Annapolis County Cemetery Listings, Surnames - R

Annapolis County, Nova Scotia Cemetery Listings

Surnames - R


Given Name



RaesideJanet AllisonRound Hill 2 Cemetery 153 A
RafuseAley A.Port George, Hillside Cemetery71 A
RafuseAmrotPort George, Hillside Cemetery169
RafuseArnold O.Young's Cove, Lakebrook United Baptist Cemetery1 A
RAFUSEAubrey M.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard53 A
RafuseBessie I.Port George, Hillside Cemetery75 A
RafuseCarrie E.Parker's Cove 2 Cemetery3
RafuseCarrie M.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 165
RafuseCatherine M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery846
RafuseDavid A.Port George, Hillside Cemetery73 A
RafuseDavid C.Port George, Hillside Cemetery219 A
RafuseElizabethPort George, Hillside Cemetery172
RafuseEllen M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery1
RafuseEllisPort George, Hillside Cemetery218 A
RafuseEmily A.Parker's Cove 2 Cemetery2
RafuseErnest B.Port George, Hillside Cemetery180 A
RAFUSEEtta M.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard53
RafuseEverett G.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 165 A
RafuseFred E.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery120 A
RafuseFrederickPort George, Hillside Cemetery172 A
RafuseFrederick C.Parker's Cove 2 Cemetery8 A
RafuseGeorge O.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery846 A
RafuseGeorgina B.Port George, Hillside Cemetery180
RafuseHattie G.Young's Cove, Lakebrook United Baptist Cemetery1
RafuseJamesPort George, Hillside Cemetery169 A
RafuseJames L.Port George, Hillside Cemetery70 A
RafuseJohn M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery1 A
RafuseJosephPort George, Hillside Cemetery74 A
RafuseJudson S.Parker's Cove 2 Cemetery2
RafuseKeziah ElizabethSpringfield Cemetery 72 A
RafuseLouiseMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery9 A
RafuseLowell L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery889
RafuseMargaretPort George, Hillside Cemetery27
RafuseMargaret E.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 165
RafuseMary AnnParker's Cove 2 Cemetery2
RafuseMinnie F.Port George, Hillside Cemetery171 A
RafuseNicholasPort George, Hillside Cemetery72 A
RafuseNicholasPort George, Hillside Cemetery217 A
RafusePaulisParker's Cove 2 Cemetery2
RafuseRalph T.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery889 A
RafuseReginald T.Parker's Cove 2 Cemetery3 A
RafuseSadie J.Port George, Hillside Cemetery219
RafuseSusiePort George, Hillside Cemetery73
RafuseVernon M.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 165
RafuseWallacePort George, Hillside Cemetery170 A
RafuseWilbert W.Port George, Hillside Cemetery27 A
RafuseWilliam AParker's Cove 2 Cemetery2 A
RameyBarbara J.Bridgetown Riverside780
RameyEbenBridgetown, Anglican Church 91 A
RameyElias C.Bridgetown Riverside780 A
RameyGraceNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 239
RameyGrace E.Bridgetown Riverside780
RameyHattieGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 81 A
RameyIsiahBridgetown Riverside29 A
RameyJamesGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 80 A
RameyLawrence L.Bridgetown Riverside780
RameyMarthaBridgetown Riverside29
RameyMary E.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 80
RameyNathanWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery79 A
RammHeinrickBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 31 A
RamsayAnnie E.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery49
RamsayBabyWest Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery10
RamsayDavid P.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery49
RamsayEffie BlanchePerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery85
RamsayElizabeth J.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery49
RamsayFrances A.West Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery10
RamsayFrankWest Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery10 A
RamsayFreemanPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery49
RamsayJamesAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery101 A
RamsayJames W.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery49 A
RamsayJohn L.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery129 A
RamsayMargaretClementsvale Cemetery347
RamsayMary A.Clementsvale Cemetery52
RamsayMary CatherineAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery129
RamsayWilliamPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery85 A
RamsayWilliamAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery134 A
RamsayWilliam L.Clementsvale Cemetery52 A
RamseyClementsvale Cemetery16 A
RamseyClementsvale Cemetery16
RamseyClementsvale Cemetery16
RandCharles CarrollMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery50 A
RandHelen MMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery50
RandLydiaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery412
RandallAlfred WilliamWilmot, Union Church Cemetery32 A
RandallAnnieNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 419
RandallAnnie R.LeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery102
RandallBenjaminBridgetown Riverside194 A
RandallCharlotteBridgetown Riverside192 A
RandallCussieClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery171 A
RandallCynthiaUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery34 A
RandallCynthia E.Wilmot 1 Cemetery7 A
RandallEllen S.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 420 A
RandallGeorgeClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery170 A
RandallHarrietBridgetown Riverside182 A
RandallHelenNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 419
RandallIrwin E.LeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery102 A
RandallIsaBEllaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 419
RandallJanetWilmot, Union Church Cemetery31
RandallM MBridgetown Riverside193 A
RandallMalvinaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 419
RandallMary AgnesWilmot, Union Church Cemetery32
RandallMary E.Wilmot 1 Cemetery25
RandallMary E.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery170
RandallOliver F.Wilmot 1 Cemetery25 A
RandallTamarBridgetown Riverside194
RandallWilliamNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 419 A
RandallWilliam J.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery31 A
RandleErmina F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery529
RandleFrankMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery529
RandolphAnna W.F.Bridgetown Riverside678
RandolphJames G.F.Bridgetown Riverside678 A
RapalieJeromusKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard21 A
RathboneJames W.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery83 A
RawdingAnna B.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery189
RawdingAnnie M.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery156 A
RawdingAnnie W.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery281
RawdingC. BurtLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery449
RawdingCapt. Herbert L.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery189 A
RawdingE. MaudClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery137
RawdingEdna M.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery22
RawdingEliasClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery126 A
RawdingEva G.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery126
RawdingF HowardNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 195 A
RawdingFrank H.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 194 A
RawdingFrank S.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery106
RawdingGrace M.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery280
RawdingHarold L.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery280 A
RawdingHarry W.Clementsvale Cemetery168 A
RawdingHenryLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery281 A
RawdingHerbertNorthfield Cemetery9 A
RawdingHoward W.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery22 A
Rawdinginfant dauClementsvale Cemetery292
RawdingInfant SonClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery156
RawdingJessie P.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery103 A
RawdingJohn B.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery106 A
RawdingJosephClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery151 A
RawdingJoseph T.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery151
RawdingLlewellyn S.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery103
RawdingLottie J.Clementsvale Cemetery395
RawdingLouisa A.Clementsvale Cemetery292 A
RawdingLucy A.Clementsvale Cemetery168
RawdingNorah L.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery126
RawdingPhebeClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery151
RawdingReta MaeClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery103
RawdingRobert C.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery18 A
RawdingRonald E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery449 A
RawdingSusanClementsvale Cemetery395
RawdingWhitefield L.Clementsvale Cemetery395 A
RawdingWilliam H.Clementsvale Cemetery395
RayAnna M.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 195
RayAnnie MarieBridgetown Riverside481
RayCharles D.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery17 A
RayCharles F.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery77 A
RayChristinaClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery17
RayClara WUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 22
RayDow DitmarsClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery82 A
RayE. AlberteaClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery90
RayElizabethMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery138 A
RayEmily HelenMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery794
RayEmma C.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery76 A
RayErnest G.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 213 A
RayErnest W.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 198 A
RayFrancesMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery631 A
RayGilbert A.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 195 A
RayHarold EdgarMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery794 A
RayHarry C.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery131 A
RayHenriettaClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery140
RayIsaiah WallaceGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery68 A
RayJames H.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery75 A
RayJane Ray BowlbyWilmot, Union Church Cemetery50
RayJanieBear River, Mt. Hope91  
RayJohn J.Bear River, Mt. Hope403  
RayJoseph HoweParadise Cemetery267 A
RayJoshuaLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery307 A
RayLaura GUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 22
RayLucinda GreavesMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery12
RayMariaLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery307
RayMarthaUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 22
RayMary AUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 22
RayMary AUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 22
RayMary A.Paradise Cemetery267
RayMary M.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery74 A
RayRichardBridgetown Riverside481 A
RaySadie A.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery131
RaySatira C.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 213
RayStewartUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 22 A
RayVietsUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 22
RayW. EdgarBear River, Mt. Hope91 A
RayW. H.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery140 A
