Annapolis County Cemetery Listings, Surnames - F

Annapolis County, Nova Scotia Cemetery Listings

Surnames - F


Given Name



FaceyBabyVictoria Beach, Garden of Peace Cemetery68 A
FaceyEtta M.Victoria Beach, Garden of Peace Cemetery70
FaceyReginald J.Victoria Beach, Garden of Peace Cemetery70 A
FaderAdelaide Z.Port George, Hillside Cemetery87 A
FaderAnnPort George, Hillside Cemetery84 A
FaderAtwood NelsonMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery83 A
FaderBarbara I.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery116
FaderEthel M.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery116
FaderEunice R.Bear River, Mt. Hope343  
FaderGeorgeMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery73
FaderGeorge AddiePort George, Hillside Cemetery88 A
FaderGilbert H.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery86 A
FaderIngramPort George, Hillside Cemetery85 A
FaderJosephPort George, Hillside Cemetery86 A
FaderJoseph W.Port George, Hillside Cemetery83 A
FaderNellie MayMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery85 A
FaderSerethaMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery86
FaderWilliam A.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery116 A
FairnAdolphusNew Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground14 A
FairnAlma GraceMochelle, Harris Cemetery 86 A
FairnAnnieMochelle, Harris Cemetery 95
FairnAnnie SophronicaNew Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground13 A
FairnB. CliffordMochelle, Harris Cemetery 74 A
FairnBenjaminMochelle, Harris Cemetery 87 A
FairnBenjamin G.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 72 A
FairnCharles H.New Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground12 A
FairnCharles H.Lequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery61 A
FairnEdwardNew Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground9 A
FairnElizaNew Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground8 A
FairnElizabethLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery61
FairnEmmaNew Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground10 A
FairnFrank H.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 37 A
FairnFreda M.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 54
FairnFrederick L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery890 A
FairnGertrudeMochelle, Harris Cemetery 73 A
FairnHarrietMochelle, Harris Cemetery 68
FairnHenriettaLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery149
FairnHerbert S.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 54 A
FairnHerbert S.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 70 A
FairnJ. AmandaMochelle, Harris Cemetery 71 A
FairnJohn L.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 66 A
FairnMaryMochelle, Harris Cemetery 64 A
FairnMary A.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 87
FairnMary A.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 87
FairnMary T.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 69 A
FairnNell R.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery890
FairnW. EdwardMochelle, Harris Cemetery 54
FairnWilliamMochelle, Harris Cemetery 65 A
FairnWilliamMochelle, Harris Cemetery 68 A
FairnWilliam H.New Albany, The Oakes Burying Ground11 A
FairnWilliam H.Mochelle, Harris Cemetery 87
FalconerKatie J.Bridgetown Riverside307 A
FalesAbrahamMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery632 A
FalesAmos B.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard48 A
FalesAnnie M.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery80
FalesArchMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery629 A
FalesAsa B.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery80 A
FalesAsaphelWilmot 2 Cemetery2 A
FalesBessieEast Margaretsville Cemetery 223
FalesCatherineMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery765
FalesCharles R.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery765 A
FalesEdward W.Wilmot 1 Cemetery15 A
FalesElizabethWilmot 1 Cemetery27 A
FalesFlorence E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery766
FalesFrancesMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery631
FalesFrank A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery766 A
FalesHarriet SophiaWilmot 1 Cemetery15
FalesHarryMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery72 A
FalesIsaacWilmot 1 Cemetery28 A
FalesLemuelEast Margaretsville Cemetery 223 A
FalesLeRoy R.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery853 A
FalesMary E.Melvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard48
FalesNancy A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery512 A
FalesOrlando T.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery29 A
FalesOwenMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery630 A
FalesVeraEast Margaretsville Cemetery 223
FalesVeronica L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery512
FallesenS.N.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery405
FanceyC JaneNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 328
FanceyF. LelandNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 327 A
FanceyLawrenceNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 328 A
FancyAnnMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery253
FancyArthur C.Milford, Maplewood Cemetery33 A
FancyEarl A.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 114 A
FancyElizaPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery16 A
FancyF. LelandNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 108
FancyHerbert L.Perotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery14 A
FancyMargaret A.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery11 A
FancyMaryPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery17
FancyMary BeatriceMilford, Maplewood Cemetery33
FancyWilliamPerotte, St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery17 A
FaneyAlfred K.Milford, Maplewood Cemetery26 A
FaneyAnnie J.Milford, Maplewood Cemetery26
FaneyGladys V.Milford, Maplewood Cemetery26
FarnsworthAbbie M.Hampton Cemetery 15
FarnsworthAbigailNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 642 A
FarnsworthAlfred W.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery363
FarnsworthBennett C.Hampton Cemetery 7 A
FarnsworthBessieGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery284
