Annapolis County Cemetery Listings, Surnames - W

Annapolis County, Nova Scotia Cemetery Listings

Surnames - W


Given Name



W.M.New Albany, Whitman Small Cemetery2 A
WadeAbelBridgetown Riverside26 A
WadeAlbertBridgetown, Anglican Church 31 A
WadeAnnie GertrudeBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 15
WadeArthurBridgetown, Anglican Church 31
WadeArthurMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery133 A
WadeBarbara EleanorBear River, Mt. Hope417  
WadeBernardBear River, Mt. Hope417  
WadeBerniceBridgetown, Anglican Church 63 A
WadeBerniceBridgetown, Anglican Church 63 A
WadeCarolineBellisle, Gesner 25 A
WadeCaroline G.Bellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 20
WadeCassie E.Bear River, Mt. Hope417  
WadeCharlesBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 20
WadeCharles F.Hillsburn Cemetery46 A
WadeChester A.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 4 A
WadeDavidGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard76 A
WadeE.Parker's Cove 1 Cemetery 4 A
WadeEdmundBear River, Mt. Hope417  
WadeElizaBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 20
WadeElizaBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 20
WadeEllenGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 84 A
WadeEmma F.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 83
WadeErnest R.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 152
WadeF.Parker's Cove 1 Cemetery 5 A
WadeFlorence E.Bellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 23
WadeFrances D.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard41
WadeFred E.Bear River, Mt. Hope417  
WadeG. RiggieBear River, Mt. Hope417  
WadeH. ReginaldGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 64 A
WadeHannahGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 85
WadeHannah A.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 84
WadeHannah SarahKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard143 A
WadeHarrietGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 86 A
WadeHazel LeeHillsburn Cemetery46
WadeHerbert H.Bellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 24 A
WadeHester E.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 4
WadeIda C.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard41
WadeJ. NormanGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 82
WadeJ. ReginaldGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 82 A
WadeJaneBridgetown, Anglican Church 31
WadeJobGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 85 A
WadeJohnBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 20 A
WadeJohnBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 20
WadeJohn MUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 23 A
WadeJohn W.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 83 A
WadeJosephGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 89 A
WadeJuliaUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 23
WadeLeonardGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard78 A
WadeLouiseBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 24
WadeLydiaGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard78
WadeMargaret E.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard41
WadeMariaBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 20
WadeMary B.Bear River, Mt. Hope231  
WadeMary J.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard76
WadeMary L.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 90 A
WadeMayGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 89
WadeMilton H.Parker's Cove 2 Cemetery1 A
WadeMorrison OakesBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 15 A
WadeMrs. WilliamGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard63 A
WadeMurielBear River, Mt. Hope417  
WadeNancyGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 89
WadeNellie F.Parker's Cove 2 Cemetery1
WadeNormanGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 84
WadeNorman KenmireKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard147 A
WadeOlivia H.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 85
WadePhebeBellisle, Pioneer 9 A
WadePrudyGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 89
WadeRobert ParkerKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard144 A
WadeSarah AnnGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard41 A
WadeSethBear River, Mt. Hope48 A
WadeStephen FowlerBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 23 A
WadeThomasGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard5 A
WadeThomasBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 17 A
WadeWalter W.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard41
WadeWilliam C.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard69 A
WadeWilliam E.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard10 A
WadeWilliam W.Bear River, Mt. Hope417 A
WadmanHelenMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery5
WadmanMichael WadmanMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery5 A
WagnerAnna MaeBridgetown Riverside539
WagnerAnthony A.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard25 A
WagnerArthur J.Bridgetown Riverside539 A
WagnerCharles P.Port George, Hillside Cemetery196 A
WagnerClara V.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard24 A
WagnerColin R.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 571 A
WagnerDennis F.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard46 A
WagnerElsie M.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 571
WagnerEmmersonFalkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard24
WagnerEugenie R.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard46
WagnerFannie M.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard46
WagnerFlorence M.Port George, Hillside Cemetery196
WagnerJacob A.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard23 A
WagnerLeora F.Clementsvale Cemetery218
WagnerMyrtle M.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard25
WagnerSarah AnnFalkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard23
WagnerSarah M.Clementsvale Cemetery264 A
WagnerSophiaFalkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard23
WagstaffCatherineWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery8 A
WagstaffEleanorPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery82 A
WagstaffGeorge A.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery80
WagstaffJames E.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery82
WagstaffJohnLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery125 A
WagstaffLillianLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery125
WagstaffMarionCenterlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery30 A
WagstaffMaryWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery8
WagstaffMaryRound Hill 2 Cemetery 36
WagstaffMary E.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery82
WagstaffMary Jane WattLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery125
WagstaffNormanPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery80 A
WagstaffThomasPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery81 A
WagstaffWilliamRound Hill 2 Cemetery 36 A
WalcottBessie S.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 82 A
WaldenDonald K.Clementsvale Cemetery203 A
WaldenMillicentClementsvale Cemetery203
WalkerAdolpheusUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery48 A
WalkerAgnes MaryBridgetown Riverside671 A
WalkerAlbertGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 100 A
WalkerAmbrosa O.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery95 A
WalkerAndrewUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery44 A
WalkerAndrewUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery45 A
WalkerAndrewAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery107 A
WalkerAndrewBridgetown Riverside445 A
WalkerAnnUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery30
WalkerAnnUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery46 A
WalkerAnna M.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 100
WalkerAnnie A.Bridgetown Riverside702 A
WalkerAnnie M.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery75 A
WalkerBerthaUpper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery10 A
WalkerBessie FlorenceCenterlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery60 A
WalkerCarmen LovettClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery179
WalkerCharlotteUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery31
WalkerConnie A.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery107
WalkerEleanor I.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery95
WalkerFamichieBellisle, Gesner 17 A
WalkerFlora A.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 191
WalkerGeorgeBridgetown Riverside34 A
WalkerGeorgeMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery676 A
WalkerHarrietMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery803 A
WalkerHellenUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery30
WalkerHenrietta A.Bridgetown Riverside445
WalkerHenryAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery94 A
WalkerIreneMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery706
WalkerIreneMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery709
WalkerIsrael P.Clementsvale Cemetery288 A
WalkerJ. EdwinBridgetown Riverside701
WalkerJamesBridgetown Riverside36
WalkerJames T.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 99 A
WalkerJaneBridgetown Riverside701 A
WalkerLouis A.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 98 A
WalkerLouis D.Centerlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery61 A
WalkerLucretiaGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 165
WalkerMabel R.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery69
WalkerMargaretMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery676
WalkerMaria ABridgetown Riverside35 A
WalkerMartha E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery676
WalkerMary A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery676
WalkerMiinnie G.Bridgetown Riverside498
WalkerMildred PrudenceClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery179 A
WalkerNeil R.Bridgetown Riverside498 A
WalkerPhebeAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 148 A
WalkerPhineas W.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 165 A
WalkerRobert H.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 191 A
WalkerSusanUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery48
WalkerThomasUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery31 A
WalkerThomasAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 147 A
WalkerWalter G.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery289 A
WalkerWilliamUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery30 A
WalkerWilliamBridgetown Riverside36 A
WallaceCharlotte McLeodClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery164
WallaceInfantGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery13 A
WallaceInus M.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery74 A
WallaceIrene C. IsraelMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery974 A
WallaceLewLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery68
WallsRex JMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery113 A
WalshAsa P.Bear River, Mt. Hope54  
WalshDavidBear River, Mt. Hope142 A
WalshEdmundBear River, Mt. Hope142  
WalshEdmundBear River, Mt. Hope398 A
WalshFannie JaneBear River, Mt. Hope398  
WalshFannie JaneBear River, Mt. Hope398  
WalshGeorge MauRiceBear River, Mt. Hope142  
WalshHarriet M.Bear River, Mt. Hope398  
WalshHelena AdamsBear River, Mt. Hope142  
WalshMary E.Bear River, Mt. Hope54  
WalshMary SophiaBear River, Mt. Hope398  
WalshMyrtleBridgetown Riverside580
WalshSara M.Bear River, Mt. Hope142  
WalshWilliam ChandlerBridgetown Riverside580 A
WambaultJ. BenjaminMilford, Maplewood Cemetery1
WambaultSophroniaMilford, Maplewood Cemetery1 A
WamboldtKenneth O.Bear River, Mt. Hope360 A
WamboldtMildred I.Bear River, Mt. Hope360  
WamboldtMinnie L.Clementsvale Cemetery246
WamboltBernice B.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery1 A
WamboltCharles E.Bear River, Mt. Hope239 A
WamboltEmmaClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery110 A
WamboltGerald LeRoyNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 221 A
WamboltHarrietNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 220
WamboltJohnNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 220 A
WamboltLottie L.Bear River, Mt. Hope239  
WamboltStuartNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 164 A
WamboltSusanNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 164
WardAbigailPort George, Hillside Cemetery200
WardAlfred StanleyMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery84 A
WardAnnieTorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery51 A
WardBenjamin F.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard23 A
WardCarolineMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard23
WardCharlotte E.Nictaux Falls, Zion United Church Cemetery4
WardDavidNictaux Falls, Zion United Church Cemetery4 A
WardEdna C.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery280 A
WardFrank W.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery279 A
WardGeorgeMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery87 A
WardGeorge DNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 702 A
WardHarrisPort George, Hillside Cemetery200 A
WardJamesMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery85
WardJohnMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery86 A
WardNellie J.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery279
WardSarahMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery87
WardSusanMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery86
WardWalterMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery85 A
WardlawJeanBear River, Mt. Hope175  
WarnerAbby JNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 398
WarnerAlpharettaBear River, Mt. Hope335  
WarnerCharles O.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 177
WarnerEva M.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery117 A
WarnerJohn F.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 177 A
WarnerMary L.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 177
WarnerSophia SNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 398
WarnerWiliam MNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 398 A
WarrenAlice L.Bridgetown Riverside743 A
WarrenEliLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery460
WarrenGertrude M.Bear River, Mt. Hope133  
WarrenJoseph L.Bear River, Mt. Hope252 A
WarrenLillian D.Bridgetown Riverside744 A
WarrenLottieBridgetown Riverside743
WarrenMargaret M.Bear River, Mt. Hope252  
WarrenW.H.Bridgetown Riverside743
WarrenWilbert A.Bridgetown Riverside743
WarwickIsabelSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 163 A
WarwickJohn C.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 164 A
WarwickRobert AndrewsSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 162 A
WatermanLydia E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery816
WatkeysHenryAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 124
WatkeysSuzanaAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 124 A
WatkinsWilliamNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 104 A
WatsonAlfred W.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery461 A
WatsonDamarisNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 386 A
WatsonGeorge E.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery95 A
WatsonGerald RobertClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery143 A
WatsonJoannaNictaux Falls, Methodist Church Cemetery2
WatsonKathleenClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery143
WatsonMarryNictaux Falls, Methodist Church Cemetery2
WatsonOlga ClairLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery461
WatsonSusanMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery95
WatsonWilliamNictaux Falls, Methodist Church Cemetery2 A
WattJamesLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery395 A
WattJohnLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery395
WattMargaretLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery395
WattMary JaneLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery125
WattWilliam GordonLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery395
WattersDavina S.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery928
WaughBertha A.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery341
WaughJames A.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery341 A
WeagleJennie AMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery93
WeagleMary MMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery93
WeaglePercy EMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery93 A
WealeJ. FrankMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery918 A
WearArthurRound Hill 2 Cemetery 35
WearHerbertLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery312 A
WearIda M.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 35
WearJoseph A.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 35 A
WearLawrence C.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery312
WearLillieRound Hill 2 Cemetery 35
WearPheobeBridgetown Riverside756
WearPhyllis KatherineLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery457 A
WearWalterAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery130 A
WearWilliam L.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery312
WeareRose MayBridgetown Riverside5 A
WeareSamuelBridgetown Riverside6 A
WeaselJohnLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery508 A
WeaselLemuelNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 695 A
WeaselLottieLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery508
WeatherspoonAdeline M.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 50
WeatherspoonAnnGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery4 A
WeatherspoonBenjaminParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 50 A
WeatherspoonDavidGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery12 A
WeatherspoonElizabethGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery4
WeatherspoonElizabethGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery12
WeatherspoonElizabeth B.Granville Ferry, Mills Cemetery14
WeatherspoonWilliamGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery338
WeatherspoonWilliam HerbertGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery30 A
WeatherspoonWilliam M.Granville Ferry, Mills Cemetery14 A
WeaverAdelbert H.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery135 A
WeaverAnnie R.Port George, Hillside Cemetery8
WeaverBessie M.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery121
WeaverCharles B.Port George, Hillside Cemetery157 A
WeaverCharles H.Port George, Hillside Cemetery161 A
WeaverCharlottePort George, Hillside Cemetery69
WeaverElla  M.Port George, Hillside Cemetery159
WeaverFlora BellePort George, Hillside Cemetery159
WeaverGuilford A.Port George, Hillside Cemetery8 A
WeaverHarry P.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery136 A
WeaverHenry R.Port George, Hillside Cemetery137 A
WeaverJ. AlbertaMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery135
WeaverJohnPort George, Hillside Cemetery134 A
WeaverLester F.Port George, Hillside Cemetery159 A
WeaverM. IreneMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery120
WeaverRobert D.Port George, Hillside Cemetery135 A
WeaverRoberta F.Port George, Hillside Cemetery136 A
WeaverRoberta F.Port George, Hillside Cemetery136
WeaverSarah J.Port George, Hillside Cemetery158 A
WeaverSusan A.Port George, Hillside Cemetery138 A
WeaverWilliamPort George, Hillside Cemetery69 A
WeaverWilliam L.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery121 A
WeazDouglas L.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery35 A
WeazMaud L.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery35  
WeazNancy D.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery35
WeazNancy DiAnneLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery36 A
WebbAmandaClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery187
WebbAnnieLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery114 A
WebbEliza G.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard18
WebbEmilySpringfield Cemetery 179
WebbJosiahSpringfield Cemetery 179 A
WebbMary A.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard18
WebbSamuelGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard18 A
WebbW.Bear River, Mt. Hope442 A
WebbWilliam Le CounldLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery114
WebbWilliam R.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard18
WebberCassieGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery5
WebberElizabethGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery5
WebberJames W.Granville Ferry, Mills Cemetery5
WebberJob WadeGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery5
WebberMatildaGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery5
WebberWilliamGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery5 A
WebberWilliamGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery5
WebberZebadiahGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery217 A
WebberZebediah J.Granville Ferry, Mills Cemetery5
WebsterKarlClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery136 A
WebsterMary EMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery191 A
WedgwoodGeorgeLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery21
WeilandAugusta J.Clementsvale Cemetery143
WeilantLeffersonClementsvale Cemetery53 A
WeilantMaggieClementsvale Cemetery228
WeirC.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 31 A
WeirF.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 32 A
WeirG. B.Victoria Beach, Garden of Peace Cemetery8 A
WeirJosephBear River, Mt. Hope191  
WeirMargeson A.Hampton Cemetery 36 A
WeirMarthaBear River, Mt. Hope191  
WeirNormaBear River, Mt. Hope191  
WeirW.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 33 A
WelchAminillaEast Margaretsville Cemetery 27 A
WelchAnnie GeorgiaPort George, Hillside Cemetery120 A
WeldonWilliam H.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery303
WellAnnAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 95
WellsAnnieBridgetown Riverside739
WellsCarolineMochelle, Harris Cemetery 84
WellsCaroline S.Bridgetown Riverside523
WellsCharlesMochelle, Harris Cemetery 19 A
WellsCharlotte A.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 17 A
WellsElizabethMochelle, Harris Cemetery 38 A
WellsGeorgeMochelle, Harris Cemetery 84 A
WellsGeorgeLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery102
WellsMaggieMochelle, Harris Cemetery 83 A
WellsMariaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery183
WellsWilliamMochelle, Harris Cemetery 39 A
WellsmanIreanMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery65 A
WelshAdelineGranville Ferry, Troop/Hall Cemetery2
WelshJohnAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 61 A
WeltonWalterMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery411 A
WentzelHerman J.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery261 A
WentzelJacobLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery262 A
WentzelJulia EmmaLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery261
WentzelSusanLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery262
WentzellAlex. B.Bear River, Mt. Hope4 A
WentzellAnnie B.Bear River, Mt. Hope4  
WentzellBeatriceParadise Cemetery163 A
WentzellDelilahMilford, Maplewood Cemetery20
WentzellDorcey W.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery124 A
WentzellEdgar A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery72 A
WentzellEdwardBear River, Mt. Hope4  
WentzellEstellaBear River, Mt. Hope70  
WentzellGeorge HenryMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery129 A
WentzellGeorge OtisBear River, Mt. Hope4  
WentzellGladys E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery863
WentzellJ.RufusMilford, Maplewood Cemetery20 A
WentzellJames E.Bear River, Mt. Hope3 A
WentzellJohn FrederickMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery127 A
WentzellJoseph M.Bridgetown Riverside430 A
WentzellLawrenaMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery126 A
WentzellMabel L.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard14
WentzellMary AnnBridgetown Riverside430
WentzellMrs. GraceAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery149 A
WentzellRobbie B.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard14 A
WentzellRuby E.Bear River, Mt. Hope3  
WentzellTheodore S.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery72
WentzellWilber S.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery125 A
WesleyWilliamClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery10 A
WestAbigailMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery464
WestCharlotte E.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery111
WestClarenceLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery209
WestClifferd GordonLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery208
WestDoris M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery937 A
WestGertrudeLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery208 A
WestHenry A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery209 A
WestMaryLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery209
WestRachelMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery464
