Decendants from Hammer in Buvika, Norway

Decendants from "Hammer" farm in Buvika.  

Below: Old map of Buvik, the white dots mark farms, and black dots mark cotters places / tenant farms. 

"Bergtrø" (tenant farm, or cotters place, under the main Hammer farm).
"Bergtrø" once was a tenant farm under the "Hammer" farm.  It was situated by the old "king-road". It is marked on the map as a black dot right below the "Hammer" name, if you click the right place, you will move to a more recent photo from Bergtrø













Anne (1828-1908) and Klemmet (1828-1889) at Bergtrø

Bergtrø was once home to Klemmet Ulvesen Bergtrø and Anne Svangløkken
Klemmet (1828-1889) came from "Brekke" in Buvika, a cotters farm by the fjord. 
Anne (1828-1908) came from "Svangløkken", another cotters farm in Buvika. 
They were both born in 1828 and married in 1855. They had "Bergtrø" from 1858. 
Klemmet died in 1889, Anne still had the place until her death in 1908. 

Below: Old pictures of Klemmet Ulvesen Brekke (Bergtrø) and Anne Olsdtr. Svangløkken (Bergtrøen). 

Below: Photos from "Bergtrø" august 2004. 
I've still no found a picture of Bergtrø. But this cottage below is built around 1946 at Bergtrø, probably upon the remains of their home 
The ground-cellar within the cottage is told to be the same as within their home.


From 1900 Census: At Bergtrøen Hm.plads Buviken under farm 3/2 (Hammer).  
Ane O. Bergtrøen, widow supplied by own means (Husmandsenke uden jord Lever af sine midler)

Decendants of Anne and Klemmet

Anne and Klemmet had 4 children, who were raised at Bergtrø. 

  1. Randi (b.1856): moved to Lofoten, then emigrated to america 1882.
  2. Ole (b.1859): opened a grocery shop and stayed in Buvika. One of his sons, Karl Einar Hammer, emigrated to america. 
  3. John (b.1868): emigrated to america 1887. 
  4. Brynhild (b.1874): became teacher in Norway, died young.

Below: Today we find descendant after Anne and Klemmet is spread out in Norway, USA, and other parts of the world. Below is the descendant-tree for Klemmet and Anne (Decendants with spouce are listed. Not completed!). This decendant-tree is helpful when tracing ancestors and relationship. 
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A lot of the decendants live in USA today. Both Randi and John settled in USA. Ole stayed in Buvika, but his son Karl Einar emigrated 1906 and settled in USA.  Click to see departure times and destinations in USA for Randi, John and Karl Einar Hammer.

Randi Hammer (1856-1924)

randi_hammer.jpg (274837 byte)

Randi emigrated to America at 20 and worked as a housemaid in Bode, IA.  
She married Michael Wilson and had one child Minnie
(see decendant-tree).

Below: Clifford's grave. Clifford is one of Randi's 3 grandchildren.

Ole Hammer (1859-1919)

ole.klemmetsen.jpg (20481 byte)

Ole had his first child with Fredrikka Andreasdatter Børsøren from Børsa in 1878 at the age of 19. The child was named Anne (after Oles mother).
Later Ole married Guline Marie Opland from Flatanger. From 1885 to 1909 they had 11 children (see decendant tree). 
Ole opened a grocery shop in Buvika. 
One of his sons, Karl Einar Hammer, emigrated to america (see decendant-tree). 

John Hammer (1868-1956)

Below: John Klemmetsen Hammer and wife Bertha 

john-and-bertha.hammer.jpg (36708 byte)

Below: John K.Hammer short biography, 
as seen on  

John C. Hammer (Johan Clemmetsen/Klemmetsen Hammer), Buvika, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway
Extracted from the Brookings County History Book (1989), p. 437-438 and Buvikboka, Vol. 1, p. 110.
John C. Hammer was born in Buvika, Norway 1 March 1868.  His parents, Klemmet Ulvesen Brekke, b. 1828, d. 1889 and Anne Olsdatter Svangløkken, b. 1828, d. 1908, were husmannfolk on Bergtrø under Hammer in Buvika from 1858 to 1908. His parents had four children: Randi, b. 1856; Ole, b. 1859; John, and Brynhild, b. 1874. His sister Annie (must be Randi?) emigrated to America at 20 and worked as a housemaid in Bode, IA. 

John emigrated to America, first to Iowa in abt 1888. [See note] He worked there as assistant to a buttermaker. From 1896 until his death in 1956, John Hammer lived in Volga, SD.  He owned a general store called "Hammer's Store" in Volga, SD from 1899 until 1954.
John married Bertha Hanson in Bode, IA in 1892. Children: Perry Clifford, b . 1893; Amy Sophie, b. 1894; Mina Jeanette, 1897; Lila Ruth, 1899; Alice Gertrude, 1901; Boyd Ferdinand, 1903; Mae Harriet, 1905; and Anna Marie, 1907.
Bertha Hammer died Jan. 25,1911. John married Nora Nelson Feb. 14, 1913. They had two children: Leola Bernice, 1915; and Stanley, 1917.
NOTE:  Per Digitalarkivet, John Hammer, age 19, emigrated Oct 5, 1887 to Humboldt, IA from Buvika.

Below: a photo from ca.1904: John and Bertha with 6 children: 
I guess from right: Perry Clifford(11), Alice(3), Amy(9) holding little Boyd(1), Lila(5), Mina(7).

Brynhild Hammer (1874-1902)

Sadly Brynhild died only 28 years old, not married, no children. 
She was clever at school, and was educated at the Norwegian Seminar of teaching. 
We find her in the 1900 Census living at the farm Akset on the island of Hitra west of Trondheim, earning as a teacher there. 
The census says: "Brynhild Hammer,  Enslig losjerende, ikke gift, Lærerinde ved Folkeskolen, født 1874 i  Buviken ST.
Here she is serving as a teacher in the primary school. 

Still looking for a photo of her. 
Her grave presumably at Buvik church along with her parents, not confirmed.