FarnsworthBessie HallGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery46 A
FarnsworthCaroline KGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery45 A
FarnsworthCarrie KGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery44
FarnsworthCeceliaHampton Cemetery 47
FarnsworthCora G.Hampton Cemetery 7
FarnsworthE. StanleyGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery363 A
FarnsworthEdith L.Hampton Cemetery 171
FarnsworthEdwardGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery284
FarnsworthElizabethHampton Cemetery 174
FarnsworthElizabethGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery268
FarnsworthEmma PGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery53 A
FarnsworthEvelyn MargueriteLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery131
FarnsworthFlora B.Hampton Cemetery 1
FarnsworthFosterHampton Cemetery 174 A
FarnsworthFoyeHampton Cemetery 1 A
FarnsworthHarleyHampton Cemetery 173 A
FarnsworthHattieGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery273 A
FarnsworthHoraceGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery47 A
FarnsworthInaGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery363
FarnsworthJames EGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery44 A
FarnsworthJames W.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery315 A
FarnsworthJoelMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery196 A
FarnsworthJohn C.Hampton Cemetery 47 A
FarnsworthJohn E.Hampton Cemetery 171 A
FarnsworthM. HoldenHampton Cemetery 67 A
FarnsworthMamie GoldLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery131
FarnsworthMariEttaGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery52 A
FarnsworthMarven H.Hampton Cemetery 46 A
FarnsworthMarvin P.Hampton Cemetery 15 A
FarnsworthMaryGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery362 A
FarnsworthMary MBridgetown Riverside234
FarnsworthMinnie A.Hampton Cemetery 1
FarnsworthNellie GraceGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery363
FarnsworthPeterHampton Cemetery 123 A
FarnsworthPhebeGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery51
FarnsworthPheobeHampton Cemetery 171
FarnsworthReid L.Hampton Cemetery 1
FarnsworthRuby A.Hampton Cemetery 1
FarnsworthRupertGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery268 A
FarnsworthSarah A.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery315
FarnsworthSolomanGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery51 A
FarnsworthTheresaHampton Cemetery 67
FarnsworthWallaceGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery54 A
FarnsworthWilliam H. M.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery131 A
FarquharAnnAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 62 A
FarquharJohn E.Bear River, Mt. Hope253 A
FarquharMargaretBear River, Mt. Hope253  
FarrellAnnie E.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 344 A
FarrellFlorence MLitchfield Cemetery16
FarrellFlorence M.Litchfield Cemetery16
FarrellMargaret AnnLitchfield Cemetery16
FarrellMary C.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery26 A
FarrellOliver E.Litchfield Cemetery16
FarrellSarah A.Litchfield Cemetery16
FarrellThomasLitchfield Cemetery16 A
FashCharlotte E.Hampton Cemetery 101
FashDorothy AnnGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery325 A
FashGrace EdnaHampton Cemetery 4 A
FashHenryHampton Cemetery 101 A
FashMargaret A.Hampton Cemetery 101
FaulkenhamAlbertWest Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery15 A
FaulkenhamCharles V.West Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery15
FaulkenhamFrances J.West Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery15
FaulkenhamGertrudeBridgetown, Anglican Church 47
FaulkenhamGertrudeBridgetown, Anglican Church 47
FaulkenhamJohn BBridgetown, Anglican Church 47 A
FaulkenhamJohn BBridgetown, Anglican Church 48 A
FaulkenhamJohn BBridgetown, Anglican Church 48 A
FaulkenhamMaeNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 183
FaulkenhamRalphBridgetown, Anglican Church 47
FaulkenhamRalphBridgetown, Anglican Church 47
FaulkenhamRalph K.West Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery15
FaulkenhamRobieBridgetown, Anglican Church 47 A
FaulkenhamSgt. John B.West Dalhousie, Anglican Church Cemetery15
FayFrederick R.Bridgetown Riverside517 A
FayMary BerniceBridgetown Riverside517
FeenerAmy R.Clementsvale Cemetery78
FeenerG. TimothyFalkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard47 A
FeenerGladys ViolaClementsvale Cemetery201
FeenerJasonNew Albany, Whitman Cemetery2
FeenerLloyd J.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery2
FeenerLovell NeilClementsvale Cemetery201 A
FeenerM.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard29 A
FeenerMyrtle E.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard47
FeenerPriscilla M.New Albany, Whitman Cemetery2 A
FeenerSarah J.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard47
FeindelAddieMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery598
FeindelAgnesNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 435 A
FeindelAlice M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery598
FeindelDanielMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery598 A
FeindelIngramMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery598
FeindelJohn H.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery598
FeindelTraceyMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery598
FeindelW.C.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery598
FelchDavidUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery53 A
FelchElizabethNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 80 A
FelchIsaBElla AnnNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 459 A
FelchWilliamNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 81 A
FellowsAugustaBridgetown Riverside334 A
FellowsBenjaminBridgetown Riverside331 A
FellowsCatherineUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery24 A
FellowsCharlotteUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery14 A
FellowsEdgar PBridgetown Riverside84
FellowsGeorge TUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery13 A
FellowsIsraelUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery26 A
FellowsIssacUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery40 A
FellowsJoanahUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery36 A
FellowsJosephUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery25 A
FellowsJosephBridgetown Riverside84 A
FellowsKeziaBridgetown Riverside84
FellowsPhebeUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery38 A
FellowsSophia RBridgetown Riverside269 A
FellowsSusanBridgetown Riverside84
FellowsSusannahUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery37 A
FeltusEuphemia M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery258
FeltusJean A.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery259 A
FeltusRobert E.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery258 A
FenertyAbby L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery216
FenertyAvery J.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery216 A
FenertyClara A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery216
FenertyEssie B.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery17
FenertyHenrietta S.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery18
FenertyMichaelLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery18 A
FenertyWillard P.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery17 A
FentonAnn A.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 129 A
FergusonAnniePort George, Hillside Cemetery34
FergusonJamesPort George, Hillside Cemetery35 A
FergusonLaviniaPort George, Hillside Cemetery34 A
FergusonSadieBridgetown Riverside631 A
FernaldFranklyn G.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery177
FernaldMary E.Clementsport, Old St. Edwards Cemetery177
FickesLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery115 A
FieldingHarold DouglasLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery117 A
FifeLloyd CharltonTorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery89 A
FilleulLouise GertrudeRound Hill 2 Cemetery 211
FinlayBerton H.Bridgetown Riverside556 A
FinlaysonDavid R.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 572 A
FinnimoreDoris MaeMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery70
FinnimoreHenryMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery70 A
FinnimoreLauraMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery70
FishHarold W.Clementsvale Cemetery21
FishHazel V.Clementsvale Cemetery21
FisherCarl Y.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery754 A
FisherEdwinBridgetown Riverside89 A
FisherElizabeth S. U.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery447 A
FisherEllen MaryBridgetown Riverside89
FisherJohnBridgetown Riverside89
FisherSophiaBridgetown Riverside89
FiskChristine S.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery200
FiskDavid L.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery200
FiskIona C.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery200 A
FiskJeanLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery201
FiskLillie MayLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery198
FiskRalph A.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery199 A
FiskRalph BusbyLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery198 A
FiskRaymond D.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery201 A
FitchAnnieNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 251
FitchAugustaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery573
FitchAzubah W.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery565 A
FitchCharlesPort George, Hillside Cemetery192 A
FitchEbenezerMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery68 A
FitchElishaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery75 A
FitchEliza A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery564
FitchFrances TroopGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery340
FitchFreemanMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery573 A
FitchGeorgeMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery563 A
FitchGeorge L.Port George, Hillside Cemetery191 A
FitchGraceBridgetown, Anglican Church 58 A
FitchGrace ClearyBridgetown, Anglican Church 58 A
FitchHandley E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery564 A
FitchMaryMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery75
FitchMaryMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery562 A
FitchNormanMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery76 A
FitchPhebe E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery75
FitchSamuelPort George, Hillside Cemetery192
FitchSophia B.Port George, Hillside Cemetery193
FitchetThomasBridgetown Riverside98 A
FitzrandolphA. LauraLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery188
FitzrandolphAgnes M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery189
FitzrandolphAlbertLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery189 A
FitzrandolphAlda BealsLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery188
FitzrandolphAnnBridgetown Riverside135 A
FitzrandolphArchieLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery97
FitzrandolphArthur HBridgetown Riverside205 A
FitzrandolphCatherineBridgetown Riverside129 A
FitzrandolphCharlesBridgetown Riverside200 A
FitzrandolphCharles BBridgetown Riverside204 A
FitzrandolphCharlotte IsabelBridgetown Riverside134 A
FitzrandolphCorneliusBridgetown Riverside126
FitzrandolphD.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 249
FitzrandolphDavidMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery191 A
FitzrandolphEdwardBridgetown Riverside128 A
FitzrandolphElizabethBridgetown Riverside201 A
FitzRandolphEmmaParadise Cemetery38
FitzrandolphEmma M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery465
FitzrandolphEtta M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery97
FitzrandolphEtta MarieLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery98 A
FitzrandolphEverlineMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery191
FitzrandolphF. AllisonRound Hill 2 Cemetery 236
FitzrandolphFrances E.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery189
FitzrandolphFrank A.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery189
FitzrandolphFrederickRound Hill 2 Cemetery 139
FitzrandolphGeorge I.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery192
FitzrandolphHallie B.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery192
FitzrandolphHenriettaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery193
FitzrandolphHenrietta A.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 139
FitzrandolphHenrietta L.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 249
FitzrandolphHibbert B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery193 A
FitzrandolphIsabella DBridgetown Riverside236
FitzrandolphJ.WRound Hill 2 Cemetery 249 A
FitzrandolphJohnBridgetown Riverside136 A
FitzrandolphJohn L.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery54 A
FitzrandolphJohn O.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery97 A
FitzrandolphJosephBridgetown Riverside130 A
FitzrandolphLewis B.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery192 A
FitzrandolphLucyRound Hill 2 Cemetery 139 A
FitzrandolphMariaLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery54
FitzrandolphMaria AnnNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 663 A
FitzrandolphMaryRound Hill 2 Cemetery 139
FitzrandolphMary E.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery54
FitzrandolphMary E.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery97
FitzrandolphMary ElizaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery193
FitzrandolphMary G.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 236
FitzrandolphOlivia A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery192 A
FitzrandolphRobertCarleton Corner Cemetery3 A
FitzrandolphRobertLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery188 A
FitzrandolphRobert EBridgetown Riverside236 A
FitzrandolphSadie A.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 249
FitzrandolphSamuelBridgetown Riverside126 A
FitzrandolphSamuelNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 662 A
FitzrandolphSarah JBridgetown Riverside127 A
FitzrandolphSarah JaneMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery193
FitzrandolphWilliam S.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery97
FleckMargaretBear River, Mt. Hope253  
FleetAdaPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery117
FleetAlfred ABridgetown St Alphonsus RC 21 A
FleetAlice C.Upper Clements, Goat Island Baptist Church Cemetery17 A
FleetAlmon G.Bear River, Mt. Hope413  
FleetAnnie M.Bear River, Mt. Hope413  
FleetCorneliusPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery157 A
FleetElizabethClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery125 A
FleetElizabeth M.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery398
FleetEmma J.Bear River, Mt. Hope413  
FleetEtta D.Bear River, Mt. Hope413  
FleetFenwick W.Bear River, Mt. Hope413  
FleetFred W.Bear River, Mt. Hope413  
FleetGeorgeAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 33 A
FleetGeorge B.Bear River, Mt. Hope413  
FleetGertrude L.Bear River, Mt. Hope413  
FleetIsaac O.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery121 A
FleetIsabel L.Bear River, Mt. Hope413  
FleetJohnBear River, Mt. Hope413 A
FleetJohn J.Annapolis Royal, Garrison 32 A
FleetLinnettaPort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery121
FleetSusanna P.Bear River, Mt. Hope413  
FlemmingEva M.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery74
FlemmingJohn O.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery74 A
FletcherCynthia AnneAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 222 A
FletcherGeorginaWilmot, Union Church Cemetery11 A
FletcherMargaretAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 221 A
FletcherVera G.Wilmot, Union Church Cemetery10 A
FlewwellingRonald G.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery948 A
FlintAnnie ReddingWilmot, Union Church Cemetery38
FlorenceMabelBridgetown Riverside432 A
FlowersCora B.Bear River, Mt. Hope128  
FlowersHattie M.Bear River, Mt. Hope128 A
FloydDavidMilford, Maplewood Cemetery28 A
FloydEunice AnnMilford, Maplewood Cemetery29 A
FloydFredClementsvale Cemetery140
FloydMargaretClementsvale Cemetery140
FloydObadiahClementsvale Cemetery140 A
FloydS. JeanettaClementsvale Cemetery23
FloydSarahMilford, Maplewood Cemetery28
FodenArthurBridgetown, Anglican Church 93 A
FodenEdithBridgetown, Anglican Church 93
FoleyEmilyEast Margaretsville Cemetery 16
FoleyRonald ChesterVictoria Beach, Garden of Peace Cemetery15 A
FoleyThomas G.East Margaretsville Cemetery 16 A
ForbesCharles MillerLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery392 A
ForbesMargaretLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery392
ForcadeAlfredBridgetown Riverside621 A
FordAdolphusMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery41 A
FordAlbertMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery41
FordAnnie W.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery65 A
FordAnnie W.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery67
FordArthur D.Bear River, Mt. Hope32 A
FordCatherine A.Clementsvale Cemetery273
FordCharles H.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery67 A
FordElizabeth B.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery122
FordEmma H.Bear River, Mt. Hope32  
FordFrankMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery41
FordFrederick J.Clementsvale Cemetery273 A
FordGeorge M.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery66 A
FordGeorgie M.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery67
FordGoldie L.Bear River, Mt. Hope277  
FordGoldie L.Bear River, Mt. Hope277  
FordJames S.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery105 A
FordJesse HermanMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery35 A
FordJohn L.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery122 A
FordJosephineMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery35
FordKendall M.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery42
FordLavenia M.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery67
FordMary R.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery41
FordNaomiMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery105
FordOlander H.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery68 A
FordPansy B.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery42
FordRandall U.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery42
FordRobie W.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery42 A
FordRosco M.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery122
FordStanley WilliamBear River, Mt. Hope277 A
FordTheodoreMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery64 A
ForneyLizzie M.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery14 A
ForneyStephen W.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery14
ForrestMariaParadise Cemetery189 A
ForrestMary E.Paradise Cemetery187 A
ForrestWilliamParadise Cemetery188 A
ForrestallAlbert A.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery126 A
ForrestallMary E.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery126
ForresterCarolineBear River, Mt. Hope117  
ForresterKennethBear River, Mt. Hope116 A
ForresterKennethBear River, Mt. Hope117 A
ForsterAndrewTorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery23 A
ForsterJohnNictaux Falls, Zion United Church Cemetery2 A
ForsterSusan M.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery23
ForsythAnnie MarthaGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 111 A
ForsythBessieBridgetown Riverside699
ForsythCarolineBridgetown Riverside699
ForsythElla AnnBridgetown Riverside281 A
ForsythHarlan L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery933 A
ForsythHelenBridgetown Riverside479 A
ForsythLemuel MortonGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 111
ForsythStella B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery933
ForsythWilliam ElkenaGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 111
ForsythWilliam MortonBridgetown Riverside699
FortierCatherine L.Lequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery4
FortierFanny MariaLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery4 A
FortierFrances MaudBear River, Mt. Hope55  
FortierLofyusa MortonAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery113 A
FortierR.L.Lequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery6 A
FortierRichard LoftusLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery5 A
FortierThomas deBloisLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery4
FortierThomas H.Lequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery4
FortuneEllen R.Hampton Cemetery 133 A
FosterA MBridgetown Riverside274 A
FosterA. JudsonHampton Cemetery 155 A
FosterAbelBridgetown Riverside143 A
FosterAbnerBridgetown Riverside145 A
FosterAbnerBridgetown Riverside303 A
FosterAda ElizabethPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 64
FosterAda F.Bridgetown Riverside403
FosterAdelineHampton Cemetery 159 A
FosterAdeline L.Hampton Cemetery 36
FosterAgnes A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery610
FosterAlfredUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 4 A
FosterAlfred OUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 5
FosterAlice MBridgetown Riverside274
FosterAlma S.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery33
FosterAlonzo E.Hampton Cemetery 162 A
FosterAlonzo L.Paradise Cemetery39 A
FosterAlvin J.Hampton Cemetery 154
FosterAnneParadise Cemetery150
FosterAnnieUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 3
FosterAnnie B.Hampton Cemetery 150
FosterAnnie SNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 532
FosterArence O.Hampton Cemetery 36
FosterAsa O.Hampton Cemetery 150
FosterAugustusHampton Cemetery 108 A
FosterAvis Smith SaundersLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery86
FosterAzubahBridgetown Riverside368 A
FosterBenjaminHampton Cemetery 55 A
FosterBernardLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery84
FosterBernard C.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 532 A
FosterBurtonBridgetown Riverside305
FosterCaddieBridgetown Riverside210
FosterCasaHampton Cemetery 110
FosterCatherineHampton Cemetery 99
FosterCatherineBridgetown Riverside142 A
FosterCatherineBridgetown Riverside144 A
FosterCaulbert L.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 102 A
FosterCharles Augustus HavelockPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 159
FosterCharles G.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery611 A
FosterCharles W.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery484 A
FosterCharles W.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery606 A
FosterChristina AmeliaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 424
FosterClara FosterBridgetown Riverside214
FosterDavidUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery35 A
FosterDavid M.Hampton Cemetery 36
FosterDavid M.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery81 A
FosterDelacy EvansMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery725 A
FosterDelbert F.Hampton Cemetery 31 A
FosterDellaBridgetown Riverside104
FosterDiadamiaHampton Cemetery 78 A
FosterDudleyHampton Cemetery 109 A
FosterDwight C.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery443 A
FosterEdgarHampton Cemetery 111 A
FosterEdward B.Hampton Cemetery 150
FosterEdward C.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery33 A
FosterElias B.Hampton Cemetery 142 A
FosterEliphalBridgetown, Chute 1 A
FosterElizabethGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery90 A
FosterElizabethBridgetown Riverside105 A
FosterElizabethBridgetown Riverside106 A
FosterElizabethHampton Cemetery 107
FosterElizabethHampton Cemetery 145 A
FosterElizabethBridgetown Riverside305 A
FosterElizabeth ABridgetown Riverside274
FosterElizabeth A.Hampton Cemetery 167
FosterElizabeth JaneBridgetown Riverside213 A
FosterEllaParadise Cemetery39
FosterElla T.Hampton Cemetery 42
FosterErnest M.Paradise Cemetery223 A
FosterEuniceGranville Centre, All Saints Anglican Graveyard52
FosterEunicePort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery82
FosterEunice L.Hampton Cemetery 155
FosterEvelyn B.Paradise Cemetery223
FosterFideliaHampton Cemetery 162
FosterFrank V.East Margaretsville Cemetery 249 A
FosterFraserHampton Cemetery 167
FosterG. E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery84
FosterGeorge A.Hampton Cemetery 163 A
FosterGeorge B.Hampton Cemetery 172 A
FosterGeorge WUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 3 A
FosterGeorgie ElizabvethLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery86
FosterGrant ParkerNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 424
FosterGuilford D.Bridgetown Riverside403 A
FosterHamiltonUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 31 A
FosterHannahParadise Cemetery150
FosterHannah LUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 18 A
