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Introduction. The intention of this page is to help decendants find the homes and homegrounds of their ancestors, and find cousins living on these places today. A webpage makes it easier to present commonly requested information. 
This page covers emigrants from homes and farms in Melhus and Skaun in Norway.  Stories of the farms and families enlightens the times, places and conditions their ancecstors lived under, and resasons for leaving Norway. 

The emigrant homeplaces. We will start with emigrants from the following farms: 

The name Skjetnan is probably derived from a seat /plateau/ shelf in the landscape. Farms along river Gaula from back in the Viking-times 1000 years ago, were often situated on shelves in hillsides where temperatures are higher, drenation is better and where they are safe from the river floods. One of the Skjetnan farms, the "Sørgård" (south farm) is an old farm with lots of forest, it had both a sawmill and grain mill at least back in the 1600's. This farm was used by the military from around 1700. 

One of the oldest farms in the valley, situated around the side- river Kreggja.
Divided from Kregnes farm was "Framigard" in the 1730's, it was actually devided from Kregnes "Sørgard" (south farm).
The river has many times flooded. Originally Kregnes farms (from back in Viking-times) were situated where the Framigard is today, safe of the Gaula river floods.


Emigrants from "Sørgård Skjetnan" in Melhus and "Presthus" in Buvika.  
Have a look at this old map,
just left of the Skjetnan name (above the red circle) you see 2 small circles along the road. The upper circle is Skjetnan Nordgard. The other below is the Skjetnan Sørgard that once was home to Randi Knutsdatter (1818-1901) and Tomas Nilsen Skjetnan (1819-1905) Their oldest son Nils Tomason Skjetne did not take over the farm, but became a teacher and emigrated 1872 to America with Kari Presthus from Presthus farm in Buvika. Several of their decendants have been in contact, click links below to read.   

Decendant tree: You can take a look at a bit of the decendant tree for Randi and Tomas here. With more contributions we will update this tree. A deendant tree is of big help when tracing ancestors and relationship.





Matthew Thompson - visit to Norway 2001:
Matthew Thompson visited the grounds of his ancestors in Melhus and Buvik 17.july-2001.
Matthew's visit was also commented by a local newspaper in Melhus called "Gaula" 25.july 2001.

"Matthew visited the Sørgården Skjetne and met relatives".
Matthew Thompson came from Canada..to look for his ggrandparents Nils Skjetne and Kari
Presthus who emigrated to america, probably in 1872...he saw the graveplates of his
gggrandparents at Buvik churchyard. Nils was actually supposed to take over the Skjetne
farm, but it was his younger brother Tomas who did. His grandson Erik has run the farm..whos
daughter Marit was at the farm when Matt came to visit (see picture of them together). 

Picture above: Matthew and Marit Helene Skjetne at the Sørgård Skjetnan, the farm of their gggrandfather Tomas Nilsen Skjetnan (Skjetne).
Inscription above door says: "Tomas Nilsen Skjetne 1866". (This scan is also taken from the newspaper above.)
Picture below shows how Matthew and Marit are related. 
Tomas (and wife) are their common ancestors, Matthew decending from Nils and Marit from Tomas (brother of Nils). 

The "Presthus" farm in Buvika
Matthew went on to see the Presthus farm in Buvika, where his ggrandfather Nils Tomasen Skjetne met Kari Hallsteinsdatter Presthus. 

Above: Old map of Buvik. Just left of the Presthus name you can see 2 Presthus farms marked as 2 small circles. Karis mother Brynhild Ingebrigtsdatter Presthus came from the one to the right, "Presthus Oppistu" (Presthus østre). Karis father was Hallstein Isaksen Meistad from Børsa. He owned a small farm called "Meistadlykkja" in Børsa. By marriing Brynhild he came to Presthus and lived there, and he owned both Presthus farms until 1856 when he tragically died by falling from a horse-sledge, only 35years old. After Hallsteins accident, widow Brynhild had to sell away most of the farm because of the debt, she marries Jens Valset and they sit back with the farm "Fallet" in 1858.  I guess the houses at "Fallet" was part of the old Presthus Neristu (Presthus vestre), there are only fragments of these old houses today, it's the Oppistu houses that has remained (photo below).   
Brynhild died in 1880...her graveplate was placed beside Hallstein's - these have long been the oldest tombstones on the Buvik churchyard and the text is still visible. The church is only 100 meters away from the Presthus farm. Matthew had a look inside the church, and at the chuchyard  he saw the graveplates of Hallstein and Brynhild (Karis parents, his gggrandparents).

