Annapolis County Cemetery Listings, Surnames - G

Annapolis County, Nova Scotia Cemetery Listings

Surnames - G


Given Name



GabrielBessie E.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery313
GabrielJames M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery313 A
GallagherCharlesClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery208 A
GallagherJames A.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery123 A
GallagherLewis H.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery4 A
GallagherMargaret A.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery96 A
GallagherMaryAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery106
GallagherMary JaneAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery106
GallagherMary R.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery96
GallagherPle. Eugene T.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery106
GallagherRosanaClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery208 A
GallagherSimon P.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery96 A
GallagherThomas W.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery106 A
GAnnDollie E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery259 A
GAnnSydney W.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery259
GanthierAlfredAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery25 A
GarberCarl DNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 287
GarberClara MNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 287
GarberEva MNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 287
GarberFred T.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery389 A
GarberGarneth DNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 287
GarberHazel BNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 287
GarberJohn DNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 287 A
GarberLillian M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery390 A
GarberRobie ANictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 287
GardinerGladys I.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery256
GardinerMary A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery256
GardinerRobert AllenLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery256 A
GardnerCharlesClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery136
GardnerHannahLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery118 A
GardnerKatherine C.Bear River, Mt. Hope183 A
GartzAda L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery621
GartzJosephMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery621 A
GaskillElizaHampton Cemetery 146
GaskillGeorgeHampton Cemetery 146 A
GaskillJuliaHampton Cemetery 146
GaskillLindley Y.Hampton Cemetery 106 A
GatesAdelaide A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery540
GatesAgnes L.Wilmot 1 Cemetery17
GatesAgnesa M.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 46 A
GatesAlbertNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 21 A
GatesAllan M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery395 A
GatesAlminaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery491
GatesAmbroseNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 560 A
GatesAmoretNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 583
GatesAmosMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery289 A
GatesAndreas B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery436
GatesAnna MariaLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery18 A
GatesAnnie L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 678 A
GatesAnnie M.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery101
GatesAnnie MayMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery581 A
GatesAnnie R.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery57 A
GatesArabella B.Wilmot 1 Cemetery18
GatesArnold DSpringfield Cemetery 113 A
GatesArthurNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 48 A
GatesArthur D.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery101 A
GatesArthur W.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery122
GatesAzubahSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 125 A
GatesBarbara A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery436
GatesBenjamin FranklinMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery459 A
GatesBertha E.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery100 A
GatesBertonWilmot 1 Cemetery30
GatesBessie E.Albany Cross13 A
GatesBryerWilmot 1 Cemetery10 A
GatesBusbyMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery540 A
GatesC.E.Wilmot 1 Cemetery18
GatesCalebMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery436 A
GatesCarolineWilmot 1 Cemetery18
GatesCarolineMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard23
GatesCharlesPort George, Hillside Cemetery10 A
GatesCharlotteWilmot 1 Cemetery18
GatesCharlotteSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 121 A
GatesCora J.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery540
GatesDaniel M.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard86 A
GatesDavidMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard78 A
GatesDoraMilford, Maplewood Cemetery18
GatesDorothySouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 130
GatesEdgarMilford, Maplewood Cemetery18 A
GatesEdwinLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery106
GatesEdwinLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery107 A
GatesEffie M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery540
GatesEleanorMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery290 A
GatesEliasPort George, Hillside Cemetery106 A
GatesElijahMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard2 A
GatesElizabethWilmot 1 Cemetery29 A
GatesElizabethMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery171
GatesElizabethMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery436
GatesElkanah H.Wilmot 1 Cemetery17 A
GatesElkanah H.Wilmot 1 Cemetery18
GatesElla MayMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery98 A
GatesEllen G.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard84 A
GatesEllsworth A.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard86
GatesEnochMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard73 A
GatesF.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 121
GatesFrances L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery323
GatesFrancisNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 641 A
GatesFrancis H.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard79 A
GatesGeorge H.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery451 A
GatesGeorge O.Wilmot 1 Cemetery18
GatesGerald H.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 214
GatesGertieNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 22 A
GatesGilfordSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 124 A
GatesGladys A.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery326 A
GatesGladys MayMilford, Maplewood Cemetery17 A
GatesH. StanleyMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard65
GatesH. WillardWilmot 1 Cemetery18
GatesHandley CEast Margaretsville Cemetery 253
GatesHarrisBridgetown Riverside360 A
GatesHarry H.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery58 A