FosterHarris M.Hampton Cemetery 59 A
FosterHelenBridgetown Riverside104
FosterHelenBridgetown Riverside142
FosterHenryBridgetown Riverside275
FosterHerbert E.Hampton Cemetery 154 A
FosterHerman H.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 424
FosterHorace R.Bridgetown Riverside306 A
FosterHorace W.Hampton Cemetery 42 A
FosterIrene T.Paradise Cemetery223
FosterIsaacHampton Cemetery 107 A
FosterIsabella H.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery484
FosterIsraelBridgetown Riverside275 A
FosterIsrael BBridgetown Riverside274
FosterJ. FredBridgetown Riverside549 A
FosterJ.A.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 9 A
FosterJacobHampton Cemetery 91 A
FosterJacobBridgetown Riverside215 A
FosterJamesBridgetown Riverside368
FosterJames A.Bridgetown Riverside369 A
FosterJames IUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 29 A
FosterJames P.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery484
FosterJames PattersonPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 159 A
FosterJaneAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 78 A
FosterJohAnnaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 424
FosterJohn BBridgetown Riverside274
FosterJohn C.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 424
FosterJohn M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery452 A
FosterJohn McLeodAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 79 A
FosterJohn V.B.Hampton Cemetery 144 A
FosterJosephBridgetown, Chute 1
FosterJosephAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 77 A
FosterJosephAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 82 A
FosterJoseph I.Hampton Cemetery 100 A
FosterJoseph I.Bridgetown Riverside528 A
FosterJoseph Y.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 65 A
FosterJudson B.East Margaretsville Cemetery 248 A
FosterJudson H.Paradise Cemetery223
FosterLaura E.Bridgetown Riverside549
FosterLaura S.Hampton Cemetery 155
FosterLaura WinifredPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 66 A
FosterLaurin G.Port George, Hillside Cemetery105 A
FosterLeota M.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 532
FosterLilla MNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 424
FosterLillian M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery934
FosterLizzieBridgetown Riverside74 A
FosterLoranBridgetown Riverside305
FosterLouisaHampton Cemetery 126 A
FosterLouisa SBridgetown Riverside303
FosterLouisePort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 159
FosterLucratiaUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 5
FosterLucyHampton Cemetery 50 A
FosterLydia A.Hampton Cemetery 156
FosterM.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery84
FosterMargaret M.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 10 A
FosterMariaGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery87 A
FosterMarthaHampton Cemetery 57 A
FosterMaryUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery33 A
FosterMaryHampton Cemetery 98
FosterMaryMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery607 A
FosterMary AnnMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery605
FosterMary ElizaBridgetown Riverside368
FosterMary EllenNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 424 A
FosterMary GravesPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 159
FosterMary JanePort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery81
FosterMary M.Hampton Cemetery 143 A
FosterMary SBridgetown Riverside304 A
FosterMary SophiaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery725
FosterMaudeLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery86  
FosterMay C.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery609 A
FosterMayhewBridgetown Riverside10 A
FosterMelintha D.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery452 A
FosterMichael RUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 30 A
FosterMinettaBridgetown Riverside214
FosterMinettaBridgetown Riverside275
FosterMinnie A.Hampton Cemetery 154
FosterNorman B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery610 A
FosterNorman E.Hampton Cemetery 44 A
FosterOliverUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery27 A
FosterOliverBridgetown Riverside104
FosterPattersonPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 64 A
FosterReise F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery934 A
FosterRobert CCenterlea, Armstrong Cemetery2 A
FosterRobert HGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery88 A
FosterRobert HGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery89 A
FosterRobert HBridgetown Riverside210 A
FosterRobert SpurrLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery84 A
FosterRupert D.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery86 A
FosterRuthPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 159
FosterRuth AnnTorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery21
FosterSamuelHampton Cemetery 98 A
FosterSamuelHampton Cemetery 99 A
FosterSamuelBridgetown Riverside765 A
FosterSarahHampton Cemetery 45 A
FosterSarah ABridgetown Riverside175
FosterSarah FrancisUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 5
FosterSidneyBridgetown Riverside104 A
FosterSidney S.Paradise Cemetery223
FosterStephen T.Hampton Cemetery 126
FosterSteven T.Hampton Cemetery 43 A
FosterSusanHampton Cemetery 81 A
FosterSusanBridgetown Riverside216 A
FosterT AnsleyBridgetown Riverside175 A
FosterThomas H.Hampton Cemetery 167 A
FosterVictoriaHampton Cemetery 110 A
FosterWatson B.Paradise Cemetery150 A
FosterWilliamUpper Granville, Eagleson Cemetary 5 A
FosterWilliamParadise Cemetery150
FosterWilliam H.Hampton Cemetery 161 A
FosterWilliam HenryPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 159
FosterWilliam LeonardBridgetown Riverside212 A
FosterWilliam W.Bridgetown Riverside367 A
FosterWilliam YBridgetown Riverside214 A
FosterZacheusHampton Cemetery 80 A
FosterZella K.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery611
FosterZeruahHampton Cemetery 79 A
FosterBridgetown Riverside764 A
FowlerAlexanderBridgetown Riverside683 A
FowlerAnnGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery58
FowlerAnnBridgetown Riverside684 A
FowlerCalebBridgetown Riverside682
FowlerClaraParadise Cemetery272