Picture below is taken outside the main building at Presthus as it stands today, showing my sister Guri and Matthew from his visit in 2001.  

For photos of Kari and Nils and their children in america, see the story of decendant Anne Halvorsen (below).

Anne Halvorsen (born Snell) - visit to Norway 13-15.august 2002.
Anne Halvorson came from Missisippi. Like Matthew she decends from Nils Tomason Skjetne and Kari Presthus, they are actually her grandparents. Her uncle Conrad is grandfather of Matthew Thompson who visited Norway the year before (2001). 

We were happy to take Anne and her friends Nancy and Sheree for a roundtrip in Melhus and Buvika 14.august 2002.
On this trip Anne -81 years- could see the place of her norwegian ancestors and she met some cousins along the way. 

Picture below: Nils and Kari with children in America ca. 1892. Annes mother is Gunda. Matthews grandpa is Conrad.

Annes visit was commented in the local neswpaper "Gaula", as the editor himself Åsmund Snøfugl accompanied Anne on her trip.
Here is a short translation of the article printed in "Gaula" 4.august 2002:2002 sept.8 gaula artikkel om Annes besøk.jpg (222183 byte)

Anne came from Ocean Springs, MI. It had long been a dream for her to visit the grounds that her grandparents left more than 100 years ago. It was high time for Anne born 1920 to do a trip like this. She brought with her two younger friends Nancy DeVito and Sheree Robinette to the homeplace of her grandparents Nils Skjetne (Skjetne farm in Melhus) and Kari Presthus (Presthus farm in Buvika).

Brother of Nils, Tomas took over the Skjetne farm (who has been in the family for 10 generations now!). 
Grandson of Tomas, Magne Skjetne showed Anne the farm. Anne appreciated the scenery from high above the Gauldal valley and the Gaula river.  Then Anne had a short visit to Melhus church. The plate showing the hymns/psalms to be sung during mass, is just like the ones that were used in the lutheran church in Ishpeming in Michigan. The mining society og Ishpeming was the place Nils and Kari and many other emigrants came to live and work. Most of the emigrants later left to settle in other places in the mid-west.  

After visiting Melhus, Anne went on to see the grounds of grandmother Kari in Buvika. Outside Buvik church today still stands the graveplates of the parents of Kari, Hallstein and Brynhild Presthus.  Anne visited the Presthus farm, and todays owner Berit ws told about Annes coming and pointed out where the old houses stood.  It was interesting to learn that Kari had a brother Ingebrigt who actually became member of Norwegian parliament, and one of his decendants Rolf Presthus even became a party-leader and member of the government as minister of finance!! Today Annes family line no longer runs this Presthus farm. 

The roundtrip in Buvika ended with a visit to Tangen where Magnes sister Oddlaug lives today. Oddlaug had invited many who gathered at the coffee table and exchanged stories and anecdotes about the family in Europe and America. 

Matthew Thompson in Canada had been to the same roundtrip last summer. He had told Anne about Guri and brother Knut Brauteset who arranged his trip, and this helped Anne decide to do the same trip in Norway august 2002.

Annes mother Gunda, daughter of Nils and Kari who emigrated, married a swede John Snell and had 9 children, Anne beeing the youngest. Anne actually married a norwegian why her surname is Halvorsen. She has lived in different places in America. From Michigan where she grew up, she has been in Puerto Rico, New York, Florida and now Missisippi where she has lived for 20 years.

More on Annes visit in this word document.

From left to right: Sheree, Anne and Nancy outside the hotel after their roundtrip in Melhus and Buvika.