GatesHazel P.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery110
GatesHenryLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery41 A
GatesHenryWilmot, Union Church Cemetery93 A
GatesHenry A.D.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 67 A
GatesHenry G.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery108 A
GatesHerbert O.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard3
GatesHoraceNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 23 A
GatesHubert EllisMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery582 A
GatesIsabellaNew Albany, Loyalist Cemetery19 A
GatesJ. ArthurMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard22
GatesJacobNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 78 A
GatesJamesNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 710 A
GatesJames A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery518 A
GatesJames H.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery299 A
GatesJames R.F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery323
GatesJaneMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard22 A
GatesJohnWilmot 1 Cemetery9 A
GatesJohnWilmot 1 Cemetery30 A
GatesJohnNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 74 A
GatesJohnNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 75 A
GatesJoseph D.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery102 A
GatesJosephine EMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard6 A
GatesJudaliNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 75
GatesKarl E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery580 A
GatesKatherineMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery540
GatesKeziaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 74
GatesLaura B.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery93
GatesLaveniaMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard85 A
GatesLaveniaMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard86
GatesLaviniaWilmot 1 Cemetery18
GatesLaviniaWilmot 1 Cemetery18
GatesLaviniaMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard20 A
GatesLaviniaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 74
GatesLena M.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery102
GatesLilla F.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard21 A
GatesLilla LavecaMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard65
GatesLindsay R.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 214 A
GatesLucyMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery287
GatesMalcolm A.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery110 A
GatesMargaret L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery457 A
GatesMargaret PitreeWilmot 1 Cemetery17
GatesMaryPort George, Hillside Cemetery11 A
GatesMaryMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery288
GatesMaryNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 460 A
GatesMaryNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 710
GatesMary E.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard3 A
GatesMary E.LeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery44 A
GatesMary E.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 48
GatesMary E.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard65
GatesMary E. PhinneyWilmot 1 Cemetery17
GatesMary ElizaMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard73
GatesMary HEast Margaretsville Cemetery 253 A
GatesMary J.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard39 A
GatesMary J.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery688
GatesMary WoodburyClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery82
GatesMercyLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery42 A
GatesMillie M.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 214
GatesMinnie C.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard86
GatesNaomiNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 74
GatesNelsonMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard47 A
GatesOldhamWilmot 1 Cemetery18
GatesOldhamMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery291 A
GatesRachelNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 561 A
GatesRumansMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard82 A
GatesRuthWilmot, Union Church Cemetery93
GatesRuth EMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery102
GatesSamuelSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 121
GatesSamuelNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 562 A
GatesSarahNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 76 A
GatesSarahNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 562
GatesSarah A.Port George, Hillside Cemetery125 A
GatesSarah E.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 246
GatesSarah EleanorMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery292 A
GatesSarah JaneNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 73 A
GatesSeraphNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 72 A
GatesSilasNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 77
GatesSilasNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 79 A
GatesSophia A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery518
GatesSophia L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 677 A
GatesSubinaSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 124
GatesSusie I.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 121
GatesSyrethaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 21
GatesThaddeusMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard83 A
GatesThaddeus C.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery458 A
GatesThelma ESpringfield Cemetery 87 A
GatesThomasMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard80 A
GatesThomas A.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard37 A
GatesW. RossClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery82 A
GatesWallaceWilmot 1 Cemetery9
GatesWalter W.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard65 A
GatesWatson D.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard81 A
GatesWellesley J.Wilmot 1 Cemetery18
GatesWillettNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 563 A
GatesWilliamNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 47 A
GatesWilliamMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard68 A
GatesWilliam A.LeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery17 A
GatesWilliam B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery688 A
GatesWilliam HenryMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery323 A
GatesWilliam V.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 121
GatesWilmot N.Wilmot 1 Cemetery18
GaulEldrid W.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery249 A
GaulMildredLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery249
GavazaAnnAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 139
GavazaAntonioAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 139
GavazaElizaAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 140
GavazaEmma M.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery104
GavazaGeorgiaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery104
GavazaIda C.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 140