WestW.H.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery464 A
WestbrookHelen NorahMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery181
WesthaverElizabethClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery128
WesthaverFloyd W.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery128 A
WesthaverGeorge E.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery86 A
WesthaverMargaret A.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery86
WesthaverNettie B.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery87 A
WesthaverWilliam H.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery170 A
WestlakeArchie E.Clementsvale Cemetery464
WestlakeAvard E.Clementsvale Cemetery464
WestlakeCharles H.Clementsvale Cemetery464
WestlakeEmma A.Clementsvale Cemetery464
WestlakeJohn R.Clementsvale Cemetery464 A
WestlakeRebeccaClementsvale Cemetery463
WestlakeSamuelClementsvale Cemetery463 A
WestlakeSamuel A.Clementsvale Cemetery464
WestleyJohn J MClementsvale Old Cemetery5 A
WestonLydia C.Paradise Cemetery194
WethersEliza JaneGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 109
WethersLettetiaGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 109 A
WethersWilliamGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 110 A
WhartonSaloma AMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery46
WhartonWilliam HMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery46 A
WheatonJ.B.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery71 A
WheelerAnnieGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery43 A
WheelerBenjamin N.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 253 A
WheelerCalebBridgetown, Anglican Church 94
WheelerCharlesBridgetown, Anglican Church 95 A
WheelerHelenClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery199
WheelerLottie M.Bridgetown Riverside709
WheelerMadelineBridgetown, Anglican Church 95
WheelerSerenaBridgetown, Anglican Church 94 A
WheelockAbelUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 9 A
WheelockAbelNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 428 A
WheelockAbelMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery537 A
WheelockAbelNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 599
WheelockAdelaide A.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 669
WheelockAnna ElizaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 430 A
WheelockAnnaBelleNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 254
WheelockAnnie D.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 298
WheelockAnnie P.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 410
WheelockArthur J.Bridgetown Riverside495 A
WheelockAsaphNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 667 A
WheelockBenjaminUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 11 A
WheelockCalvinMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery120 A
WheelockCarolineNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 670
WheelockCharles A.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 72
WheelockCharlie O.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 410 A
WheelockCynthiaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 700
WheelockElarkimNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 298
WheelockEliza A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery537
WheelockElizabethUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 12 A
WheelockElizabeth AnnUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 10 A
WheelockEmerson RNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 694
WheelockEna AlmedaBridgetown Riverside495
WheelockFletcherNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 599 A
WheelockFlorence L.Bridgetown Riverside586
WheelockFreeman H.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 138 A
WheelockG. WhitfieldNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 254 A
WheelockGeorge W.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 97 A
WheelockHannahBridgetown Riverside373
WheelockHarriet AnnNictaux Falls, Zion United Church Cemetery7
WheelockHarriet E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery120
WheelockHarriett N.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 599
WheelockHarry L.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery39 A
WheelockHarry L.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery52 A
WheelockHazel MNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 694
WheelockHelen ENictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 694
WheelockHenriettaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery50 A
WheelockHenryBridgetown Riverside495
WheelockHollis BNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 694 A
WheelockIda M.Lequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery26
WheelockJ. MorrisNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 85 A
WheelockJamesMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery51 A
WheelockJames EUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 19 A
WheelockJames ENictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 709 A
WheelockJames E.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 669 A
WheelockJaneMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery120
WheelockJaneNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 599
WheelockJesseBridgetown Riverside374 A
WheelockJesse E.Bridgetown Riverside373
WheelockJohnNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 603 A
WheelockJosephNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 15 A
WheelockJosephRound Hill 2 Cemetery 316 A
WheelockJosephBridgetown Riverside373 A
WheelockJosephineMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery52
WheelockKenneth DNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 97
WheelockLaviniaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 298
WheelockLeander F.Bridgetown Riverside495
WheelockLeander F.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 599
WheelockLove E.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 411
WheelockLydia C (PALFREY)Bridgetown Riverside185 A
WheelockMariaUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 19
WheelockMaryNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 584 A
WheelockMaryNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 667
WheelockMary AMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery219
WheelockMary E.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery40 A
WheelockMary E.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery51
WheelockMary E.LeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery73
WheelockMary E.Bridgetown Riverside373
WheelockMary ElizaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 71 A
WheelockMary ElizaAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 74 A
WheelockMary WillettNictaux Falls, Zion United Church Cemetery7
WheelockMaynard F.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 298 A
WheelockMercyBridgetown Riverside373
WheelockMinnie A.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 138
WheelockMiss SybilBridgetown Riverside368
WheelockNetteNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 602 A
WheelockNoble C.Bridgetown Riverside586 A
WheelockOwen WheelockMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery219 A
WheelockRev. Jesse WheelockBridgetown Riverside376 A
WheelockSamuelLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery51 A
WheelockSamuelNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 429 A
WheelockSamuelNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 585 A
WheelockSamuel M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery41 A
WheelockSumnerNictaux Falls, Zion United Church Cemetery7 A
WheelockSybilRound Hill 2 Cemetery 317 A
WheelockTarBellLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery26 A
WheelockThomas C.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 670 A
WheelockW DeanNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 700 A
WheelockW WNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 666 A
WheelockWelcomeAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 73 A
WheelockWilliam H.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 411 A
WheelockWillie H.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 410
WheelockWm ANictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 669
WheelWrightJessie A.Bear River, Mt. Hope30  
WhielockAliceLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery367
WhiteAnnie OwensWilmot, Union Church Cemetery59
WhiteBasil C.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery86 A
WhiteBenjamin O.Wilmot 1 Cemetery3 A
WhiteBertha AnnPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery39
WhiteBlanche W.Young's Cove Cemetery17 A
WhiteCharlesWilmot, Union Church Cemetery59 A
WhiteCharles A.Wilmot 1 Cemetery4 A
WhiteCynthia GaleParadise Cemetery274 A
WhiteDaughterLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery408
WhiteDonaldLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery287 A
WhiteElwoodPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery194 A
WhiteErdena B.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery287
WhiteErnest CliffordPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery39
WhiteFred L.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery195 A
WhiteGeorge D.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery287
WhiteGladys M.Hampton Cemetery 30
WhiteHarryPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery196 A
WhiteHarry WarrenPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery197 A
WhiteJ. RobertLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery408 A
WhiteJamesMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery661 A
WhiteJames H.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery193 A
WhiteJosephLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery408
WhiteJoseph H.Hampton Cemetery 30 A
WhiteLeah B.Hampton Cemetery 21
WhiteLeah B.Hampton Cemetery 175
WhiteLeigh P.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery195
WhiteLillia MayGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 52
WhiteLurenaPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery193
WhiteMalissa T.Wilmot 1 Cemetery4
WhiteMarguerite C.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery86
WhiteMinerva A.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 53
WhiteMunichRound Hill 2 Cemetery 8 A
WhiteOtis L.Hampton Cemetery 21 A
WhiteOtis L.Hampton Cemetery 175 A
WhitePhebe AnnGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 52 A
WhiteSusie E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery661
WhiteWalter FrederickBridgetown, Anglican Church 60 A
WhiteWalter FrederickBridgetown, Anglican Church 60 A
WhiteWilliamMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery5
WhiteWilliamGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 53 A
WhiteParadise Cemetery256 A
WhiteheadAlan HoodMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery365 A
WhitemanGerald CroftonLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery468 A
WhitemanNellie ChristenaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery468
WhitersEllen N.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery67
WhitersF. H.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery67
WhitfieldDennisWilmot, Union Church Cemetery26 A
WhitfieldEdithWilmot, Union Church Cemetery26
WhithersAnnie EllaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery67
WhithersLetitia EthelLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery67
WhithersMay GertrudeLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery67
WhithersMillieLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery67
WhithersRussellLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery67
WhithersRussell MDLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery67 A
WhithersWilliam ??GLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery67
WhitmanAbigailNew Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground30 A
WhitmanAda B.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery431
WhitmanAdeliaPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 27
WhitmanAlfredAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 93 A
WhitmanAlfredRound Hill 2 Cemetery 373
WhitmanAlicia MaySouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 151
WhitmanAmbrose L.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 151 A
WhitmanAmelia J.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery20
WhitmanAmosSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 39
WhitmanAngalinaPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 137 A
WhitmanAnnSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 41 A
WhitmanAnnaNew Albany, Whitman Cemetery20
WhitmanAnna A.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery20
WhitmanAnnieSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 178
WhitmanAnnie B. LynnSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 156
WhitmanAnnie F.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 89
WhitmanArchie F.Upper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery7
WhitmanArthur H.Albany Cross31 A
WhitmanAsaSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 24 A
WhitmanAsaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 498 A
WhitmanAsa M.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 80 A
WhitmanAsaphNew Albany, Whitman Cemetery20
WhitmanAsaphSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 146
WhitmanAubrey AnselTorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery43 A
WhitmanAugusta M.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 1
WhitmanBenjaminSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 41
WhitmanBessie C.New Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground24 A
WhitmanBessie HelenAlbany Cross31
WhitmanBessie M.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 11
WhitmanBlancheSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 137
WhitmanBurpee S.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery308 A
WhitmanByron DimockLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery6
WhitmanC. HneriettaSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 126
WhitmanC. LenardNew Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground28 A
WhitmanCarolineRound Hill 2 Cemetery 89
WhitmanCarolineRound Hill 2 Cemetery 90 A
WhitmanCaroline E.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 127
WhitmanCassandraAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 45 A
WhitmanCatherine M.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 24
WhitmanCharlesNew Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground3 A
WhitmanCharlesNew Albany, Loyalist Cemetery15 A
WhitmanCharlesAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 150 A
WhitmanCharles A.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 156 A
WhitmanCharles B.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 23 A
WhitmanCharles B.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery67 A
WhitmanCharles B.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 168 A
WhitmanCharles BaileyRound Hill 2 Cemetery 373 A
WhitmanCharles ForgeRound Hill 2 Cemetery 163 A
WhitmanCharles NormanLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery14 A
WhitmanCharles S.Bridgetown Riverside608
WhitmanCharles V.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery403 A
WhitmanCharlie B.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 27 A
WhitmanCharlotteRound Hill, St. Paul's Parish of Rosette Anglican Graveyard13 A
WhitmanCharlotte A.Round Hill, St. Paul's Parish of Rosette Anglican Graveyard36 A
WhitmanCharlotte E.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery6
WhitmanCharlotte E.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 26
WhitmanChristinaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery152 A
WhitmanClaude VernonSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 136 A
WhitmanCora L.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery20
WhitmanCora M.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 10 A
WhitmanCrofton F. U.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery465 A
WhitmanDanial S.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery20
WhitmanDanielNew Albany, Whitman Cemetery20 A
WhitmanDanielNew Albany, Whitman Cemetery22 A
WhitmanDaniel E.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery16
WhitmanDavid E.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 29
WhitmanDavid E.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 464 A
WhitmanDeacon IsaacNew Albany, Whitman Cemetery8 A
WhitmanDiadama S.New Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground27
WhitmanDimockRound Hill 2 Cemetery 89 A
WhitmanDorcas A.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 49 A
WhitmanDorothyClementsvale Cemetery423
WhitmanDouglas W.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 156
WhitmanDudley B.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 57 A
WhitmanE. EvaRound Hill 2 Cemetery 181
WhitmanE. RiceSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 3
WhitmanEdna M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery308
WhitmanEdwardSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 130 A
WhitmanEdward ClarkNew Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground27
WhitmanEdward F.New Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground27 A
WhitmanEdward O.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 128
WhitmanEdward R.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 39 A
WhitmanEdward T.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 128 A
WhitmanEdwinCenterlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery73 A
WhitmanElbert J.Albany Cross1 A
WhitmanEleanorRound Hill 2 Cemetery 66 A
WhitmanEleanor JaneRound Hill 2 Cemetery 372
WhitmanEliasSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 57
WhitmanElizLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery48
WhitmanElizaRound Hill 2 Cemetery 63
WhitmanElizaRound Hill 2 Cemetery 63
WhitmanEliza EsmondRound Hill 2 Cemetery 97
WhitmanElizabethAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 94
WhitmanElizabeth E.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 245 A
WhitmanElla L.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 170
WhitmanElla M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery413
WhitmanEllen A.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery20
WhitmanElnathanRound Hill, St. Paul's Parish of Rosette Anglican Graveyard14 A
WhitmanElsie M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery104 A
WhitmanElsie M.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 168
WhitmanEmilyRound Hill 2 Cemetery 87 A
WhitmanEmma I.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery308
WhitmanEmma M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery465
WhitmanErmina LeviniaNew Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground28
WhitmanErnest R.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery487 A
WhitmanEthel M.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 8
WhitmanEttaRound Hill 2 Cemetery 328 A
WhitmanFlorence M.Clementsvale Cemetery152
WhitmanFlorence MaryLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery15
WhitmanFlorilla G.Upper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery7
WhitmanFrancesRound Hill 2 Cemetery 89
WhitmanFrancesRound Hill 2 Cemetery 91 A
WhitmanFrancis CutlerLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery15 A
WhitmanFrank M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery823 A
WhitmanFred L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 224 A
WhitmanG. LouiseRound Hill 2 Cemetery 181
WhitmanG. RufusRound Hill 2 Cemetery 181
WhitmanGarildaLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery487
WhitmanGeorgeGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 143
WhitmanGeorgeRound Hill 2 Cemetery 372
WhitmanGeorge A.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 13 A
WhitmanGeorge C.New Albany, Loyalist Cemetery16 A
WhitmanGeorge E. A.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery17 A
WhitmanGeorge EdwardSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 139 A
WhitmanGeorge RiceSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 3 A
WhitmanGeorge W.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery20
WhitmanGeorge W.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 24
WhitmanGladys M.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 206
WhitmanGrace L.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery16 A
WhitmanGrace M.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 80
WhitmanGuilfordSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 12 A
WhitmanHandley C.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 9 A
WhitmanHannah SophiaNew Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground27
WhitmanHaroldWilmot, Union Church Cemetery44 A
WhitmanHarold A.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 80
WhitmanHarriet I.Albany Cross1
WhitmanHarriet ViolaRound Hill 2 Cemetery 163
WhitmanHattie L.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 136 A
WhitmanHenry A.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery105 A
WhitmanHenry B.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 168
WhitmanHenry B.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 372
WhitmanHenry F.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 54 A
WhitmanHenry O.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 126 A
WhitmanHerbert G.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery20
WhitmanHerbert L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 280 A
WhitmanHugh E.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 372 A
WhitmanIda ElizabethLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery6
WhitmanIngram W.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 218 A
WhitmanIreneNew Albany, Loyalist Cemetery17 A
WhitmanIsaacNew Albany, Whitman Small Cemetery3 A
WhitmanIsaacSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 166
WhitmanIsaac C.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 206 A
WhitmanIsaac L.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 120 A
WhitmanIsabel MaudGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 143 A
WhitmanIzabelLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery14
WhitmanJacob BaileyRound Hill 2 Cemetery 214 A
WhitmanJamesRound Hill 2 Cemetery 150 A
WhitmanJamesNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 463 A
WhitmanJames A.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 128
WhitmanJames AlfredRound Hill, St. Paul's Parish of Rosette Anglican Graveyard34 A
WhitmanJames E.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 3
WhitmanJames E.New Albany, Loyalist Cemetery20 A
WhitmanJames E.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 24
WhitmanJames EdwardAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 45
WhitmanJames HennigarSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 176 A
WhitmanJames ManningSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 166 A
WhitmanJames ManningBridgetown Riverside537 A
WhitmanJaneNew Albany, Whitman Cemetery20
WhitmanJaneRound Hill, St. Paul's Parish of Rosette Anglican Graveyard35 A
WhitmanJaneRound Hill, St. Paul's Parish of Rosette Anglican Graveyard37 A
WhitmanJaneSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 128
WhitmanJaneRound Hill 2 Cemetery 373
WhitmanJennieLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery380
WhitmanJennie C.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 280
WhitmanJennie EliseLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery67
WhitmanJennie MayBridgetown Riverside58
WhitmanJessie B.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 178
WhitmanJessie HardySouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 139
WhitmanJoelLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery6 A
WhitmanJohnRound Hill 2 Cemetery 63 A
WhitmanJohnAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 94 A
WhitmanJohnClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery164 A
WhitmanJohn D.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 29 A
WhitmanJohn FraserRound Hill 2 Cemetery 11 A
WhitmanJohn ParkerBridgetown Riverside3 A
WhitmanJohn S.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 207 A
WhitmanJohn W.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 178 A
WhitmanJosephNew Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground29 A
WhitmanJoseph HoweSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 139
WhitmanJosephine C.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 29
WhitmanJosieSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 13
WhitmanJosieSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 24
WhitmanKatherine H.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery455
WhitmanKatherine S.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 3
WhitmanKathleenParadise Cemetery249 A
WhitmanKenneth L.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 8
WhitmanKenneth L.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 8
WhitmanLaleah S.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery20
WhitmanLamertaRound Hill 2 Cemetery 181
WhitmanLaura J.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 156
WhitmanLavenia H.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 120
WhitmanLeander M.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 80
WhitmanLeonard PBridgetown Riverside58 A
WhitmanLeRoySouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 157 A