From Bennet Jon Peterson:

Date: 1998
Subject: "Presthus"

Looking at your file I saw the Presthus Surname. Any connection with a Carrie Presthus b.1850-52 daughter of H. Presthus? 
Thats all I have except  that they were from Trondheim(Norway). 
Bennett Peterson

Here is a picture of Bennett's son Bryce (Kari and Nils ggggrandson). 
Bennett said: Watch for him in the 2012 Olympics..!

Margaret Masterson (born Villeneuve) visited Norway summer 2002, but time-schedule was too tight at this occation, so she did not have time to visit Melhus or Buvik.  Maybe some other time..


Emigrants from "Skjetnlykkja" under Sørgard Skjetnan.
Under the Sørgard Skjetnan farm once was a
small tenant farm "Skjetnlykkja", marked with a red circle on the map to right. This was the last home to Anders Jonsen Kregnes (1831-1914) and Marit Jonsdatter Hongslo (1827-1918) and their children, before they emigrated to America. Several of their decendants have been in contact, click links below to read. 

Decendant tree: You can take a look at a bit of the decendant tree here. With more contributions we will update this tree. . A deendant tree is of big help when tracing ancestors and relationship.



Jim Christopherson:
Wed, 10 Feb 1999

I was looking for "Kregnes" from Family Tree Maker Internet finder and saw
your homepage. There I found the names, Alt Arnsen (1688) and Marit Olsdatter Husaby. 
These two are my 6th great-grandparents. I was wondering if there is
some family connection. My line is Jim Christopherson (me)<-Myrna
Smallen<-Pauline Marie Baarstad<-Anna Kragness<-Anders Jonsen Kregnes<-Jon
Eriksen<-Anne Jonsdtr.<-Jon Altsen<-Alt Arnsen & Marit Olsdtr Husaby.

John Johnsen was a great-grandson of Jon Altsen. His brother, Anders
Johnsen, was my great-great grandfather. According to one of his
grandchildren, Erik Kregnes, Anders' son came to America at age19. Anders,
Marit and their daughter Anna emigrated in 1882. In his declaration of intent
to become a citizen of the United States, it says Anders landed at the port of
New York in June 1882. The bygdebok says they left Skjetnlykkja about 1880.
Anders and John lived in North Dakota the rest of their lives. They were both farmers.

The following is a translation of the obituary of John Johnsen Kregnes (brother of Anders) 
published on February 1, 1917:
"One of Ransom County's [North Dakota] oldest settlers, Mr. John J. Kregness
died quietly and peacefully the 10th of January at 6 in the afternoon. He was
buried the 15th of January from Voldheim parish church, where Pastor D. A.
Anderson officiated. The deceased was born the 29th of May 1835 in Melhus
Prestegjeld near Trondheim and came to America in 1873, where he settled in
Espenning Wis [Ishpeming, Michigan?]. There he worked in the iron mines for
three years. In 1876 he went to Menenomie [Menomonie?] in Wis, to meet his
family which had then come from Norway.
   In 1879 he settled together with his wife in Ransom County, where he took a
homestead in hard rigors and difficulties and here he lived for the rest of
his days, until now on the 10th he was called in to his eternal rest. He
leaves his wife and two daughters, ten grandchildren and ten great-

I have a little more information about Anders Kregnes which was written
in the book, "The History of Nome". Nome is a small village in North Dakota
where my grandmother was born.
     "Preston School #3 (Libak School) was first located near the Anders
Kragnes farm, which was located in section 12 of Northland Township."
Anders Kragness is listed as one of the thirty-three charter members of the
Preston Lutheran Church. "Pastor Jahren called the congregation together for a
worship service at least once a month. They continued to meet in the Bells,
the Kregnes, and the Kvalnes Schoolhouses because as yet there was no church building."

Subject: Anna Kragness Barstad
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001
These stories were in the Towner County, North Dakota, Hansboro News. Hansboro
is a tiny little town near the Canadian border. Anna Baarstad's maiden name was Anna
Kragness. She was my great-grandmother. Fred was her son.