GavazaJames V.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery104 A
GavazaNorman A.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 140
GavazaT. MillidgeAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 139 A
GavazaThomasAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 139
GavazaThomas AntonioAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 140 A
GavelGladys H.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery427
GavelSidney H.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery427 A
GeddesCatherineNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 297 A
GeerJohn ABridgetown St Alphonsus RC 33 A
GeerWalterBridgetown St Alphonsus RC 33
GehueBertha A.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery245
GehueBetly M.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery315
GehueElaine P.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery315
GehueHarry O.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery245 A
GehueModinaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery314 A
GehueRhoda M.Bear River, Mt. Hope103  
GehueRoy C.Bear River, Mt. Hope103  
GehueRoy C.Bear River, Mt. Hope104 A
GehueStephen JBear River, Mt. Hope103 A
GehueWinthrop W.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery315 A
GermainG. HowardMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery71 A
GermainGeorgeMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery69 A
GermainRuthMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery107
GermainSarah JaneMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery69
GesnerAbrahamBellisle, Gesner 7 A
GesnerAbrahamBellisle, Gesner 8 A
GesnerAbrahamBellisle, Gesner 29 A
GesnerAmeliaBridgetown, Anglican Church 113 A
GesnerAnna MariaBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 38
GesnerAnnie I.Bellisle, Gesner 27 A
GesnerArchibaldBellisle, Gesner 21
GesnerBabyBear River, Mt. Hope112 A
GesnerCarmen L.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery432
GesnerCarrie F.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery358
GesnerCharles L.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery358 A
GesnerDavid RowlandBellisle, Gesner 38
GesnerDeLancy M.Bellisle, Gesner 5 A
GesnerElizabethBellisle, Gesner 9 A
GesnerElizabethBellisle, Gesner 16 A
GesnerElizabeth C.Bellisle, Gesner 3 A
GesnerElizabeth C.L.Bellisle, Gesner 22
GesnerEva KathleenBellisle, Gesner 32
GesnerFrank H.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery432
GesnerFrank R.Bellisle, Gesner 23 A
GesnerFred A.Bellisle, Gesner 37 A
GesnerGail M.Bellisle, Gesner 38
GesnerGeorgeBellisle, Gesner 30 A
GesnerGeorge ProvostBellisle, Gesner 28 A
GesnerH.R.Bellisle, Gesner 21
GesnerHannah S.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery432
GesnerHarold V.Bellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 33 A
GesnerHenryBellisle, Gesner 15 A
GesnerHoratiaGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard26
GesnerHoratio N.Bellisle, Gesner 26 A
GesnerIssacBellisle, Gesner 10 A
GesnerJaneBellisle, Gesner 6 A
GesnerJessie B.Bellisle, Gesner 38
GesnerJohn B.Bellisle, Gesner 22 A
GesnerJohn H.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery224 A
GesnerLeander O.Bellisle, Gesner 18
GesnerLucy A.Bellisle, Gesner 4 A
GesnerMargaret A.Bellisle, Gesner 26
GesnerMargaret A.Bridgetown Riverside653
GesnerMaria B.Bellisle, Gesner 16
GesnerMary A.Bellisle, Gesner 24 A
GesnerMary AnnBellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 2
GesnerMary F.Bellisle, Gesner 18
GesnerMary F.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery224
GesnerMorton B.Bellisle, Gesner 36 A
GesnerNicholashBellisle, Gesner 14 A
GesnerNorman KennethBellisle, Gesner 32 A
GesnerPatricia A.Bellisle, Gesner 38
GesnerPercy E.Bellisle, Gesner 19 A
GesnerRobert P.Bellisle, Gesner 21 A
GesnerRupert D.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery432 A
GesnerSamuel D.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery432
GesnerSamuel M.Bellisle, Gesner 18 A
GesnerSeth L.Bellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 38 A
GesnerWillard R.H.Bellisle, Gesner 38 A
GesnerWilliam Y.Bellisle, St Mary's Anglican Church 2 A
GesnerWinona ElsieBellisle, Gesner 1 A
GetsonAgnes M.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery13
GetsonJoseph C.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery13 A
GibbonArthurNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 471 A
GibbonCharles H.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery326
GibbonClara NancyMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery212 A
GibbonMary ElizaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery326 A
GibbonRachel MMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery211 A
GibbonSarah LaviniaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 470 A
GibbonSophia J.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery326
GibbonsLaviniaBear River, Mt. Hope257  
GiblinMary MacCallumMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery896
GibsonAlfredBridgetown Riverside76 A
GibsonAugustaBridgetown Riverside76
GibsonCarl ThorntonWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery82 A
GibsonCharlotte M.East Margaretsville Cemetery 255
GibsonCourtneyWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery35
GibsonDavidPort George, Hillside Cemetery160 A
GibsonElizaBridgetown Riverside76
GibsonElizabethBridgetown Riverside76
GibsonEmilyBridgetown Riverside76
GibsonEva StarrWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery18 A
GibsonFranklyn DewightWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery35
GibsonG. GordonRound Hill 2 Cemetery 224 A
GibsonGarnetWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery35
GibsonGeorge H.East Margaretsville Cemetery 255 A
GibsonGilbertBridgetown Riverside76
GibsonHallittBridgetown Riverside76
GibsonHazel IWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery80 A
GibsonHugh A.East Margaretsville Cemetery 255
GibsonJ. MillenWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery30 A
GibsonJamesWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery35 A
GibsonJoanna M.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 218
GibsonJulie L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery658 A
GibsonLeason N.East Margaretsville Cemetery 255
GibsonLouisa B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery652 A
GibsonMary E.West Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery17 A
GibsonRobertRound Hill 2 Cemetery 218 A
GibsonRourkeBridgetown Riverside76
GibsonSarah AWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery30
GibsonSarah J.Port George, Hillside Cemetery76
GibsonThomas W.East Margaretsville Cemetery 255
GibsonWilliamWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery81 A
GibsonWilliam LWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery83 A
GidneyAmeliaBridgetown Riverside320
GidneyAngus M.Bridgetown Riverside354 A
GidneyCharlesBridgetown Riverside320
GidneyDeborahBridgetown Riverside320
GidneyE. AnnBridgetown Riverside354
GidneyEleazorBridgetown Riverside320
GidneyFrancesBridgetown Riverside320
GidneyFrancesBridgetown Riverside320
GidneyJosephBridgetown Riverside319 A
GidneyJosephBridgetown Riverside320 A
GidneyJosephBridgetown Riverside320
GillGeorgeBridgetown, Anglican Church 117 A