WhitmanLeroy E.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 156
WhitmanLevi R.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 26
WhitmanLibbieSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 178
WhitmanLibbie MyrtleSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 178
WhitmanLila B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery823
WhitmanLila MacLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery6
WhitmanLillianNew Albany, Whitman Cemetery15 A
WhitmanLilyRound Hill 2 Cemetery 359
WhitmanLindaSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 12
WhitmanLoisNew Albany, Loyalist Cemetery20
WhitmanLorettaNew Albany, Whitman Cemetery22
WhitmanLottie M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery487 A
WhitmanLouisaLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery18
WhitmanLucindaSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 149
WhitmanLucy M.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 49
WhitmanLydia J.Clementsvale Cemetery96
WhitmanLydia M.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 156
WhitmanLyman A.New Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground2 A
WhitmanLynaRound Hill 2 Cemetery 150
WhitmanM. ElizabethRound Hill 2 Cemetery 373
WhitmanMaggieSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 25 A
WhitmanMaggie A.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery103
WhitmanManard B.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 146 A
WhitmanManattieBridgetown Riverside58
WhitmanMargaretNew Albany, Loyalist Cemetery18 A
WhitmanMargaret A.Bridgetown Riverside608 A
WhitmanMariaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 463
WhitmanMaria E.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery105
WhitmanMaria L.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 206
WhitmanMaryNew Albany, Whitman Cemetery8
WhitmanMaryRound Hill 2 Cemetery 92 A
WhitmanMary AnnSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 39
WhitmanMary AnnieNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 315
WhitmanMary ArabellaRound Hill 2 Cemetery 372
WhitmanMary E.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 24
WhitmanMary J.Round Hill, St. Paul's Parish of Rosette Anglican Graveyard3 A
WhitmanMary M.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 156
WhitmanMaudTorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery43
WhitmanMelzinaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 14 A
WhitmanMercyLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery135
WhitmanMerlin I.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery431
WhitmanMildredNew Albany, Whitman Cemetery16
WhitmanMiles StevenSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 137 A
WhitmanMinaBridgetown Riverside58
WhitmanMinniePort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery67
WhitmanMinnieSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 147 A
Whitmanminnie C.Round Hill, St. Paul's Parish of Rosette Anglican Graveyard33 A
WhitmanMinnie F.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 29
WhitmanMyra W.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 372
WhitmanMyrna M.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 156
WhitmanNancySouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 40
WhitmanNathanielPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 138 A
WhitmanNeander P.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery14 A
WhitmanNellie B.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 7 A
WhitmanNettie M.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 359 A
WhitmanOldhamSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 29
WhitmanOldhamBridgetown Riverside309 A
WhitmanPhineasNew Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground26 A
WhitmanPhoebe AnnSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 39
WhitmanPrimroseLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery455 A
WhitmanRalph C.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery113 A
WhitmanRebeccaSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 29
WhitmanRebecca J.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery20
WhitmanReginald C.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery48 A
WhitmanRobert M.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery20
WhitmanRobert M.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 26 A
WhitmanRobie G.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 170 A
WhitmanRosabelleLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery64
WhitmanRoy W.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery309 A
WhitmanSalomeNew Albany, Loyalist Cemetery20
WhitmanSarahNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 11
WhitmanSarahSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 168 A
WhitmanSarah A.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery21 A
WhitmanSarah AnnSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 40 A
WhitmanSarah ClarkeNew Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground26
WhitmanSarah S.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 167 A
WhitmanShermanNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 119 A
WhitmanSilasSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 169 A
WhitmanSimeonNew Albany, Whitman Small Cemetery1 A
WhitmanSimeon F.Upper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery7 A
WhitmanSophiaSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 57
WhitmanSophia L.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 156
WhitmanStella M.New Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground25 A
WhitmanStewartBridgetown Riverside58
WhitmanSusannaSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 3
WhitmanSusie R.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 7
WhitmanThomas DwightLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery12 A
WhitmanThomas SpurrLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery18 A
WhitmanUrsulaRound Hill 2 Cemetery 214
WhitmanVernon L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 11
WhitmanVictorLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery13 A
WhitmanW.C.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 127 A
WhitmanWalter L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 193 A
WhitmanWhitfieldNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 11 A
WhitmanWillard P.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery64 A
WhitmanWilliamParadise Cemetery248 A
WhitmanWilliam C.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery464 A
WhitmanWilliam CharlesLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery465
WhitmanWilliam H.Clementsvale Cemetery96 A
WhitmanWilliam H.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery152
WhitmanWilliam H.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 180 A
WhitmanWilliam H.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 181 A
WhitmanWilliam J.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 6 A
WhitmanWilliam M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery413 A
WhynotCarrieSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 180
WhynotElsie MNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 450
WhynotErnest ASpringfield Cemetery 153 A
WhynotGertrude ANictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 689
WhynotIdaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 257
WhynotJamesNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 257 A
WhynotJoseph H.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 180 A
WhynotLeon J.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 450 A
WhynotLydieSpringfield Cemetery 92 A
WhynotMyra KSpringfield Cemetery 153
WhynotSeymour MNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 689 A
WhynottAnnieBridgetown Riverside79 A
WhynottBessie M.New Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground20
WhynottWilliam J.New Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground20 A
WhyteAndrewMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery9 A
WhyteIsabellaMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery9
WhyteJamesMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery9
WickwireLauraBridgetown Riverside793
WildeCharlotteBridgetown Riverside22 A
WildeUdavillaBridgetown Riverside22
WildemanElizabethAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 176
WildingJamesGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 63 A
WileAmosNorthfield Cemetery7 A
WileAngieNorthfield Cemetery3 A
WileGertrude ViolaNorthfield Cemetery7
WileKate B.Northfield Cemetery2 A
WileLambethNorthfield Cemetery5 A
WileLaurie SSpringfield Cemetery 157 A
WileLeanderNorthfield Cemetery4 A
WileLeon E.Northfield Cemetery1 A
WileLila MarieClementsvale Cemetery27 A
WileMary J.Northfield Cemetery5
WilesAvard L.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery103 A
WilesElminaParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 11 A
WilesJessie AnnWilmot, Union Church Cemetery103
WilesNaomiWilmot, Union Church Cemetery102
WilesSadie M.Clementsvale Cemetery72
WilesSilas L.Clementsvale Cemetery72 A
WilesVernon O.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery102 A
WilkinsAddie B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery736
WilkinsAlbertMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery171 A
WilkinsAubrey A.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 137
WilkinsCarolineEast Margaretsville Cemetery 222
WilkinsCarolineMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery169 A
WilkinsCharles L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 137 A
WilkinsCorneliaMount Hanly, Historic Cemetery7 A
WilkinsElizabethMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery171
WilkinsFrederickMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery168
WilkinsHallett W.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 40 A
WilkinsHenriEttaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 137
WilkinsHenry LMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery107 A
WilkinsIsabella A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery166
WilkinsJohn H.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery165 A
WilkinsLaliah B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery736
WilkinsLindleyMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery538 A
WilkinsLouisaMount Hanly, Historic Cemetery7
WilkinsLouisaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery170 A
WilkinsMargaretEast Margaretsville Cemetery 162
WilkinsN.B.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery8 A
WilkinsRobert A.East Margaretsville Cemetery 162 A
WilkinsRosinaEast Margaretsville Cemetery 250 A
WilkinsRuthMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery168
WilkinsSarahMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery168
WilkinsSarah L.East Margaretsville Cemetery 161 A
WilkinsWalterMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery168 A
WilkinsWalterMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery168
WilkinsWhitfield H.East Margaretsville Cemetery 160 A
WilkinsWilliamMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery166 A
WilkinsWilliam B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery736
WilkinsWilliam E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery167 A
WilkinsonEmmaBridgetown Riverside393
WilkinsonJohnBridgetown Riverside364
WilkinsonMarthaBridgetown Riverside364 A
WilldenErnest FrankBridgetown St Alphonsus RC 17 A
WillettAbigailBellisle, Pioneer 1
WillettAda CarolineGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 136
WillettAnnBellisle, Pioneer 2 A
WillettAnnieAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 83
WillettArbuthnot L.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard75
WillettBamFordNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 258 A
WillettBamFord S.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 480
WillettBarbara A.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 7
WillettCampbellGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard75
WillettCatherineNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 499 A
WillettCharlotteNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 482
WillettCharlotte AnneAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 83
WillettDanielNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 559 A
WillettDavid ClarkGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard13 A
WillettEdward KennyLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery103 A
WillettEmily C.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard13
WillettEthylNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 270
WillettEuniceNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 559
WillettFrank HowardBridgetown Riverside524
WillettGeorgeRound Hill 2 Cemetery 40 A
WillettGeorgeGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard75 A
WillettGilbertGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 7 A
WillettGilbert FowlerBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 30 A
WillettGilbert R.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 212
WillettGraves S.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 106 A
WillettHannah E.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 5
WillettHarry B.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 258
WillettHelen MMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery180
WillettI WMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery180 A
WillettIsaacBellisle, Pioneer 3 A
WillettJaneGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 178
WillettJohn R.Bellisle, Pioneer 4 A
WillettJohn ReidGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 5 A
WillettJoseph A.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 213 A
WillettJoshuaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 482 A
WillettLaliah INictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 269
WillettLavinia S.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 213
WillettLawrenceGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard13
WillettLawrence C.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 179 A
WillettLouisa P.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 7
WillettMargaretGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard13
WillettMaryNictaux Falls, Zion United Church Cemetery7
WillettMary AliceBridgetown Riverside524
WillettMary E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery103
WillettMary F.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 212
WillettMary H.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 480
WillettMinnieGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard8
WillettNettie G.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 106
WillettNorman D.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 480 A
WillettNorman F.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 10 A
WillettObadiah S.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 269 A
WillettParker W.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 271 A
WillettPhebeMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery97 A
WillettRobert HaroldBridgetown Riverside524 A
WillettSalomeNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 18 A
WillettSamuel W.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 564 A
WillettSarah CarolineGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard13
WillettSarah J.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard75
WillettSimcoeBellisle, Pioneer 6 A
WillettSimcoeGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 7
WillettStewart C.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard75
WillettW. FletcherRound Hill 2 Cemetery 212 A
WillettW. RupertGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 136 A
WillettWalterBellisle, Pioneer 1 A
WillettWalterGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard8
WillettWalterGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard14 A
WillettWalter I.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 83
WillettWilliam L.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard13
WillettWilliam M.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 5
WilliamsAbner S.Bridgetown Riverside456 A
WilliamsAnnAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 149
WilliamsAugustus R.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery400 A
WilliamsB.F.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 96 A
WilliamsBertram Mills WilliamsBridgetown Riverside404 A
WilliamsBessie A.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 209 A
WilliamsCelenorBridgetown Riverside456
WilliamsCelenor A.Bridgetown Riverside456
WilliamsDorotheaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery63
WilliamsElizabethUpper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery31
WilliamsElizabethMochelle, Harris Cemetery 96
WilliamsElizabethBridgetown Riverside456
WilliamsElizabeth A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery398
WilliamsElizabeth M.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery398
WilliamsElvira AnnMochelle, Harris Cemetery 46
WilliamsFrancisPort George, Hillside Cemetery110 A
WilliamsFrederickUpper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery31 A
WilliamsGeorge S.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 209
WilliamsHenry B.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 46 A
WilliamsHerbert F.Paradise Cemetery218 A
WilliamsIda RisteenBridgetown Riverside456
WilliamsJ C-MrsBridgetown Riverside241 A
WilliamsJames F.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery122 A
WilliamsJanieUpper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery31
WilliamsJasperLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery398 A
WilliamsJerusha WilliamLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery405
WilliamsJohnLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery405 A
WilliamsJohn R.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery50
WilliamsJohn RiceLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery49 A
WilliamsMargaret AnnLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery168 A
WilliamsMargarittaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery405
WilliamsMary A.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 208
WilliamsMary AdelaideParadise Cemetery218
WilliamsMary E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery50
WilliamsMary EllenLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery49
WilliamsMary L.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery122
WilliamsMinnie WilliamLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery405
WilliamsPamela MargaretLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery50 A
WilliamsRalph E.Paradise Cemetery282 A
WilliamsRichard-RevBridgetown Riverside273 A
WilliamsS.N. FallesenLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery405
WilliamsSamuelUpper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery31
WilliamsSamuelBridgetown Riverside456
WilliamsSarahLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery43
WilliamsSarahLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery405
WilliamsSherman F.Paradise Cemetery282
WilliamsTheophilus LesseyGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery323 A
WilliamsThomasAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 149 A
WilliamsThomas L.Bear River, Mt. Hope106 A
WilliamsThomas, Jr.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 149
WilliamsWilliam HLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery398
WilliamsWilliam H.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 208 A
WilliamsWilliam H.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery400
WilliamsWilliams H.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery397 A
WillisGladysClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery140
WillisHarryClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery140 A
WillisWilliamBear River, Mt. Hope22 A
WillittaLauraClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery36
WilloughbyElizabethUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery5 A
WilsonAlfredLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery275
WilsonAliceAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 114 A
WilsonAmeliaBear River, Mt. Hope318 A
WilsonAnnEast Margaretsville Cemetery 128
WilsonAnzella J.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery184
WilsonAsahelAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 116 A
WilsonAvard JudsonLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery277 A
WilsonBertha A.Bear River, Mt. Hope228  
WilsonBethiahClementsvale Cemetery271 A
WilsonCharlesClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery180
WilsonCharles W.Port George, Hillside Cemetery165
WilsonEleanorAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 115 A
WilsonEliza F.Clementsvale Cemetery326
WilsonElizabethWest Paradise, Morse 1 Cemetery6 A
WilsonEthelClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery180
WilsonFreddia L.Bridgetown Riverside749
WilsonGeorge CSpringfield Cemetery 197 A
WilsonGeorge E.Port George, Hillside Cemetery165
WilsonGeorge W.Hampton Cemetery 170 A
WilsonGeorge W.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery357 A
WilsonHarry E.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery275 A
WilsonHattie A.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery275
WilsonHenriettaCenterlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery6
WilsonJamesCenterlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery6
WilsonJamesPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery6 A
WilsonJames E.Port George, Hillside Cemetery165 A
WilsonJanet M.Port George, Hillside Cemetery165
WilsonJeremiahAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 117 A
WilsonJohnPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery28 A
WilsonJohn C.Clementsvale Cemetery270 A
WilsonJohn N.Bear River, Mt. Hope317 A
WilsonJuneLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery85
WilsonLemmaBear River, Mt. Hope222  
WilsonLouisaClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery180
WilsonMartha EllenLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery357
WilsonMary A.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery6
WilsonMary JaneClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery185
WilsonNellie MayLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery277
WilsonNilson H.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery184 A
WilsonRalph SSpringfield Cemetery 209 A
WilsonRosaLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery327
WilsonSimonBridgetown Riverside749 A
WilsonStanleyLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery327
WilsonValentineCenterlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery3 A
WilsonWilliam T.Centerlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery7 A
WilsonZachariahClementsvale Cemetery272 A
WinchesterAbigailRound Hill 2 Cemetery 334 A
WIncHesterAdelineKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard175
WIncHesterAlfred V.Karsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard196 A
WinchesterAnnGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery11 A
WIncHesterBenjamin L CGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery188 A
WIncHesterBerthaGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery270
WIncHesterCaroline DelapGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery256 A
WIncHesterChristopherKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard56 A
WIncHesterEleanor EKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard196
WIncHesterElmer S.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery364
WIncHesterEnaGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery269
WinchesterErnest H.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 258
WIncHesterGeorge EKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard175 A
WinchesterGeorginaRound Hill 2 Cemetery 258
WinchesterHarrietRound Hill 2 Cemetery 336 A
WIncHesterHermanGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery282
WIncHesterHerman K.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery364
WIncHesterInfant SonKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard196
WIncHesterJames DKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard60 A
WinchesterJohnRound Hill 2 Cemetery 333 A
WinchesterJohnRound Hill 2 Cemetery 335 A
WIncHesterJohn K.Karsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard161 A
WIncHesterLouise SKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard161
WIncHesterMary AKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard61 A
WIncHesterMary Lydia AnnKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard33 A
WIncHesterRobertKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard59 A
WIncHesterRobert KKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard62 A
WIncHesterRubie InaKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard162 A
WIncHesterRuthGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery94 A
WIncHesterRuth H.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery282
WinchesterSadie A.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 258
WinchesterSamuel O.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery29 A
WIncHesterWilliamGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery93 A
WinchesterWilliamRound Hill 2 Cemetery 258
WIncHesterWilliam B.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery364 A
WIncHesterWiswellKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard174 A
WIncHesterWiswellKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard196
WinniettMargaretAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 132 A
WinsbyEmmaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery46
WinsbyLoudieMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery46 A
WinsbyWilliam B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery48 A
WintersFlora BSpringfield Cemetery 135 A
WiswallAbel M.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery73 A
WiswallAraBell L.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery87
WiswallArthur LamertWilmot, Union Church Cemetery18 A
WiswallCharlesMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery162 A
WiswallCharles J.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery70 A
WiswallCharlieWilmot 1 Cemetery14 A
WiswallEdwin GilpinWilmot, Union Church Cemetery87 A
WiswallEva M.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery19 A
WiswallEva M.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery72 A
WiswallEvonice SyrethaMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery33 A
WiswallHasadiahMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery164 A
WiswallJames M.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery1 A
WiswallJames P.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery91
WiswallJohnWilmot, Union Church Cemetery91 A
WiswallJohnMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery163 A
WiswallJohnMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery165 A
WiswallMabel M.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery90 A
WiswallMary F.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery73
WiswallMercyMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery157
WiswallMiriamMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery157 A
WiswallMittie S.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery91
WiswallNaomi E.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery73
WiswallPelegAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 200 A
WiswallReginald M.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery71 A
WiswallSeraphinaAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 200
WiswallSusan IdEllaWilmot, Union Church Cemetery70
WiswellMary A.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery49 A
WithamIda MayLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery305 A
WithersAlbertGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 43 A
WithersAlice J.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 14
WithersAnnie D.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 134
WithersAnnie McNabGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard71
WithersBertha M.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 16
WithersCharles E.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 14 A
WithersElizabeth A.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 15 A
WithersEstella E.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 135
WithersEuniceGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 93
WithersGeorgeGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 92 A
WithersGeorgeGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 93 A
WithersGeorge W.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 134 A
WithersHarrietGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 41
WithersIra W.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 91 A
WithersIzetta M.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 108
WithersJ. EverettGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 135 A
WithersJ.H.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 16 A
WithersJamesGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 16
WithersJamesGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 17 A
WithersJared C.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 108 A
WithersJosephineGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 6
WithersLizzieGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 93
WithersMaryGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 93
WithersMary AnnGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 43
WithersMary L.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 91
WithersMinnie B.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 93
WithersPrudyGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 41
WithersSarah J.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 16
WithersWalterGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 41 A
WitherswifeGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 16
WithersWillard P.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 140 A
WithersWilliamGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 93
WitherspoonAaronKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard12 A
WitherspoonBessie EKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard12
WithycombeHerbert H.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery121 A
WittAlexanderBridgetown Riverside93 A
WittAnnBridgetown Riverside247
WittElizaBridgetown Riverside247
WittWalterBridgetown Riverside247 A
WitterCharlesMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery17 A
WitterLucy A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery19
WitterRachelMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery16 A
WitterSarahMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery18 A
WolfeSally AnneLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery220 A
WoodAbigailNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 531
WoodAugustusNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 433
WoodClairPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery32 A
WoodDanielNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 436 A
WoodDavid AlvinLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery216 A
WoodDorisLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery216
WoodEleanor LouisaLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery39 A
WoodElijah S.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery385 A
WoodEnoch H.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 434 A
WoodEricLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery124 A
WoodEuniceNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 397 A
WoodGail E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery93 A
WoodGertrudeLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery456
WoodGrace HarrietLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery40 A
WoodLaleahNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 433 A
WoodLottie E.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 664 A
WoodMargaretPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery79
WoodMaryAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 185 A
WoodMaryNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 460
WoodMary AnnieNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 315
WoodNathaniel ParkerNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 315 A
WoodRalph B.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery33 A
WoodRobert BurtonLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery456 A
WoodThomasAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 184 A
WoodWalterLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery216
WoodWilliamSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 102 A
WoodWilliam G.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 432 A
WoodWilliam J.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery79 A
WoodPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery79
WoodardGrace LouiseBridgetown Riverside449
WoodardMary T.Bridgetown Riverside449
WoodardRupert I.Bridgetown Riverside449 A
WoodberryArthurMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery232
WoodberryElizabethMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery101
WoodberryEllenMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery231 A
WoodberryFosterMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery101 A
WoodberryGeorge W.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery195 A
WoodberryJames J.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery194 A
WoodberryJessieMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery232 A
WoodberryJonathanMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery180
WoodberryJonathanMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery232 A
WoodberryLydiaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery102 A
WoodberryMaryBridgetown - Saunders Road Cemetery6 A
WoodberryMatildaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery181
WoodberryRobertMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery232
WoodberryRobert D.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery180 A
WoodberyElizaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery161 A
WoodberyM.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery106 A
WoodberyM.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery109 A
WoodburryMaryMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery111
WoodburryWilliamMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery111 A
WoodburyAlfred C.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery119 A
WoodburyAnna MariaBridgetown Riverside382
WoodburyAustinMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery162 A
WoodburyBertha DNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 281
WoodburyBrittaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 281
WoodburyBurpie W.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery730 A
WoodburyCatherine T.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery119
WoodburyChalmersLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery120 A
WoodburyCharlotte E.New Albany, Loyalist Cemetery6 A
WoodburyClara M.Lequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery9 A
WoodburyEdithMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery400
WoodburyEgbert S.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery449 A
WoodburyElishaClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery147
WoodburyEliza C.Clementsvale Cemetery138 A
WoodburyElizabethMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery160 A
WoodburyElizabethMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery408 A
WoodburyFannie M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery110
WoodburyFosterBridgetown Riverside382 A
WoodburyFrancesMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery405
WoodburyFrancisMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery407 A
WoodburyFrankNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 281 A
WoodburyFrankMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery400 A
WoodburyFrank ValentineMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery405 A
WoodburyFredNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 281
WoodburyGwladys L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery400
WoodburyHarry P.New Albany, Loyalist Cemetery6
WoodburyHibbertMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery398 A
WoodburyIna F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery730
WoodburyJ.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery105 A
WoodburyJessie B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery400
WoodburyJessie EvaAlbany Cross32
WoodburyJohn G.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery349 A
WoodburyJonathanAlbany Cross32 A
WoodburyJonathanMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery110 A
WoodburyJonathanMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery159 A
WoodburyKarl FairfieldMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery404 A
WoodburyLalia A.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 95
WoodburyLalia M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery397 A
WoodburyMariaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery399
WoodburyMary J.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery449
WoodburyMehitableMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery104 A
WoodburyNancyClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery147
WoodburyNaomiLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery349
WoodburyNellieMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery406
WoodburyRalph HibbertMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery406 A
WoodburySharaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery120
WoodburyWilliam F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery449
WoodburyWilliam W.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery931 A
WoodgateHarold ArthurClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery141 A
WoodlandBenjaminLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery54 A
WoodlandDowBridgetown Riverside694 A
WoodlandEudora M.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery205