RayW. RogerUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 22
RayWilliam HUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 22
RayWilliam L.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery73 A
Ray (Roy?)Blanchie M.East Margaretsville Cemetery 111 A
RayfuseEdna M.Port George, Hillside Cemetery220
RayfuseEdna  L.Port George, Hillside Cemetery32
RayfuseEllie MayPort George, Hillside Cemetery173
RayfuseElsiePort George, Hillside Cemetery173
RayfuseHerbert J.Port George, Hillside Cemetery32 A
RayfuseIsrael A.Port George, Hillside Cemetery220 A
RayfuseWallacePort George, Hillside Cemetery173
RayfuseWillisPort George, Hillside Cemetery173 A
RaymondClara B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery534
RaymondEsther M.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 38
RaymondEvelyn W.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery534 A
RaymondPaulBear River, Mt. Hope443  
RaymondRosa R.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery649 A
RaymondRoyal S.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 38 A
RaymondWesleyBear River, Mt. Hope443  
RaymondWiilardBear River, Mt. Hope443  
RaymondWillardBear River, Mt. Hope443 A
ReadMary A.Bear River, Mt. Hope331  
ReadWayland EmersonBear River, Mt. Hope331 A
ReaghAbrahamMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery463 A
ReaghAbraham A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery455 A
ReaghAda JaneEast Margaretsville Cemetery 144
ReaghAddie BellMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery454 A
ReaghAnn M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery461
ReaghAnna CeliaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery136 A
ReaghAugusta S.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery455
ReaghBessie BellMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery714
ReaghBurpeeMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery587 A
ReaghCatherineMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery134
ReaghCharles F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery461
ReaghCharles T.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery588
ReaghCharlotte L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery461
ReaghEleanorMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery35 A
ReaghEthel BerylMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery713
ReaghGeorge NeilyMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery715 A
ReaghGilbertMargaretsville Cemetery3 A
ReaghGrace A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery449
ReaghHerman HallMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery445 A
ReaghIsaacMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery461
ReaghIsaac D.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery461 A
ReaghJacobMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery455
ReaghJames G.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery449
ReaghJohn W.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery134 A
ReaghJohn WesleyMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery133 A
ReaghJosephMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery40 A
ReaghLouise G.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery460 A
ReaghLydia E.Margaretsville Cemetery2 A
ReaghMargaret JoanMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery795
ReaghMariam P.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery588
ReaghMary JaneMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery446 A
ReaghMary OlgaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery712
ReaghMatildaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery449
ReaghParker F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery588 A
ReaghReba K.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery795
ReaghSarahMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery132 A
ReaghSarah AnnMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery236
ReaghSarah C.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery463
ReaghWesley BoydMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery135 A
ReaghWilliam E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery450 A
RearsonMinnieNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 300
RearsonT. AndrewNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 300 A
ReddenBernard M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery946
ReddenEllen B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery946
ReddenJohnMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery657 A
ReddenJohn B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery946 A
ReddenNancy J.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery657
ReddenSusieLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery45
RedfernCastara JoyMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery396
RedgateElizabethEast Margaretsville Cemetery 127 A
RedgateGeorgeEast Margaretsville Cemetery 127
RedgateMary A.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery32 A
RedgateWilliamEast Margaretsville Cemetery 127
ReedAddie E.Bear River, Mt. Hope222  
ReedAnnie R.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard15 A
ReedAnnie S.Bridgetown Riverside372 A
ReedArabella R.Port George, Hillside Cemetery162
ReedAvard D.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery336 A
ReedBenjaminGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery111 A
ReedBenjamin DGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery108 A
ReedDavidKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard4 A
ReedElizabethGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery13 A
ReedFletcherGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard9
ReedFrankPort George, Hillside Cemetery194
ReedFrederick JamesBridgetown Riverside370 A
ReedG. B.Port George, Hillside Cemetery193 A
ReedGeorge B.Port George, Hillside Cemetery193
ReedGlynne F.Port George, Hillside Cemetery190 A
ReedGranville B. JrPort George, Hillside Cemetery162 A
ReedHarriet S.Bridgetown Riverside371
ReedHarry EMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery229 A
ReedHarry F.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard9
ReedHattiePort George, Hillside Cemetery194 A
ReedIsrael BGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery109 A
ReedJamesGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery115 A
ReedJames EGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery116 A
ReedJohn B.Bridgetown Riverside371 A
ReedJohn EGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery112 A
ReedJohn W.Port George, Hillside Cemetery193
ReedJoseph H.Port George, Hillside Cemetery164 A
ReedKezia AnnGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery113 A
ReedLeahPort George, Hillside Cemetery163 A
ReedMary AMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery229
ReedMary A.Bear River, Mt. Hope94  
ReedMary AdeliaGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard9
ReedMary LillianBridgetown Riverside371
ReedMary VGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery107 A
ReedMildred H.Port George, Hillside Cemetery190
ReedMina B.Port George, Hillside Cemetery193
ReedMinnie V.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery336
ReedNellie B.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard9
ReedPerry H.Bear River, Mt. Hope94  
ReedRachelGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery110 A
ReedSophia B.Port George, Hillside Cemetery193
ReedSusAnnaGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery114 A
ReedSusAnnaGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery116
ReedWalter E.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard9 A
ReedWilliamBear River, Mt. Hope94 A
ReedWilliam E.Bridgetown Riverside371
ReedieJ NMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery119 A
ReeseAnnieBridgetown Riverside245
ReeseCarrieBridgetown Riverside245
ReeseGeorge E.Bridgetown Riverside773 A
ReeseJohn HBridgetown Riverside245 A
ReeseLancelot RBridgetown Riverside244 A
ReeseSophiaBridgetown Riverside245
ReevesReginald KnightClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery113 A
ReevesRobert GardinerClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery113
ReevesRobert JacksonClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery112 A
ReginaldHardwickeLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery87 A
ReidAubrey M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery751 A
ReidE.Parker's Cove 1 Cemetery 15 A
ReidEstella M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery951
ReidF.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 15 A
ReidFlorence I.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery975
ReidHolmes W.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery975 A
ReidHorace F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery951 A
ReidI.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 14 A
ReidM.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 12 A
ReidRev. JamesEvergreen Hall, West Paradise United Baptist 48 A
ReidSarahBridgetown Riverside266
ReidStuart G.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery912 A
ReidSusie M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery751
ReidVenita M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery912
ReidViola A.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery115 A
ReirdenWinnie MNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 377
RejnoLucindaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery40 A
RemingtonFrederick C.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard80 A
RemingtonWilliam W.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard80
RemsenAmanda A.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery46 A
RemsenEsther A.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 62 A
RemsenMajorGranville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery45 A
RemsenMary E.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery44 A
RemsenSusan R.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery45
ReughSusanMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard45
RevellL. PearlLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery398
ReynoldsCharlesAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery70 A
ReynoldsHarry H.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery128 A
ReynoldsMary AnnAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery69 A
ReynoldsRobert DuncanLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery148 A
ReynoldsThomas W.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery321 A
RhoddaWilliamAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 133 A
RhodesAlmaGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery313 A
RhodesBeatrice R.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery342 A
RhodesElizaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery99 A
RhodesElizabeth A.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 125
RhodesFrank LewisPort George, Hillside Cemetery58 A
RhodesIvadillPort George, Hillside Cemetery58
RhodesJames H.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery313 A
RhodesKatharinePort George, Hillside Cemetery59
RhodesLydiaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery98 A
RhodesNelsonPort George, Hillside Cemetery59 A
RhodesPhebe J.Hampton Cemetery 72 A
RhodesPhoebeGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery313
RhodesReuben R.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery313
RhodesSamuel C.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 125 A
RhodesSarah JaneGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery313
RhodesWilfred KebbMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery11 A
RhynardAngelineWilmot, Union Church Cemetery75 A
RhynoDouglas M.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 125