GillNettieBridgetown, Anglican Church 117
GillSharon DMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery97 A
GillianFrank O.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery100 A
GilliatLydiaGranville Centre, Gilliatt Cemetery 1 A
GilliatWilliamGranville Centre, Gilliatt Cemetery 2 A
GilliattAaron M.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery40 A
GilliattAda MayLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery51
GilliattAddie S.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery30
GilliattAliceClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery183
GilliattAlice E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery51
GilliattAmeliaGranville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery21 A
GilliattAmoret S.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery42
GilliattAnnie M.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery166
GilliattArthur R.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery425 A
GilliattBurpee EBridgetown Riverside57
GilliattCatherineUpper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery18 A
GilliattCatherine M.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 37
GilliattChristopherUpper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery15 A
GilliattClyde AllisonGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard94 A
GilliattDavidGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 9 A
GilliattDavidGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 107 A
GilliattDoris MadelineGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 38 A
GilliattEdmund P.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery42 A
GilliattEdward PerryGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 121 A
GilliattEvaBridgetown Riverside57
GilliattFrederick C.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery4 A
GilliattGeorge H.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery30 A
GilliattGeorge H.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery30
GilliattGeorge H.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery161 A
GilliattGeraldGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 9
GilliattHannah J.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery183
GilliattHattie O.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery183
GilliattHelen AmandaGranville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery24 A
GilliattHelen L.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery183
GilliattHelen LouisaClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery228
GilliattHibbert B.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard84 A
GilliattIda B.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard83 A
GilliattIsaac W.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery166
GilliattIsraelClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery207 A
GilliattJ. BurtonLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery446 A
GilliattJamesClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery227 A
GilliattJames E.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery149
GilliattJames F.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery183
GilliattJames HBridgetown Riverside57 A
GilliattJames HBridgetown Riverside57
GilliattJames H.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery23 A
GilliattJames L.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 42
GilliattJames M.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery47 A
GilliattJean R.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery446
GilliattJennie L.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery166
GilliattJerushaGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 42
GilliattJerushaGranville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery42
GilliattJohn WesleyGranville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery43 A
GilliattJulia E.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery39 A
GilliattLaura M.Centerlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery37 A
GilliattLaura M.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 42
GilliattLawsonGranville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery29 A
GilliattLillian H.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery149
GilliattLouisaGranville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery43
GilliattMargaret A.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery227
GilliattMargaret F.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery25 A
GilliattMarthaGranville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery47
GilliattMary A.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 9
GilliattMary A.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery22 A
GilliattMary A.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 107
GilliattMary E.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery40
GilliattMary E.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery227
GilliattMary H.Upper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery15
GilliattMary JaneGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 9
GilliattMary S.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery30
GilliattMay E.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery183
GilliattMichaelGranville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery21
GilliattMinettaBridgetown Riverside57
GilliattOlivia AnnGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard82 A
GilliattPaul LucienClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery149 A
GilliattRupert RaymondGranville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery43
GilliattSarahClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery208 A
GilliattSophia M.Upper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery14 A
GilliattSusanGranville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery47
GilliattThomasUpper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery19 A
GilliattThomas E.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery228 A
GilliattWalter E.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 42 A
GilliattWilliam A.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery183 A
GilliattWilliam AustinLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery51 A
GilliattWilliam F.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 122 A
GilliattWilliam H.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 37 A
GilliattZipporahBridgetown Riverside763 A
GillisAnnieBridgetown Riverside753
GillisArchWest Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery1 A
GillisArchibaldLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery468 A
GillisAvardBridgetown, Anglican Church 96 A
GillisCalib A.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery423 A
GillisCalvin, Pte. F35786West Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery19
GillisCharlesBridgetown, Anglican Church 82 A
GillisDanielWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery59 A
GillisDonaldBridgetown, Anglican Church 96
GillisDorothyBridgetown, Anglican Church 96
GillisFreeloveWest Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery18
GillisGlenWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery87 A
GillisGordonBridgetown, Anglican Church 83 A