November 15, 1918
Influenza has claimed its first victim in this community. On Tuesday morning it
entered the Baarstad home and took from their midst, Fred, a young man about 22 years
of age. Burial was made on Thursday in the Hansboro cemetery. The break in the family
circle is more sad and distressing as all remaining members of the family except the
father are ill with influenza. The sympathy of the entire community go out to the
sorrowing family in their bereavement. 

November 22, 1918 
It is with feelings of regret that we are called upon to record another death in the
Baarstad home this week. On Sunday morning the mother was called away, a victim of
pneumonia following an attack of influenza, Mrs. Anna Baarstad, wife of H. H. Baarstad
was 50 years of age at the time of her death. She leaves besides the sorrowing husband,
one brother residing in Wisconsin, three sons, Melvin at home, Harry of Nome, North
Dakota and Arthur at Camp Lewis, eight daughters. They are Della, Ruth, Olive and Edna
at home, Mrs. Henry Olson of Nome, Mrs. Shmallin of Minneapolis, Mrs. Thompson and Miss
Audrey at Harvey, North Dakota. 

Mrs. Baarstad arrived here on November 8, the family 
having decided to make this place their permanent home. It is reported that Mrs.
Baarstad was a highly respected character in her former home, an esteem gained through
her acts of kindness toward her neighbors, she was noted for her hospitality and loved
by young and old alike. She was also a faithful member of the Norwegian Lutheran
Church. The remains were laid to rest Wednesday afternoon beside her son Fred. Rev.
Maddock holding burial services at the grave. When such overwhelming sadness as this
enters the home, words are useless, the bereaved family will think only of their
irreparable loss, but her gentle words and deeds will shine out like stars in the
lonely night of grief assuaging pain and counseling resignation. 

We wish to express our sincerest heartfelt thanks to our many friends and neighbors
and sympathy shown us during the death of our dear wife and mother and our dear son and
brother. Mr. H. H. Baarstad and children"

I am attaching a photo of what I believe was the Kragness home. 
The people in the picture are Anders and Marit, toghether with Anna (Kragness) Baarstad with her daughters, Clara, Ruth, Della, Ada, and Edna; also Hilda's daughter, Hazel. The picture must have been taken about 1906 - 1910.
Below: Photo of family of Jim and Sharon in 2004.

Labeled Christopherson 2004.JPG (101911 byte)


Gerald Kragness:

Gerald visited the grounds of his ancestors in Melhus 28.july-2001. Gerald is a decendant of son of Anders (Anna's brother) Erik Kragness and wife Lena Jensen, as shown in the big decendant tree.

Picture below: Gerald Kragness (to the left) and Magne Skjetne july 2001. 
Magne shows the "Skjetnlykkja" where Geralds grandfather Erik Kregnes lived before he emigrated to the US in 1881. "Skjetnlykkja" was the piece of land just behind them on the photo. It was devided from the main farm Skjetnan Sørgard visible in the background. The houses at Skjetnlykkja are no longer here. 

Above: Just left of the Skjetnan name you see 2 small circles. The upper circle is Skjetnan Nordgard. The other below is the Sørgård Skjetnan from where Skjetnlykkja once was divided. 
Below:Geralds visit was commented by a local newspaper in Melhus called "Gaula" (picture below). Picture is at Skjetnan Sørgard.

My short translation of this article:
...""Magne Skjetne shows the american Gerald Kragness where his grandfather lived as a child. 
Erik Kregnes emigrated from Skjetnelykkja to America in 1880.
A Great experience for Gerald Kragness to see the grounds of his grandfather.
Gerald came from Minnesota to Trondheim. He wanted to find the grounds of his grandfather Erik, who emigrated 121 years ago from Skjetnelykkja. Eriks father Anders Jonsson Kregnes and his wife Marit came to this place in 1863 with 3 children, later they got 2 more children.
In 1880 Erik went to Wisconsin and 1 one year later his parents and siblings followed after.
Today there are no houses left at Skjetnelykkja.
Gerald also visited Kregnesmo, where his ggrandfather Anders Jonsson Kregnes was born in 1831. 
At the end of the tour they stopped at Kregnes Framigard, where Jon Eriksson Kregnes, Gerald's gggrandfather was born and raised before he settled at Kregnesmo. 
This was Gerald's first trip to Norway..he was travelling with a group and didn't have much time here, but hopes to come back...now he knows more about the grounds of his forefathers..."

Above: at Kregnesmo, where Anders Jonsson Kregnes was born in 1831.
Below: Kregnes Framigard, where Jon Eriksson Kregnes, father of Anders was born and raised before he settled at Kregnesmo. 


Planning a visit to Norway july-2001.

--- Gerald Kragness <crag@prairietech.net>  wrote:
I am attempting to contact knut_brauteset@yahoo.com.
I am Gerald Kragness and my grandfather grew up on the Kregnes farm south of Melhus and my grandmother was from Nesna.
Jim Christopherson has been very helpful with genology and I am interested in contacting you and hopefully share some common interests. I will
be leaving for Norway on July 23rd and be in your area shortly after that. Very interested in contacting you prior to that time.
We will be in Trondheim on Friday July 27th and will be staying at the
Royal Garden Hotel. We are scheduled to arrive there at 4 pm. and
leaving at 8 am on July 29th. We will be with a tour called Juven Tours.
If at all possible it would be great to talk with you. {I apologize, but
I speak NO Norwegian} While looking at your web page it looks like we
have many relatives in common. Jim Christopherson,s grandmother and my
grandfather were brother and sister. My Grandfather was Erik Kragness.
{spelling changed when they came to the US] As general information my
Grandmother was Lena Stockhaug from Nesna. I wont have time to get to
Nesna on this trip, so this is just side information. When our people
settled in the US they were at Fort Ransom, North Dakota. That is only 
a little over 100 miles from where I live so I do get to that area about
twice a year.
I look forward to hearing from you and sharing old family ties....Jerry Kragness...

Carl Thompson visit to Norway

Carl Thompson visited Norway .....2005.
He decends from Anna (married to Håkon Baarstad) as shown below.  
Figures also include Gerald and Jim (above) and how Carl is related to them. 


Needs translation:Jon Eriksen Kregnes(moen). Født på Framigard som var en del av Sørgard Kregnes (Sørmoen) da denne blir delt ca.1735 (m2.s166-172), og der hans far og farfar har levd. Kom til Kregnesmoen som også opprinnelig lå under Sørgard Kregnes? 
Kone Anne Andersdatter Stensåsflotten (f.1799,M2.s.256), død Klungegga som var en del av Øver Rofstad i (M2.s.225). Hennes mor Kari Ellevsdtr. Kregnes fra Nordgard Kregnes. 

Deres sønn Anders Jonsen Kregnes , (kona Marit fra Hongslo,Orkdal) født Kregnesmoen (f.1831) kom til /driver Skjetnlykkja under Sørgard Skjetnan (m2.s122-129)ca.1863, til USA i 1882 med de 2 yngste (Anna og Johan), død 1914 i N-Dakota.  
Melhusboka bind 2 s129+172:Familien flyttet til USA 8.mai 1882 med to yngste, via Kristiania, først til Walby, Dakota.
Se også "De som drog": s.237.

Datter Anna Kregnes født Skjetnlykkja 1869, (til usa med foreldre 8.mai 1882), gift med Håkon Baarstad 1886 i Lisbon,Ransom,N-Dakota. 
Håkon Baarstad fra Eidsvoll, etterkommere også på Alvdal? 
Anna (13 barn) dør i Hansboro a tiny little town near the Canadian border (les artikkel om henne fra Jim, Anna var Jim's great-grandmother), årsak: pneumonia following an attack of influenza,

Hilda (født 1888-samme år som Andrew kom til USA) gift med Andrew who immigrated to the United States in 1888 (age 16) and was naturalized in 1902.
Pauline married to Erik. etc..

Below: Common ancestors between Carl Thompson and Ingunn Kregnes todays owner of Innistu, Nordgard, Kregnes.

Beneath: Common ancestors between Gerald and Brynjulf Kregnes:
ggggrandparents were brother and sister.


Stories and events that stand out.

John Munro Longyear - and the story about the silver belt..

Link to famous John Munro Longyear (establishing coal mines in Longyearbyen on Svalbard, from New York office) 
and Henrik Møller (renown gold- and silver-smith in Trondheim)

Bennett Peterson wrote:

> Hi Knut,Guri, Oddny
> How are you? Its a small world..My Mother wanted me to ask you something
> about Trondheim. Its a weird story but interesting. This is all from memory
> so bear with me. A long time ago my GGGgrandfather on my Moms side John Munro
> Longyear started a coal mining operation on the Island of Spitzbergen. I
> think there might still be a town there called Longyearbien or something?
> Anyways In the process of all this John Longyear would have to stop at the
> citys on the coast there for supplies etc. In Trondheim he became friends
> with a silversmith name Henrik Moller?. When JML would pass through Henrik
> would give him things that he had made for him. My mother started reading a
> book on the whole thing and in the book is this old letter that was a draft
> of a letter that my ggrandmother was writing to the Norweigen Government.
> She was asking if they would like this belt buckle of hers that Henrik had
> made to put in his museum or something. Apparently his stuff became sought
> after and it was not allowed to be exported. Anyways we don't know if it
> ever got over there but nobody in the family appears to have it. We think
> there might be a museum in Trondheim devoted to Mollers work? Have you ever
> heard of or visited this place. Or have you ever heard of him? We still have
> another piece that he made that was given to my grandmother and it has this
> old Norse or Latin script on it along with her name thats pretty wild.
> Anyways we wondered if you guys could tell us anything about this. Thanks.
> Bennett

Subject: Re: Henrik Moller
Date: April 1998 
>Hi Bennett.
>Henrik Møller, 1858-1937. Born in Trondheim and became a goldsmith here with
>an international reputation, delivering many pieces to highnesses and
>collectors abroad. He specialized in ornaments with dragons and "ranks"(?),
>often with motives from the Nidaros cathedral (one of the biggest tourist
>attractions in Trondheim, pilgrims came here from all over the world to visit
>the grave of holy St.Olav).
>The Møller goldsmith is still running, with their shop situated only 100 meters
>from Nidaros cathedral in the centre of Trondheim. Some of Henrik Møllers
>works is represented in Kunstindustrimuseet (museum of arts) in Oslo and
>Kunstindustrimuseet in Trondheim has a whole belt (made for a Wagner opera!) that Longyear
>gave to his daughter Abbey. It was the only Møller-object saved from a fire in
>Longyears apartment. Can this be the belt that your ggmother (Abbey?) tried to
>send to Norway? When we (Trondheim) celebrated 1000year ceremony in 1997,
>there were made a book/leaflet about Møllers silverworks, and it seems that a picture
>of this belt can be seen in that book, along with other Møllers works.
>It seems your gggrandfather John Munro Longyear was a rich man because he was
>a good customer of Møller. It's a shame so much was destroyed in that fire..

From Internet: "The Longyears: John Munro Longyear teamed up with the Minneapolis-based
Pillsbury family to explore and develop the western Mesabi Range. In 1890, his cousin,
Edmund J. Longyear, sank the first diamond drill hole and went on to sink 7,132 others;
totaling more than a million feet of core, an equivalent of 206 miles. His discoveries led to
the openings of many famous mines, including the great Pillsbury and Monroe Mines. He founded
the present-day Longyear Company. His name lives on at Lake Longyear near Chisholm."

Thank Knut! That is really great stuff. That was my ggrandmother Abby Beecher Longyear. 
She died in the early seventies. It may have been the whole belt. I'll ask my Mom. She was really neat. 
My parents now live in her house that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. You may have heard of him also. 
JML probably has 200? descendants or so. The name Munro came from JML's mothers side and my digging shows that it may be
Scottish. They were in America in the 1600's already. 

Below: John M.Longyear and daughter Abby - ancestors to Bennett.

The american actress Arlene Dahl.

Just like Anne Halvorsen, Arlene Dahl visited Buvika summer 2002 (july), commented in neswpapers and on the Norwegian broadcasting.
Arlene came to see the place of her ancestors in Buvika.  Arlene also has ancestors from Buvika, some are common to Annes. Their relationship and ancestry lines are shown in this word document.

Titanic - disaster
Esten Jonsen Tislaug is mentioned elsewhere, as I decend from him and Matthew and Bennett are decendants of his father.
Simon Sivertsen Sæther from Buvik died in the Titanic-disaster 15.april 1912.
9.july 1909 he was married to Marta E.Snefugl, our relationship in figure below.
Simon was going to take over his parents farm at Sæther in Buvik. 
He bought the farm nov.1911, then went from Buvik to see his brother in SouthAfrica..and upon returning  
for the last time from Johannesburg to pay a short visit to his sisters in USA.
He went via London to board the Titanic...Marta was never to see her husband again.. 

Below: Anne Halvorsen's relationship to Marta.

Some contacts:
Webmaster: Knut Brauteset: knut_brauteset@yahoo.com
James Christopherson: jwcnorsk@snet.net 
Matthew Thompson:  matthewcthompson@hotmail.com 
Gerald LeRoy Kragness crag@prairietech.net
Åsmund Snøfugl snoefugl@online.no (author of the book "They who went" / "De som dro" 2000 Melhus kommune) 
Ingunn Gunnes Kregnes: kringunn@online.no  
Brynjulf Kregnes, Gammelbakkan:

Below: Some decendants of Randi Knutsdatter (1818-1901) and Tomas Nilsen Skjetnan (1819-1905), starting with their oldest child top left. People who have been in contact include: Anne, Bennett, Matthew, Margaret, Magne, Marit, Oddlaug, 
(List is not complete, please help me update and correct!). 

13.jpg (230843 byte)


Below: Some decendants from Anders Jonsen Kregnes (1831-1914) and Marit Jonsdatter Hongslo (1827-1918), starting with their oldest child top left. People who have been in contact with me include: Jim, Gerald, Carl.  (List is not complete, please help me update and correct!). 


Our common ancestors.

Closest common ancestors between Bennett, Matthew and me seem to be Jon Monssen Klungen (ca.1727-1799) and wife Mali Estensdatter Øyøren (ca.1728-1770). They lived together on the farm "Øverklungen" in Melhus ca. 20km south of Trondheim, Norway. Bennett and Matthew are decendants of their daughter Mali (1757-1818), and I a decendant of their son Esten (1756-1857) as shown here:

We are also all related to Nils Olsen Husaby (1696-1765) and wife Ingri Ingebrigtsdatter (1703-1791) who lived on the farm "Husby" in Buvika ca. 10 km west of Melhus. Bennett and Matthew are decendants of their son Ingebrigt (1743-1819) who took over their farm, and I am a decendant of their daughter Ragnhild (1740-1812) who married to the "Saltnes"-farm:

The closest common ancestors between Jim and me seem to be Alt Arnsen Kregnes (ca.1688-before 1739) and wife Marit Olsdatter Husaby (ca.1695-?). They lived together on a farm " in Buvik/Melhus ca. 20km south of Trondheim, Norway. 
Jim is a decendant of their son Jon (ca.17?-?), Matthew decends from Marit, and I am a decendant of Arnt (ca.1714-?) as shown here:
(Matthew and Gerald are  also decendants). 

We are also commonly related to Ole Jonsen Husaby (ca.1665-1733) and wife Anne Knudsdatter (1667-1733) who lived on the farm "Husby" in Buvika ca. 10 km west of Melhus. Jim is a decendant of their daughter Marit (ca.1695-?), Matthew decends from Nils, and I am a decendant of their daughter Ragnhild (1697-1758) who married to the "Saltnes"-farm:
(Matthew and Gerald are  also decendants).


To be continued...
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