RhynoMary ENictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 125
RhynoPhyllis MargaretNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 124
RhynoRobert R.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 125 A
Rice  Bear River, Mt. Hope12  
RiceA. BlancheLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery443
RiceAda S.Centerlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery58
RiceAdelaide A.Bear River, Mt. Hope406  
RiceAdelineBear River, Mt. Hope35  
RiceAlbert W.Bear River, Mt. Hope339  
RiceAlfredBridgetown Riverside27
RiceAlfredBear River, Mt. Hope120 A
RiceAlgie S.Bear River, Mt. Hope119  
RiceAlice M.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery18
RiceAlice M.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 42 A
RiceAlma AileenLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery79 A
RiceAmanda E.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery35
RiceAmos L.LeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery97 A
RiceAnnAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 95 A
RiceAnna B.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery406 A
RiceAnnabellPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery76 A
RiceAnnieAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery19 A
RiceAnnieBridgetown Riverside27
RiceAnnieLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery78
RiceAnnieLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery79
RiceAnnieBear River, Mt. Hope226  
RiceAnnie CharlotteLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery278
RiceAnnie J.Bear River, Mt. Hope428  
RiceAnnie M.Bear River, Mt. Hope205  
RiceArminellaBear River 22 A
RiceArthur A.Bridgetown Riverside731 A
RiceAura C.Bear River, Mt. Hope224  
RiceAvard A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery309
RiceAvard M.Bear River, Mt. Hope131  
RiceAvis (Alvis?) E.Bear River 48
RiceBeatRiceNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 278
RiceBenjaminPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery30 A
RiceBenjaminBear River, Mt. Hope269  
RiceBenjamin W.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery309 A
RiceBeriahBridgetown Riverside27
RiceBernard A.Bear River, Mt. Hope285 A
RiceBertha M.Bear River, Mt. Hope428  
RiceBessie E.Bear River, Mt. Hope402  
RiceBessie MaryBear River, Mt. Hope389 A
RiceBlanche E.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery26
RiceBotsFordBear River, Mt. Hope31  
RiceBrenton H.A.Bear River, Mt. Hope224 A
RiceBurtonBridgetown Riverside729
RiceC. DonaldLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery443
RiceC. EverettLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery70
RiceCatharineLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery408 A
RiceCatherineLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery309
RiceCebre D.Bear River, Mt. Hope428  
RiceCharlesBridgetown Riverside27
RiceCharlesPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery70 A
RiceCharles E.Bear River, Mt. Hope176 A
RiceCharles R.Bear River, Mt. Hope428 A
RiceCharles S. LeslieLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery407
RiceCharlotte AnnLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery32
RiceClara M.Bear River, Mt. Hope339  
RiceClarence F.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery71 A
RiceClifFordLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery443 A
RiceCordelia A.Bear River, Mt. Hope131  
RiceCynthiaBear River, Mt. Hope31  
RiceDarrell Otis OmerBear River, Mt. Hope380 A
RiceDavidBear River, Mt. Hope29 A
RiceE.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery408
RiceE. AgnesPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery63
RiceEbenLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery78 A
RiceEbenLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery79
RiceEbenLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery406
RiceEdith M.Bear River, Mt. Hope406  
RiceEdward E.Bear River, Mt. Hope132 A
RiceEdward W.Bridgetown Riverside774 A
RiceEdwinBear River, Mt. Hope35  
RiceEleanorPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery30
RiceElizaBear River, Mt. Hope224  
RiceElizaBear River, Mt. Hope269  
RiceElizabethPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery18 A
RiceElizabethBear River, Mt. Hope422  
RiceElizabeth H.Bear River 30
RiceElizabeth H.LeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery33
RiceElizabeth JaneBear River, Mt. Hope217 A
RiceElizabeth W.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery34
RiceElviraBear River, Mt. Hope269 A
RiceEmily M.Lequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery75
RiceEmmaBridgetown Riverside27
RiceErnest M. RiceBridgetown Riverside732 A
RiceEudociaBear River, Mt. Hope32  
RiceEugenieBear River, Mt. Hope246  
RiceEva F.Bridgetown Riverside730
RiceEva M.Bear River, Mt. Hope15 A
RiceFlora E.Bear River, Mt. Hope224  
RiceForman L.Bear River, Mt. Hope87 A
RiceFrances A.Bear River, Mt. Hope49  
RiceFrancisBear River, Mt. Hope406  
RiceFred L.Bear River, Mt. Hope131  
RiceFred M.Bear River, Mt. Hope405 A
RiceFred MelbourneBear River, Mt. Hope406 A
RiceFreddiePerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery35
RiceFrederick A.Centerlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery58 A
RiceFrieman B.Bear River, Mt. Hope14 A
RiceGeorgeLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery70
RiceGeorgeLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery278 A
RiceGeorge E.Bear River, Mt. Hope119 A
RiceGeorgiaBear River, Mt. Hope269  
RiceH. AugustusPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery46 A
RiceHannahBear River, Mt. Hope87  
RiceHarrietClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery100
RiceHarrietBear River, Mt. Hope226  
RiceHarriet AlexisLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery32 A
RiceHarriet B.Bear River, Mt. Hope1  
RiceHarry DavenportBear River, Mt. Hope31  
RiceHarry E.Bear River, Mt. Hope339 A
RiceHarvey M.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery35 A
RiceHattie S.Bear River, Mt. Hope29  
RiceHelenLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery407
RiceHenry A.Bear River, Mt. Hope28 A
RiceHenry J.LeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery33 A
RiceHerbert L.Bear River, Mt. Hope351 A
RiceHerbert R.Bridgetown Riverside447 A
RiceHerrietBear River, Mt. Hope205  
RiceHoward E.Bear River, Mt. Hope232 A
RiceIldaBear River, Mt. Hope246  
RiceIna M.Bear River, Mt. Hope246  
RiceIna M.Bear River, Mt. Hope248  
RiceInfant sonBridgetown Riverside446
RiceIrene A.Bear River, Mt. Hope428  
RiceIrma G.Bear River, Mt. Hope224  
RiceJ. ArthurAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery20 A
RiceJ.C.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery357
RiceJ.C.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery357
RiceJamesBridgetown Riverside27
RiceJames A.Bear River, Mt. Hope49 A
RiceJames E.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery352 A
RiceJames EdwardLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery99 A
RiceJames F,Bear River, Mt. Hope224  
RiceJames F.Bear River, Mt. Hope205 A
RiceJames WilkieBear River, Mt. Hope246 A
RiceJeanBear River, Mt. Hope175  
RiceJean M.Bear River, Mt. Hope428  
RiceJennie M.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery70 A
RiceJepthaBridgetown Riverside729 A
RiceJohnLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery408
RiceJohn A.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery55 A
RiceJohn H.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery309
RiceJohn R.Bear River, Mt. Hope4  
RiceJohn S.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery407 A
RiceJonasBear River 48 A
RiceJosephBridgetown Riverside27
RiceJosephRound Hill 2 Cemetery 315 A
RiceJoseph C.Bear River, Mt. Hope31 A
RiceJulia A.Bear River, Mt. Hope224  
RiceLambert J.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery357
RiceLeighBear River, Mt. Hope40 A
RiceLenaPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery65 A
RiceLeron P.Bear River, Mt. Hope31  
RiceLeroy C.Bear River, Mt. Hope50 A
RiceLeslie E.Bear River, Mt. Hope190 A
RiceLeslie E.Bear River, Mt. Hope191 A
RiceLester O.Bear River, Mt. Hope131  
RiceLevina AnnBear River, Mt. Hope269  
RiceLida P.Bear River, Mt. Hope31  
RiceLillie BelleBear River 48
RiceLinwoodLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery74 A
RiceLinwoodLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery75 A
RiceLloydBear River, Mt. Hope35  
RiceLloyd B.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 44 A
RiceLois MaeLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery23 A
RiceLoletaCenterlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery58
RiceLottiePerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery46
RiceLouisa A.Bear River, Mt. Hope406  
RiceLouiseBear River, Mt. Hope167  
RiceLovenia H.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery352
RiceLucillaClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery212 A
RiceLula C.Bear River, Mt. Hope105  
RiceLydiaBear River 48
RiceM. OmerBear River, Mt. Hope29  
RiceManly B.Centerlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery58
RiceMargaretBear River, Mt. Hope119  
RiceMargaretLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery309
RiceMargaretLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery357 A
RiceMargaretLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery407
RiceMargaretBear River, Mt. Hope437  
RiceMariaBear River, Mt. Hope402 A
RiceMarilyn AnnBear River, Mt. Hope376 A
RiceMarthaPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery18
RiceMartha P.Bear River, Mt. Hope120  
RiceMary A.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery18 A
RiceMary A.Bear River, Mt. Hope131  
RiceMary A.Bear River, Mt. Hope166  
RiceMary AliceBridgetown Riverside27
RiceMary E.Bear River, Mt. Hope406  
RiceMary ElizabethBear River, Mt. Hope286  
RiceMary J.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery54
RiceMary L.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery309
RiceMaudBear River, Mt. Hope428  
RiceMaud B.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery55
RiceMelbourneBear River, Mt. Hope406  
RiceMelinda JaneBear River, Mt. Hope29  
RiceMilledgeBridgetown Riverside730 A
RiceMilton N.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery26 A
RiceMinnie F.Bridgetown Riverside774
RiceNancyBridgetown Riverside27
RiceNarcissaBear River, Mt. Hope269  
RiceNellie M.LeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery98 A
RiceNellie M.LeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery99
RiceNeva ViolaBear River, Mt. Hope406  
RiceNormaBear River, Mt. Hope191  
RicePhilindaBear River, Mt. Hope35  
RicePriscilla H.Bear River, Mt. Hope269  
RiceRalph C.Bridgetown Riverside483 A
RiceReginaldPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery63 A
RiceReginald J.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery54
RiceReubenBear River, Mt. Hope226  
RiceRobert D.Bear River, Mt. Hope166 A
RiceRupertBridgetown Riverside446 A
RiceSarahRound Hill 2 Cemetery 219
RICESarah D.Clementsvale Cemetery358
RiceSarah E.Bear River, Mt. Hope176  
RiceSarah RebeccaBridgetown Riverside729
RiceSheldon A.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery78 A
RiceSidneyBridgetown Riverside27
RiceSilas L.Bear River 30 A
RiceSophiaBear River 22
RiceSteadman A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery448 A
RiceStephenBear River, Mt. Hope35 A
RiceSuellBridgetown Riverside447
RiceSusanPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery18
RiceSusan E.Bear River, Mt. Hope29  
RiceThilbertBear River, Mt. Hope29  
RiceThomas H.Bear River, Mt. Hope131 A
RiceThomas S>Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery77 A