GillisGordon A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery435 A
GillisGrayWest Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery17 A
GillisHazelBridgetown, Anglican Church 96
GillisHazel M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery423
GillisHector AWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery9 A
GillisHelen MBridgetown, Anglican Church 82
GillisIdaBridgetown, Anglican Church 96
GillisIvan G.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery470 A
GillisJ. MertonBridgetown Riverside752 A
GillisJames B.Bridgetown Riverside753 A
GillisJosephWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery96 A
GillisJoseph A.West Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery18
GillisLallWest Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery18
GillisLall S.West Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery19 A
GillisLaura J.West Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery19
GillisMaryWest Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery1
GillisMary JaneWest Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery18
GillisMaud E.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery423
GillisMaude E.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery468
GillisMelody AnnLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery469 A
GillisMrs. GrayWest Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery18 A
GillisMudge E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery435
GillisNora E.West Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery95 A
GillisVista E.West Dalhousie, Baptist Church12
GillisWilliam SWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery94 A
GillisWillis R.West Dalhousie, Baptist Church12 A
GillispieDouglas C AMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery122 A
GilmanG AbbotMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery87 A
GilmerHellenClementsport Cemetery 1 A
GilmoreAndrewAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 113 A
GilmoreGeorgeRound Hill, St. Paul's Parish of Rosette Anglican Graveyard29 A
GilpinAlfredAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 66 A
GilpinAmeliaAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 70
GilpinAnne WoodropAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 67 A
GilpinArthur LowdenAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 69 A
GilpinBernardAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 51
GilpinCharlotteAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 51 A
GilpinEdwinAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 64 A
GilpinEdwinAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 71 A
GilpinElizabeth MillerAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 68 A
GilpinEmma NevilleAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 55 A
GilpinGertrude AlephAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 65 A
GilpinGertrude AlpehAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 57 A
GilpinJohn BernardAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 56 A
GilpinJohn BernardAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 63 A
GilpinSusan BaringAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 50 A
GilpinWm. BernardAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 52 A
GladeJamesBridgetown St Alphonsus RC 14 A
GlencrossIda MayBridgetown Riverside195 A
GlencrossW ABridgetown Riverside196 A
GlennBirdeth GlennLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery160
GodfreyIsaacAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 233 A
GodfreyJaneAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 234 A
GodfreySophiaClementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery214 A
GodfreySusan BaringAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 50
GodfreyW.M.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery215 A
GodfroyJabez S.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery383 A
GodfroyMary IdaLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery383
GoestDorinda E.Hillsburn Cemetery10
GoftonElizabeth F.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery187
GogginVictoria McNairSpringfield Cemetery 186 A
GoldMammieLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery131
GoldenRobert J.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery121 A
GoldsmithAddie G.L.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery12 A
GoldSmithAlbert E.E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery389 A
GoldSmithBenjamin M.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery97 A
GoldsmithBenjamin MasonPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery27 A
GoldSmithC.H.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery387 A
GoldSmithCharles A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery387
GoldSmithCharles H.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery388
GoldSmithCharles H.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery389
GoldsmithCharles R.Bellisle, Gesner 34 A
GoldSmithEdgar A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery97
GoldsmithElizaPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery27
GoldsmithElizabethPerotte, United Church of Canada Church Cemetery5
GoldsmithElizabeth M.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery26 A
GoldSmithElizebethLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery97
GoldsmithEmma A.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery25 A
GoldsmithHannah M.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery68 A
GoldsmithHarriettAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 122 A
GoldsmithHenryAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 123 A
GoldSmithHilda M.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery421 A
GoldsmithHugh ABridgetown Riverside103 A
GoldSmithJames F.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery162
GoldsmithJames F.Bridgetown Riverside501 A
GoldsmithJohn M.Bellisle, Gesner 33 A
GoldsmithL. BlancheBridgetown Riverside501
GoldsmithLeverne M.Perotte, United Church of Canada Church Cemetery4 A
GoldSmithLouisaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery388
GoldSmithLouisaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery389
GoldsmithMargaret H.Bellisle, Gesner 34
GoldsmithMary E.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery7 A
GoldsmithMary L.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 97 A
GoldsmithMinervaBridgetown Riverside103
GoldsmithOlive V.Bridgetown Riverside501
GoldSmithOliver P.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery15 A
GoldSmithRalph S.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery421
GoldSmithRobert L.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery388 A
GoldSmithRobert P.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery387
GoldsmithRonald E.Bridgetown Riverside501
GoldSmithSadieLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery162 A
GoldsmithStanley H.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery24 A
GoldsmithThomasPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery69 A
GoldsmithThomas L.Perotte, United Church of Canada Church Cemetery1 A
GoldsmithThomas L.Perotte, United Church of Canada Church Cemetery1 B