FowlerDavid SGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery58
FowlerElizabethGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery58
FowlerEllenGranville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery10 A
FowlerFrank H.Bridgetown Riverside685 A
FowlerGeorge VMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery14 A
FowlerGilbertBridgetown, Anglican Church 69 A
FowlerGilbertBridgetown, Anglican Church 70
FowlerHarry WestonBridgetown Riverside687 A
FowlerHughBridgetown Riverside686 A
FowlerJames S.Granville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery303
FowlerJohnGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery58 A
FowlerJohn B.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery11 A
FowlerLillian L.Bridgetown Riverside687
FowlerLucyParadise Cemetery158
FowlerLydiaMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery14
FowlerMariaGranville Beach, Armstrong Burial Ground11 A
FowlerMarthaGranville Ferry, Mills Cemetery37 A
FowlerMary A.Bridgetown Riverside682
FowlerMary L.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 107
FowlerMary MatildaUpper Granville, Chesley Cemetery61 A
FowlerMary S.Bridgetown Riverside687
FowlerNancyBridgetown, Anglican Church 70 A
FowlerNancy FowlerMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery206
FowlerOliveGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery58
FowlerOrinda R.Bridgetown Riverside685
FowlerWallaceBridgetown, Anglican Church 72 A
FowlerWeston A.Bridgetown Riverside682 A
FowlerWilliamGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery58
FowlerWilliam AMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery194 A
FowlerWilliam HGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery57 A
FowlesRufus GeorgeBridgetown, Anglican Church 116 A
FowlesSarahBridgetown, Anglican Church 116
FoxAda K.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery38
FoxHannahLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery105
FoxHenryLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery105 A
FoxIvan H.LeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery104 A
FoxJames S.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery38 A
FracerReginald A.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery2 A
FrailAmos J.Clementsvale Cemetery409 A
FrailAnnie B.Clementsvale Cemetery49
FrailJudson H.Clementsvale Cemetery49 A
FrancesEvaClarence Central Cemetery 10 A
FrancisBlanche M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery716
FrancisFrank JohnLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery24 A
FrancisInfant ChildAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery74
FrancisLouise E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery24  
FrancisMadglinAnnapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery74 A
FrancisMrs. S. J.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery132 A
FrancisPte. Stephen J.Annapolis Royal, St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery146 A
FrankGeorgina L.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery3
FrankSimon SMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery3 A
FrankesJamesLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery7 A
FrankesMariaLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery7
FranklinJamesLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery49 A
FranklinJaneGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery29 A
FranksAgatha J.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 62 A
FraserAdreanaClementsvale Cemetery450
FraserAlbert A.Clementsvale Cemetery165 A
FraserAlexanderBridgetown Riverside399 A
FraserAnna AdaClementsvale Cemetery451 A
FraserAnnieGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 57
FraserAnnie E.Clementsvale Cemetery36
FraserAnnie L.Bear River, Mt. Hope399  
FraserAugustus M.Clementsvale Cemetery133
FraserBarbara RBridgetown Riverside234 A
FraserBeatrice M.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 133
FraserBertha F.Clementsvale Cemetery165
FraserCatherineGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 57
FraserCatherineBridgetown Riverside234
FraserCharles M.Clementsvale Cemetery450 A
FraserCharles S.Clementsvale Cemetery133
FraserChristina EmilyBridgetown Riverside615
FraserD. WatsonClementsvale Cemetery131 A
FraserDavid A.Clementsvale Cemetery130 A
FraserElder T.Clementsvale Cemetery178 A
FraserElizaBridgetown Riverside235
FraserEliza J.Clementsvale Cemetery130
FraserElla M.Clementsvale Cemetery186
FraserEmma V.Clementsvale Cemetery132 A
FraserEthel L.Bear River, Mt. Hope80  
FraserEudora L.Clementsvale Cemetery165
FraserEveline A.Clementsvale Cemetery38
FraserFrank W.Bear River, Mt. Hope399 A
FraserFred S.Clementsvale Cemetery77 A
FraserGenevieveClementsvale Cemetery29
FraserGeorge S.Clementsvale Cemetery449 A
FraserHarrietClementsvale Cemetery130
FraserHelenLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery38
FraserHughBridgetown Riverside235 A
FraserIsabellAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 159 A
FraserJamesGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 56 A
FraserJamesGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 57 A
FraserJamesAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 160 A
FraserJemimaGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 54 A
FraserJessieGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 54
FraserJoannaClementsvale Cemetery426
FraserJohnGranville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 57
FraserJohn A.Clementsvale Cemetery36 A
FraserJulia M.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 55 A
FraserKenneth W.Bear River, Mt. Hope80  
FraserLily M.Clementsvale Cemetery178
FraserMargaretAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 161 A
FraserMaryBridgetown, Anglican Church 52 A
FraserMaryBridgetown, Anglican Church 52 A
FraserMary MBridgetown Riverside234
FraserNettie E.Clementsvale Cemetery178
FraserNormanClementsvale Cemetery130
FraserOlivia E.Clementsvale Cemetery133 A
FraserS. CatherineClementsvale Cemetery130
FraserWilliam S.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 133 A
FrazerSusie E.Bear River, Mt. Hope177  
FrazerWarren H.Bear River, Mt. Hope177 A
FreaserMargaretAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 221
FrederickElizabethBridgetown Riverside679