RiceThomas W.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery63
RiceTimothyBridgetown Riverside27 A
RiceVelatteBear River, Mt. Hope246  
RiceWallaceBear River 48
RiceWalter R.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery78 A
RiceWalter R.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery443
RiceWilbert T.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery309
RiceWilbur O.Bear River, Mt. Hope226 A
RiceWillard G.Bear River, Mt. Hope175 A
RiceWilliamPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery18
RiceWilliamBridgetown Riverside27
RiceWilliam H.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery34 A
RiceWilliam H.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery54 A
RiceWilliam H.Bear River, Mt. Hope224  
RiceWilliam R.Bear River, Mt. Hope286 A
RiceWinnifredLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery97
RiceZelda A.Centerlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery58
RichmondWilliamBridgetown, Anglican Church 16 A
RicketsonAnnUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 21 A
RicketsonElla ElviraWest Paradise, Ricketson Cemetery 29
RicketsonFrederickWest Paradise, Ricketson Cemetery 7 A
RicketsonHannahUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 14 A
RicketsonHenryUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 15 A
RicketsonJames NormanWest Paradise, Ricketson Cemetery 28 A
RicketsonJordanUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 13 A
RicketsonJoseph EdwinWest Paradise, Ricketson Cemetery 26 A
RicketsonJoseph H.West Paradise, Ricketson Cemetery 17 A
RicketsonMaryWest Paradise, Ricketson Cemetery 8 A
RicketsonMaryUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 16 A
RicketsonSelinaWest Paradise, Ricketson Cemetery 29
RicketsonWalterWest Paradise, Ricketson Cemetery 29 A
RicketsonWalterWest Paradise, Ricketson Cemetery 34 A
RickitsonAlvenia S.Bridgetown Riverside314
RickitsonLewis J.Bridgetown Riverside314 A
RideoutHannah M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery686 A
RiedPhyllis MargaretNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 124 A
RierHannahPort George, Hillside Cemetery104 A
RileyAddie PrudenceLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery363 A
RileyAlice MarthaClementsvale Cemetery50
RileyAndrewLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery364
RileyAndrewLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery365
RileyAndrewLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery366 A
RileyAnniePort George, Hillside Cemetery168
RileyCeliaClementsvale Cemetery370
RileyClara EdithClementsvale Cemetery62
RileyDylah M.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery19
RileyElizaPort George, Hillside Cemetery168 A
RileyGeorgeLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery336 A
RileyGeorgeAnna B.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery364
RileyIda MayClementsvale Cemetery269 A
RileyIsaBEllaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery364
RileyIsaBEllaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery365
RileyJames A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery290 A
RileyJames L.Clementsvale Cemetery274 A
RileyJessie LLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery289 A
RileyJohnClementsvale Cemetery50 A
RileyKateLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery365 A
RileyLauraLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery364 A
RileyMargaret MayLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery290
RileyMarionLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery447
RileyMaryLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery341
RileyMaryLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery342
RileyMary J.Waldeck East Cemetery16
RileyNellieLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery363
RileyNellie A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery362
RileyRichard J.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery362 A
RileyRichard J.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery363
RileyRobert B.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery341 A
RileySimonLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery341
RileySimon W.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery342 A
RileySimon WilliamAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 228 A
RileyThomas S.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery289
RileyTimothy W.Clementsvale Cemetery187 A
RileyTrueman A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery439 A
RileyWalton C.Clementsvale Cemetery62 A
RinesEdna H.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery151 A
RingAlbert L.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery44 A
RingAmanda J.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 105
RingAnnie E.Clementsvale Cemetery115
RingCecil O.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 105 A
RingChristinaClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery136
RingEmmeline F.Victoria Beach, Garden of Peace Cemetery61
RingErnest O.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery130 A
RingEzra D.Hampton Cemetery 19 A
RingFlorence MayRound Hill 2 Cemetery 135 A
RingFrancesClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery130
RingGladys MVictoria Beach, Garden of Peace Cemetery12
RingJamesClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery44
RingJohn H.Victoria Beach, Garden of Peace Cemetery61 A
RingLillian EstherClementsvale Cemetery249
RingLoren H.Victoria Beach, Garden of Peace Cemetery12 A
RingMabel O.Victoria Beach, Garden of Peace Cemetery60 A
RingMarjorieClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery44
RingMattie M.Hampton Cemetery 19
RingOscar E.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery136 A
RingSadie OSpringfield Cemetery 126 A
RingWilliam M.Clementsvale Cemetery249 A
RingerJoseph F.Milford, Maplewood Cemetery10 A
RingerSadie ElizabethClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery3
RingerSarahClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery201
RingerSimeon P.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery6
RingerWalter RoyClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery3 A
RiordanAnthony H.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery75
RiordanArthur B.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery94 A
RiordanCatherineAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery75
RiordanCatherineAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery76 A
RiordanCorneliusAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery81 A
RiordanEulaliaAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery75
RiordanGladys A.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery94
RiordanMargaret J.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery75
RiordanMarthaPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery50 A
RiordanMartha A.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery79 A
RiordanMartha B.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery83 A
RiordanMaryAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery82 A
RiordanMary AnnAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery80 A
RiordanMichaelAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery56 A
RiordanOwenPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery94
RiordanWilliamAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery75 A
RippeyDavidLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery263 A
RippeyElizabethLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery263
RippeyGertrude MayLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery254
RippeyHarry G.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery254
RippeyHattie MayLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery254
RippeyIreneLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery254
RippeyJohn T.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery263
RippeyRalph ELeQuille, Woodland Cemetery254
RippeyS. MaxLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery444 A
RippeySamuelLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery254 A
RisteenAda HealyHampton Cemetery 8
RisteenAvard W.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 84 A
RisteenEdith M.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 83
RisteenEdwin H.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 83 A
RisteenElijah W.Hampton Cemetery 8 A
RisteenFred R.Hampton Cemetery 8
RisteenJohnPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 103 A
RisteenLenoraPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 103
RisteenLouisaPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 84
RisteenMargaretPort Lorne Cemetery1 A
RisteenVernon C.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 83
RitceyAdelaide M.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 632 A
RitceyDavid G.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 631
RitceyElizabethNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 633
RitceyEllen JemimaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 401 A
RitceyEmelineNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 259
RitceyEthel SNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 630
RitceyGeorgeNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 633 A
RitceyHarry L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 630 A
RitceyIsaacNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 400 A
RitceyJ. NormanNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 118 A
RitceyJ. SeymourLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery483 A
RitceyLalia SNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 631
RitceyMargaret L.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery483
RitceyMary AnnNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 400
RitceySadie E.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 631 A
Ritchie?Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard54 A
RitchieAlexanderAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 223 A
RitchieAlexanderLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery413
RitchieAlexanderLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery414 A
RitchieAlicia MariaAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 168 A
RitchieAlicia MariaAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 177 A
RitchieAnn ElizaWilmot, Union Church Cemetery48
RitchieAnna ClaraMochelle, Harris Cemetery 63
RitchieAnne ElizaMochelle, Harris Cemetery 6
RitchieAnnie M.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 63
RitchieAnnie R.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery63
RitchieArthurAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 25
RitchieBennetAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 25 A
RitchieBessieMochelle, Harris Cemetery 48
RitchieBessie M.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 45 A
RitchieBlanche C.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 93
RitchieBrainardClementsvale Cemetery378 A
RitchieCarolineClementsvale Cemetery378
RitchieCatherineLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery78
RitchieCecilia C.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery213
RitchieCharlesMochelle, Harris Cemetery 8 A
RitchieCharles AlfredMochelle, Harris Cemetery 6 A
RitchieCharles E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery186
RitchieCharles W.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery158 A
RitchieClarence E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery186
RitchieCliffordLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery429
RitchieClifford J.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery115