GoldsmithWallace WilbertPerotte, United Church of Canada Church Cemetery5 A
GoldsmithWilliam B.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery27
GoldsmithWilliam D.Perotte, United Church of Canada Church Cemetery3 A
GoncherGeorgeLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery126 A
GoodereHannahBear River, Mt. Hope122  
GoodereJohn F.Bear River, Mt. Hope122 A
GoodereMary E.Bear River, Mt. Hope245  
GoodspeedAnnaParadise Cemetery157
GoodspeedCalvin, Rev.Paradise Cemetery157 A
GoodwinAlbert E.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 186 A
GoodwinAmanda S.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 186
GoodwinAmeliaGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 176
GoodwinBartlett C.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 117 A
GoodwinCarrie EdithGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 183
GoodwinDonald E.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 200 A
GoodwinElsonGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 186
GoodwinEmeline C.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 185
GoodwinGrace EdnaGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 117
GoodwinHarry A.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 183 A
GoodwinIsaacGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 185 A
GoodwinRena M.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 184 A
GoodwinRoscoe V.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 181 A
GoodwinSusanBear River 15
GoodwinVeta MaudeGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 190
GordanJohnNictaux Falls, Zion United Church Cemetery1 A
GordonAlbert F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery13 A
GordonAmeliaMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard50 A
GordonAnnEast Margaretsville Cemetery 128
GordonAnnie B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery13
GordonAnnie E.Clementsvale Cemetery234
GordonCharles W.East Margaretsville Cemetery 129
GordonCynthiaTorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery32
GordonD.S.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 248 A
GordonEdward S.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery33 A
GordonEtta MaeRound Hill 2 Cemetery 248
GordonFamicha R.East Margaretsville Cemetery 156
GordonJames A.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery32 A
GordonJohnEast Margaretsville Cemetery 128 A
GordonJohn F.East Margaretsville Cemetery 129 A
GordonLaleahLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery151
GordonMargaret M.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 248
GordonRuth E.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery33
GordonStanleyLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery151 A
GordonWilliam E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery151
GoringGeorge I.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery885
GormleyAdilia B.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery116
GormleyAgnesLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery116
GormleyCatherineWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery48
GormleyCurtisLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery122 A
GormleyEveritt A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery122
GormleyF. CurtisLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery434 A
GormleyFrancisLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery122
GormleyHarry C.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery122
GormleyHuldah B.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery122
GormleyJohnLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery116 A
GormleyJosephWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery48 A
GormleyLillian B.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery122
GormleyLucy A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery116
GormleyRobert C.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery123 A
GormleyRonald C.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery434
GormleyViola K.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery434
GormleyWallaceWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery48
GoucherAmbrose D.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard76 A
GoucherArdelice K.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery744 A
GoucherArthur W.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard69 A
GoucherCarolineMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard71
GoucherCaroline ANictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 423
GoucherCarrie E.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery164
GoucherCharlesLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery53 A
GoucherCharles W.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 109 A
GoucherEdwardWilmot 1 Cemetery32 A
GoucherEdward R.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery919 A
GoucherElizabethMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard69
GoucherElizabeth M.LeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery53
GoucherElla G.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard72
GoucherEllenWilmot 1 Cemetery19 A
GoucherElva ITorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery46
GoucherEmma S.East Margaretsville Cemetery 165 A
GoucherF. HaroldMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery745 A
GoucherFrank S.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery164 A
GoucherFred I.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard19
GoucherG. FrederickLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery101 A
GoucherHannahLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery114 A
GoucherInglisMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard72 A
GoucherJohn W.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery46 A
GoucherJosephMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard71 A
GoucherLeonard T.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery891 A
GoucherLloyd VernonMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery169 A
GoucherMahitableWilmot 1 Cemetery33
GoucherMargaretMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard19
GoucherMargaretNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 453 A
GoucherMargaret A.East Margaretsville Cemetery 164
GoucherMariaMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard68
GoucherMarthaMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard70 A
GoucherMaryWilmot 1 Cemetery31
GoucherMary A.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard76
GoucherMary E.LeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery101
GoucherMary EvelynMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery891
GoucherMelbourne P.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 145 A
GoucherMelissa ANictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 322
GoucherObediah P.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery743 A
GoucherSamanthaHampton Cemetery 23 A
GoucherStephenWilmot 1 Cemetery31 A
GoucherSusanna L.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery175
GoucherThelma M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery919
GoucherW. HenryMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard19 A
GoucherW. MagdalineNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 145