FrederickElla S.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery72
FrederickHenry A.Bridgetown Riverside679
FrederickJ. EdwardTorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery72 A
FrederickJ. WesleyBridgetown Riverside679
FrederickMary AnnBridgetown Riverside679
FrederickMatilda E.Bridgetown Riverside679 A
FredericksEdnaWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery86 A
FredericksGeorgeinaWest Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery88
FredericksJSpectacle Lake Cemetery4 A
FredericksWarren J.West Dalhousie, Gibson Lake Cemetery88 A
FreemanAda R.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery84 A
FreemanAdelia SSpringfield Cemetery 145
FreemanAlice M.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery74
FreemanAlisterMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery74
FreemanAmanda E.Clementsvale Cemetery98
FreemanAnnieBridgetown Riverside747
FreemanAnnie C.Bridgetown Riverside779
FreemanAntionette V.Paradise Cemetery156
FreemanAntionette V.Paradise Cemetery156
FreemanArvilla FreeloveSpringfield Cemetery 133
FreemanAubrey C.Paradise Cemetery283 A
FreemanBertha H.Paradise Cemetery269 A
FreemanClara MayMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery363
FreemanDavid C.Paradise Cemetery156 A
FreemanE.H.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery321 A
FreemanElizabethMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery90 A
FreemanEva M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery364
FreemanExperienceMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery364 A
FreemanGeorge FarishMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery691 A
FreemanGertrude J.Clementsvale Cemetery210
FreemanGladys A.Clementsvale Cemetery188
FreemanHardy T.Paradise Cemetery156
FreemanHarry ESpringfield Cemetery 133
FreemanIda E.Clementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery87 A
FreemanIngran B.Bridgetown Riverside747 A
FreemanIsabel ClareLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery321
FreemanJohn W.Bear River, Mt. Hope329 A
FreemanJoseph HSpringfield Cemetery 145 A
FreemanKarlBridgetown Riverside779 A
FreemanL.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery43 A
FreemanLeonardClementsvale Cemetery210 A
FreemanLizzie B.Paradise Cemetery278 A
FreemanLodowick SMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery74 A
FreemanMaryClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery33
FreemanMarySpringfield Cemetery 50
FreemanMary (Hamilton)Paradise Cemetery283
FreemanMary E.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery74
FreemanNellieMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery691
FreemanNellie MMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery647
FreemanNettie V.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery74
FreemanReba K.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery795 A
FreemanRobert D.Clementsvale Cemetery188 A
FreemanSimeon L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery647 A
FreemanWhitmanMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery92 A
FreemanWilfred E.Paradise Cemetery156
FreemanWilliamSpringfield Cemetery 17 A
FreemanWilliam ElwoodSpringfield Cemetery 133 A
FreemanWinnifred S.Paradise Cemetery283
FreemanZenasMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery91 A
FritzAda E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery871
FritzAnnie M.Port George, Hillside Cemetery154
FritzAzuba F.Port George, Hillside Cemetery65
FritzBertha A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery736
FritzByron L.Port George, Hillside Cemetery47 A
FritzClarence W.Port George, Hillside Cemetery48 A
FritzDavid A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery871 A
FritzEdwardPort George, Hillside Cemetery63 A
FritzEleanorPort George, Hillside Cemetery153
FritzFAnny B.Port George, Hillside Cemetery63
FritzFrancis L.Port George, Hillside Cemetery139
FritzGrace E.Port George, Hillside Cemetery47
FritzHaroldPort George, Hillside Cemetery140 A
FritzHelenMount Hanly, Historic Cemetery3 A
FritzHenryPort George, Hillside Cemetery65 A
FritzHulda I.Port George, Hillside Cemetery46 A
FritzIngamMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery401
FritzIsrael J.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery736 A
FritzJamesPort George, Hillside Cemetery141 A
FritzJessie B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery401
FritzJohnPort George, Hillside Cemetery153 A
FritzJohn H.Port George, Hillside Cemetery154 A
FritzLeander A.Port George, Hillside Cemetery139 A
FritzLena  M.Port George, Hillside Cemetery48
FritzM. OscarMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery401
FritzMargaretPort George, Hillside Cemetery64 A
FritzMary E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery401
FritzMary L.Port George, Hillside Cemetery142 A
FritzWilliam H.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery401 A
FrostBessieLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery160
FrostBirdeth GlennLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery160
FrostCharles A.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery160 A
FrostEmdon C.Bear River, Mt. Hope167 A
FrostEthel B.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 123 A
FrostLouiseBear River, Mt. Hope167  
FrottenDaisy PearlClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery108
FrottenW. HenryClementsport, United Church of Canada Cemetery108 A
Frude (?)AliceBear River, Mt. Hope145  
Frude (?)CharlesBear River, Mt. Hope145 A
Frude (?)JessieBear River, Mt. Hope145  
FuderKathleen S.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery355
FullertonAsenathRound Hill 2 Cemetery 284
FullertonAugustusLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery58 A
FullertonBenjaminRound Hill 2 Cemetery 284
FullertonJames FredericRound Hill 2 Cemetery 284 A
FullertonJames S.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 284
FullertonJerushaRound Hill 2 Cemetery 284
FullertonLilla AugustaLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery43
FullertonLucretiaRound Hill 2 Cemetery 284
FullertonMariaLeQuille, Dugway Road/Harris Cemetery43 A
FullertonMaryRound Hill 2 Cemetery 284
FulrnerCharlotteBridgetown Riverside8
FulrnerJosephBridgetown Riverside8 A
FureyDora MGranville Beach, Stoney Beach Cemetery282 A