RitchieConductor JohnAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery102 A
RitchieDaisie D.  E.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery17 A
RitchieDanielClementsvale Cemetery92 A
RitchieDavidLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery78 A
RitchieDorothea WilliamLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery63
RitchieEdmundMochelle, Harris Cemetery 48 A
RitchieEdwardMochelle, Harris Cemetery 6
RitchieElizaAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 42 A
RitchieElizabethAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 220 A
RitchieElizabethClementsvale Cemetery379 A
RitchieElizabethClementsvale Cemetery420
RitchieElizabeth L.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 93
RitchieElizabeth M.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery35 A
RitchieElizabeth W.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 176 A
RitchieElla J.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 9 A
RitchieEugenia M.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 8
RitchieEvaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery226
RitchieEvelyn K.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 63
RitchieFAnnieLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery78
RitchieFAnnieLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery334
RitchieFannie WinfredMochelle, Harris Cemetery 81
RitchieFannyAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 80 A
RitchieFlorence MaryLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery15
RitchieFrances J.Clementsvale Cemetery92
RitchieFrancisMochelle, Harris Cemetery 48
RitchieFrankLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery226
RitchieFrederick OrvilleClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery211
RitchieGeorge E.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 48
RitchieGerald KingMochelle, Harris Cemetery 6
RitchieGrace M.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 94
RitchieH. AlbertMochelle, Harris Cemetery 93
RitchieHarrietMochelle, Harris Cemetery 8
RitchieHazel M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery400
RitchieHenry C.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 41 A
RitchieHenry T.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery412 A
RitchieHilda E.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery115
RitchieJamesMochelle, Harris Cemetery 41
RitchieJames FrancisLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery98 A
RitchieJames J.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 43 A
RitchieJames J.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery63 A
RitchieJames J.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery213
RitchieJaneMochelle, Harris Cemetery 48
RitchieJane M.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 106 A
RitchieJoannaAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery36 A
RitchieJohnAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 178 A
RitchieJohn CarrollMochelle, Harris Cemetery 7 A
RitchieJohn E.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery211 A
RitchieJohn M.C.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 219 A
RitchieJosephLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery429 A
RitchieJoseph O.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 81 A
RitchieJosephineLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery98
RitchieKenneth M.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery422 A
RitchieL/Bdr Forrest R., RCAWilmot, Union Church Cemetery16 A
RitchieLaura V.Clementsvale Cemetery378
RitchieLeonard C.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 63 A
RitchieMalcolm E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery63  
RitchieMargaret E.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery21 A
RitchieMargaret E.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 93
RitchieMariaClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery211
RitchieMary D.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery37 A
RitchieMary E.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 48
RitchieMary H.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery115
RitchieMary JaneLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery413 A
RitchieMary SpurrLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery22 A
RitchieMatthewWilmot, Union Church Cemetery49 A
RitchieMaud L.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 8
RitchieMyersMochelle, Harris Cemetery 8
RitchieNormanMochelle, Harris Cemetery 48
RitchieNorman F.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery334 A
RitchiePaul ClementLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery213 A
RitchiePercyMochelle, Harris Cemetery 93
RitchiePhoebe R.Clementsvale Cemetery92
RitchieR. MillerLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery359 A
RitchieRaymond G.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery400 A
RitchieReginald C.Lequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery78
RitchieRobert L.Lequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery78
RitchieRobert LeslieLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery186 A
RitchieRussell L.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery101 A
RitchieSarah AnnLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery412
RitchieSarah J.Clementsvale Cemetery92
RitchieSarah W.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 92 A
RitchieSophieAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 41 A
RitchieStephen D.R.Lequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery78
RitchieSusanMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery554
RitchieThomasPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery22 A
RitchieThomasAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 107 A
RitchieThomasAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 167 A
RitchieThomas A.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 93 A
RitchieW. MaxwellMochelle, Harris Cemetery 94 A
RitchieWilkinson J.  E.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery48 A
RitchieWilliam A.Lequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery81 A
RitchieWilliam E.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 27 A
RitchieWilliam FenwickMochelle, Harris Cemetery 95 A
RitchieWilliam H.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery115 A
RoachAbnerNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 593 A
RoachAlbertPort George, Hillside Cemetery81 A
RoachAnnie S.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery926
RoachAustin S.Port George, Hillside Cemetery80 A
RoachCharles E.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 45 A
RoachE. JaneLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery305
RoachEdwin J.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 593
RoachElizabethAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 17
RoachElizabeth T.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery305 A
RoachEmma L.East Margaretsville Cemetery 241
RoachEva M.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 45
RoachF. LamontLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery306 A
RoachFrederickPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery51
RoachFrederickAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 143 A
RoachGeorgePort George, Hillside Cemetery82 A
RoachGracinePort George, Hillside Cemetery210 A
RoachHannah F.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery251
RoachHope M.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery306
RoachJ. FrederickLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery251 A
RoachJamesAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 17
RoachJames G.East Margaretsville Cemetery 241 A
RoachJames G.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery250 A
RoachJohnAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 142 A
RoachJohn NeilyEast Margaretsville Cemetery 166 A
RoachKenneth C.East Margaretsville Cemetery 167
RoachLenora V.East Margaretsville Cemetery 167
RoachLucyPort George, Hillside Cemetery81
RoachLucyLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery250
RoachLucy M.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 44 A
RoachLydiaAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 142
RoachMargaret A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery305
RoachMary A.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 17
RoachMary J.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 18
RoachMary JaneEast Margaretsville Cemetery 166
RoachMary L.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 43 A
RoachMary M.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery306
RoachMathewMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery268 A
RoachMildredEast Margaretsville Cemetery 167
RoachNeil J.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery926 A
RoachNellie H.East Margaretsville Cemetery 166
RoachPhebeMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery268
RoachPriscillaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 590 A
RoachRebeccaPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery51
RoachRev. H.H.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery251
RoachRobert W.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery305
RoachSusanPort George, Hillside Cemetery82
RoachSusie L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 593
RoachThomas C.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 17 A
RoachWilbert W.Port George, Hillside Cemetery82
RoachWilliamSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 43
RoachWilliam H.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 18 A
RoachWilliam R.East Margaretsville Cemetery 167 A
RobarAlice BelleClementsvale Cemetery242
RobarAratia E.Clementsvale Cemetery350 A
RobarAvard GordonClementsvale Cemetery232 A
RobarBerzelia JaneClementsvale Cemetery241 A
RobarEdith W.Clementsvale Cemetery60
RobarEliphalet J.Clementsvale Cemetery180 A
RobarElizabethClementsvale Cemetery180
RobarElla J.Clementsvale Cemetery111
RobarEllis J.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 60 A
RobarEmma FosterNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 293 A
RobarFlorence M.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 148 A
RobarFrank C.Clementsvale Cemetery251 A
RobarGeorge LeviSpringfield Cemetery 90 A
RobarHazelClementsvale Cemetery232
RobarIda M.Clementsvale Cemetery252
RobarJames LeF.Clementsvale Cemetery242 A
RobarJessie E.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 148
RobarLeonaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 292 A
RobarOdbur F.Clementsvale Cemetery252 A
RobarPercy L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 139 A
RobarReginald P.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 293
RobarS.E. EllaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 110 A
RobarW.S.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 59 A
RobbinsAlice M.Clementsvale Cemetery6
RobbinsBessie V.Clementsvale Cemetery197
RobbinsBurwell D.Clementsvale Cemetery197
RobbinsCarlean JenettBear River, Mt. Hope1  
RobbinsEdna EvelynKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard203 A
RobbinsHarriet B.Bear River, Mt. Hope1  
RobbinsJ. AlbertBear River, Mt. Hope42 A
RobbinsJoseph E.Clementsvale Cemetery6 A
RobbinsKenneth E.Karsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard205
RobbinsLaura E.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard17
RobbinsLeland C.Bear River, Mt. Hope1  
RobbinsMable M.Karsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard205
RobbinsMary EttaBear River, Mt. Hope42  
RobbinsMaurice E.Karsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard205 A
RobbinsMinnie A.Clementsvale Cemetery197 A