GoucherW. WesleyEast Margaretsville Cemetery 164 A
GoucherWilliamWilmot 1 Cemetery33 A
GoucherWilloughby S.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery175 A
GoudeyE.B.Bear River, Mt. Hope284 A
GoudeyLelaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery893
GoudyEdith T.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery687
GouldAnnGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery27 A
GouldJessie A.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery71
GouldMary E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery703
GowenWillis MillardEast Margaretsville Cemetery 169
GowerEunice V.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery107
GoznaBarry MBridgetown Riverside448 A
GraceVery Rev. Mgr. T.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery112 A
GradyEsma MurielNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 197
GradyMaria C.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery15 A
GraftonElizaLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery228 A
GraftonJ.E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery228
GrahamBrian DavidParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 63 A
GrahamGeorgeinnaParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 43
GrahamHannah M.Litchfield Cemetery26
GrahamHoward DouglasParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 59 A
GrahamMartha EvelynParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 59
GrahamRobert WestleyParker Cove, Parker Mountain Cemetery 43 A
GramshaugLarsLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery86 A
GrantAbrahamPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 145 A
GrantAda F.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery80
GrantAda M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery416
GrantAgnes E.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 143
GrantAnnie L.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery503
GrantBarbaraNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 579 A
GrantBeatRiceNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 278 A
GrantBernard S.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 264
GrantBessie M.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 173
GrantCecil L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 144 A
GrantClarence A.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 173
GrantEdwin JonesPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 149 A
GrantEffie AlicePort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 141 A
GrantElizabethRound Hill 2 Cemetery 369 A
GrantElsiePort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 107
GrantEmilyPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 107
GrantEnochPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 143 A
GrantExperiencePort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 144 A
GrantG. WalterNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 173 A
GrantGeorge W.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery80 A
GrantGilbert GordonLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery10 A
GrantH. FreemanLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery503 A
GrantHenry A.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 264 A
GrantJ. LewisRound Hill 2 Cemetery 368 A
GrantJeremiahPort Lorne Cemetery2 A
GrantJessieRound Hill 2 Cemetery 358
GrantJohnSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 193 A
GrantJohnNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 580 A
GrantJohn L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 144
GrantLinda A.Centerlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery2 A
GrantLucy GNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 690 A
GrantMabel L.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery504 A
GrantRebeccaPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 143
GrantRobert A.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 581 A
GrantRoy A.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery416 A
GrantSamanthaSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 194 A
GrantSarah J.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 264
GrantWilberforceNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 264
Grant-MorrisDavidBridgetown, Anglican Church 98 A
GrassieAdeleAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 145
GrassieAnn E.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 145
GrassieGeorgeAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 145 A
GrassieGeorgeAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 145
GrassieWilliam V.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 144 A
GravesDorcasPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 121 A
GravesElinorGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery5 A
GravesFlorence NightingaleBridgetown Riverside607
GravesFrancis MannBridgetown Riverside532 A
GravesGracina FGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery5
GravesMary MelissaPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 176 A
GravesMinard WentworthBridgetown Riverside607 A
GravesNorman WinfredGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery6
GravesOwen WinchesterBridgetown Riverside607
GravesRachelPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 177
GravesRobertBridgetown Riverside606 A
GravesSamuelGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery5
GravesSusan MariaGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery5
GravesSusie AdeliaGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery6 A
GravesWalterPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 177 A
GrayA. IsabellaLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery18
GrayEllenRound Hill 2 Cemetery 27
GrayJamesRound Hill 2 Cemetery 25 A
GrayJamesRound Hill 2 Cemetery 27 A
GrayMary LouisaAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 162
GraySusanRound Hill 2 Cemetery 26 A
GrayWilliamRound Hill 2 Cemetery 27
GraynellLilleTorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery79
GreatorexBeryl MaryGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard89
GreatorexCharlotte G.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard89
GreatorexEleanorGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard92
GreatorexEmily AliceGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard91 A
GreatorexEmmaGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard88 A
GreatorexEmmaGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard89
GreatorexFrederick PearceGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard89 A
GreatorexW.H.Granville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard91
GreavesGertrudeMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery12
GreavesIsabellEast Margaretsville Cemetery 126
GreavesLucy WMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery12
GreavesSarah E.East Margaretsville Cemetery 126
GreavesSeverinus A.East Margaretsville Cemetery 126 A
GreenArthur M.Bear River, Mt. Hope59  
GreenCharles ThomasBear River, Mt. Hope59 A
GreenEdith CarolynBear River, Mt. Hope387 A
GreenElla JeanLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery438 A
GreenFannieMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery923
GreenL. FrancesBear River, Mt. Hope59  
GreenLenora A.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 7
GreenLillian M.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 6
GreenMary AnnMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery605 A
GreenMary E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery437 A
GreenWilliam J.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 7 A
GreeneDora M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery615
GreeneEmerson F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery615 A
GreeneFrank L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery615
GreeneGeorge W.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery614 A
GreeneHarryMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery6 A
GreeneMabel I.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery615
GreeneNellie J.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery849
GreeneRalph F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery849 A
GreeneRebecca L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery614
GreeneRoss L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery615
GreeneRuby F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery615
GreeneStephenLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery211 A
GreeneThomasBridgetown St Alphonsus RC 34 A
GreeneUla M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery615
GreeneWilliamLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery211
GreenlawAnnie L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery61
GreenlawEsther S.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery61 A
GreenlunJohnBridgetown, Anglican Church 80 A
GreenlunJohn WBridgetown, Anglican Church 80
GreenlunKathleenBridgetown, Anglican Church 80
GreenlunMary E CarterBridgetown, Anglican Church 80
GreensladeGrace M.Clementsvale Cemetery250
GreensladeJamesRound Hill 2 Cemetery 22 A
GreensladeJennieRound Hill 2 Cemetery 22
GreensladeJohnRound Hill 2 Cemetery 22
GreensladeMildred J.Clementsvale Cemetery231
GreensladeMyrtleRound Hill 2 Cemetery 22
GreenwoodArthur WGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery41 A
GreenwoodHannah ElizabethUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery63 A
GreenwoodHenryKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard93 A
GreenwoodHenryKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard95 A
GreenwoodJanetKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard94 A
GreenwoodJohnKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard114 A
GreenwoodJohn BertonKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard115 A
GreenwoodMartha CKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard114
GreenwoodMiss Jennett CKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard92 A
GreenwoodNancyBridgetown Riverside41
GreenwoodRobert JBridgetown Riverside41 A
GregoryBessie S.Young's Cove Cemetery10 A
GregoryBlanche S.Port George, Hillside Cemetery54
GregoryClarence L.Litchfield Cemetery10 A
GregoryLila M.Port George, Hillside Cemetery181
GregoryMae M.Young's Cove, Condon Cemetery11
GregoryNorman A.Port George, Hillside Cemetery181 A
GregoryWarren O.Young's Cove, Condon Cemetery11 A
GriffinBrentonBridgetown Riverside14 A
GriffinEliza F.Wilmot 1 Cemetery18
GrimleyAlice G.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery24 A
GrimleyFrancis J.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery25 A
GrimmAlam GSpringfield Cemetery 10 A
GrimmBabySpringfield Cemetery 193 A
GrimmBlanche ISpringfield Cemetery 159
GrimmCharles ASpringfield Cemetery 76 A
GrimmChristianSpringfield Cemetery 12
GrimmEva M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery244 A
GrimmGifford VSpringfield Cemetery 171 A
GrimmGordon CSpringfield Cemetery 159 A
GrimmJ. G.Springfield Cemetery 9 A
GrimmJohnSpringfield Cemetery 16 A
GrimmLeonoraSpringfield Cemetery 9
GrimmLillas MSpringfield Cemetery 175
GrimmMargaret ASpringfield Cemetery 171
GrimmMaynard MSpringfield Cemetery 128 A
GrimmOda NSpringfield Cemetery 128
GrimmOlive ASpringfield Cemetery 78 A
GrimmSarahSpringfield Cemetery 12
GrimmSarah ESpringfield Cemetery 16
GrimmSimon PSpringfield Cemetery 123 A
GrimmWilliam SSpringfield Cemetery 12 A
GrimmWylie CSpringfield Cemetery 175 A
GrintonCharles WSpringfield Cemetery 47
GrintonCharlie A.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard16 A
GrintonElizaSpringfield Cemetery 48
GrintonJohnSpringfield Cemetery 46
GrintonJohn A.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard15 A
GrintonJosephineSpringfield Cemetery 47
GrintonLucindaFalkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard8 A
GrintonMarthaSpringfield Cemetery 46 A
GrintonRobertSpringfield Cemetery 48 A
GrintonRobert ASpringfield Cemetery 47 A
GromleyCharles H.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery64 A
GroscupHowardRound Hill 2 Cemetery 157 A
GruchyFrancesMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery15 A
GuestAddruy M.Young's Cove Cemetery20
GuestAubrey D.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery491 A
GuestDorenda AnnYoung's Cove Cemetery18
GuestEdith A.Young's Cove, Condon Cemetery3 A
GuestEdwin J.Young's Cove, Condon Cemetery6 A
GuestHoward D.Young's Cove Cemetery20 A
GuestJames LeonYoung's Cove Cemetery19
GuestJames WilsonYoung's Cove Cemetery18 A
GuestMary G.Young's Cove, Condon Cemetery6
GuestMona M.Young's Cove, Condon Cemetery6
GuestMyrtle E.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery491
GuestStafford C.Young's Cove Cemetery19
GuestSylvester W.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery491
GuestWanford W.Young's Cove, Condon Cemetery3
GuestWilfred J.Young's Cove Cemetery19 A
GuildHenry SibleyLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery65 A
GuilfordKenneth A.Graywood, Community Cemetery9
GuilfordLoretta M.Graywood, Community Cemetery9
GuilfordMildred F.Graywood, Community Cemetery9
GuilfordWilliamGraywood, Community Cemetery9 A
GuillanGeorge EdwinEvergreen Hall, West Paradise United Baptist 14
GuillanMary E. HattEvergreen Hall, West Paradise United Baptist 14
GuillanMary EttaEvergreen Hall, West Paradise United Baptist 14
GuillanSarah E.Evergreen Hall, West Paradise United Baptist 14
GuillanThomasEvergreen Hall, West Paradise United Baptist 14 A
GulliavanBeatrice L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery341
GulliavanFrank G.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery339 A
GulliavanJohn H.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery341
GulliavanLalia P.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery341
GullivanEllen A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery704 A
GunnHelenMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery77
GunninghameWilliam BMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery175 A
GunterAddison H.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery286 A
GunterEthelyn C.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery286
GunterG.W.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery286
GunterRhoda L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery286
GwillimMorvyth EMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery40 A
GwillimThomas RMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery37 A
GynanAgnes E.Port George, Hillside Cemetery1