineMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery416
YoungCharles P.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery483 A
YoungClaraBridgetown Riverside75
YoungColin W.Bellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 21
YoungDavidParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 51 A
YoungEddyBridgetown Riverside133
YoungEdwardBridgetown Riverside132 A
YoungEdward T.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery156 A
YoungEffie JaneGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 30
YoungEliLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery460
YoungEliza AnnParadise Cemetery40 A
YoungElizabethGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard16
YoungElizabethBridgetown Riverside132
YoungElla G.Bellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 22
YoungEllenMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery483
YoungElmer F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery483
YoungElwoodSpringfield Cemetery 144 A
YoungEmiline S.Hampton Cemetery 22 A
YoungErminaBridgetown Riverside697
YoungEuphemiaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery417 A
YoungEva R.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery486
YoungEvAngeline B LMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery36 A
YoungFlorence EttaBellisle, Gesner 20
YoungFlosie KathleenLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery202 A
YoungFlossie NyeBridgetown Riverside298
YoungFoster ASpringfield Cemetery 151
YoungFrances A.Paradise Cemetery247 A
YoungFred VBridgetown Riverside297 A
YoungFrederick WilliamParadise Cemetery245 A
YoungG ArthurMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery39 A
YoungGeorge WilliamBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 6
YoungH MaySpringfield Cemetery 144
YoungH.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 40 A
YoungHamilton O.Paradise Cemetery246 A
YoungHannahGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery40 A
YoungHaroldBridgetown Riverside75 A
YoungHarry T.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery488 A
YoungHattie M.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 135
YoungHerman RBridgetown Riverside299
YoungHiramYoung's Cove Cemetery4 A
YoungHiramBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 22 A
YoungHorace LSpringfield Cemetery 151 A
YoungHorace LSpringfield Cemetery 152 A
YoungHoward D.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 79 A
YoungI. MerrvinYoung's Cove Cemetery15
YoungIsaacMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery612 A
YoungIsaiahGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard16 A
YoungIsraelNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 639 A
YoungJ. ClarenceBridgetown Riverside695 A
YoungJ. WallaceBridgetown Riverside697 A
YoungJacob V.T.Young's Cove Cemetery5 A
YoungJamesNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 58 A
YoungJames JBridgetown Riverside299
YoungJaneBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 21
YoungJohnBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 10
YoungJosephMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery177 A
YoungJoseph H.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery391 A
YoungJoseph HenryBellisle, Gesner 20 A
YoungJulia HGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard20
YoungLemuel P.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery390 A
YoungLenley E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery486 A
YoungLillian BBridgetown Riverside297
YoungLizzie A.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery64 A
YoungLouis GBridgetown Riverside298 A
YoungLouisa E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery799 A
YoungLydiaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery176
YoungMaggieMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery488
YoungMargreriteLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery76
YoungMariaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery155 A
YoungMark C.Hampton Cemetery 32 A
YoungMartha ElizabethKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard185
YoungMaryMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery157 A
YoungMary AnnMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery520 A
YoungMary E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery391
YoungMary NinaHillsburn Cemetery25 A
YoungMelvania E.Bellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 21
YoungMilleora E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery393 A
YoungMinnie B.Bridgetown Riverside695
YoungMosesMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery416 A
YoungMyrna D.Hampton Cemetery 32
YoungOlive ESpringfield Cemetery 151
YoungParker FreemanMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery485 A
YoungPheobe AnnBellisle, Gesner 28
YoungPriscilla A.Bellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 21
YoungRenith BradFordLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery460 A
YoungRhedoraSpringfield Cemetery 144
YoungRobert HUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 2 A
YoungRobieBridgetown Riverside75
YoungRobie S.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 135 A
YoungRoy C.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 79
YoungRuth AnnBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 10
YoungSammy C.Paradise Cemetery41 A
YoungSamuelMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery176 A
YoungSarah AnnYoung's Cove Cemetery6 A
YoungSethBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 1 A
YoungSethMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery380 A
YoungSeth L.Bellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 21
YoungSusan M.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 79
YoungSusieBridgetown Riverside75
YoungSyble J.Karsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard204
YoungTheodafe AmandaYoung's Cove Cemetery7 A
YoungV.J.Karsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard185 A
YoungVaughnLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery202
YoungVernon ESpringfield Cemetery 144
YoungVictorBridgetown Riverside75
YoungWilbur CBridgetown Riverside299 A
YoungWilliam H.Bellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 6 A
ZeiglerHannahPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery144
ZeiglerJames W.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery144 A
ZinckA. WilbertNew Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground20
ZinckGeorge EmersonSpringfield Cemetery 69 A
ZinckTheophilus RSpringfield Cemetery 180 A
ZinckViola GSpringfield Cemetery 180
ZwickerAllen O.Albany Cross22
ZwickerBabyLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery363 A
ZwickerBenjaminWilmot, Union Church Cemetery47 A
ZwickerCarrieMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard25 A
ZwickerCharles E.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery173 A
ZwickerCharles F.Albany Cross22
ZwickerDeliliah D.Albany Cross18
ZwickerEtta E.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery53 A
ZwickerFrederica O.Albany Cross22
ZwickerFrederick C.Albany Cross22 A
ZwickerH. AllenAlbany Cross18 A
ZwickerHannah R.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery952
ZwickerHenryNew Albany, Loyalist Cemetery5 A
ZwickerIra SamuelMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery952 A
ZwickerJohn A.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard26 A
ZwickerJohn P.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard28 A
ZwickerMannettaNew Albany, Loyalist Cemetery5
ZwickerMary AdelaideGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard31
ZwickerMurray DonaldAlbany Cross17
ZwickerOwen KennethAlbany Cross17 A
ZwickerRosaliaWilmot, Union Church Cemetery47
ZwickerSarahClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery174
ZwickerSusan NorwoodMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard27 A
ZwickerWillard P.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery174 A
ZwickerWinnifred IreneAlbany Cross17