RobbinsPheobe J.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery345
RobbinsRollandBear River, Mt. Hope42  
RobbinsValentineBear River, Mt. Hope1 A
RobbinsVaLentineBear River, Mt. Hope42  
RobbinsWallace M.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery345 A
RobbinsWinona J.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery111 A
RobbleeAlice Y.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery377
RobbleeAnnabel CGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery261
RobbleeBurton LGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery233 A
RobbleeDonald GordonGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery304 A
RobbleeEunice E.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery311
RobbleeFrank TGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery239
RobbleeHannahGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery151 A
RobbleeHannah EGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery237 A
RobbleeHattieGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery259
RobbleeIda MayGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery235 A
RobbleeIsalineGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery309
RobbleeJ. V.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery309 A
RobbleeJamesGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery150 A
RobbleeJosephGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery207 A
RobbleeLaura JGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery234 A
RobbleeLizzieGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery260 A
RobbleeLucy AGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery207
RobbleeMary EGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery238 A
RobbleeMary SophiaPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery52 A
RobbleeMildred A.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery305
RobbleeMinnieGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery309
RobbleeMoses HGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery239 A
RobbleePHillip H.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery304 A
RobbleeSarah AGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery311
RobbleeStephenGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery261 A
RobbleeThomasKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard30 A
RobbleeThomasGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery152 A
RobbleeThomasGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery236 A
RobbleeW. HarrisGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery311 A
RobbleeWilliam HGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery240 A
RobbleeWilliam JGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery153 A
RobbleeWilliam J.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery311
RobblieFrances E.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery189
RobertsAsahelMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery234 A
RobertsCapt RobertBridgetown Riverside457
RobertsCarrieBridgetown Riverside457
RobertsCarrie C.Bridgetown Riverside457
RobertsFrederickBridgetown Riverside457
RobertsJohn DouglasBridgetown Riverside457 A
RobertsMatildaBridgetown Riverside457
RobertsReubenNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 527 A
RobertsRobertBridgetown Riverside457
RobertsSarahBridgetown Riverside457
RobertsonAlexanderMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery213
RobertsonBethiah AnneAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 83
RobertsonEllisNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 496 A
RobertsonGeorge H.West Dalhousie, Baptist Church4 A
RobertsonGeorge H.C.Lequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery87 A
RobertsonIsabelle GoodLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery2
RobertsonJamesMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery213 A
RobertsonJohnAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 83 A
RobertsonJohnLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery361 A
RobertsonLaehlanLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery2 A
RobertsonMaria ElizabethMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery213
RobertsonSusan S.Lequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery87
RobertsonThomasNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 496
RobertsonWilliamBridgetown St Alphonsus RC 20 A
RobertsonWilliamAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 119 A
RobinsonAbigailBridgetown Riverside107 A
RobinsonAlbertaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 621
RobinsonAlberta MaeParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 54 A
RobinsonAlfredLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery35 A
RobinsonAlice L.Paradise Cemetery254
RobinsonAnnie A.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery28 A
RobinsonAnnie A.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 219
RobinsonArthur W.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 219
RobinsonAshfordClementsvale Cemetery46
RobinsonAugustusLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery34 A
RobinsonBarbara D.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery360
RobinsonBenjamin H.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 29 A
RobinsonBlanche W.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 219
RobinsonC.  EverettWilmot, Union Church Cemetery15 A
RobinsonCarroll L.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 53 A
RobinsonCatherineAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 14 A
RobinsonCharlesAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 7 A
RobinsonCharlotteNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 502 A
RobinsonClair WillardRound Hill 2 Cemetery 107
RobinsonDanielParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 46 A
RobinsonDatherine I.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery58 A
RobinsonDavid A.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 52 A
RobinsonDawindaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery360
RobinsonEdith MayLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery360
RobinsonEdwardPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery57 A
RobinsonEdward O.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery692 A
RobinsonEdward WallaceBear River, Mt. Hope55 A
RobinsonEffie G.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 575
RobinsonEleanor B.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 53
RobinsonEnos WileParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 11
RobinsonEverett B.J.Clementsvale Cemetery157 A
RobinsonFowler L.Bear River, Mt. Hope96 A
RobinsonFrances MaudBear River, Mt. Hope55  
RobinsonFrancisLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery36
RobinsonGeorgeAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 163 A
RobinsonGeorge A.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 162
RobinsonGeorge E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery360
RobinsonGeorge E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery360
RobinsonGladys EthelClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery169
RobinsonGrace BEverleyLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery38 A
RobinsonHannah E.Clementsvale Cemetery46
RobinsonHarrietLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery82 A
RobinsonHattie ANictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 621
RobinsonHattie T.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery360
RobinsonHenryMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery122
RobinsonIsaBEllaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 219 A
RobinsonJamesAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 13 A
RobinsonJamesLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery360 A
RobinsonJamesNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 620 A
RobinsonJames F.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery360
RobinsonJames H.Clementsvale Cemetery46 A
RobinsonJaneParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 46
RobinsonJohnMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery122 A
RobinsonJohnMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery233 A
RobinsonJohnNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 502
RobinsonJohn HenryBridgetown Riverside767 A
RobinsonJohn R.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 569 A
RobinsonJohn w.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 503 A
RobinsonLillian AdeliaWilmot, Union Church Cemetery15
RobinsonLottie W.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 29
RobinsonLouisa BParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 17 A
RobinsonLucy A.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 162 A
RobinsonLucy M.Bear River, Mt. Hope96  
RobinsonMaggie A.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery103 A
RobinsonMargaret A.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 162
RobinsonMargaret M.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery57
RobinsonMaryAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 9
RobinsonMaryAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 162
RobinsonMary ElizaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 619 A
RobinsonMary J.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery59 A
RobinsonMary LouisaAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 162
RobinsonMinnie F.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 61
RobinsonNormanLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery360
RobinsonPercy B.Parker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 61 A
RobinsonRachelMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery123 A
RobinsonRawlings AlfredLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery20 A
RobinsonRichardAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 9 A
RobinsonRobert ValentineClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery169
RobinsonRuith E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery360
RobinsonSarah JBridgetown Riverside108 A
RobinsonSarah J.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery279
RobinsonStephenParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 56 A
RobinsonStewartParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 46
RobinsonStewartParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 47 A
RobinsonSusanNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 497 A
RobinsonThomasNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 497
RobinsonValentineClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery169 A
RobinsonViolet EdnaParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 55 A
RobinsonW.Paradise Cemetery254 A
RobinsonW. ClarkNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 621 A
RobinsonW.G.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 575 A
RobinsonWalterParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 62 A
RobinsonWilliam A.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 219
RobleeFannie GGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery97 A
RobleeJohnGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery95 A
RobleeJohn HGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery97
RobleeOleviaGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery96 A
RocheAnnabelNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 589 A
RogersCharles Frederick PHillipMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery137
RogersCharles S.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 35 A
RogersDoris AgathaMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery65
RogersE. KathleenNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 99
RogersFrederick RichardMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery137