WoodlandFlorence G.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery205
WoodlandFrederick N.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery205 A
WoodlandGertrude S.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery205
WoodlandHelen A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery39
WoodlandJohn RiceLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery53 A
WoodlandLawrenceLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery204 A
WoodlandLilahLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery204
WoodlandLouisaBridgetown Riverside694
WoodlandLouisa T.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery205
WoodlandRobertLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery204
WoodlandRosa T.Lequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery53
WoodlandSarahLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery54
WoodlandShirley AnnLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery17 A
WoodlandStanley F.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery162 A
WoodmanAnna MoraClementsvale Cemetery226
WoodmanArchelausClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery4 A
WoodmanEmelineClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery5 A
WoodmanMary E.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery9 A
WoodmanWilliam H.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery3 A
WoodwardAmeliaSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 190
WoodwardClara A.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 190
WoodwardMary E.Bridgetown Riverside574
WoodwardWilliam C.Bridgetown Riverside574 A
WoodwardWilliam H.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 190 A
WoodworthA. SpurgeonBridgetown Riverside726
WoodworthAlbert A.Port George, Hillside Cemetery144
WoodworthAlbert B.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 193 A
WoodworthAlice L.Port George, Hillside Cemetery144
WoodworthAnnie E.Bridgetown Riverside726
WoodworthBenjamin C.Bridgetown Riverside726
WoodworthBertha LouiseBear River, Mt. Hope225  
WoodworthBridgetMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery89 A
WoodworthEdgarSpringfield Cemetery 132 A
WoodworthEldridgeSpringfield Cemetery 131 A
WoodworthEliasPort George, Hillside Cemetery144 A
WoodworthElla E.Litchfield Cemetery32
WoodworthEnoch H.Bridgetown Riverside726 A
WoodworthEnoch H.Bridgetown Riverside726
WoodworthEugene P.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery466 A
WoodworthEunice LitchBear River, Mt. Hope20  
WoodworthFlora EdnaBear River, Mt. Hope225  
WoodworthGrace MSpringfield Cemetery 132
WoodworthHannah J.Bridgetown Riverside726
WoodworthHannah J.Bridgetown Riverside726
WoodworthIdellaLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery467
WoodworthJ.J.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery164 A
WoodworthJames AGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery163
WoodworthJames SNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 130
WoodworthJohnBear River, Mt. Hope225  
WoodworthJohn AllenHampton Cemetery 48 A
WoodworthJohn EdwinBear River, Mt. Hope225 A
WoodworthJohn WilliamBear River, Mt. Hope20  
WoodworthJosephLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery467 A
WoodworthJudsonGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery64 A
WoodworthLavenia A.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 130 A
WoodworthLina A.Litchfield Cemetery31 A
WoodworthLouise E.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 193
WoodworthLovenia AGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery163 A
WoodworthMargaretBridgetown Riverside167 A
WoodworthMary A.Port George, Hillside Cemetery144
WoodworthMary E.Hampton Cemetery 52 A
WoodworthMary E.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard65
WoodworthMary L.Port George, Hillside Cemetery144
WoodworthMary S.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery181 A
WoodworthMedaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 447
WoodworthPercy E.Litchfield Cemetery32 A
WoodworthRebecca AGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery180 A
WoodworthSadie I.Litchfield Cemetery32
WoodworthSarahGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery182 A
WoodworthSarah AGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery164
WoodworthSarah AnnGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery65 A
WoodworthStephen R.Port George, Hillside Cemetery144
WoodworthSusanHampton Cemetery 49 A
WoodworthWilliamHampton Cemetery 51 A
WoodworthWilliamBridgetown Riverside166 A
WoodworthWilliam CareyBear River, Mt. Hope20 A
WoodworthWilliam GeraldNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 130
WoodworthZeffie V.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery654
WoofFanny G.Bear River 2
WoofJames A.Bear River 2
WoofJames E.Bear River 2 A
WoolFordEdwinAlbany Cross24 A
WoosterInfantPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery178 A
WoosterMaryPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery21 A
WoosterSamuel J.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery181 A
WorsterGeorgePort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery163 A
WorsterJohnPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery161 A
WorsterJoseph W.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery182 A
WorsterLydiaPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery162 A
WorsterMargaretPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery164 A
WorsterMercyPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery183
WorsterQuinnPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery183 A
WorthylakeAgnes V.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery476
WorthylakeFrederickLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery476
WorthylakeJosephLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery476 A
WosterGeorgeGranville Beach, Armstrong Burial Ground7 A
WosterGeorge Jr.Granville Beach, Armstrong Burial Ground17 A
WosterLucyGranville Beach, Armstrong Burial Ground17
WosterMaryGranville Beach, Armstrong Burial Ground7
WottonBessie M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery650
WottonGeorge A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery651 A
WottonJennie R.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery764 A
WottonLouis E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery650 A
WottonTeressa A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery651
WrightAaronClementsvale Cemetery45 A
WrightAlberta M.Clementsvale Cemetery353
WrightAlonzoClementsvale Cemetery179 A
WrightAmanda E.Clementsvale Cemetery98
WrightAmyClementsvale Cemetery179
WrightAnnaClementsvale Cemetery380
WrightAnnie BelleClementsvale Cemetery33
WrightAratia E.Clementsvale Cemetery350
WrightArchie G.Clementsvale Cemetery33 A
WrightAvardClementsvale Cemetery414
WrightAvard E.Clementsvale Cemetery149 A
WrightBertha S.Clementsvale Cemetery179
WrightBertha U.Clementsvale Cemetery256
WrightBerzelia JaneClementsvale Cemetery241
WrightBessieUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery52
WrightBessie M.Clementsvale Cemetery42
WrightCapt. EdwardGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery42 A
WrightCarrie JohnstonBridgetown Riverside423
WrightCecil DeBloisClementsvale Cemetery108
WrightCelestia S.Clementsvale Cemetery108
WrightCharles L.Clementsvale Cemetery15 A
WrightDavid B.Clementsvale Cemetery384 A
WrightDavid M.Clementsvale Cemetery246 A
WrightDonaldUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery52
WrightEdna E.Clementsvale Cemetery32
WrightEdward E.Clementsvale Cemetery108
WrightEdward L.Clementsvale Cemetery108 A
WrightElena J.Clementsvale Cemetery351
WrightElenorClementsvale Cemetery108
WrightElizaBear River, Mt. Hope279  
WrightElizabethClementsvale Cemetery408
WrightElsie C.Clementsvale Cemetery186
WrightElsie C.Clementsvale Cemetery246
WrightEmmaClementsvale Cemetery383 A
WrightErvin E.Clementsvale Cemetery246
WrightEstellaClementsvale Cemetery238
WrightEstella MaryBear River, Mt. Hope279  
WrightEsther B.Clementsvale Cemetery407
WrightEthelBear River, Mt. Hope144 A
WrightEthel C.Clementsvale Cemetery373
WrightEustace O.Clementsvale Cemetery55 A
WrightFannie A.Clementsvale Cemetery18
WrightFlora E.Clementsvale Cemetery353
WrightFlorence A.Clementsvale Cemetery149
WrightForman T.Clementsvale Cemetery149
WrightFred W.Clementsvale Cemetery349
WrightGarner E.Clementsvale Cemetery42 A
WrightGarnet O., JrClementsvale Cemetery239 A
WrightGeorge H.Clementsvale Cemetery348 A
WrightGladys A.Clementsvale Cemetery188
WrightHarry E.Clementsvale Cemetery227 A
WrightHilda G.Clementsvale Cemetery42
WrightHoward P.Clementsvale Cemetery373 A
WrightHoward S.Clementsvale Cemetery352 A
WrightIda B.Clementsvale Cemetery86
WrightIvvie L.Clementsvale Cemetery45
WrightIvvie L.Clementsvale Cemetery45
WrightJ. HenryBear River, Mt. Hope279 A
WrightJamesLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery394 A
WrightJaneClementsvale Cemetery173
WrightJeanetta A.Clementsvale Cemetery384
WrightJohnClementsvale Cemetery173 A
WrightJohn EUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery52 A
WrightJosey L.Clementsvale Cemetery15
WrightL. LawrenceBear River, Mt. Hope393  
WrightLauraUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery52
WrightLela V.Clementsvale Cemetery205
WrightLena B.Clementsvale Cemetery353
WrightLeroyClementsvale Cemetery98
WrightLeslie B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery902 A
WrightLeta J.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery902
WrightLily M.Clementsvale Cemetery178
WrightLizzie MayClementsvale Cemetery258
WrightLottieClementsvale Cemetery77
WrightLottie W.Clementsvale Cemetery384
WrightLovicaClementsvale Cemetery465
WrightLulu M.Clementsvale Cemetery1
WrightM. EileenBear River, Mt. Hope393  
WrightMabel AliceLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery462 A
WrightMable U.Clementsvale Cemetery353
WrightMargaretGraywood, Community Cemetery2
WrightMargaret A.Clementsvale Cemetery381
WrightMargaret F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery938
WrightMary E.Clementsvale Cemetery129
WrightMary J.Clementsvale Cemetery45
WrightMary L.Clementsvale Cemetery348
WrightMary M.Clementsvale Cemetery413
WrightMary P.Clementsvale Cemetery14 A
WrightMildred N.Clementsvale Cemetery149
WrightMilledge E.Clementsvale Cemetery223 A
WrightMinnie B.Clementsvale Cemetery55
WrightMinnie D.Clementsvale Cemetery382 A
WrightMinnie L.Clementsvale Cemetery223
WrightMinnie L.Clementsvale Cemetery246
WrightMinnie S.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery938 A
WrightNellie Margaret AnnVictoria Beach, Garden of Peace Cemetery20 A
WrightO. TruemanBear River, Mt. Hope393 A
WrightOlive M.Clementsvale Cemetery149
WrightPearle E.B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery876 A
WrightPerry ParkerMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery964 A
WrightPeter E.Clementsvale Cemetery353 A
WrightReginaldBear River, Mt. Hope279  
WrightRoyClementsvale Cemetery348
WrightSamuel A.Clementsvale Cemetery112 A
WrightShirley D.Bear River, Mt. Hope393  
WrightStanley V.Clementsvale Cemetery385 A
WrightSusieClementsvale Cemetery348
WrightTheodoreClementsvale Cemetery161 A
WrightThomas A.Clementsvale Cemetery349
WrightThomas H.Clementsvale Cemetery98 A
WrightTrueman J.Clementsvale Cemetery384
WrightVada B.Clementsvale Cemetery112
WrightVera C.Clementsvale Cemetery55
WrightViolet E.Clementsvale Cemetery207
WrightWalterClementsvale Cemetery348
WrightWalterClementsvale Cemetery408 A
WrightWardClementsvale Cemetery380 A
WrightWarren S.Clementsvale Cemetery45
WrightWealthy E.Clementsvale Cemetery349 A
WrightWilliamClementsvale Cemetery413 A
WrightWilliam DunnWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery90 A
WrightWilliam G.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery876 A
WrightWilliam H.Clementsvale Cemetery15
WrightWilliam O.Clementsvale Cemetery352
WrightZeanasClementsvale Cemetery408
WrightZeddie V.Clementsvale Cemetery248
WylandCarmenClementsvale Cemetery91 A
WylieElizabethKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard189
WylieElizabethKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard190
WylieGeorgianaKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard190
WylieMatilda RKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard189
WylieRobertKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard189 A
WYLLIEBessieRound Hill 2 Cemetery 184 A
WymanFrederick W.Evergreen Hall, West Paradise United Baptist 29 A
WymanLillian E.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 81
WymanWalterEvergreen Hall, West Paradise United Baptist 29
WymersJohnMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery492 A
WymersMary E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery492