obits for september

Obits for September

Hello again, 
I am slowly putting in obits and doing research on older obits. 
Thank you for your patients. 
I will be slow catching up but here is a start.
Until I have caught up, to access these monthly obits you will have to come here, as I do not have them listed in the surname until I have finished July, August, and September months.
Sorry for any problems this might create.
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September 27, 2006 
CAMERON, Donald A. - Cameron, Cameron, Haley, Kelly, MacDonald, MacNeil, Maher, Wallace.
DUGAS, Chester John - Dugas, Comeau, Doucette, LeBlanc, Lovett. 
GILLIS, Mary Isabel - Gillis, MacDonald, MacQueen, Morrison. 
(2)LeBLANC, Cecil - LeBlanc, Burke, Howe, Lirette. 
MacLELLAN (DeCoste), Mildred E. - MacLellan, Goineau, DeCoste Hache. 
MYLES, Keith Allison "Mickey" - Myles, England, Kelly, Miles, Morin, Myles, Travis.

September 26, 2006 
COTTON, Mary Jessie "Tess" - Cotton, Gilbert, MacDonald, MacDonnell. 
DeLORY, Richard Paul "Dick" - Delory, Ly, Taylor. 
DeWOLFE, June Theodora - DeWolfe, Bell, Brooks, MacDonnell. 
DOWE, Margaret - Dowe, Farrell Lawrence, MacInnis, MacIntyre, Wiseman. 
KELLY, Gloria Leone - Kelly, Binder, Conrad, Conron, Legnaro, Wilkinson, Young.
LANGILLE, Eben Leslie - Langille, Jamieson Peters. 
McMULLIN, Joseph "Harvey" - McMullin, Dennis, LeBlanc MacKillop, Ward. 
McRAE, Joseph Robert "Bob" - McRae, Forgeron, Harris, Kohnes, MacKinnon, Mathers. 
SURETTE, M. Nancy - Surette, d'Eon Muise, Nickerson, Rhyno. 

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