RogersHarold StetsonMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery65 A
RogersHarriett V.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 32
RogersHattie E.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 35  
RogersHorace G.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 99 A
RogersJohnNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 34 A
RogersLauraKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard212
RogersMary J.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 34
RogersOberlin A.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 32 A
RogersWilliam L.Karsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard212 A
RogersWillie J.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 33 A
RolandOlivia C.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard9 A
RomansRobina MayClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery151
RomansWalter MannersClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery151 A
RoneyAnnieGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 58
RoneyEthel L.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 51
RoneyFrank E.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 51
RoneyHarriet AnnGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 60 A
RoneyHenryGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 51 A
RoneyJohnGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 58 A
RoneyJohn B.Centerlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery47
RoneyLizzie EdnaGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 51
RoneyWilliam F.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 59 A
RoopA. ChurchFalkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard49
RoopAlbertClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery157 A
RoopAlfred EdwardLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery56
RoopAlfred NormanLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery56
RoopAnnMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery634
RoopAnnieSpringfield Cemetery 101
RoopAnnie L.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard49
RoopAnnie PearlSpringfield Cemetery 105
RoopAsenathClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery163 A
RoopAvard MSpringfield Cemetery 121 A
RoopCatharine J.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery162
RoopCharlesSpringfield Cemetery 24
RoopCharles WSpringfield Cemetery 23
RoopChristineClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery131
RoopClara MSpringfield Cemetery 103 A
RoopClara MaieClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery139
RoopDaisy L.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard48
RoopEffie LSpringfield Cemetery 203
RoopElijahMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery634
RoopElizabethSpringfield Cemetery 121
RoopElizabeth FSpringfield Cemetery 105
RoopEmmaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery371
RoopEmma C.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery157
RoopEmma E.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery378
RoopEstella M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery813
RoopEugene SSpringfield Cemetery 105
RoopFlora B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery813 A
RoopFlorence MayClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery157
RoopFrederick E.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery139 A
RoopGeorge E.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard49
RoopHannah SSpringfield Cemetery 22 A
RoopHarry E.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard48 A
RoopHenry P.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard49 A
RoopIsrael WSpringfield Cemetery 203
RoopJacob CSpringfield Cemetery 102 A
RoopJamesClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery138 A
RoopJaneClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery161 A
RoopJohnClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery57 A
RoopJohnClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery98 A
RoopJohn EdwardClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery51
RoopJohn HealyGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery378 A
RoopJohn MortonClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery157
RoopJohn W.Bridgetown Riverside720 A
RoopJosephClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery162 A
RoopJosephine E.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery139
RoopLavinia CSpringfield Cemetery 102
RoopLorraineFalkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard49
RoopLydia ASpringfield Cemetery 23 A
RoopMajor CSpringfield Cemetery 105 A
RoopMargaret C.Bridgetown Riverside720
RoopMargaret MSpringfield Cemetery 1 A
RoopMaria RolaphaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery56
RoopMaryClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery58 A
RoopMary ElizabethClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery98 A
RoopMary R.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery157
RoopMary S.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery634
RoopNormanLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery56 A
RoopReginaldLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery428 A
RoopRoy M.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery131
RoopRuby MSpringfield Cemetery 24
RoopRuth JSpringfield Cemetery 24 A
RoopSadie BSpringfield Cemetery 103
RoopSamuelSpringfield Cemetery 24
RoopSamuel F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery634 A
RoopSarah AnnClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery98 A
RoopSturat M.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery131
RoopThomas AntonioAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 138 A
RoopWilliamClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery131 A
RoopWilliam CSpringfield Cemetery 103
RosencrantsGeorgeClementsvale Cemetery206 A
RosencrantsIrene M.Clementsvale Cemetery214 A
RosencrantsLouiseClementsvale Cemetery206
RosencrantsMargaret E.Clementsvale Cemetery264
RosencrantsMaynard B.Clementsvale Cemetery214
RosencrantsRosie E.Clementsvale Cemetery214
RosencrantsWillard B.Clementsvale Cemetery264
RosencrantzEmma JosephWaldeck Line Cemetery2 A
RosencrantzEmma JosephineBear River East, Waldeck West 7 A
RosencrantzM. B.Clementsvale Cemetery215 A
RosengrenAndrewLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery506 A
RosengrenMaudLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery507
Ross  Bear River, Mt. Hope62 A
RossBabyMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery662 A
RossEdgar GeorgeClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery150 A
RossEdwin W.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery235 A
RossEliza J.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery235
RossElizabethKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard151 A
RossEunice W.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery234
RossGladys IdaClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery150
RossJohnMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery234 A
RossMary ManningMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery230 A
RossMary ManningMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery234
RossMary R.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery235
RossRebeccaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery234
RossRonald KennethMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery233 A
RossRupert HenryMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery234
RowterCarrie S.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery87
RowterCatherine AMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery112 A
RowterCharlotte SophiaMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery113
RowterE. AdaMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery114
RowterFrank O.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery89 A
RowterHazelMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery87
RowterHettie O.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery112
RowterJohn McV.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery87 A
RowterJosephine H.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery28
RowterLillian M.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery30
RowterMelissa EMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery78
RowterMildredMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery89
RowterNimrodMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery113 A
RowterNImrod E.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery114 A
RowterRichard W.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery112
RowterRobert GMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery28 A
RowterWilliam R.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery30 A
RowterWm. H.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery78 A
RowtesDarius BestLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery480
RowtesLindaLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery480
RowtesRobert G.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery480 A
RoyA. BensonEast Margaretsville Cemetery 13
RoyAdaEast Margaretsville Cemetery 16
RoyElizabethEast Margaretsville Cemetery 14
RoyElizabeth A.East Margaretsville Cemetery 178 A
RoyEva M.East Margaretsville Cemetery 178 A
RoyFletcher A.East Margaretsville Cemetery 13
RoyHannahMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery14
RoyHerman W.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery14
RoyJamesEast Margaretsville Cemetery 176 A
RoyJaneEast Margaretsville Cemetery 124
RoyJohnMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery14 A
RoyJohnEast Margaretsville Cemetery 178 A
RoyJohn A.East Margaretsville Cemetery 16
RoyJohn, Sr.East Margaretsville Cemetery 123 A
RoyLaura A.East Margaretsville Cemetery 13
RoyM. ElizabethEast Margaretsville Cemetery 177 A
RoyMaryEast Margaretsville Cemetery 13
RoyMaryEast Margaretsville Cemetery 124 A
RoyMaryLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery166
RoyMary AnnEast Margaretsville Cemetery 156
RoyMaud ElizabethMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery66 A
RoyMinnie M.East Margaretsville Cemetery 178 A
RoySusan A.East Margaretsville Cemetery 13
RoyThomasEast Margaretsville Cemetery 124
RoyWilliamEast Margaretsville Cemetery 13 A
RoyalConstanceLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery117
RudolfHenry LambethLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery66 A
RudolfHildred ErnstLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery66
RudolfJohn AndrewLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery66
RudolphGeorge L.Bear River, Mt. Hope330  
RudolphGeorge W.Bear River, Mt. Hope330  
RudolphLilla BlancheBear River, Mt. Hope330  
RuelBernardClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery12
RuelRobertClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery12 A
RuffeeCharles A.Bridgetown Riverside523
RuffeeFrederick M.Bridgetown Riverside522 A
RuffeeFreemanBridgetown Riverside522
RuffeeGeorge L.Bridgetown Riverside378
RuffeeHelen VeraBridgetown Riverside523
RuffeeHenryBridgetown Riverside378
RuffeeIsabellBridgetown Riverside523
RuffeeJames ThorneBridgetown Riverside523
RuffeeJerusha FosterBridgetown Riverside378
RuffeeKathleen O.Bridgetown Riverside378
RuffeeLulia MariaBridgetown Riverside378
RuffeeMary E.Bridgetown Riverside523
RuffeeOliver F.Bridgetown Riverside378 A
RuffeeRhodaBridgetown Riverside523
RuffeeWilliam H.Bridgetown Riverside523 A
RugglesAddie M.Clementsvale Cemetery82
RugglesAlice B.Upper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery9
RugglesAmbroseLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery2 A
RugglesAnnie A.Bridgetown Riverside377 A
RugglesAnnie ENictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 405
RugglesAnnie E.Upper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery8
RugglesArthur GordonLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery372 A
RugglesArthur S.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery373 A
RugglesBashaMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery166
RugglesBessieBridgetown Riverside50 A
RugglesCharlesBridgetown Riverside45 A
RugglesCharles C.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 207 A
RugglesCharlotteClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery179
RugglesCora MWest Dalhousie, Baptist Church15 A
RugglesEdwardBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 12 A
RugglesEdwinBridgetown Riverside49 A
RugglesEliza BayardMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery166
RugglesElizabethAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 109 A
RugglesElizabethClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery182
RugglesElizabethLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery372
RugglesElizabeth AnnBridgetown Riverside54 A
RugglesElizabeth B.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 101
RugglesEllinLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery2
RugglesEmma S.Clementsvale Cemetery220
RugglesErnest A.Bear River, Mt. Hope308  
RugglesErnest A.Bear River, Mt. Hope309 A
RugglesEthel C.Clementsvale Cemetery373
RugglesFannie M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery110
RugglesFannie MariaClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery35 A
RugglesFannie MarionMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery166
RugglesFannyBridgetown Riverside42 A
RugglesFrankClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery99 A
RugglesGeorge A.Bear River, Mt. Hope308  
RugglesGeorge MelvilleBear River, Mt. Hope308 A
RugglesGilbert T.Bear River, Mt. Hope33 A
RugglesGladysLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery2
RugglesGuilford F., PteWest Dalhousie, Baptist Church16 A
RugglesHannahMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery166
RugglesHarriet ABridgetown Riverside53
RugglesHarryBridgetown Riverside53 A
RugglesHarry ClintonClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery11 A
RugglesHastings W.Bear River, Mt. Hope33  
RugglesHavilahBridgetown Riverside43 A
RugglesHerbert J.Upper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery11 A
RugglesInfantLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery42 A
RugglesIsabella O.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 100 A
RugglesIsrael W.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery37 A
RugglesJames F.Clementsvale Cemetery220 A
RugglesJaneBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 13 A
RugglesJessie L.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery46 A
RugglesJohnMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery166
RugglesJohn W.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 101 A
RugglesJosiah J.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery186
RugglesJudsonUpper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery8 A
RugglesLaura ElizabethLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery374
RugglesLenfestLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery374
RugglesLeona MyrtleClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery11
RugglesLeRoiUpper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery9
RugglesLydia S.Bear River, Mt. Hope308  
RugglesMargaret E.Bear River, Mt. Hope308  
RugglesMariaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 405
RugglesMary E.Upper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery8
RugglesMary E.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 110 A
RugglesMary J.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery181 A
RugglesMary M.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery187 A
RugglesNellieBridgetown Riverside377
RugglesNina MNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 358
RugglesPhoebe E.Clementsvale Cemetery435
RugglesR. MayBear River, Mt. Hope308  
RugglesR. MayBear River, Mt. Hope310 A
RugglesRonaldBridgetown Riverside51 A
RugglesRonaldBridgetown Riverside52 A
RugglesSimon D.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 125 A
RugglesStephen M.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery36 A
RugglesStephen SnedenBridgetown Riverside47 A
RugglesTimothyBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 14 A
RugglesTimothyBridgetown Riverside44 A
RugglesTimothyMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery166 A
RugglesTimothy DBridgetown Riverside46 A
RugglesTimothy H.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery186 A
RugglesVela A.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 207
RugglesW. ChEverNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 358 A
RugglesWalter TrumanLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery374
RugglesWhitmanNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 405
RugglesWillardNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 405
RugglesWilliam E.Upper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery9 A
RugglesWilliam E.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery180 A
RugglesWilliam R.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 126 A
RugglesWilliam StephenBridgetown Riverside59 A
RugglesWm CampBellNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 405 A
RumseyAdoniranBridgetown Riverside637 A
RumseyAmeliaClarence, Ramsey Cemetery 9
RumseyAmereneClarence, Ramsey Cemetery 19 A
RumseyAmon P.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery85
RumseyAmyClarence, Ramsey Cemetery 18
RumseyArthur W.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 441 A
RumseyAzubah M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery85
RumseyBenjaminClarence, Ramsey Cemetery 9 A
RumseyBenjaminClarence, Ramsey Cemetery 18 A
RumseyCharlesClarence, Ramsey Cemetery 19
RumseyEdmanClarence, Ramsey Cemetery 10
RumseyEdward A.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 441
RumseyEdward ArthurNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 442 A
RumseyElizabethClarence, Ramsey Cemetery 9
RumseyElizabethParadise Cemetery143 A
RumseyEmmaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 441
RumseyFlorence N.Bridgetown Riverside637
RumseyHerbertClarence, Ramsey Cemetery 9
RumseyJames E.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery84 A
RumseyJames ElvinLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery85 A
RumseyJosephineLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery84
RumseyJudsonClarence, Ramsey Cemetery 12 A
RumseyKinsmanClarence, Ramsey Cemetery 13 A
RumseySarah EmmaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 441
RumseyTremainClarence, Ramsey Cemetery 10 A
RumseyWallaceParadise Cemetery143
RuncimanAnnie E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery150
RuncimanEdith SordonAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 100 A
RuncimanElizaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery150
RuncimanElla S.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery150
RuncimanGeorgeAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 98 A
RuncimanGeorge W.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 99 A
RuncimanIsabellaAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 96
RuncimanIsabellaAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 97 A
RuncimanJ. HerbertLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery150
RuncimanJamesAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 92 A
RuncimanJohn HenryLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery150 A
RuncimanMargeret ElizabethLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery150
RuncimanMary AdeliaAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 92
RupertEdwinLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery203
RupertFrederick R.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery203 A
RupertMary BellLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery203
RussellElizabeth C.Granville Beach, Armstrong Burial Ground10
RussellGeorgeBridgetown St Alphonsus RC 8 A
RussellJames R.Graywood, Community Cemetery5 A
RussellL. MildredGraywood, Community Cemetery5
RussellRichard H.Bellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 10 A
RussellWatson C.Granville Beach, Armstrong Burial Ground10 A
RustedCharlotteAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 58 A
RutherfordAllen JMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery111 A
RutherfordFlorenceTorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery63 A
RutherFordJaneGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery338
RyarSophia SNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 398
RyarsonCharles T.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery87 A
RyarsonFrancisClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery29 A
RyarsonMary E.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard11 A
RyarsonSarahClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery28 A
RyarsonSeorgiannaUpper Clements, Capt. John Harris Cemetery5 A
RyarsonStephen D.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery30 A
RyarsonSusan AnnClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery16 A
RyderAdebertPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery8 A
RyderCarolinePort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery188
RyderCorneliaGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery49 A
RyderCornelius H.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery96 A
RyderElizabethPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery168 A
RyderJanePort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery159 A
RyderJohn MPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery167 A
RyderKatharinePort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery148
RyderLemuelPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery8
RyderLukePort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery165 A
RyderRuthPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery8
RyderSamuelPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery158 A
RyderSamuelPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery188 A
RyderSerephineClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery53
RyderWilliam EdwinPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery148 A
RyderClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery53 A
RyersonAdeliaClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery86 A
RyersonAlfredClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery88 A
RyersonBurgiAnnaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery109
RyersonCharlotte AnnClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery21 A
RyersonEdwinLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery60 A
RyersonElizabeth A.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery102
RyersonGeorgeClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery18 A
RyersonGilbert R.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery89 A
RyersonHelen A.Bear River, Mt. Hope77  
RyersonHoratioa N.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery106 A
RyersonJohnClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery83 A
RyersonJohn C.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery102 A
RyersonJohn H.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery20 A
RyersonMaryClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery19 A
RyersonSophia A.Bear River 45 A
RyersonSopiahClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery84 A
RyersonSusan F.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 81 A
RyersonWilber D.Bear River, Mt. Hope77 A